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Introduction to IntelliJ gitignore

The following article provides an outline for IntelliJ gitignore. Intellij is one of the free, open-source tools used for development, and it offers different features for the developer to make easy development and consistency in coding. So gitignore is one of the features used to track folders and files. It allows us to place our text files in a git repository and tell them not to follow the specified files and folders we uploaded to the master repository.

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Key Takeaways

It helps us to make our code clean which means gitignore allows us to remove unwanted files from the

One benefit of gitignore is that it helps us control our repository size.

As well as it provides clean operations such as commit, push, and pull.

What is IntelliJ gitignore?

.gitignore file remains clean, and we don’t need to embed lines connected with JetBrains items; that record is better utilized for parallels, libraries, and auto-generation information. Intellij continues to refresh its activities, and the records inside .thought continue to change each critical delivery from JB. This means we need to continue to refresh our .gitignore likewise, which is not an optimal utilization of time. Intellij has the defective example here; most editors Atom, VS Code, Eclipse… no one stores their IDE contents just inside the project root. JB ought not to be a particular case by the same token. It’s the onus of Jetbrains to keep those documents followed by external undertaking roots. They need to abstain from contaminating VCS roots. This approach does precisely that. The .thought organizer is held external to the PROJECT_ROOT.

How to Use IntelliJ gitignore files?

If we want to configure Intellij IDEA manually, we need to use it, so first, we need to go to Version Control inside the Git page of the IDE setting. For setting opening, we need to use Ctrl + Alt +S, try to find out the executable path of Git, and here select the Git form WSL.

Some of the time, you might have to leave specific records unversioned. These can be VCS organization documents, curios about utilities, reinforcement duplicates, etc. You can overlook documents through IntelliJ IDEA, and the IDE won’t recommend adding them to Git and will feature them as disregarded.

There are two types of patterns we need to configure for the list ignored as follows.

1 .git/info/exclude file.

The pattern we wrote inside the file only applies to our local repository.

Thegitingonre is automatic when we checkout the repo as well as we can also create more than one gitignore file inside the VCS directory.

2. These files are checked into the repository to make the ignored patterns available to the entire team. This is nothing but the common area where we can store the ignored file.

Now let’s see how we can add the files to gitignore.

Conclude what sort of Git arrangement document you will use to overlook records. If all else fails, use .gitignore.

Find the unversioned document or envelope you must disregard in the Local Changes view or the Project device window. Record colors in these perspectives assist you with recognizing the situation with the document.

How to add IntelliJ gitignore idea folder?

In Intellij, we don’t have a direct option like an eclipse, so here we need to follow some different steps as below.

2. Now, in the second step, we need to open the gitignore file of our project and paste the path we already copied, as shown in the screenshot below.


Let’s consider a project named MyFirstProject, as shown in the below screenshot.

After that, we need to open the setting, as shown in the screenshot below.


Other FAQs are mentioned below:

Q1. What should I do in gitignore IntelliJ?

Answer: Basically, gitignore is used to store the files generated while we build the project, which keeps the repository clean.

2. How to create a .gitignore file in IntelliJ?

Answer: First, we need to create a text file name chúng tôi after that, we need to open it, add the rules we want, and save it. In the next step, we need to open the command line window and rename the file.

3. Is Intellij gitignore automatically created?

Answer: The answer is Yes; it automatically creates the gitignore file when we initialize, or we can say that check out the git repo.


In this article, we are trying to explore the Intellij gitignore. In this article, we learn the basic ideas of the Intellij gitignore and the uses and features of this Intellij gitignore. Another point from the article is how we can see the basic implementation of the Intellij gitignore.

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How To Change Folder Icons In Macos

Have you ever wanted to personalize specific folders on your Mac and make them stand out from the rest? Changing their icons is an easy and fun way to do this, and it helps you stay organized and efficient by creating distinct visual cues that reflect your interests or work projects.

This tutorial will explore how to change folder icons on Apple’s MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini using native macOS techniques, including customizing folder colors and backgrounds.

Table of Contents

The following techniques work across all modern Mac system software versions, such as macOS Monterey, Big Sur, and Ventura.

Change a Folder Icon With An Image

macOS allows you to replace the default icon for a folder using any compatible image file on your Mac, such as JPG, PNG, and HEIC. It also supports standard icon files—ICS.

Copy the Image to Your Mac’s Clipboard

If you run into any issues later, try the following:

Quit Preview.

Replace Folder Icon With the Image

With the image now in your Mac’s clipboard, you can use it to replace the icon for a folder. To do that:

Visit the location of the folder you want to customize.

Select the current folder icon at the top left corner of the Info window. An outline should appear to indicate you’ve selected it.

Exit the Get Info pane. The folder should display its new icon immediately.

Change Folder Icon With Icon From Another Folder

Images aside, you can replace a folder icon with an icon from another folder. For example, several native Mac folder icons feature engraved glyphs, such as your user account folder or the Documents, Download, and Pictures folders. You can try using those. Similarly, you can use icons from files and applications.

Again, you just need to copy the icon to your Mac’s clipboard. Here’s how:

Select the icon at the top of the Get Info window.

Change the Icon Color of a Folder

macOS does not offer an option to change the icon color of a folder. However, you can use the following Preview-based workaround instead.

It involves copying and pasting the default blue icon to the Mac’s Preview app, using the program’s color adjustment tools to modify its appearance, and then copying and pasting the modified icon back.

Here’s how to change folder colors in macOS:

Open the folder Info pane and copy the current icon to your Mac’s clipboard.

Open the Launchpad and select



Select the




button on the top right of the window, and then choose

Adjust Color

(the button with three sliders stacked on top of one another).

Use the tools and sliders within the Adjust Color pop-up—






, etc.—to modify the folder icon’s color.

Revert the Changes to a Folder Icon

You can revert any custom changes to a folder icon in macOS whenever you want. To switch back to the blue-colored default icon for a folder, just:

Select the current folder icon at the top of the Info pane.





, or




to remove the custom image and bring back the default folder icon.

Change a Folder Background in macOS

Unlike changing a folder icon, macOS makes modifying the background of a folder (what you see when you open it in Finder) surprisingly straightforward. To do that:

Open the folder in Finder, select


on the menu bar, and choose

Show View Options

on the drop-down menu.



under the



Use the color wheel to pick a background color.

Or, select Picture to set an image from your Mac as the folder background. Image files like JPG, PNG, and HEIC, aside, you can also use animated GIFs.

Add a Dash of Personality to Your Mac Folders

How To Turn A Folder Into A Zip File

How to Turn a Folder Into a ZIP File [Windows 10, Mac] A comprehensive guide for Windows and Mac




Compressed folders are easier to work with and take up less space on your device.

You are one step away from discovering the quickest way to turn a folder into a ZIP file.

Follow the below procedures with detailed steps for both Windows 10 and Mac.

Archive, open, and manage all your files with the world’s leading file compressor! WinZip is a veteran file compression software that lets you create, manage and open archive files of various formats. It’s an all-in-one solution for file archiving, securing, organizing, and sharing.

Compress and open 17 file types including documents, image files, and databases

Filtering options for zipping/opening specific archived files

File merging and file conversion for PDFs and other formats

Cloud and backup support

Level up your file management!

Assume that you have received a ZIP file containing hundreds of folders over an email sent by your friend. You already have your photos organized in folders and ready to be displayed.

It’s clearly easier for you to work this way, not to mention that the ZIP takes up less space. Therefore, don’t hesitate to also learn to turn a folder into a ZIP file.

Rest assured that you can work with zipped files in the same way that you currently do with uncompressed folders.

How can I turn a folder into a ZIP file on Windows 10 and Mac?

The below procedures cover the steps you need to follow in order to convert a folder to a ZIP file, so don’t hesitate to take a closer look.

How to turn a folder into a zip file Windows 10

You can easily zip a folder using the WinZip application. It is a file archive and compressor that allows you to convert any type of files into zip format, as well as extract zip files.

1. Install a professional compression software

Download WinZip and install it on your computer.

2. Navigate to the file location of the folders you want to zip

After you installed WinZip, go and find the folders you want to zip in order to start the process.

4. In the WinZip sub-menu, choose Add to [filename].zip(x) or Add to Zip file

The second one gives you the chance to specify your own Zip file name, encryption, compression type, conversion options, as well as the destination folder.

5. Wait for the conversion to be complete

It will only take you a few seconds.

As you can see above, all it takes is to follow a few simple steps in order to easily create a ZIP file from your folders with WinZip.

Other useful options are convenient access to Background Tools, banking-grade encryption, and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, so you’ll find your current choice useful in the future too.

Winzip for Windows

Looking for a way to turn a folder into a ZIP file? Try out WinZip and you’ll easily achieve your goal!

Free trial Get it now

How can I turn a folder into a ZIP file in Mac?

Once again, in order to turn a folder into a ZIP file in Mac, we recommend giving a try to WinZip. Given its ease of usage, comprehensive interface, and unquestionable speed, it won’t disappoint you.

Useful options such as convenient zipping, even when it comes to large files, and direct sharing to Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive are available as well.

Winzip for Mac

If you want to easily turn a folder into a ZIP file on Mac, look no further. WinZip is our top recommendation!

Free trial Get it now

In order to easily organize your data, take a look at our File Management Software section.

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How To Add Code Blocks And Commands In Microsoft Word

In most cases, folks tend to use Notepad to add code blocks and commands, but if you already have Microsoft Word opened, then there is no need to fire up Notepad at all. From what we can tell, Microsoft Word is just as good, if not better, if you know how to paste commands and code blocks. let us see how to add Code Blocks and Commands in Microsoft Word.

How to display Code Blocks and Commands in Word

Now, there are several ways to insert code blocks and commands to Word, but not a significant number. It all boils down to whether you want the reader to have the ability to copy the contents or just to view them. As expected, we are going to discuss how to accomplish each task. Worry not because everything will be easy to understand.

Copy the code block or command

Open Microsoft Word

Paste content as HTML

Insert code as an object

Use Easy Syntax Highlighter

1] Copy the code block or command

Wherever you have the code block or command saved, you must copy the relevant content before we can send it over to Microsoft Word.

Press CTRL + A to highlight to the code.

From there, hit CTRL + C to copy everything.

Alternatively, use the keyboard to highlight a certain section of the code.

Then press CTRL + C to copy.

2] Open Microsoft Word

The next step to take here is to open a blank Microsoft Word document. This is where we will paste the code block or command recently copied.

Open the Word application from the desktop or via the Apps section.

You should now be looking at a blank document ready to be populated with content.

3] Paste content as HTML

If you want folks to copy the command or code block from your document, we suggest using the Paste Special as HTML feature. This is one of the fastest ways to add such content to a Word document as it inserts the code without using another formatting of the document.

Place the mouse cursor to the section where you want the code to appear.

Navigate to the Home tab.

Via the dropdown menu, please select Paste Special.

Hit the OK button.

The code block or command should now be visible in HTML format.

Return to the Home tab to color the specified section of your code if you wish.

Easy, right? We agree.

4] Insert code as an object

This option is for those who want to share their code or command with others, but without giving the ability to copy. Viewers can only look, but cannot touch, though that does not stop them from taking screenshots.

Find the Insert tab in Microsoft Word

From the dropdown menu, select Object.

A new window known as Object should now appear.

From that window, please select OpenDocument Text.

Hit the OK button.

A new document window will load.

You can now paste the copied code block or command into this new document.

Finally, close the document.

If all goes according to plan, the code or command should show up in the original Word document as an Object.

5] Use Easy Syntax Highlighter

If you want to highlight your code blocks and commands, then we suggest downloading the Microsoft Word add-in known as Easy Syntax Highlighter. Visit the official page to get it on your system right now.

Now that the add-in is up and running, paste the code block or command.

Select the command or code.

From there, go to the Easy Syntax Highlighter tab.

Your snippet will be selected and text formatted.

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How do I insert HTML code into a Word document?

Inserting HTML codes into a Word document is a simple task if you know what you’re doing.

All you have to do is open a blank Word document.

Got to the Insert tab.

Navigate to the Text section.

Select Text From File.

Choose the All Web Pages option.

Convert File box should now appear.

Select Other Encoding.

Finally, hit the OK button.

Can you write code in Microsoft Word?

You can write whatever you want in Microsoft Word because after all, it is a word processing tool. Still, tools such as Notepad will always be best for writing code due to their simplicity and specialized features.

How To Change The Screenshot Save Folder On Your Mac

Taking screenshots is quite easy on macOS, but to a new Mac user with Windows experience, it may seem a bit confusing. Screenshots are saved directly to the Desktop as opposed to Windows’ style of pasting them to the clipboard or being saved in the “Pictures” folder. You might be used to that on your previous Windows system and might want to change it on macOS. Here we show you how to do both: change where your Mac screenshots are save, and save screenshots to the clipboard.

How to change where screenshots are saved

If you’re using macOS Mojave, changing the screenshot location is very easy. We’ve detailed the steps for this below:

1. Press Command + Shift + 5.

4. Navigate to and select a folder where you want your screenshots to be saved.

5. From now on all of your screenshots will be saved to your specified location.

If you’re using an older version of macOS, you’ll need to use Terminal to change the location where you screenshots will be saved.

1. Select the folder you want to save your screenshots to. You can select or make a folder wherever you want to and name it whatever you like.

3. Type in the following code:


write location

4. Press your keyboard’s spacebar to add a period after the line of code.

5. Specify the location of your folder by dragging and dropping your selected folder onto the Terminal window. Alternatively, if you’re familiar with identifying and specifying folder locations, you can type the location in Terminal.

6. Press Enter.

7. Type in the following command to make sure the changes take place:



3. Make sure you don’t delete the folder you created/specified for the screenshots.

If at any time you want to revert to the original screenshot location (Desktop), type the following lines of code in Terminal and press Enter (after each line):


write location ~



How to save a screenshot to the clipboard

As was mentioned earlier, the Print screen function in macOS works a bit differently compared to Windows. In Windows the screenshot is saved to the clipboard, after which you need to open up Paint, Photoshop or any other photo-editing software and paste the photo to get the actual JPEG/PNG screenshot file.

This power feature is easier and useful if you’re just taking screenshots to add into a document and want to avoid the clutter of multiple screenshot files on your hard drive. Fortunately, you can also do the same on macOS:

1. Press Command + Shift + 4 to take a standard screenshot.

2. Press and hold Control while you use your mouse/trackpad to select the screen region you want to save to the screenshot.

3. Your screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. You can now paste it wherever it’s needed.

Alternatively, you can also use the method detailed above to change the default screenshot location to the clipboard. You won’t need to press Control at all. Simply select “Clipboard” in the Options menu:

Let us know below if you found these tips helpful.

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How To Add Hbo Max To Hulu

HBO Max is finally here but it raised more questions than it answered. No support for the popular media streaming devices looks to be the biggest miss but thankfully, we found a way already on installing HBO Max on Fire Stick. Even though Hulu is supported by HBO Max, getting it to work isn’t as straightforward as you would like. Let’s check out how to stream HBO Max using Hulu.

What is HBO Max

HBO Max is the latest premium subscription streaming service brought to us by Warner Media, owned by AT&T. HBO Max will work in congruence with the company’s other streaming services, namely HBO Go and HBO Now, but the latter may soon disappear now.

HBO Max is available only in the US though, but if you want to access it outside the US, then you can use a VPN to do so. However, it’s tricky to subscribe to HBO Max directly because they accept only credit cards issued by US banks only.

Related: How to watch HBO MAX outside US (works for abroad users)

Is HBO Max available on Hulu?

Yes. But it’s tricky, too. You won’t get HBO Max content directly in your Hulu app. Rather, you will need to download and use the HBO Max app with your Hulu credentials to enjoy HBO Max content.

It’s a good thing that you can make a new HBO Max account through Hulu credentials so that if you need to share HBO Max credentials, you don’t need to share your Hulu login details.

How much does HBO Max cost with Hulu?

HBO Max has launched with a $14.99/month price tag putting it slightly above content streaming giants, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. However, it is evenly priced to match its sister standalone streaming service HBO Now.

The add-on is not restricted to any Hulu plan, and can even be used with the Base plan (priced at $4.99/month). Hulu subscribers who already have an HBO add-on, or signed up for one before May 27, 2023, will get an upgrade to HBO Max free of cost! The HBO Now app will be removed in favor of the HBO Max app too on their phone.

How to add HBO Max add-on to Hulu?

HBO Max will be made available on Hulu in an ‘add-on’ format as is prevalent with Hulu’s premium channels like Showtime, HBO, Starz, etc. Here’s how to buy HBO Max on Hulu.

To sign up for HBO Max through Hulu, you must first add it to your base plan as an add-on. To do so, visit your Account page here. You will need to sign in if you are logged out of Hulu.

How to access HBO Max via Hulu

You need to create a new HBO Max account now using your Hulu credentials. This is required only one time. Once done, you can use your new HBO Max account’s credentials to use the HBO Max content using their own app or on the web.

Log in with your Hulu credentials. In case you are already logged in to Hulu on your browser, then it won’t ask you for Hulu login details. You will be taken to the ‘create new account’ page directly.

Your account will be created and it will show HULU as your provider under Billed Through’ heading as shown in the image above.

► How to sideload HBO Max app on Android TV


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