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The Kentucky Derby is one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events. Thousands of horse racing fans and enthusiasts gather annually at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, to watch the event.

If you’re outside the United States or can’t attend the event, we’ll show you where/how to watch the Kentucky Derby online.

Table of Contents

When Is the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

The 2023 Kentucky Derby is the 149th edition of the event, which traditionally holds on the first Saturday of May. This year’s edition is slated for May 6, 2023. Although the race post time is 6:57 P.M. Eastern Time (E.T.), live TV broadcast starts at noon and ends at 7:30 P.M. E.T. on NBC.

Where to Watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby Online Without Cable

You can also follow the Kentucky Derby live broadcast on third-party streaming services with NBC in their channel lineup.

A $4.99/month Peacock Premium plan grants you access to the live broadcast of the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Peacock offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers, so you can watch the event for free if you sign up on or before Derby Day.

Note that the Peacock Premium is an ad-inclusive subscription. Buy the $9.99/month Premium Plus plan to minimize ad interruption when watching the Derby. Both plans have a free trial period.

DIRECTV Stream plans (Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier) have the NBC channel. Interestingly, all the plans have a 5-day free trial period, so you can stream watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby online without buying a subscription.

Create a DIRECTV Stream account, choose a plan (starts at $64.99/month), and install the DIRECTV app on your device. You can also stream the Kentucky Derby in your web browser through DirecTV or NBC Sport’s website.

Visit the “Live & Upcoming Sports” page on NBC Sport’s website on May 6 and select the Kentucky Derby live stream. Next, choose DIRECTV Stream and sign in to your DIRECTVsteam account to watch the Kentucky Derby.

The Sling TV Blue ($45/month) and Sling TV Orange & Blue ($60/month) plans have NBC in their channel lineup. Sling TV doesn’t (always) offer a free trial period, but new subscribers get a 50% discount on the first month’s subscription.

Both plans offer 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, so you can download the Kentucky Derby broadcast to watch later. Sling TV works on iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and some smart TV models.

If you’re subscribed to the Hulu Live TV plan (with Disney+ and ESPN+), you can follow live actions from the Churchill Downs racetrack without cable TV.

The cheapest fuboTV plan (fuboTV Pro) with NBC costs $74.99/month. Create a new account and use the streaming service’s free 7-day trial to watch the Kentucky Derby.

fuboTV plans come with free cloud DVR storage space—you can record the event to watch later on your device(s). You can also stream the Derby on up to three devices simultaneously.

The YouTube TV base plan has the NBC channel and costs $72.99/month. You can access the streaming service for free for two weeks if you’re a new user. Joining a YouTube TV Family is another way to watch the Kentucky Derby for free.

Sip Mint Julep and Watch the Kentucky Derby Online

These streaming platforms are available in the United States and U.S. territories only. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby if you reside outside the U.S. We recommend streaming the event on platforms that offer a free trial—YouTube TV, fuboTV, PeacockTV, and DIRECTV Stream.

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How To Watch Bill & Ted Face The Music Online In The Uk

The third installment in the excellent Bill & Ted franchise – Bill & Ted Face The Music – is out now in the US, and on the way to cinemas in the UK in September. 

If you don’t want to make an outing to the cinemas, here’s how to watch the Wild Stallions and their crew back in action from the comfort of your own home. We also have similar guides for watching Hamilton on Disney Plus, as well as Mulan and for cinema release of Tenet here. 

How to stream Bill & Ted Face the Music in the US

Bill & Ted Face the Music is available to stream now in the US. You can buy and rent the film from the following retailers:

Fandango for US$19.99

Vudu for US$25

Amazon US – for US$24.99

Apple for US$25

NordVPN or ExpressVPN. There are also a number of free VPN providers, but these will likely not enough servers to be able to stream without a hitch. 

For streaming this movie, you’re best using your VPN on Vudu or Fandango – as these offer payment options that aren’t tied to the US.

How to watch Bill & Ted 3 on Vudu outside of the US

Connect to a US server on your VPN

Sign up for an account on Vudu (this is free)

Find Bill and Ted Face the Music on Vudu

Select ‘buy’ or ‘rent’ and the definition you want to watch the movie in

Select ‘PayPal’ as your method of payment – this can be your UK account

If this goes through successfully, you should now be able to stream Bill & Ted Face the Music

There is a chance that your PayPal could be declined as the site recognises you’re from the UK. If that happens, we have another method you can try on Fandango, which involves purchasing a gift card to use as your method of payment. 

How to stream Bill & Ted 3 on Fandango outside of the US

Connect to a US server on your VPN

Sign up for an account on Fandango (this is free)

Purchase a digital gift card for Fandango and send it to your email – you can get this on PayPal, or Amazon US (the minimum is US$25)

pre-order the full soundtrack for Bill & Ted Face the Music from Amazon UK. 

How to stream other Bill & Ted films

If you need a refresh of the past few films, then we’ve got you covered dudes.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is actually being re-released in UK cinemas at the moment ( tickets are available from Odeon), so trying to rent it online is quite difficult.

The best way to watch the first film is to either purchase it on DVD/Blu-Ray via the likes of Amazon or watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Starz is here. 

You can find more detailed instructions in our guide to watching Starz from the UK. US folks can also watch the first film here (without the need for a VPN), or purchase it directly from Amazon US.

As for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, this can be rented from Amazon UK via a free trial of the MGM channel – you’ll just need a Prime Video account for this. In the US, you can watch it on

The Ultimate Guide To Proper Pc Cable Management

There’s no doubt about it: Taking the time to tidy up your cables is something every system builder and upgrader should do.

Here’s how to transform that terrifying tangle of cables into a prim, polished PC.

Components matter

There is no secret to proper PC cable management. There are, however, a number of strategies to ensure a good outcome. It starts with wire ties, a keen eye, and a bit of patience, but the right components and component placement also matter greatly.

A little forethought can make a big difference to your case’s cable clutter.

Many cases, particularly higher-end models designed for enthusiasts, have numerous features designed to make internal cable management easier, including rubberized routing holes in the motherboard tray.

Many of today’s case manufacturers take cable management very seriously and have designed their products to tame tangles. They scatter strategically placed holes about the motherboard tray, leave adequate space behind the motherboard tray to hide and tuck cables away, and litter the case with tie-down spots.

When building a new system, we’d highly recommend buying such a case. It might cost a little more than a generic chassis, but it’s worth the investment and could last though multiple upgrade cycles.

Modular PSUs have their detractors, because technically speaking every connection or break in a wire increases its resistance. In the many years I’ve been building systems, however, I’ve never had a problem. Being able to use only the cables you need is great and eliminates the need to stash large, unused bundles of cable inside your case. Modular PSUs are not a necessity—in fact, the system featured at the end of this article doesn’t use one—but they will alleviate cable clutter.

Loyd Case

The raw components may look like a mess, but turning them into a neat, clean build doesn’t take much extra time at all.

When assembling a system I find it’s best to save the drives and power supply for last. When all of the other components are in place, it’s easier to see where to position the drive (or drives) and where to route cables.

Touch everything

Loyd Case

It’s best to snake the cables behind the motherboard tray and to not tie anything down until every cable has been connected and is roughly in the ideal position. I like to route and connect any front-panel or case-related cables first. Then I install any data cables for various drives, and finally place in the power supply. If you throw everything into the system willy-nilly and connect it all up, you’ll often find yourself disconnecting or moving things around to get the cabling right.

Keep airflow in mind; don’t cover any case fans or coolers with a cable if at all possible.

The vast majority of the cabling should wind up behind the motherboard tray in many builds. If your case doesn’t have cut-outs in the motherboard tray, try running all your cables along the side edge of the tray to achieve a clean look.

A behind-the-motherboard glimpse at a cleanly cabled system.

Velcro strips and twist ties are ideally suited to PC cable management, and adhesive tie downs can also come in handy if your case doesn’t already have tie down locations built-in. Heck, you can even use rubber bands! Don’t use zip ties if you can avoid it, however—if you ever need to remove a component or rewire your PC, zip ties have to be cut away, and it’s all too easy to slice a cable in the process. Stick to reusable, removable ties if at all possible.

Few cables can be seem from the front side of the same system. Success!

Now that you understand the building blocks of smart cable management, you may want to see smart cabling in action. Check out PCWorld’s guide to organizing your PC cables for a complete system build that discusses proper cable management each step of the way.

What about the outside?

A spiral wire wrap in action.

If you’re looking to tidy up the cables on the outside of your PC as well, all of the same suggestions apply. Disconnect all of the cables and reconnect them thinnest to fattest, giving each cable some individual attention. Connect any thin audio cables first, then move on to the USB cables, Ethernet cables, and power cables. Route each cable neatly, making sure not to create any tangles along the way, and then use Velcro strips to create tight bundles. Spiral wire wraps can also be great for tidying up the cables outside your PC.

Top 7 Sites To Watch Bollywood Movies Online Legally

Bollywood movies are slowly going mainstream in many markets outside of India. More people want to know where they can watch Bollywood movies online for free or with minimal fees while still being legal. 

If you want to watch Hindi movies online free or at a reasonable price, we have compiled the best sites to cater to your Bollywood film cravings. 

Table of Contents

With an extensive collection of Hindi movies, Disney+ Hotstar is the most popular Indian over-the-top streaming service. 

The platform’s free content is easy to access and doesn’t have a multi-step sign-up process that most of its competitors employ. You can immediately watch any TV episode or movie on their website, provided that it’s not under the category of Premium content. 

Furthermore, the popular streaming service also has access to English content and eight regional languages other than Hindi. The Disney-owned platform also has neatly separated each film into their respective sections, making it easier to search the type of movie you like. 

Aside from TV shows and movies, you can also watch live sporting events such as kabaddi, cricket, football, and much more. If you want to have an ad-free and uninterrupted service, you can subscribe to their Premium account for a monthly fee of Rs. 199 or an annual fee of Rs. 999. 

However, subscribers outside India have to pay a hefty fee of $9.99 a month or $99.99 annually since the terms of service are different for their markets abroad.  You can also use Disney Plus to access most, but not all, of Hotstar’s content. 

MX Player is one of the first streaming services that featured a large inventory of Bollywood films. 

Aside from Bollywood movies, this popular Android media player also hosts English movies with Hindi dubs. Their content is available in five other Indian languages, including Punjabi, Bengali, and Gujarati. 

You can watch all these Hindi films and shows without signing up. The site’s user interface is relatively clean and even includes a dark mode. Their content is also sorted out according to language and genre. 

The website also has an MX Original series which you can watch for free. However, MX player’s large database of films and TV shows makes it harder to browse since there is too much stuff going on the screen. 

If you don’t mind paying a small fee for streaming Bollywood films and other Hindi language videos, then SonyLiv is perfect for you. The website also hosts a few Indian TV channels while having a vast collection of free and premium content. 

The user doesn’t have to sign up on the platform when watching most of its free videos. However, you need to pay a subscription fee if you want to view their Premium content. 

Fortunately, SonyLiv has one of the cheapest plans among streaming sites beginning at Rs. 199 (roughly $2.69) a year for its Special plan and Rs. 299 ( about $4.04) per month for the Premium. 

SonyLiv also allows you to purchase pay-per-view events such as boxing matches directly on their platform. However, the main downside of SonyLIv is that it’s only available in India. If you live abroad, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain access. 

Zee5 is your best bet for a wide back-catalog for Bollywood movies. If you want to watch old-school Hindi films, then this platform is your first choice. While they are known for their retro content, Zee5 also has a vast collection of new Hindi movies across all genres. 

The great thing about Zee5 is you don’t have to sign up to start viewing their free content. However, those with a Premium badge require a subscription in their affordable plans for you to view them. 

In terms of streaming speed, Zee5 is consistently fast and doesn’t have any lag or interruption. Moreover, the website’s layout and interface are user-friendly. 

Zee5’s premium plan costs Rs 499 ($84 a year) a year, giving you access to more than 200 web series and over 4,500 movies. 

If you want to watch Bollywood movies while on the move, then Airtel Xstream got you covered. As one of India’s most extensive telecommunication services, Airtel has a movie app that allows you to watch movies and TV series in the Hindi language. 

Airtel also gives you access to a wide range of HD channels to watch the news, shows, and other content for a reasonable subscription plan of Rs. 999 (about $13.48). Their platform combines OTT and Satellite TV content and is compatible with other streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. 

Moreover, some of their popular content is free if you are already an Airtel user. Airtel also allows offline viewing once you have downloaded a film or video into your smartphone.  

The great thing about YouTube is that you can stream any videos for free even without an account. You can select the film’s video quality and even turn on the subtitles when needed. Furthermore, you can save a Bollywood movie to the Watch Later section if you have other urgent activities. 

However, not every channel that streams free Hindi movies on YoTube is technically “legal.” As such, you may want to check the copyright status of the content before watching them. 

Some of the legitimate Hindi channels on YouTube include Rajshri, Goldmines Telefilms, and Shemaroo movies. 

Stream type is a no-frills free streaming service that allows you to watch Bollywood films and other shows in the Hindi language. The website does not require you to fill any form and will enable you to stream the video right away. 

Couch Potato Mode On 

Watching Bollywood movies is one of the best ways to entertain yourself in the comforts of your own home. With lots of streaming services to choose from, you can watch Bollywood movies online free or with the subscription plan of your choice. 

 If you want to watch Hindi movies online for free on other websites that are not on this list, we suggest you first check the copyright status of that film. 

How To Reform A School Without Firing The Faculty

Editor’s note: Anne O’Brien is our guest blogger today. She is a project director at the Learning First Alliance, a Teach for America alumna, and a former public school teacher in the greater New Orleans area.

Recently one particular turnaround strategy has received some high-level support: the wholesale replacement of teachers — interesting choice, given what researchers say about this approach. Turnaround experts Emily and Bryan Hassel wrote in Education Next, “Successful turnaround leaders typically do not replace all or most of the staff at the start, but they often replace some key leaders who help organize and drive change.” And the 2009 Department of Education IES practice guide concluded, “The school turnaround case studies and the business turnaround research do not support the wholesale replacement of staff.”

The Obama administration has made turning around America’s lowest performing schools a cornerstone of its education agenda. And with good reason — all children should have access to an excellent education.Schools that are not providing their students with such an education need to change.

We at the Learning First Alliance have collected a number of successful school turnaround stories. In some cases the replacement of some staff started the process, such as at George Hall Elementary in Mobile, Alabama, where it was accompanied by a focus on innovative technology, rich vocabulary, and content knowledge.

Collaboration is Key

But this approach is by no means necessary for a turnaround. At Anchorage’s Mountain View Elementary a charismatic leader, committed staff, and additional funding and focus on reading helped begin the turnaround process. At Westwood High School in Memphis, a new climate of collaboration and a shared purpose led the way.

Then there is Port Chester’s Thomas Edison Elementary School, where 80 percent of students receive free and reduced price lunch and nearly half are English language learners. In 1999, when New York State first began to assess its children, only 19 percent of Edison’s fourth graders passed the English Language Arts test. In 2009, 75 percent did.

How did the school do it? Not with a mass firing.

Rather, fourteen years ago, Principal Eileen Santiago stepped into a school with, as she says, “many, many caring people,” and built the capacity of her staff. That staff then strengthened its academic program and developed strong partnerships with the community.

Connecting with Community

In fact, according to Principal Santiago, “It is partnership work that really constitutes effective turnaround work.” Edison, now a full-service community school, has formed relationships with agencies, such as mental health agencies, that don’t typically have much to do with schools even though they also serve children. It has created a school-based health center.

It also forged a partnership with a college that brings tremendous resources, including student teachers, tutors, and the chance for children to visit a college site to see what the future holds for them.

And the school offers parents events that cover a range of topics, including supporting children’s literacy, getting a GED, taking classes in English and even basic information like when to take a child to the doctor.

Both educators and policymakers can learn a lot from Edison. For me, the most important takeaway is Principal Santiago’s belief that, “[A school needs] rigorous academic curriculum, solid instructional practices that are supported by research [and] coupled with a support network of wraparound services for the whole child,” she explained, adding, “That is going to be the groundbreaking work that makes a difference in school reform.”

What are your thoughts on the topic of school reform? Please share your stories and your views.

The Best Galaxy Watch Apps Of 2023

Most smart watches run WatchOS (for Apple Watches) or Android Wear. Samsung, despite being one of the biggest names in Android smartphones, has chosen to endow their line of watches with Tizen, the same operating system that runs Samsung smart TVs. 

This means that, unless a developer decides to port their app, you won’t find every great Android Wear app in the Galaxy Store. However, there’s actually no shortage of amazing and useful applications to download to your Galaxy Watch. Here are some of the best Galaxy Watch apps as of 2023.

Table of Contents

1. Facer Companion for Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung has a decent native watch face store with many free and paid choices to adorn your wrist. However, Facer Studio and its community of creators have made some of the best smartwatch faces we’ve ever seen.

The companion app grants access to these faces on Tizen Galaxy devices, although you can also install Facer watch faces as standalone apps as well.

2. Spotify

Everyone’s favorite music streaming app is available on virtually every platform and that includes Tizen watches from Samsung. The main function of the Spotify watch app is to act as a remote for the playback device you’re currently using. In most cases, that means the audio will be streaming from your phone. 

If you have a cellular watch with a SIM and have a premium subscription, you can stream music directly without a phone. You can also save music to the watch’s internal storage for offline play, as another premium subscriber feature.

3. Find My Phone

Since your Galaxy Watch is literally attached to your body and your phone isn’t, it makes sense to have an app that lets you locate your phone if you’ve accidentally let it slip down the back of the couch. This in-house Samsung application is still the best, most streamlined way to make your phone ring when you don’t know where it is. 

Sadly, the “Locate Phone” service ended on March 15 2023, but we could still make our phone ring while within Bluetooth range, so it’s still very much an essential Galaxy Watch app to have.

4. Samsung SmartThings

If you own a bunch of Samsung smart appliances or any other devices that are compatible with the company’s SmartThings home automation platform, then you definitely want to have the SmartThings app on your Galaxy Watch. 

You can add your favorite selection of devices from those that have been set up in the SmartThings Android app on your phone. Once that’s done, it’s easy to control said devices right from your wrist. This is 100% the most Jetsons-like app on Galaxy smart watches!

5. Strava

One of the main reasons people buy smartwatches is to use them as fitness trackers. So as you’d expect Samsung ships their product with plenty of fitness-related functions. In general it works well out of the box, but some particularly active folks may feel the need for something more. 

That’s where Strava comes in. It offers more comprehensive fitness tracking than the default Samsung software and crucially offers detailed statistics and route tracking. This lets you plot your performance improvements over time, making it a great app for serious athletes. The core functionality of the app is free, but you may want to check out some of the benefits a paid subscription will bring you.

6. Wrist Flashlight

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a built-in flashlight function in Galaxy Watches, or at least there is in the Galaxy Active 2 we have at hand. All you have to do is swipe down for the shortcut menu and tap the flashlight icon. It’s a perfectly adequate application, but Wrist Flashlight adds a new twist. Literally. 

Apart from offering a choice of different colors, you can also adjust the brightness by turning the physical bezel on Galaxy watches that have them. If you’re using a Galaxy Active mode, you can tap on-screen buttons.

7. Here WeGo

Most smartwatches these days have GPS units in them, but strangely there aren’t many great navigation apps for them. Here WeGo lets you download maps of your region to the smartphone, so you’ll never be lost, even if you don’t have your phone with you or an internet connection.

8. Samsung Calculator

This is another free Samsung app that’s so useful it really should be on every watch out of the box. Just as the name suggests, this Galaxy Watch app lets you calculate things.

Very useful if you’re in no shape to calculate a tip or quickly need to double check your mental calculations without pulling out your phone. While using a small watch screen to tap out numbers and functions isn’t ideal, this app makes it as easy as possible.

9. Triggers (IFTTT – Standalone) ($1.99)

If you use IFTTT to control home automation devices or trigger sequences of events in cyberspace, then wouldn’t it be convenient to have access to those functions directly from your smartwatch? Triggers offers just that and it’s most powerful when used on a smartwatch with cellular capability. Although it will work via your phone if you don’t have that type of watch. 

There’s more than one IFTTT app on the Galaxy Watch store, but Triggers has an excellent tutorial video and great reviews. It is a paid app, but the asking price is very reasonable considering the virtually limitless power of IFTTT.

10. Wrist Camera ($1.99)

Our smartphones have such powerful cameras built in these days that it’s hard to imagine needing anything more. However, it can still be awkward to use a phone camera in some instances. Wrist Camera is a widely-celebrated Galaxy Watch app that lets you use your smartwatch as a remote control for your smartphone camera. 

Having a remote trigger for both video and photographs opens up all sorts of possibilities and it’s the perfect companion for a tripod with a phone mount.

11. Voice Recorder

This is the last Samsung-made application on the list, but it’s not less useful or essential than the ones we’ve already mentioned. Voice Recorder does exactly what the name suggests. Simply open the app and start recording voice memos. 

It’s easy to find the recordings on your Android device later and it even supports speech-to-text functionality, so you don’t need to painstakingly transcribe things later.

12. Yandex Translate

While we don’t yet have the universal translator from Star Trek, modern live translation software is already way better than carrying around a phrasebook. 

Yandex Translate supports 85 languages at the time of writing and if you have a watch with an independent internet connection, you don’t even need a phone to use it. Now it should be much easier to find directions to the nearest restaurant or pharmacy. Probably in that order if your stomach doesn’t agree with the local cuisine,

There Really Is a Galaxy Watch App for That

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