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When I was really young, I didn’t have a gaming console. I didn’t own a NES until I was nearly a preteen. That didn’t stop me from falling in love with Super Mario Bros. and other side-scrolling platformers at a young age.

When I was really young, I didn’t have a gaming console. I didn’t own a NES until I was nearly a preteen. That didn’t stop me from falling in love with Super Mario Bros. and other side-scrolling platformers at a young age.

Kid Tripp captures your youth by recreating the pixelated imagery that defined a generation, while offering a measure of fast-paced challenge that is not typical of games in the genre…


Big, blocky, beautiful pixels. I don’t care what anyone says. Retro games, when designed well, are just as good looking as any over-hyped graphics-heavy game. It is full of brightly colored, well placed pixels that remind me of a time when going to an arcade meant spending hours in a stale, loud electronic playground where I spent every last quarter in my piggie bank trying to save the princess.

This game features two touch controls, You can tap to jump on the left side of the screen and tap to shoot on the right side of the screen. If you want to sprint, hold your thumb on the right side and you’ll pick up speed.

The game has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and the iPad. However, a glitch has caused the black bars to appear on both sides of the screen. The developer is aware of the issue and a fix is already being prepared for approval in the App Store.


When you start a new game, you are immediately thrown into your first, fast-moving level. Tap the left side of the screen to jump over obstacles and avoid falling into pits. Tap the right side of the screen to shoot frogs, snakes, and monkeys that throw coconuts at you.

Did I mention that the Kid runs automatically? He is fast, too. If you don’t time your jumps exactly right, you’ll fall short or over reach and end up in the pit below. As birds fly past and frogs jump over, you must plan your shots wisely or you’ll miss and they will be on you in the blink of an eye.

Unlike a typical platformer, you don’t get a second chance. If you die, you have to start from the beginning, no matter how far you’ve gotten, even if you are right at the end.

Each game comes with 10 lives and you can earn extras by collecting coins. If you run out of lives, and you probably will, you can continue the game from your current level, but you will lose all of your coins.

If you make it to a new level, you can replay it later to try to increase your time score. You don’t have to complete the level in your main game in order to access it later. This is actually a good way to practice a level without losing a life. You can replay it over and over again until you have every step timed out properly, then go back to your main game and play through the level without dying.

The Good

When I first saw this game, I assumed it was going to be a typical platformer game, which would have been great. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game is much more challenging and offers a fresh take on a traditional genre, even with the old-school retro look.

The Bad

The level of difficulty keeps this game from being something you can sit down and play for hours at a time. It is better played in spurts of a few minutes at a time. Otherwise, you might end up kicking your dog or yelling at your wife for no reason.


Kid Tripp is only $0.99, which is exactly the right price for a game like this. I don’t know how many levels there are because I can’t flipping get past the third one. However, I can tell from the game’s trailer that there are at least a dozen, probably more.


This is not your childhood platformer game. If you are hoping for a Super Mario Bros. knockoff, you’d better look somewhere else. Instead, if you are a fan of side-scrolling pixelated games that require accuracy and fast reflexes, then you’ll find Kid Tripp to be a real treat. This game is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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This game reminds me of Meganoid in its level of difficulty combined with a retro look. It is also has faint similarities to A Ride into the Mountains because they are both pixelated and feature a main character that runs on auto.

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No Applicable App Licenses Found For Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox program or Xbox console is one of the best available for gamers today. With Xbox Game Pass, gaming has gone to the next level for players. There are millions of users around the world who use Xbox Game Pass to play different games they like. Sadly, some are seeing No applicable app licenses found for Xbox Game Pass on the Xbox app while launching games. In this guide, we have a few solutions that can help you fix it and play games as usual. This error can occur due to corrupt or outdated game files, Windows Store cache, Xbox Cache, pending updates of Windows Store and Xbox app, etc.

No applicable app licenses found for Xbox Game Pass

If you are seeing No applicable app licenses found error for Xbox Game Pass while launching games, you can fix it with the following methods.

Reset Microsoft Store Cache

Logout and Login on Xbox app

Install updates for Microsoft Store, Xbox, and related programs

Repair Xbox app

Re-register Windows Store apps

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

1] Reset Microsoft Store Cache

Resetting Microsoft Store Cache and its apps has worked for many in fixing this error. You need to do it using wsreset.exe.

To Reset Microsoft Store Cache,

Run CMD as administrator, type WSReset.exe, and Press Enter.

A command prompt window will open. After a while, the Windows Store will open. It will reset the Windows Store cache.

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2] Logout and Login on Xbox app

If the chúng tôi has not fixed your issue, you need to log out of your Xbox account on the Xbox program and log in again. This can help you fix the error you are seeing while launching games on Xbox using Xbox Game Pass.

3] Install updates for Microsoft Store, Xbox, and related programs

Even the pending updates or corruptions or glitches in the previous updates might cause the error. You need to check for updates for Microsoft Store, Xbox, and all the related programs.

To update Microsoft Store,

Open the Microsoft Store app

Navigate to Library from the left panel

This will update all the Microsoft Store apps that are pending update including Microsoft Store itself and Xbox app.

4] Repair the Xbox app

The other way to fix the issue is by repairing the Xbox app itself. It will repair any issues with the app and let you use it without any issues.

To repair the Xbox app,

Close the Xbox App

Relaunch the Xbox app and try launching the game and see if the error has resolved.

5] Re-register Windows Store apps

If none of the above fixes worked, you need to re-register Windows Store apps as the last resort.

To re-register the Windows Store apps,

Then, copy/paste the following command and press Enter

After the command has run, close the windows and restart your PC.

Now, launch Xbox and see if the error has been resolved.

These are the different ways using which you can fix no applicable app licenses found error on the Xbox app while launching a game.

How do you fix no applicable app licenses on Forza Horizon 5?

If you are seeing No applicable app licenses found error while launching Forza Horizon 5, you can reset Windows Store, repair the Xbox app, log out and log in again on the Xbox app, update Windows Store, Xbox, and other related apps, and re-register Windows store apps.

How do I fix Minecraft’s no applicable app licenses?

While launching Minecraft on Xbox, if you see No applicable app licenses found error, you can reset Windows Store, repair the Xbox app, log out and log in again on the Xbox app, update Windows Store, Xbox, and other related apps, and re-register Windows store apps.

How do I fix no applicable app licenses found?

When you see no applicable app licenses found error on Xbox, you can use the following methods.

Logout and login to Xbox and Microsoft Store app

Reset, terminate or repair Windows Store and Xbox app

Clear Windows Store Cache using the chúng tôi command

Update all the Microsoft Store apps

Any of the above methods can help you fix the issue and let you play whatever game you are trying to play without any kind of error.

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What Is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service for Xbox and Windows 10 that lets members download and play a wide library of games for free so long as they stay subscribed to the service. Think of it as the Netflix for Xbox games. 

Xbox Game Pass started off small but it has quickly grown to be a great offering at a very reasonable price, and it’s an interesting opportunity to get access to a large selection of games on a budget.

Table of Contents

Let’s take a deeper look what Xbox Games Pass is, how it works, and how you can get the most out of it if you plan to subscribe.

Xbox Game Pass Overview – Pricing & Available Games

The two most important things to learn about the Xbox Game Pass is the pricing and the available game catalog for Game Pass subscribers. 

Without any deals considered, the Xbox Game Pass for console costs $9.99 per month. Alternatively, you can take out an Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC that only costs $4.99 per month. There’s a higher tier subscription we’ll explain later that bundles in both PC and console, but first let’s go over the basics.

The library of games for Xbox Game Pass members is quite extensive. It includes existing Xbox Game Studio titles such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5, or upcoming titles like Bleeding Edge and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. 

It should also be made clear that this gives you access to download the games to your console or PC to play from your device. This isn’t a cloud gaming service like Project xCloud, so your performance should be much better.

All upcoming Xbox Game Studio titles like Halo Infinite will be available on the Xbox Game Pass on day one of release. Besides that, dozens of third party titles are available on Xbox Game Pass. This includes older games like Minecraft and Darksiders 3, and newer titles like The Outer Worlds and RAGE 2.

There’s no restriction or limit to how many games you can play or how long you can play for. As long as you are an Xbox Game Pass member, you have unlimited access to over a hundred included titles.

The games library for Windows 10 PC users will be different, but there are similarities, including new Xbox Game Studio titles and a catalog of over a hundred games. Xbox Game Pass for PC is certainly amongst the best Windows 10 game subscription services.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs Xbox Game Pass

Whilst the standard price for an Xbox Game Pass subscription is $9.99, another pricing tier called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate may be of more interest to you. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $44.99/quarterly, so $14.99 per month. 

For an extra $5 over the standard Xbox Game Pass, the benefits are well worth considering. You get access to both PC and console games on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and an Xbox Live Gold membership is included. Which, by comparison, costs $9.99 per month on its own.

If you already pay for Xbox Live Gold, paying for the Ultimate Game Pass tier may actually save you money over subscribing to both the standard Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold separately. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also get other benefits upon subscribing. These offers include 1 month of EA Access, 2 months of Discord Nitro, and 6 months of Spotify Premium. These benefits are part of a one-time welcome offer.

Xbox Game Pass Deals & Special Offers

Whilst Xbox Live Gold will remain an option for those who just want to play Xbox games online, Xbox is clearly pushing their new Game Pass subscriptions hard. So much so that they are offering some great welcome deals for new Xbox Game Pass members.

If you sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the first time, you can get the first three months for just $1. After the initial three month period, the $44.99 quarterly price will start, but you can cancel at anytime before that.  

There currently aren’t any offers for the Xbox Game Pass standard subscription for console, but if you keep an eye out, there are regularly offers available. For now, Xbox is pushing people to sign up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate instead.

If you only want to play PC games, the Xbox Game Pass PC subscription currently has a great offer you’d be interested in. You can get the first month for $1 and then further months are just $4.99.

Bonus Features Xbox Game Pass Members Get

You don’t only get access to a digital game library with Xbox Game Pass. If you want to purchase a game from the Game Pass catalog permanently, you can save up to 20% on the digital price of the game. On top of this, any digital purchases or add-ons for those games will also be available for up to 10% off the standard price.

If you become an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can also play games with the Play Anywhere feature. For example, you can start a game of Sea of Thieves on your Xbox One, then continue it later on your PC.

This includes big titles like Gears 5 and even Xbox original classic remasters such as Voodoo Vince.

Hopefully this has taught you everything you need to know about what the Xbox Game Pass is and what it offers. If you have any more questions about the new Xbox game catalog subscription service, feel free to reach out.

Cpu Overheating For No Reason? Here Is How To Fix It

CPU computes several complex algorithms at the speed of billions of cycles per second. It is acceptable to generate some amount of heat while working at such great speed.

A CPU temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius at normal usage and 80-90 degrees during intensive work is quite common. But if the processor exceeds this temperature, then it is overheating. Unless your CPU is older or overclocked, overheating processor is usually the result of below-par heat dissipation.

Whatever the cause, we are going to show how you can care for your CPU and prevent it from reaching higher temperatures.

When a CPU overheats, it starts thermal throttling, and the performance decreases. But what actually rises the CPU temperature beyond its threshold? Let’s look at a few of the causes.

Faulty CPU fan

Accumulation of dust

Inefficient air circulation

Depleted thermal paste

Low fan speed

Overclocking the CPU

Heavy programs running in the background

Malware infection

At first, you need to be sure that your BIOS or the temperature monitoring application is showing the correct reading. You can use different software such as HWMonitor, Open Hardware Monitor, etc., to observe the temperature. See if all of them denote your CPU to be overheated.

If so, let’s move on to the fixes right away.

You can find such programs using Task manager and end them.

Sometimes, the programs run in the background using the CPU silently. In such a case, you can disable background applications.

Restart your system and see if it solved the issue. If the programs use high CPU again after the restart, then we recommend you uninstall them. You can also clean-boot your system to diagnose the exact process/application that’s causing the high CPU usage.

Not all CPU-hogging programs are intentional. If your system is infected with malware, they can use up the processor without any mercy. As a result, the CPU load increases, and it heats up more than its limit.

You should run a complete virus scan on your system using the Windows defender tool. You could use a third-party antivirus, but it can consume additional processing power. Let’s run a virus scan using Defender.

It can take a bit of time to complete the scan and remove the malware. See if the CPU temperature reduces after the virus scan.

When you run a graphics-intensive program or simply a demanding application, it uses a lot of processing power. This can load the CPU even more if you run those applications using integrated graphics. The integrated graphics unit uses the CPU’s capacity to render the images.

So, if you continuously use heavy programs and play high-end games, you should add a dedicated GPU to your system. The dedicated GPU has its own processor, memory, and cooling system.

Using a GPU reduces the pressure on the CPU even more if you enable the Hardware Acceleration feature. This feature removes some load from the processor and uses other system resources such as GPU to run them.

Let’s see how you can enable Hardware acceleration on your system.

You should find your CPU temperature to decrease significantly.

Windows provide an option to manage the power plan and tweak the power usage settings of your system. If you are facing the CPU overheating problem in a laptop, you can use a balanced power plan or power-saving options. This provides a balanced performance and power usage compared to the High-performance setting.

Let’s see how you can set these settings on your PC.

See if the CPU’s temperature comes to the normal range.

Most of us overclock our CPU to get the best performance out of it. It does the job excellently as well. But overclocking can increase the CPU temperature so much that it throttles to preserve its integrity.

If you have overclocked your CPU, it may be a major reason for its high temperature. So, you should revert the overclocked settings to normal performance. Let’s see how you can do it.

You can simply uninstall the program if you have used software to overclock your CPU.

You should find your CPU running at normal clock speed and its temperature back to normal. In addition to overclocking, if you are active in cryptocurrency mining and use other heavy programs, they consume a lot of processing power. So, you can uninstall those programs to see any changes in the CPU temperature.

CPU fan is the major component responsible for maintaining the CPU temperature. If the fan is not working properly or is damaged, the CPU won’t get adequate cooling.

So, you need to verify that the fan’s cable is not damaged or unplugged and its speed is sufficient for your system. Let’s disassemble your system to do it.

Before re-assembling the system, let’s clean it first.

Dust is the enemy which we can’t really avoid. Our system suffers from overheating issues when too much dust accumulates. It clogs the vents, slows down the fan, and insulates the heat sinks preventing them from dissipating heat.

So, if you have not cleaned your PC in a while, the dirt collected on the CPU fan may have resulted in overheating of the CPU. While you are checking the fan, you need to clean your heatsink and the PC and free it from any dust.

Operate your system and observe if the CPU temperature rises again.

The CPU fan draws the cold air inside and then pushes away the hot air to dissipate the heat generated in the CPU. But if the area is so congested that the fan cannot remove the air outside, the heat won’t get dissipated. As a result, the CPU overheats.

This effect is more pronounced in laptops when you use them over a soft surface. The soft surfaces such as the mattress, compress and block the vents.

Similarly, if the room air itself is hot or there is excessive sunlight falling on the system, then it will automatically heat up.

So, you should use your system in a room or place with enough space for air circulation. Even better if the room has cooler airflow. Use the laptop on hard surfaces such as books or tables. It is more beneficial to get a laptop cooling pad.

Thermal paste removes air bubbles between the CPU fan’s bottom and the processor to reduce insulation at the microscopic level. Thus, the heat gets transferred from the CPU to the heat sink much more effectively.

But, over time, the thermal paste degrades, and the heat dissipation process may be ineffective, causing the CPU to overheat. Thus, you should remove the old thermal paste and re-apply the new one to the processor.

Run the computer to see any changes in the CPU temperature.

When the processor’s load increases, it draws more power from the power supply unit. The high power draw increases the temperature in return. Undervolting a CPU means reducing its maximum working voltage by keeping its operating speed constant. So, when the voltage decreases, the temperature also reduces accordingly.

Undervolting is one of the most used techniques to lower the CPU temperature. It is totally safe and, if done at an appropriate level, increases the performance even more. But there are several steps to follow while doing it. So, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to undervolt your CPU safely.

Sometimes the fan speed may not be sufficient to suffice the workload of the processor. This can result in inefficient cooling and eventually overheating of the CPU.

However, you can change your CPU fan’s speed if your manufacturer has it unlocked and works in PWM mode. The speed of a DC fan cannot be varied. Let’s see the way to increase fan speed using BIOS.

If you want to keep your CPU temperature reduced further, then you can perform its delidding. It is the process of removing the top metal portion (lid) of the CPU. 

The metal portion and the actual circuit consist of minute air pockets that raise the temperature. The metal lid is kept there only for protection. Removing it will bring the CPU in direct contact with the heat sink, improving the cooling efficiency much more. It can even reduce the temperature while keeping the CPU overclocked.

The basic process is that you need to remove the lid, scrub the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) and apply the new one. But the process is risky and requires a lot of steps. We have provided a detailed guide demonstrating the safe process of delidding the CPU.

Comment: No, Apple Isn’t Trying To Thwart Law Enforcement With Ios 12 Usb Restrictions

One of the changes Apple has made in iOS 12 is much tighter protection against devices designed to brute-force iPhone passcodes. Unless the device has been unlocked within the past hour, the USB port will be restricted to charging, requiring the phone to be unlocked before it will permit data access.

From much of the reporting on this, you could easily get the impression that Apple’s aim here is to thwart law enforcement investigations – and that simply isn’t the case …

Let’s look at a few examples of the coverage this is getting …

The New York Times: Apple to Close iPhone Security Hole That Police Use to Crack Devices

Apple is closing the technological loophole that let authorities hack into iPhones, angering police and other officials and reigniting a debate over whether the government has a right to get into the personal devices that are at the center of modern life.

Apple said on Wednesday it will change its iPhone settings to undercut the most popular means for law enforcement to break into the devices.

The Verge: Apple will update iOS to block police hacking tool

For months, police across the country have been using a device called a GrayKey to unlock dormant iPhones, using an undisclosed technique to sidestep Apple’s default disk encryption. The devices are currently in use in at least five states and five federal agencies, seen as a breakthrough in collecting evidence from encrypted devices.

But according to a new Reuters report, Apple is planning to release a new feature to iOS that would make those devices useless in the majority of cases, potentially sparking a return to the encryption standoff between law enforcement and device manufacturers.

Mashable: Apple’s officially making it harder for cops to bust into your iPhone

Apple intends to update its iOS with a new feature that will make it significantly more difficult for law enforcement agencies to access data on locked iPhones.

I could go on (and on), but you’ve probably seen other headlines yourself.

To be fair, many pieces that start in this vein do go on to point out that tools like GrayKey are used by criminals as well as law enforcement. But the overwhelming impression given is that Apple is out to make life hard for law enforcement.

The reality is that Apple is dealing with one simple fact known to every security professional but seemingly not to the law enforcement agencies that are complaining about the move: you cannot have a security hole that is used only by the good guys. Anything law enforcement can use with good intentions, criminals can use with bad intentions.

You could argue that Apple could have a special law enforcement mode, but again: any backdoor into iOS intended for use by the good guys will inevitably fall into the wrong hands.

Some persist, suggesting Apple could have this mode require a special device available only in a locked strongroom at Apple Park, with law enforcement agencies having to go there (with a court order) to access it. But, as I’ve said before, this simply isn’t a realistic scenario.

It is an extremely short distance from there to arguing that there will be some very time-critical cases where the delay involved in knocking on Apple’s door is too damaging. The classic ‘time-bomber in custody’ scenario. That the FBI needs to hold the key to prevent delay. It still wouldn’t do so without a court order, so where’s the harm? It would simply be cutting out the middleman.

So soon, the FBI would hold the key. Then other law enforcement agencies. In time, that key would be held in every police precinct house. We would then be trusting more than a million people with access to that key to abide by the rules. Government agencies don’t always have the best of track-records in doing that.

And even if we assumed not one single bad apple among those million people, you’d also be trusting every courier not to lose one in transit – and if you do that, I want access to your courier companies!

But it’s worse than this. The very fact that a backdoor exists means that hackers know it can be done. Sooner or later, they are going to figure out how, and then they can create their own devices.

So no, this cannot be safely done. Apple has no desire to hinder the work of law enforcement agencies, but it’s not them the company is trying to thwart: it’s the bad actors who would use the same vulnerability for nefarious ends. That’s why Apple is doing this – not to make life harder for cops.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Fix Grammarly Error: No Document Is Open Or Detected

Fix Grammarly error: No document is open or detected




Grammarly offers tremendous help with grammar and spellchecking using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

You can have your Office documents scanned via the Grammarly Addin which needs to be installed for all users. In case of error, read on to find out how to fix this.

This article and many other similar about this great tool can be found in the Grammarly section of our website.

Troubles with a little piece of tech? We’ve got you covered with our friendly guides in the Troubleshooting Tech Issues Hub.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

No document is open or your document could not be detected [Grammarly error]

Grammarly is such a great service for both professionals and students. It’s the most popular proofreading tool and it’s both functional and educational. It comes in various add-on options and clients, for browsers and desktops. But, users can use it in Office, as well, to help with proofreading and grammar in Word and Outlook. And that’s where some of them run into a problem. For no apparent reason, Grammarly couldn’t access a document and prompted users with the “No document is open or your document could not be detected.” error.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that. We enlisted some solutions to move onward through the list.

How to fix “No document” error in Grammarly for Microsoft Office/Outlook 1: Update Office

The first step we can suggest is to update your version of Word or Outlook to the latest version. Due to a lack of adequate support, Grammarly supports only Office suits from 2023 till this day. If you run an older iteration of Office suite, Grammarly probably won’t work on it.

The updates for Office are administered through the Windows Update so navigate to Update settings and check for updates. In addition. After you’ve got the latest version, try opening the said document and look for changes.

2: Make sure that add-in is enabled

Due to a certain policy, especially in Office 365, some add-ins might get disabled. This, of course, applies to Grammarly, as well. In order for the add-in to work, you’ll need to double-check the Add-ins list and confirm that Grammarly is not on the “Disabled” list.

Follow these steps to do so:

3: Disable antivirus

In some cases, a third-party antivirus will block Grammarly to prevent it from communicating with its servers. We can’t say with certainty whether this is the case or not, but it won’t cost you a thing to try and disable the antivirus temporarily. If that seems to be the cause of the problem, you can always whitelist Grammarly or temporarily disable the antivirus while working in Word or Outlook.

If you’re using Windows Defender, here’s how to disable it:

4: Disable additional add-ins

Some other add-ins in Word or Outlook might conflict with Grammarly so we suggest disabling them. At least, similar tools or the ones you recently installed. You can try with the system of elimination and remove add-ins one by one until you determine the culprit.

5: Reinstall the add-in

Reinstalling the add-in is another solution we can offer. The problem mostly occurs due to changes made to Office via Windows Update. This led lots of users to various errors, including the one we’re trying to address today. After you reinstall the add-in, the problem should be resolved.

Follow these steps to reinstall Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Office:

6: Reinstall Office

Finally, the only thing which comes to mind is the reinstallation of Office. You might as well roll back to an older version or uninstall recent updates. But we can’t suggest that as these patches are important for the security of Office and the whole platform.

After you uninstall the current version, navigate to the official website and download the suite again. Enable Grammarly and look for changes.

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