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There is no doubt that Windows 11/10/8 is completely optimized for touch-based devices. However, Microsoft did not forget about the majority of users who will be using PCs or notebooks with no-touch features. It is like going back to school. Earlier, with Windows 95, came the Start menu and people had to learn about it before they could upgrade from 3.1 to 95.

With Windows 11/10, things changed again. Does this mean mouse users will have a tough time with Windows? The answer is yes… and no. It will always be easy to navigate Windows using the mouse. You will have to learn a few new tricks. But once you learn it, the mouse is as good as a touch screen.

How to use the Mouse on Windows PC effectively

We have already covered several posts on learning Windows. In this article, we will talk about how to use the mouse in Windows 8. We will cover the most basic functions and how to invoke them using a mouse in Windows. Once you get a feel of it, Windows is good with mouse-based navigation too.

Hotspots In Windows For Mouse Navigation

Though it removed the Start button in Windows 8, Microsoft added certain hotspots to the display. These hotspots help you in navigating Windows 8 using a mouse. The following sections talk about the main hotspots on the Windows 8 screen.

Screen Edges – Moving Start Screen Left Or Right In Windows

I first noticed a similar feature one year back when the designers of chúng tôi changed their website to a horizontal layout. In the absence of scroll bars, one had to move the mouse pointer to the left or right to scroll in that direction. Though the chúng tôi now contains all vertical pages, the feature of positioning mouse pointers to be left or right of the screen for scrolling in that direction can be seen in Windows.

To scroll through the Start screen, all you need to do is to place your mouse cursor over the tiles. This will bring out a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. Though you may not use the scroll bar, you can simply place the mouse pointer on either side of the screen to scroll in that direction. For example, if you wish to navigate to the right of the Start screen, move your mouse pointer towards the right edge of the screen with the scroll bar visible at the bottom.

You can relate this scrolling to your notebook’s touchpad if it supports EdgeMotion. When you keep on moving your finger in a direction, and it reaches the edge of the touchpad, your screen continues to scroll in that direction. The same applies in the case of the Windows 8 Start screen. However, unlike EdgeMotion, you cannot define the scroll regions on the screen.

Scrolling the Start screen to the right and left can also be achieved using your mouse wheel. Pressing PgUp and PgDn keys, too, produce the same effect.

Move Between Start Screen & Last Used App In Windows Switching Between Tasks In Windows Using Mouse Performing Semantic Zoom Using Mouse In Windows

You can also use your mouse wheel to perform Semantic Zoom. Press the CTRL key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out. This is similar to the feature where we can press CTRL and use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size of websites.

See how to change mouse scroll speed in Windows.

Close Apps In Windows Using Mouse

Closing an app is easy in Windows. The apps are designed to close automatically if you are not using them. But since you would want to make sure you closed it, drag the app tile towards the bottom edge of the Start screen. The app will initially fade and then vanish into one of the Start screen tiles.

Rearrange Tiles In Windows Using Mouse Run Two Apps In Split Screen Mode Using Mouse

Position your mouse cursor on the top-left or bottom-left hotspot of the Start screen. When the app’s thumbnail appears, drag it to one side of the screen – to the left or to the right. The app will snap to that side. You can then resize the app by dragging its handle (shown by three dots on the line separating your screen).

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How To Use A Keyboard And Mouse With Ps4

How To Use A Keyboard And Mouse With PS4

Hook up a keyboard and mouse to your PS4 with this guide

Even though consoles were built around the humble controller, many of today’s games actually require a keyboard and mouse to hit, what I like to call, maximum performance potential. Games such as FPS shooters and battle royales are prime examples of this ideology – profiting largely from a PC style setup.

That being said, many console gamers may be a little restrictive when it comes to making the big swap to keyboard and mouse – mainly because the process seems fairly difficult. Having said that, learning how to use a keyboard and mouse with a PS4 could not be easier – literally.

The following guide will be a simple tutorial on how to set your PS4 up with a keyboard and mouse, followed by some useful tips and a variety of games that (in my opinion) work better with the PC style setup.

So, let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it.

How to use a Keyboard and Mouse with PS4

USB Keyboard And Mouse

As we mentioned above, the setup process for using a keyboard and mouse with a PS4 is actually incredibly easy. Simply follow these steps to set up your USB keyboard and mouse.



Find USB ports

Locate two available USB ports on the front of your PS4.



Plug in keyboard and mouse

Once located, simply plug your keyboard and mouse into the ports.



Wait for them to be recognized

Once plugged in, your PS4 should automatically recognize the peripherals and prompt you.



Select a profile

Once asked, select which profile you would like to use the keyboard and mouse with, and press OK.

That’s it! You have successfully installed a keyboard and mouse into a PS4. They are ready to use, allowing you to browse the menus, internet, input text, and game with.

Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

PS4 users that prefer to use a keyboard and mouse also have the option of using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as well. The following steps will help set your PS4 with Bluetooth peripherals.



Navigate to settings menu

Firstly, whilst in the Dynamic Menu’s Home Screen, press “UP” on the D-pad.



Scan for Bluetooth devices



Pair with your keyboard and mouse

If you have your keyboard and mouse ready to pair (you might need to consult the user manual at this stage), the PS4 will recognize the device and will confirm its pairing.



Choose your profile

At this point, you will be prompted to select the profile you wish to use the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with, select the relevant option.

That’s it! You have successfully paired your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your PS4, allowing you to navigate the menus, browse the web, input text, and game with.

Recommended Keyboards And Mice For PS4

Luckily, you can use almost any standard keyboard and mouse with a PS4 – as long as it has either a USB connection or comes equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Having said that, below we have outlined what we believe are some of the best keyboards and mice for the job:

Best All-Round Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Elite


Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch


Razer Chroma™ Backlighting with Underglow


Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch

Wrist rest

Built in

The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the flagship keyboard options from Razer extensive arsenal, packing a tonne of features, excellent proprietary switches, and impressive aesthetics to the table. If you want a fantastic all-round keyboard, look no further.

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard





Software/other features?

Customizable LED backlights, macros, macro keys, media keys, USB passthrough, Corsair CUE software

Close on Razer’s tale is Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum mechanical keyboard. This keyboard provides rapid keypress, great RGB, and a build quality that is set to stand the test of time. Great for any PC or PS4 setup.

Best Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech G613 Lightspeed


Romer-G Switch

Romer-G Switch


Wrist Rest

Soft Rubber Wrist Rest

Other Features

Dedicated Volume and Media Keys, 6 Programmable Macro Keys

This might not be the most expensive wireless keyboard on the market, but it offers everything you’d need for PS4 and console gaming. With a comfortable feel, fairly light switches, and a bunch of extra features, this keyboard will not disappoint.

Best Budget Keyboard

Redragon K552 KUMARA RGB


Tenkeyless (60%)




Greetech Blue

Wrist Rest


Redragon’s K552 is a bit of a favorite around the WePC studio, mainly because it offers great performance at such a low price point. Find a keyboard that offers the same number of features as the K552 at a lower cost, and you’re onto an absolute bargain.

Best All-Round Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2


Focus+ Optical (PWM 3399)





Size (H x W x D)

(127 x 70 x 44mm)



Razer’s Deathadder is one of the most popular gaming mice in circulation, with the V2 being the latest installment to the DA family. The latest offering brings fantastic gaming performance to the table, including one of the best sensors in the game and a brilliant design that’s been a hit for years now.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Logitech G Pro




HERO (optical)


80 Grams


Medium (125 x 63 x 40 mm)

Battery Life

60 Hours





Logitech’s G Pro wireless is one of the most used wireless gaming mouse available today, being used by both esports pros and hobbyists alike. Furthermore, it’s one of the lightest wireless gaming mice on the market too. With an ambidextrous shape – fit to please almost any user – and equipped with one of the best sensors ever made, you can see why so many people have opted for this mouse.

Best Budget Mouse

As far as budget mice go, the Steelseries Rival 310 is hard to beat. It might not be the best mouse ever made, but for your PS4 needs, it will be more than equipped to handle everything you throw at it.

The Best Games To Play Using Keyboard And Mouse On PS4

As mentioned above, you can play pretty much every game title with a keyboard and mouse. Having said that, not all are optimized for their usage. Just take FIFA as a prime example – you’d be much better off using a controller in this scenario.

With that in mind, below we have outlined a couple of games we feel will benefit hugely from swapping your controller out for a keyboard and mouse combo:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

DOOM Eternal

Civilization VI

DC Universe Online

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Added Extras

So, with that being said, there is only one thing left to explore – your USB port compatibility. The PS4 console comes equipped with three available USB ports, which at first glance, seems like more than enough for your needs. However, when you factor in your external hard drive and charging your controller, it only leaves you with one available USB port. You can see what I’m getting at?

Some of you may not have two available USB ports to play with. Fear not, below we have recommended some handy USB adapters that give you the extra ports you need.

While there are a bunch of USB adapters to choose from, we decided to keep it simple with the Anker 4-port USB. This is a great tool for doubling the USB outputs of your PS4.

Keyboard and Mouse on PS4 FAQs

How can I use a keyboard and mouse on PS4 without a controller?

It’s actually surprisingly easy to hook your keyboard and mouse up to your PS4, allowing you to toss that controller to the side for the time being and compete at the highest level on your favorite games.

You see those USB ports on the front of your PS4? Those or your ticket to the top! Simply plug both your keyboard and mouse into these ports, and your PS4 will automatically register them, asking you which profile you wish to use them for. Pick your profile, and voilà; you’re done.

Your PS4 will now be searching for any available Bluetooth devices in the area, and if all goes to plan, will pair with your peripherals before asking you which profile you’d like to use them for.

Can you use a Razer keyboard on PS4?

Razer makes some of the best keyboards in the world, and I’m happy to report that you can indeed hook them up to your PS4 for some cross-gear pwnage!

However, there is a slight catch. As these keyboards aren’t optimized for use with the PS4, you tend to lose some functionality.

For example, most Razer keyboards rely on Razer Synapse to run your custom macros, which unfortunately means that when you do the old switcheroo on your PS4, the Razer will only perform as a bog-standard keyboard.

You’ll most likely lose your Chroma Lighting display too — boo!

The good news is that some Razer keyboards, such as the Huntsman Elite, have their own internal memory banks, offering five profiles in which you can dial in your own macros and keybinding.

Your Huntsman should then simply remember your setup and apply it to your PS4, but you will still lose any custom RGB brilliance.

Are all keyboards compatible with PS4?

The PS4 is compatible with most keyboards and mice — hurray! But there are two issues we face when we try to blur the lines between console and computer gaming.

In light of this, compatibility seems like a strong word, but you will still be able to use it like your average garden variety keyboard. You’ll just have to learn to enjoy gaming without the usual storm of RGBs and all those macros you spent hours fine-tuning.

The second issue is that while the PS4 won’t reject this peripheral transplant, certain games will. They’re just not designed to receive commands from these kinds of controls.

Gamers have been known to hack the system from time to time using special adaptors or software in order to trick the game into thinking the commands sent by your mouse and keyboard came from a PS4 control, but you may get kicked from the game as it’s considered cheating.

What games are compatible with keyboard and mouse on PS4?

Final Fantasy XIV, the 2010 MMORPG, is particularly great when paired with a duo of peripherals rather than your standard PS4 controller.

But if you’re more of an FPS kind of gamer, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that Overwatch is keyboard/mouse compatible, as is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

DC Universe is also afraid of mice but doesn’t mind a keyboard. Neither does Neverwinter, the fantasy role-playing game.

If you’re more into the clash of machines than of people, I recommend taking some planes and tanks for a test drive in the vehicular multiplayer combat game, War Thunder.

For all the real-time strategy nuts out there, your go-to will be They Are Billions. But the battle arena bruisers and survivalists will want to check out either DayZ or Paragon.

Do you need a specialist keyboard and mouse for PS4?

You don’t need a specialist keyboard to hook it up to your PS4 and game PC-style on your console. Any old thing should work fine. In fact, there are no keyboards made specifically for use with the PS4.

That said, specialist keyboards with certain features are more suited to the job than others. The Razer Huntsman that we mentioned earlier, for example, is fantastic as the integrated memory means you can carry your macros over from PC to PS4.

In terms of mice, you don’t need a specialist design as such. You’re actually better off choosing something nice and simple with plug-in-and-play functionality. The reason being, if a mouse requires extra drivers to function, your PS4 won’t be able to provide them, leaving your fancy mouse sort of, well…dead.

We’d always recommend doing a little digging online before purchasing a mouse to see if others have had any luck in using it with their PS4.

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If you’re struggling to find peripherals that best suit your specific needs, why not check out some of our other popular peripheral pages.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it guys, our comprehensive guide on how to use a keyboard and mouse for PS4. Thankfully, the process wasn’t actually that painstaking. It was a simple case of plug and play, which we all love to see!

How To Use Gitpython Effectively For Python Projects In 2023?

GitPython can do more than just read data. Even we can directly interact with the git repository and can perform all the operations

GitPython is a


code library for programmatically reading from and writing to Git source control repositories. It provides abstractions of git objects for easy access to repository data and additionally allows you to access the git repository more directly using pure python implementation.


is one of the top three programming languages in the world and is poised to become the most popular, according to ZDNet. In fact, according to the PYPL Index,


is the most popular programming language worldwide. Have you ever worked on a Python project that stopped working after you made a change here or a PEP-8 cleanup there, and you weren’t quite sure how to get it back? Version control systems can help you solve that and other related problems. Git is one of the most popular version control systems today. This article features how to use Gitpython effectively for


projects in 2023.

Version Control

A version control system (VCS) is a set of tools that track the history of a set of files. This means that you can tell your VCS (Gitpython, in this case) to save the state of your Python project at any point. Then, you may continue to edit the files and store that state as well. Saving the state is similar to creating a backup copy of your working directory. When you make a commit in Git, you add a commit message that explains at a high level what changes you made in this commit. Git can show you the history of all of the commits and their commit messages. This provides a useful history of what work you have done and can really help pinpoint when a bug crept into the system.

Requirements for GitPython



GitPython module

pip and virtualenv, which come packaged with Python 3, to install and isolate the GitPython library from any other Python project.

What is Git?

Git is a distributed version control system software product. It lets you create and manage Git repositories. The software was developed by Linus Trovalds in 2005. While originally intended for Linux, the software has been ported to other major operating systems, like Windows and OSX. Git is compatible with Python, as well as some of the other major programming languages like Java, Ruby and C. C was the original language it was written in.

The purpose of Git is to manage a set of files that belong to a python project. As the python project is developed, its files change over time. Git tracks these changes and stores them in a repository, which is a typical data structure (it can handle large amounts of easy-to-retrieve data). If the user dislikes a change or a set of changes made in the project, he can use Git to rollback those changes.


You can use pip to install the gitpython package like this:

python -m pip install gitpython

cd GitPython

python chúng tôi install

Manage repositories

Initialize a new Repository

To start a new repository, you can use git. Repo.init() which is equivalent to running git init.

import git

# `git init new_repo`

new_repo = git.Repo.init(‘new_repo’)

This will create a new directory named new_repo with the .git directory.

Open an Existing Local REPO

To open an existing repo on disk, pass the repo directory ot the Repo() object initializer:

import git

my_repo = git.Repo(‘existing_repo’)

Clone a Remote Repository 

To clone a remote repository, use git.Repo.clone_from().

import git

# Check out via HTTPS

# or clone via ssh (will use default keys)

git.Repo.clone_from(‘[email protected]:DevDungeon/Cookbook’, ‘Cookbook-ssh’)

Create a Clone of a Local REPO

You can take an existing repo, load it, and then clone that to another local repo. You might want to do this if you use the primary repository as a template for creating new projects.

import git

# Load existing local repo

my_repo = git.Repo(‘existing_repo’)

# Create a copy of the existing repo


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How To Reset Illustrator Preferences On Windows Pc

The Preferences in Adobe Illustrator allow you to make changes that will fit your needs. There are default preferences that come with Illustrator; however, the user can make changes to the panel settings and commands in Illustrator by going to Preferences. When you open Illustrator, the positioning of panels and commands are stored in the Illustrator preferences file. In addition, numerous program settings are stored in the preference file, including general display options, file-saving options, performance options, type options, and options for plug-ins and scratch disks. Most of these options are set in the Preferences dialog box. Preference settings are saved each time you quit the application.

How to Reset Illustrator Preferences on Windows

Why would you want to reset the preferences in Illustrator, you might ask? Well, sometimes there may be unexpected behaviors in illustrator and this might indicate a problem with the Preferences. A user may have made changes or lost panels or other settings and is unsure how to get them back. This could call for a reset of the preferences. There are a few ways to reset the preference; some of the ways might depend on the version of the illustrator there are a few that will work on any version.

Using Keyboard Shortcut

Delete, Remove or Rename

1] Using the Keyboard Shortcut

The Preferences button can be found on the Options Bar at the top of the Illustrator window

2] Delete, Remove or Rename

Another way to reset Preferences in Illustrator is to locate the preferences file and delete, remove or rename it. You will need to close Illustrator to perform this. Be sure to save your work before closing. After closing Illustrator, go to C:Users “Your User Name”AppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Illustrator “Your version” Settingsen_USx64. The path to the folder containing the preferences for Illustrator may be different based on your Operating system or your version of Illustrator.

A dialogue box will appear.

After making the hidden files visible, you may see a folder with Adobe Illustrator Preferences or a file AIPrefs. You can choose to backup the Preferences file in another location before deleting, removing, or renaming it. Backing it up will help if you need to replace it. When you reopen Illustrator, a new default preference will be created.

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In newer versions of Illustrator, there is a Reset Preferences button on the preferences dialogue window.

Press the Reset Preferences button then restart Illustrator after you have saved your work.

What are Illustrator Preferences?

When you open Illustrator, the positioning of panels and commands are stored in the Illustrator preferences file. In addition, numerous program settings are stored in the preference file, including general display options, file-saving options, performance options, type options, and options for plug-ins and scratch disks. Most of these options are set in the Preferences dialog box. Preference settings are saved each time you quit the application.

How can I backup Illustrator Preferences?

You can backup Illustrator preferences by finding the folder where the Illustrator Preference file is stored. You can then copy the preference file to another folder. You can then replace the preference file in the Illustrator folder if you want to use those preferences again.

How To Use Pc Bottleneck Calculator

FPS matters the most if you are into gaming or graphic-intensive work.

Sometimes you may encounter lags, crashes, poor graphics, or overheating due to PC bottlenecks.

To calculate this bottleneck, you will need a good Bottleneck Calculator.

In this guide, I will describe what Bottleneck calculators are and how it works. Have a look!

It helps you to select what Graphics card suits your Processor. The gamers need to know which GPU or CPU is required for the latest games.

Bottleneck calculators can easily calculate the GPU and CPU of your system and analyze the power gap.

Though no bottleneck calculator is 100 percent accurate, you can use this while making a preliminary decision while selecting the Graphics Card and Processor for your system.

Here are two best-known Bottleneck calculators that I can suggest.

Yes, good bottleneck calculators are legit and reliable. These calculators help monitor your PC’s performance and plan your next upgrade.

No Bottleneck calculator can provide you with an accurate analysis.

But these bottleneck calculators are helpful if you want a clear idea of the disparity between your GPU and CPU.

PC Builds Bottleneck Calculator is a user-intuitive and straightforward software to analyze bottleneck issues.

This tool uses a performance percentage algorithm to calculate the CPU & GPU of your system.

Besides showing the components having issues in detail, the perk of this tool is that it also suggests system upgrades if required.

For calculating the bottleneck of your PC using a PC builds calculator, select the CPU, model of your PC, RAM, and GPU series.

Then press the Proceed to Calculation button. It is as simple as that.


Easy to use interface with FPS calculator

Displays the results in a lucid format

Recommends system upgrades if needed

This software allows testing the user build for various tasks.

CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator offers a simple and easy way to calculate the CPU and GPU of your PC.

You need to select RAM speed, display resolution, other quality settings, and components of your PC and start the analysis.

The tool will provide a detailed analysis of your system and compare your CPU to a high-end PC build.


Calculates the gaming Bottleneck and RAM bottleneck

Offers detailed analysis with extensive information

Mainly calculates the CPU performance

It offers a compared analysis of your CPU and a high-end PC build

MSI Afterburner lets you monitor your PC’s hardware in real-time.

The MSI after burner tool gives you easy access to the graphics card settings.

As soon as you download and install the MSI Afterburner tool, it will display the GPU, Memory, Voltage, Temperature on the screen.

You can open the Settings and tweak the changes you want to make.


MSI after burner has a user intuitive interface.

It is completely free to use software.

MSI Afterburner is compatible with graphics cards from all brands.

It has great overclocking features.

It provides a detailed hardware monitor.

How do I check my PC bottleneck?

To check your PC bottleneck, you can use a Bottleneck calculator. These calculators will give you a clear idea of the disparity between your GPU and CPU.

What is the GPU bottleneck?

GPU bottlenecking means that one component of the system is performing better than the other, forcing it to slow down to maintain a balance between the two.

Does RAM bottleneck GPU?

RAM usually does not bottleneck while gaming unless you do not have enough RAM.

If the CPU needs to process a large amount of data and RAM cannot deliver the data, then the CPU will be bottlenecked.

How To Use Content Curation Effectively In Social Media & Email Marketing

Most marketers spend a mind-numbing amount of time creating content when they don’t have to. Over 3 million blog posts are published each day. Most content you wish to create and share with your audience already exists in some form. You could save hours of your content marketing effort and time by effective content curation.

Content Curation Helps You:

Boost your brand’s visibility by sharing more

Create a positive impact on your SEO efforts

Have more conversations and increase engagement

Establish trust, credibility, and build valuable relationships

Channel your marketing resources and time more effectively

Here are five powerful ways to do it.

1. Curate Expert Insights & Resources Shared by Influencers

Influencer content is essential for two reasons. It has valuable information for your audience and can help put your brand on an influencer’s radar. Many influencers share free resources and announcements of events that they’re affiliated with. By curating that content, you can provide tremendous value to your audience.

You can make yourself indispensable to your audience by sourcing these updates and funneling them on your social pages and email newsletters.

How to curate influencer content to elevate your brand’s content value

Locate lists of top 100 influencers or experts to follow in your niche, and follow them on your official social media accounts. Monitor their activity and add interesting shares of theirs to your content calendar. If your brand follows several accounts, it may become difficult to monitor only influencers – you would have to check their pages on a regular basis. Instead, monitor influencers by using their social media handles on a keyword alert tool, like Brand24, Google Alerts, or Mention.

2. Use Content Discovery Tools for Efficient Content Curation

Navigating all the content in a niche can be a pain. You would have to conduct multiple Google searches (with your keywords), screen each result and shortlist the best to share with your audience. Instead, why not use an app to reduce that work?

There are apps that can discover content based on your preferences. Some of these apps also give you the option to curate content and share/schedule to your social media pages. There are also some apps that let you categorize and store content to retrieve and use in the future. Use these apps to cut your time to find relevant content to share with your audience.

What kind of content should you curate? People appreciate being updated on the latest industry news. Being the first to share news can be beneficial to your brand, in terms of winning audience favor. You can also share industry insights, tips and guides, studies and case studies, expert interviews and industry humor, to lighten the mood once in a while. It is also good to diversify your content formats by sharing infographics and videos, both of which are highly engaging and shareable.

Apps and resources to help you curate content in no time

Pocket is a great content aggregator that lets you categorize and ‘pocket’ content from around the internet under tags that you create. Choose themes related to your niche on the app and use its recommendations on your newsletters. For social media sharing, you could use a content curation software like DrumUp. Set keywords relevant to your industry on the app. Add RSS feeds of top blogs and news agencies in the feeds section of the app, and schedule the recommendations to your social pages.

3. Curate Different Visual Content in Multiple Formats

Use photographs with human expressions to incite an emotional response, charts and graphs to help people glean insights and infographics to communicate what an entire blog post can in an easily consumable form. GIFs and videos are also great shares. They have been shown to increase social media engagement. Attempt to include a relevant image on every social media post or email newsletter you send out.

However, visuals are hard to create. Creating high-quality visuals requires a sense of design and a considerable amount of time investment. You could cut time spent on your social pages and newsletters by curating visuals instead of designing them. You simply have to find the right apps and resources to do it.

Apps and resources to help you curate powerful visual content

Infographic directories are where people list infographics that they want to be shared. They’re a great place to find relevant shares for you social pages or newsletters. Pixabay has large stores of images for you to choose from. GIFs can be sourced from GIF repositories like GIPHY. YouTube, Vimeo, and TED have hosts of videos for you to work with. If you want to quickly customize a pre-existing template to create your visual, you could use one visual apps and resources on this list.

4. Curate Collections of Data or Case Studies Related to Your Niche

Data can be very compelling when it is credible and accurate, but information on the internet is scattered. If someone is looking for solid data or case studies to explore certain concepts, they’d have to search for that information, check the sources to see if they’re credible and read all of the results without knowing if they’re relevant or not.

You could eliminate the need for your audience to do that by collating data and case studies related to your niche, for their reference, in one place.

Curating case studies where your company has benefited customers is even more powerful. The resulting content can be very compelling to interested prospects and potential clients. But case studies are valuable even otherwise as they illustrate actual instances of success that generally have actionable insights in them.

How to curate data and case studies for with ease

Search for data and case studies specific to your industry on Google. Of the results that appear, choose only high-authority sources. Refrain from using unclear or incomplete content that isn’t backed by proof and the right references.

You could also turn out your own high authority studies. If you’re a digital agency, with permission from your client, you could pull data from Google analytics, or any other tool that you may be using to create a case-study. Compare these stats to industry standards and data provided by research organizations. Doing so will help you benchmark your efforts and provide your audience with actionable, proven insights.

5. Curate Comprehensive Round-ups for Your Email Newsletters

While it is great to curate others’ content, it is even better to curate your own. You can do themed round-ups of the guides, how-tos, tips and tactics, infographics, and interview series you have created in newsletters.

This is a nice way to re-purpose old content while providing comprehensive information in an area to your audience. It is also one way to reach out to the members of your audience who haven’t yet read those pieces. 60% of marketers who participated in this study already do it, and it is something you should seriously consider.

It is good to mix up the round-ups with regular newsletters containing fresh content. Use a content calendar to plan what (theme) you plan to round-up and when.

How to curate powerful round-ups for newsletters

The amount of content created on a daily basis is only going to increase. Don’t needlessly add to the pile. Focus on helping your audience discover the right content. The time that you save can be spent on other demanding marketing pursuits to drive better results.

Editor note: to learn more about content marketing, download our free content marketing e-book.

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