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Humble Bundle PS4 deals & how often do they happen




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Not only does Humble Bundle offer PC Steam game keys, but also console ones, and we can all agree that the PlayStation 4 is currently among the most popular ones. However, you should know that this happens way less frequently than we’d prefer.

Therefore, every now and then you might be lucky enough to grab a PS4 deal out of Humble Bundle. And the deals are awesome, too! You can get a lot of games at the cost of one decent PS4 release (usually around $15-20 for the whole bundle).

How often does Humble Bundle offer PS4 games?

We don’t know for sure since all the offers are kept under wraps until their very launch date. However, judging by past behavior, we could at least assume that they occur every 6 months or so. Here’s a list of all the previous PlayStation Humble Bundle offers:

Capcom PlayStation Bundle – August 23rd, 2023

THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle – April 4th, 2023

2K PlayStation Bundle – August 15th, 2023

THQ Nordic Encore PlayStation Bundle – September 26th, 2023

Capcom x Sega PlayStation Bundle – April 24th, 2023

Indie PlayStation Bundle – January 29th, 2023

Given that at the time being, there has been more than one year since the latest PS4 bundle, we don’t exactly know what to expect. Humble Bundle could either have something awesome in store for us console enthusiasts, or they could postpone it forever. However, notice that the offers don’t follow a clear pattern, so don’t lose hope just yet!

For SIEA PSN accounts only

If there’s something disappointing about these offers, it is that they’ve been region-locked to the US (mostly). More specifically, most of them were offered to SIEA (North America + South America) countries, while some were only destined for NA (North America) accounts.

SIEA countries:








Costa Rica

Dominican Republic


El Salvador

French Guinea










Puerto Rico


United States


In other words, if your PSN account didn’t fall under any of the countries mentioned above, you couldn’t grab any of the deals. Moreover, there are slim odds that this geo-restriction will be lifted sometime in the near future. At least we’ve got the Humble Choice thing going on.

Different than the PC bundles

One major difference between the PC and PS4 bundles, besides the obvious (platform), is that the latter didn’t provide you with individual redeemable keys for every game. Instead, the bundle was either split into three tiers, each of which had a different price or was priced as a whole, with no way to separate its content.

Therefore, you could either purchase the whole bundle and receive one code for the entire collection of games it comprised, or purchase a tier and receive a redeemable code for the entire tier. There was no way to gift a key for a single game to someone else if you already had the game in your library.

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Pymongo Training (2 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About PyMongo Training

Course Name Online PyMongo Training

Deal You get access to all 2 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 4+ Video Hours

Core Coverage The main aim of this course is to provide a wide understanding of how to integrate MongoDB with Python

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning PyMongo

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Python and database concepts

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 2 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

PyMongo Training Curriculum



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


This PyMongo training aims to develop skills in you so that a niche skill of programming in PyMongo can be dealt with ease so that you can be that bridge between the current industry ask and available skillset in the market.


With 3 different courses in this bundle, each course has something to offer in its cuisine, but on an overall 3-course menu of PyMongo training, we would get you insights on every technical aspect of PyMongo, starting from downloading, to theoretical use case and have the dessert by looking at practical use cases of PyMongo. This course’s objective is to make you the best “PyMongo” developer organizations have been longing to hire and reward.

Course Highlights

The course in PyMongo meets all the requirements of the organizations’ ask in terms of skillset. We keep updating ourselves as well as the course content concerning the ask of the industry to make sure that we remain the best every time. Some of the high-level course highlights for PyMongo are:

In the very first course, we would get ourselves comfortable with the Python program. This PyMongo Training starts from teaching the way of installation, to teach about variables and data types in Python. We would also look at concepts on functions and their use. One important use case of this course is to learn about returning multiple values from a single function.

In continuation of the above tutorials, we also learn about strings, loops, lists, packages, modules, dictionaries, decorators, and many more such intricate concepts so that grasping concepts of PyMongo will be a cakewalk.

Project Highlights

As we mention for any of our concepts, that we would handhold you till we make you comfortable with a practical application of the concepts learned. Here we would look at some interesting projects we would go through as a part of this course:

In the second course itself, while learning some interesting and cool technologies in PyMongo we would use some interesting App building to get a complete sense of the concepts. This project is about building a Chatbot app. In this app, we would learn about how does this chatbot works, how messages are created and sent, uses of a database for some complex functionalities.

PyMongo Training- Certificate of Completion

What is PyMongo?

As the word, PyMongo suggests that it is built up of 2 different words and that is Python and Mongo DB. This module helps developers to seamlessly integrate Python and Mongo DB. Now let us take some time to do a deep dive into individually understanding Python and MongoDB. To start, Python is a high-level general programming language, which was aimed to be used as a programing language for nearly all use cases and has the potential to enhance the code readability, due to its usage of extensive whitespaces. The approach of object-oriented and super language constructions makes it the go-to programming language for any type of use cases ranging from data analytics to API development and many such more.

Now coming to what Mongo is. Mongo is a database program that was built with the intent of it being cross-platform. Hence you would see a lot of programming language which has the integration functionality with Mongo DB. This program is classified as a NoSQL, essentially meaning a non-relational database. Now a question might strike, that if it is non-relational, then how elements are represented in Mongo. For this, the answer is that mongo Db uses Json like structures with a schema.

Finally, now that we know what individually Mongo DB and Python essentially are, it will be interesting and a thrilling experience to learn more about the integration between these two.

What skills will you learn in this Course?

We would not only go through detailed programming techniques but also teach you efficient coding techniques which are vastly used and accepted in the genre of software development. This course will also build you up with skills that will make you develop newer methodologies in the PyMongo tool and its use cases. Lastly, some skills are by and far applicable for any of our courses in a common platform that would also apply in this course.


Understanding database concepts is a plus point.

Understanding of programming language such as Python

Target Audience

The courses are built in such a way at EduCBA that we focus our audience to a wide audience who wants to increase their depth of knowledge. For people who have their courses in universities, this PyMongo Training would act as the only reference material they would want to refer to. This training is a sufficient tool to help you ace your course in PyMongo. For people who wants to scale themselves up in their career can use this training to build a bridge on the gap currently existing. This also acts as a refresher for anyone who has been working in this area for quite a long time and would want to go through some latest and some forgotten about concepts.

FAQ’s- General Questions What’s next after this course?

This course will open gates for many other specializations one would want to explore. This includes IoT, Data Analytics, Data Science and many such more areas to explore.

How much time would be required to be invested in this PyMongo Training?

This course would demand dedication of 4-5 hours of learning time plus some extra hours on thinking out of the box for some different solution strategy might take you 4-5 weeks to complete this course.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits


Helpful Courses!


Shaurya Bhagat

MongoDB basic

A very nice course, short and full of information, gives enough information for anybody who wants to start working with MongoDB. The pronunciation of the lecturer is very good and there is no problem understanding him. The fusion of theory and examples at the same time is very fresh and it is helping to learn things fast.

Marko Žbirka

Very Nice Course Syed Obaid Ullah Hussain

NoSQL – MongoDB Developer course


Jeff Hackney

Comprehensive MongoDB Training

This programming has great importance corporate arena …its usage is growing at rapid pace .educba has taught this program tremendously .from very scratch they started and very height, to the benchmark of working corporate level they have taken us all together. I must appreciate the endeavor they are putting in the creation of such useful videos. Keep us updating with recent technology software change ..thanks educba

Ashutosh Kumar

How To Delete Game Data On Ps4

Games and apps can take up a lot of space on Playstation 4, so it’s essential to know how to remove excess data from these games. If you’re running out of space on your console due to game data, it leaves little room for future console updates or for new PlayStation games. 

You can easily remove the data for games or apps you no longer play or want on your console, and if you don’t want to remove the game data entirely, there’s also the option to remove only the saved data for your games. In this article, you’ll learn how to do so in a few different ways. 

Table of Contents

How to Delete Game Data 

It’s easy to uninstall PS4 games or game saves directly from your PS4’s settings. Follow these steps to delete either of these. 

From your PS4’s home screen, move up with your d-pad or analog joystick to open the functions menu. Then, scroll to the end and select Settings. 

Here you can find the games you want to delete. Besides each one, you can see how much space the game is taking up, which can help you determine what’s eating the most space. 

When you find the game you want to delete, highlight it and press the Options button on your controller. Then, select Delete. 

If you don’t want to delete all of your game’s data, you can opt to delete just the saved game data. Also, if you delete a game file, the saved data won’t automatically be deleted, so it’s necessary to do so if you want to delete a game entirely. 

Scroll through the list to find which game you want to delete the saved data for. Then, select it and choose which save files you want to delete. 

Select Delete.

Now, PS4 will delete your game and/or save data, and your storage space should increase. If you want to check the size of your storage, you can go to Storage from Settings. 

How to Copy Game Save Data to USB

If you don’t want to delete any of your game save data, but you still need that precious storage space on your PS4, you can instead back up the data onto a USB drive. It’s easy to do, and you won’t have to decide between storage space or a game. 

Get a USB drive and plug it into one of the USB ports on your system. 

Pick which game’s data you want to copy. Then, select the save data you want, or choose Select All. 

Select Copy to transfer your selected data. 

If you’re copying the saved data already in the USB drive, you may get a message reading Do you want to overwrite this saved data? You can select Yes to do so or No to cancel. Now your game’s saved data will be safe on your USB drive. 

One way to download new games if you don’t have the storage space is to download them to an external hard drive. Here’s how. 

Select your hard drive and select Format as Extended Storage. 

When you install games or applications in the future, they will be installed on your HDD instead of system storage. 

Save Storage Space on Your PS4

Whether you want to delete a PS4 game, the saved data, or move the data elsewhere, you have options to free up space on your console. This will allow you to easily install new games and applications or make necessary system updates. 

Can You Play Ps3 Games On Ps4?

One of the most useful features a gaming console can have is backwards compatibility. This is when a console allows you to play games from consoles in a previous generation. If a console supports this, it can allow you to consolidate the consoles you own, and save a lot of time instead of switching back and forth to play certain games. 

The PS2 did this for PS1 games, and early versions of the PS3 were backwards compatible for PS2. Unfortunately, though, the PS4 doesn’t have this feature for any PS3 games. However, there are some workarounds to this that can allow you to play some PS3 games on your PS4. 

Table of Contents

The PS4 Pro and Slim editions are also not backwards compatible, but you should be able to use the same methods here to play some older Playstation games on them.

How To Play PS3 Games On Your PS4

Despite the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility, there is a way to play some PS3 games. Playstation has a service called Playstation Now that lets you download hundreds of games. It’s what is known as a cloud gaming service.

Cloud gaming is basically like a streaming service, but for games. You download the game and play them directly from servers, using an actual PS3 console there, and then the game footage is streamed to your console as a video. You will have to pay a subscription fee for Playstation Now, which is currently $9.99 in the US and $8.99 in the UK. 

There are many PS3 games available on this service, and not only that, there are also some PS2 games to download. However, also like a streaming service, games may get rotated out. 

There is also the option to buy games from the Playstation store to download and play on your PS4. Sony has remastered many PS3 titles so you can play them on the PS4, and additionally a good amount of PS2 games. 

Why Can’t PS3 Discs Be Played On PS4?

This is because the Playstation 4’s system architecture is so vastly different from the PS3’s, making the PS4 backwards compatible  nearly impossible. It doesn’t have the hardware to run the games the way they were programmed. 

Due to this, the only way a PS4 could play PS3 games is if they were emulated, or in other words, the system would have to have a program that could imitate how the PS3 runs, in order to play its games. This ability, though, requires a lot of power on the console’s part, and would mean a whole lot of extra work. 

The much easier route, which Sony chose, was to remake individual PS3 games entirely so they could be played on the new console. These were games like Skyrim, BioShock, Dark Souls, and more. 

What Are The Best PS3 Games To Play On PS4?

Now that you know some different ways that you can play PS3 games, you might be wondering what games are actually available. This list is compiled of games you can either stream, or have been remastered for the PS4 itself. 

Skyrim, since its release, has become an extremely popular game and it’s hard to find a console it’s not on. In 2023, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition was released on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. 

On PS4, it completely updates the PS3 version of the game with a graphical upgrade, as well as including all three of the original DLCs released. It also allows you to mod the game directly from the console.

In 2023, a remastered version of the acclaimed PS3 game Dark Souls was released for the PS4. This version completely updates the graphics and frame-rate of the original, giving it a 1080p resolution at 60 fps, and the PS4 Pro version also allows for 4K gameplay. They also changed the amount of friends you can play with in the Online mode, moving it up to 6. 

This game became a classic on the PS3, so despite the PS4 not being backwards compatible, you can still play one of the biggest last gen games updated for the PS4.

When released, this game became an instant hit on the PS3. With its emotional story, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, it’s definitely one game people would want to be able to play on an updated console. 

This game was released as a remastered version for the PS4 in 2014. It includes graphics updates, faster frame-rates, and allows those with a PS4 Pro to play it in 4k. They also decided to incorporate more of the capabilities of the PS4’s controller into gameplay. It also gives you the DLC released for the original game, like Left Behind. 

Another game series to make it big on the PS3 was the Uncharted trilogy. They were games full of action and memorable storytelling. Thankfully, all three games were remastered for the PS4 so that you can enjoy the trilogy in its entirety with next-gen updates.

The games have been redesigned to run at 1080p and at 60 fps, and multiple other graphics upgrades. Some of the game’s mechanics were also tweaked in the remaster in order to create a more cohesive experience throughout the series. Whether you’ve already played them in their PS3 release or want to try them out for the first time, the PS4 remaster will definitely be satisfactory. 

Seaborn Courses Tutorial (5 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Seaborn Tutorial

Course Name Online Seaborn Tutorial

Deal You get access to all the 5 courses, Projects for the Lifetime

Hours 12+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn attractive and informative statistical graphics and data visualization in Python.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Data Visualization and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Data and analytics and Python programming would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced data and analytics skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Seaborn Tutorial Curriculum

In this section, each module of the Seaborn Tutorial is explained.



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


The ultimate aim of this training program on seaborn is to make individuals proficient with the use of sea born technology that is very much demanding in nature and widely used for statistical data visualization techniques. Is the volume of data is increasing day by day, industries demanding a complex solution that can help them in visualizing and uses of this data that can be done with tools such as seaborn. With the help of this training program, one can easily start their career as a seaborn developer that holds great potential in the market scenario.


The seaborn training comes up with lifetime access, online courses, includes hands-on projects that will help individuals to improve their knowledge and real-time scenarios and make them self-industry ready and what’s this training will be completed they will be awarded a variable certificate of completion that is the east all over the industry.

There are a variety of skills that participants will learn through this training program like visualizing statistical relationships, different types of visualizations, scatter plots, plotting with categorical data, bar plots, color palettes, visualizing linear relationships, bivariate distributions, univariate distributions, visualizing the distribution of a data set, cat plot, strike plot, etc.

What’s the training gets completed the learners can easily enter the industry as a data analyst, business analyst, statistician, quality engineer, quality manager, consultant, team leader, statistical analyst, software test engineer, QA engineer, consultant, analytics manager, and many other diverse fields are open for individuals to show their potential and skills in the world.

Course Highlights

As training goes ahead, individuals will start realizing the importance and value of sea born training with diverse skills and concepts that are going to be taught under this training program. The curriculum of the training program is developed in such a way that it helps in getting all the industry requirements and also take squares of individuals’ requirements who are investing their time and efforts in learning something new and interesting. The core skills that are going to be covered under this training program are as follows:

One will learn about introduction to seaborn, o review of the training, different types of plots, distribution plot, scatterplot and heat map, case studies of scatter plot, boxplot, bank problem, case study on swarm plot, etc.

Other skills that are going to be covered under this training program is visualizing statistical relationships which include scatterplots, line plots, plotting with categorical data, showing multiple relationships with facets, categorical scatter plots, distribution of observations with categories, statistical estimation with categories, count plot, point plot, boxplot, bar plot, use of reference files, etc.

This part of the training program what we learn about intermediate functionalities of seaborn which includes plotting univariate distribution, clotting of bivariate distributions, visualizing linear relationships, functions to draw linear regression models, filtering different kinds of models, conditioning all other variables, join plot and LM plot, use of reference files, KDE plot, etc.

One will learn about different types of visualizations, things to keep in mind before choosing the type of visualization, customizing visualizations, use of color palettes, etc which are going to be very useful skills that are very much in demand these days.

Project Highlights

With the use of projects, any sort of tradings or tutorial the efficiency of the training increases drastically is it provides a space for the learners to experiment and everywhere their knowledge in real-time scenarios which helps them understand the concepts in a better way. Different projects are involved in this training to increase the utility and efficiency of the program. Projects that are part of this training program are as follows:

A project on data visualization using Census data that includes an introduction to the project, installation of the tools, installation of the libraries, exploratory data analysis, adding columns to the data set, data visualizations using scatter plots, multiple line plots, use of category imports, point plot, heat map, pair plot, I m plot, pair grid, violin plot, hot, x, and y tick label plot, and settings, swarm plot, etc.

Seaborn Tutorial – Certificate of Completion

What is Seaborn?

Through this Python Seaborn Tutorial, you will learn skills and techniques such as plotting and visualization of the various forms of data that are provided to us. This can also be used to refer to the various kinds of datasets and the data frames, which will form an integral part of the data representation. The data frames consist of the data in tabular format and therefore depict the data in a more usable form which might not be the case otherwise. Other skills are related to the analysis of data and mathematics-related as all the calculations done after the visualizations are done are mathematics-based.


The basic prerequisite for this course is that the student or the professional should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the machine learning tools and techniques and also should have a basic knowledge and overview of the data science techniques. Apart from this, he should also be aware of the basic analytical concepts, which are a must while opting for this course. The user should also have a mathematical background as most of the algorithms being used, and the concepts which are discussed are mathematics-based.

Target Audience

The target audience becomes anybody who is interested in learning this Python Seaborn Tutorial and follows the above-mentioned pre-requisites. This typically includes professionals such as data scientists, data engineers, analysts, consultants, software developers, software engineers, testers. Apart from these professionals everybody who is working to build something of their own such as an entrepreneur forms an ideal part of the audience and also the students whether they are directly college passed outs or are looking to do something much more creative and bigger can make use of this course in a much wiser manner.

Seaborn Tutorial – FAQ’s  Do I need to keep on practicing the Python Seaborn Tutorial or is it a one-time thing?

The concepts and the techniques taught in the course of the seaborn tutorial are a one-time thing as you just have to know the basic concepts and how are they applied but when you talk about hand practicing it by making use of Python language then we would suggest not to leave the practice part aside as it will become quite tough to re-opt it once the flow has been lost.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

The career benefits of this Python Seaborn Tutorial will be related to the ones where it talks about data science concepts and techniques which are on a huge demand today. These visualization libraries will be aimed to provide a much more interesting environment and a good place in the market.


Python Seaborn Tutorial

During the initial part of the tutorial, which involves the study and creation of a visual representation of data is also an art and science of itself then we studied the objective and understanding of data visualization which was very knowledgeable. Very few good tutorials available on this topic, I am glad I took this up.

Gus Raposo

Seaborn Tutorials Grzegorz Reinhart Course (33 Online Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About chúng tôi Training Course

Course Name Online chúng tôi Training Course Bundle

Deal You get access to all 33 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 132+ Video Hours

Core Coverage VB.NET Concepts, Procedures, Functions and Arrays, Multithreading, Winforms, Printing Reports in WinForms Application

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning chúng tôi Framework

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of web application and any existing object-oriented programming languages like C++ or C# is recommended

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 33 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced data analysis skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required Open Source VB.NET

System Requirement 2 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

VB.NET Course Curriculum



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


The main goal of this training is mainly to make you get good knowledge and hands-on experience on the chúng tôi by making you learn the language along with the projects.


The objective of the training is to cover all the topics related to chúng tôi The topics which are covered under this course are an introduction to chúng tôi procedures, functions, arrays, overloading, interfaces, multithreading, garbage, databases, assemblies, Winforms, UI enhancements and error handling using Winforms, chúng tôi in WinForms, custom controls and crystal reports using Winforms along with the projects explaining every topic in detail.

Course Highlights

This course has been started from the basic information related to chúng tôi i.e., from the introduction to chúng tôi so that it even helps the freshers to understand it.

It covers the explanation and examples of Procedures, functions, arrays, array enumerations, structures, object-oriented programming, properties, methods, constructors and destructors.

Under the topic of overloading and the interfaces, the other topics which are also covered are inheritance, namespaces and strongly typed collections with examples.

Multithreading and garbage – The topics which are covered under this are the introduction to events and delegates and detail explanation and examples about them, inheriting events and multithreading inVB.NET.

Databases and assemblies in this topic you will learn to work with chúng tôi databases, the lifecycle of a component, private and shared assemblies, globalization, localization, creating custom attributes and examples related to all these topics.

Introduction to chúng tôi features of it, shared IDE, window management, designers, visual studio macros, visual database tools, webforms and types of projects.

Winforms – The topics which are covered under this topic are introduction, User Interface, Character-Based Interface, Graphical User Interface, WinForms IDE, objects, classes, properties and methods, introduction to class libraries, events and event handlers, creating a simple Winforms application, form class hierarchy properties, methods and events of a form, owned forms, control in Winforms, sample application, event handling in WinForms, creating an event handler at design time, creating an event handler at runtime, adding events to sample application, graphical display, graphical storage, and many other topics.

Project Highlights

There are many projects included in this course which will help you to strengthen and get a good grip on the topics by doing projects.  The undercover projects are:

By using the chúng tôi programming language you will develop a project on the hotel management system. You will also do a project on sales and inventory management.

By using the Winforms the projects which you will develop are Banquet hall management, payroll management, and printing reports.

You will also learn the difference between Java and .NET by doing the projects and case studies.

The projects which are covered under the VB. NET and SQL are complaints tracking system, students scorecard system and sample tracking system.

By using the C#, SQL and chúng tôi an app kid’s play zone app project are developed.

A project called a movie booking system is developed by using the .NET and SQL.

Another project developed by using the .NET and SQL is a loyalty point’s management system.

The project which is developed by using the chúng tôi is an asset management system.

These are the projects which are covered under this curriculum. These 21 projects and case studies will help even the freshers to get good hands-on experience in this chúng tôi language.

VB.Net Course – Certificate of Completion

What is VB.NET?

VB.NET is an object-oriented programming language that is built on top of the .NET framework based on the .NET technologies developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was influenced by BASIC and Visual Basic programming languages and their features were taken as a base to develop this chúng tôi programming language. chúng tôi supports complete object-oriented concepts. chúng tôi is easier to learn the course, structured, component-based, a general-purpose programming language that supports a variety of platforms. It has strong features in its programming language such as a standard library, events and properties, generics, condition compilations, indexers, multithreading, assembly features, automated garbage collection, event management, and delegations.

Using chúng tôi programming, various applications can be developed on top of the .NET framework such as web applications, web services, windows applications, etc. This language can be used with any of the programming languages such as C, C++, C#, COBOL or JScript, etc.

There are several number skills those which can be easily mastered on completion of this VB .NET course are like chúng tôi chúng tôi AJAX and few .NET based framework modules along with .NET languages and its relative web-based application frameworks including several third-party integration features.

VB.NET course contains several modules such as web application frameworks having some set of different .NET related core skills like application programming features, different APIs, object-oriented programming constructs, .NET library APIs, etc. in multiple application development environments.

There are also, multiple parts of the .NET framework applications such as WCF, WF, WPF which are core part of web application development can be carried out easily by learning this chúng tôi course.

There are also several other chúng tôi course-related topics such as Windows forms, metadata and assemblies, and its related core concepts can also be learned easily.

This chúng tôi course has a set of multiple skills such as .NET technologies related frameworks or libraries such as Win Forms, Event Handlers, Delegation, Garbage Collection, etc.

This chúng tôi course contains some custom applications which were developed from scratch to give the learner a complete understanding of the application from the beginning in a real-time mode.

This chúng tôi course also serves the purpose of Microsoft related technologies and different frameworks.


Willingness to pursue a career as VB .NET or VB Developer: The chúng tôi course has some prerequisites to be fulfilled before beginning with the chúng tôi course as a basic programming knowledge from .NET technologies. This chúng tôi course requires some intermediate knowledge in any object-oriented programming language or any previous working experience in the high-level programming languages area of object-oriented languages like C++ or Java or C# are an added benefit to this chúng tôi course. This chúng tôi course may become difficult for a starter or fresher without having any experience or extensive knowledge in any other object-oriented programming language.

Knowledge in Web or standalone application-based .NET frameworks: Any previous experience or knowledge in the standalone or web-based applications from the Visual Basic or .NET technologies from Microsoft will give an easier starting boost for the learners of this course and can easily pick this course with ease of learning. Any engineering or bachelor’s degree in computer science area or related technical or engineering discipline will also make the learner comfortable in learning this chúng tôi course.

Target Audience

Students of Technology / Engineering in CS: If you are a Bachelor’s degree holder in engineering or technology-related fields especially in computer science degree or any other computer-related technical engineering discipline, then the benefit of learning this chúng tôi certification course will add a lot of benefits in a shorter period. This is also recommended for the career betterment in a shorter time in all aspects. This chúng tôi course is a comprehensive package module for the learners to be enabled to learn the course contents with a greater extensive knowledge along with some hands-on training.

VB .NET or VB Developer Software Professionals: Someone who is willing to excel in their technological career as a VB Developer or chúng tôi Developer can opt for this chúng tôi course with no other thoughts directly. This chúng tôi course is definitely and highly recommended course for a chúng tôi Developer or VB Developer or Support Engineer in the Computer Science Profession.

CS Bachelors or Masters: Any CS bachelors or masters in engineering graduation or post-graduation can opt for this VB .NET course to prepare for an interview or any job training to fulfill the business requirements easily.

FAQ’s- General Questions Why should I do this VB?NETcourse?

Any VB Developer or VB .NET development professional who is willing to learn VB .NET technology or who wants to pursue an excellent career as VB .NET developer should pursue this VB .NET certification course. This will enable the learner to master the course easily with no hurdles because of the design of this chúng tôi course curriculum.

I don’t have a background in computers or a technical engineering, can this VB .NET Course still be considered a good option?

YES, this cannot be easily learned without any computers or technical engineering educational background as this chúng tôi course requires some additional knowledge in object-oriented programming background but still this can be achieved if someone has experience in developing computer programming related projects from their graduate coursework.

Would this chúng tôi training course add value to my profession?

Yes. this course would add value to your profession and also great benefits including certifications as well.

Is this a quick-fix to clear interview or do I still need to practice continuously while learning this VB .NET Certification Course?

Yes, this will be a quick-fix if you are already at an intermediate level in handling this technology and No, if you are zero in computers as this chúng tôi course contents are very comprehensive which has more than 132+ hours, it needs some previous knowledge or experience or experimenting on this chúng tôi course to easily learn this course contents.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

There are several careers or professional benefits from this VB .NET course contents and its curriculum which are mentioned below:

This chúng tôi course is a great refresher for an experienced VB developer or chúng tôi developer.

Even, any computer professional can learn this chúng tôi course with ease of manner which contains many topics explained in an elaborated way including several concepts embedded in videos with hands-on to give greater experience to the learner.

There are also many career benefits on choosing this chúng tôi course which will be obtained post completion of this chúng tôi course such as in-depth technical knowledge apart from hands-on and also extensive outer areas of other .NET related technologies with strong foundations of the technical concepts.

There are also several sets of skills that can be gained from this chúng tôi course which are in high demand in the industry currently in terms of the customer business requirements and also many developers and technical architects for several positions and roles.

Course Testimonials

Simply Amazing

The course is excellent for beginners, it covers everything you need to be able to build complex programs. The accent is understandable, sometimes the voice goes a bit too high. In this course you can learn even about multi-threading winch I found useful so that your program can use all the resources of a modern computer. There is even a training related to the database connections, so as you can see it covers everything you need to be able to build complex programs as I stated at first.

Man Andrei Catalin

Great chúng tôi certification

This is a highly recommended course for the VB developer aspirants in the area of web application technology development for chúng tôi applications using VB programming. This chúng tôi course on VB training has a lot of hands-on training and is great to learn in ease of manner. I have chosen this just because the previous courses from EduCBA courses had helped me a lot in gaining a lot of technical knowledge as well as hands one experience level confidence apart from this chúng tôi course.



This is the excellent course curriculum from EduCBA as this chúng tôi course is well framed from its topics perspective and its concept from difficulty level up to easy of the learning journey.


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