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Outside of that, these are just poorly-made cash-grabs. At this price, there are literally dozens of other products you could buy that would at the very least give you more features and better build quality. These should be a last resort only.

If you’re looking for a new set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con but can’t stomach the high asking price, there are options. In fact, there are a whole lot of options. A cursory search online will net you dozens and dozens of brands offering deeply discounted Joy-Con versions. They all must be mostly the same, right?

Definitely not. In this KINVOCA Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch review, we’re going to tell you why this specific model should be a last resort buy only.

KINVOCA Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch review: What is it?

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Strictly speaking, the KINVOCA Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch is just like the official Joy-Con. The buttons are all in mostly the same places, you can snap them onto the sides of your Switch console while using it in handheld mode, or you can use them on their own in tabletop/console mode. Even the colorways look a lot like those offered by Nintendo.

For buyers who are really into the aesthetic presentation of their Switch, the KINVOCA Joypad comes in lots of fun colorways. There’s even one that attempts to recreate the color scheme of the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System). However, it’s a pale imitation at best.

There’s only one ‘extra’ feature here, and KINVOCA made it more of a burden than anything else.

There are no extra buttons and no enhancements of any kind. The analog triggers aren’t taller (a really easy way to make Joy-Con alternatives better than the real thing) and the directional buttons on the left Joypad aren’t formatted into a true D-pad. The internal batteries are smaller than the ones in the real deal (320mAh vs 525mAh). The whole product just screams “wasted opportunity.”

Finally, the KINVOCA Joypad Controller does not support the Switch’s wake feature. This means that you can’t turn on the console with the controllers. You’ll need to hit the Switch’s power button instead. Ouch.

KINVOCA Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch review: Should I buy it?

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

At a list price of $39.99, you should absolutely not buy these. If you can find them on sale for a deep discount or if you just need something to get the job done, then these might be worth it. But $40? You’d be better off buying the much better Esywen model or just finding some used/refurbished real Joy-Cons.

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Granted, a lot of folks are looking for the bare minimum when it comes to Joy-Cons so they can feel comfortable with kids using them. Even then, you could buy a set of these other knock-offs for $10 less. The asking price of the KINVOCA Joypad Controller is just too high.

When big sale days like Black Friday roll around, you might be able to grab these on the cheap. If you can, you should go for it. If not, though, your money is better spent elsewhere.

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How To Connect A Ps5 Controller With Nintendo Switch

The Joy-Cons that come with Nintendo Switch was truly a revelation. As a launch title, 1-2 Switch made perfect use of the controller, which meant a frivolous good time spent with your friends on game nights.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of using different controllers with the Switch. The PS5 controller, which could be the GOAT controller of this generation, works without a hitch when connected to Nintendo Switch.

So without wasting any more time, let’s connect your Switch to the PS5 controller.

How to Connect a PS5 controller with Nintendo Switch

Let’s get over the things that we need.

A PS5 controller, Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Adapter and a USB C to USB A dongle(if using Switch lite).

The PS5 controller has built-in Bluetooth 5.0, which it uses to connect with the PS5 console. And the Switch also comes with Bluetooth. But why do we need an adapter for the communication anyway?

Nintendo has placed this limitation so that the Joy-Cons can work without interruptions when connected to the Switch. Thus to use any other controller, you need a separate Bluetooth device that handles the communications between the devices.

As for the Bluetooth adapter, there are thousands of them on Amazon or Best Buy. You can use any of them, and they will work just fine. Personally, I think the 8bitdo USB Bluetooth adapter is the best when it comes to the Switch and any other consoles.

Now that everything is covered let’s pair up the controller.

Check our separate post for is Nintendo Switch worth it.

Follow the steps to connect your PS5 controller with Nintendo Switch:

Connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock and plug in the Bluetooth Adapter on the USB port. (For the Switch lite, connect the Bluetooth adapter to the Type-C port using the USB C to USB A adapter)

Tap on the gear icon on the Switch’s touchscreen to go to Settings.

Scroll down to Controllers and Sensors and Turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication.

Now press the pairing button on the Bluetooth device plugged into the Switch.

On the PS5 controller, press the create and PS button simultaneously.

You should see a blue light blinking on the PS5 controller. When it settles to a solid color, the pairing is done. Now you can navigate the Switch’s interface by pressing the buttons on the PS5 controller.

Note:The flagship features of the PS5 controllers, which made it’s name, won’t work on the Nintendo Switch. They include haptics, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone and headphone jack. However, the touchpad and gyro sensor work fine with all games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my PS5 controller on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can use the PS5 controller with Nintendo Switch. You just need a Bluetooth adapter that will connect it to the console.

Can you plug in your PS5 controller without an adapter into a Switch?

No, a Switch will not detect a controller plugged into the USB C port. You need a Bluetooth adapter connected to the USB C port that connects the PS5 controller to the Switch.

How to connect the PS5 controller to Switch lite?

You need a USB C to USB adapter and a Bluetooth adapter. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the USB adapter, which connects to the type-c port in Switch lite. Next, put the adapter and the PS5 controller in the pairing mode, which will connect them.

Final Words

The PS5 controller should work with all your games on the Switch. With improved vibrations and gyro controls, the extended gaming sessions will not tire you out.

Nintendo also has the Pro controllers that come at a price similar to the PS5 controller. But if you have a PS5 already, why not save some cash while having a great gaming experience?

So, do let us know how the PS5 controller fared with you.

With that said, it’s time for goodbye.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Detected Or Not Connecting

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not detected or Not connecting

If Switch Pro Controller is not detected or not connecting to your Windows PC, here are some solutions that may help you resolve the issue.

Restart the controller and PC

Try a different USB Port

Disconnect from Switch

Run Hardware and Device or Bluetooth troubleshooter

Use BetterJoyForCemu

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Restart the controller and PC

Let us start by restarting the controller. This solution will work for you if the controller is glitchy and causing issues. If restarting the controller doesn’t work, restart your computer and check. When your computer starts it tries detecting connected peripherals. In case restarting is to no avail, check the next solution.

2] Try a different USB Port

You can also try switching your USB port as the port can be at fault here. So, connect the controller to a different port and see if it is detected. USB ports are very durable but at the over-time, they tend to get to collect dust or debris, experience occasional wear and tear, etc. If connecting to a different port worked for you, use it, or contact a tech expert and get the port repaired.

3] Disconnect from Switch

It is pretty common to go back and forth between Nintendo Switch and PC. The problem that a lot of users are facing is when they try to connect the controller to their PC, it gets connected to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth. To resolve the issue, you need to go to Switch Settings, navigate to Controllers and Sensors, scroll down and select Disconnect Controllers. It will say that only 2 controllers are connected.

Now, press and hold the little button on your controller and plug it into your PC. This should do the job for you.

If you are using a wireless connection, make sure to turn the Switch off before connecting your controller to the PC

4] Run Hardware and Device or Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Next up, let us try assigning some work to your computer. If you are connecting with wires, use a Hardware and Device troubleshooter, and a Bluetooth troubleshooter should be used for wireless connection.

Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

To run Hardware and Device troubleshooter open Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following command.

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to carry on with the update.

Bluetooth Troubleshooter

If you are a Windows 11 user, follow the prescribed steps to run the Bluetooth troubleshooter.

Open Settings.

Windows 10 users can follow these steps to run the troubleshooter.

Launch Settings.

Hopefully, it will do the job for you.

5] Use BetterJoyForCemu

If nothing works, then use this workaround. Mind you, it is not a fix, instead, it is a workaround that has worked for several users and should do the trick for you as well. BetterJoyForCemu is third-party software. This app will allow the controller to work with Cemu, which is an emulator for the Wii U console. You don’t have to install Cemu in order to run the emulator, the only thing you need to do is install the app and connect the controller.

So, follow the given steps to install and run the app.

Visit chúng tôi to download the ZIP file.

Now, extract it somewhere and open the extracted folder.

Launch ! Install the drivers in the Drivers folder with administrative privileges.

Then, open the BetterJoyForCemu app.

Make sure that ShowAsXInput is enabled.

Hopefully, this will do the trick for you.

Why is my Switch Pro controller not pairing?

To pair switch Switch Pro Controller with your system, you need to press and hold the small button next to the USB cable for 5-10 seconds. That will allow your computer to detect the Bluetooth device in its range and connect to it. The reason why most people aren’t able to pair their controllers is that they don’t press the button before starting the process. If the issue still doesn’t work, check the solutions mentioned here to resolve the issue.

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How do I get my Switch to recognize my Pro Controller?

The small button on your controller that’s placed next to the USB port should be pressed in order to run to make the Switch recognize the controller. If that’s not done, your console won’t recognize that the Switch Pro Controller is up and running.

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Hyperx Chargeplay Clutch Review: A Versatile Nintendo Switch Accessory

However, this accessory will only be truly valuable to folks who use the Switch in handheld mode a majority of the time. At this price, it wouldn’t be worth it if you simply leave your Switch docked most of the year.

The star feature of the Nintendo Switch is the way it can easily go from a living room console to a handheld in seconds. However, there are plenty of necessary tradeoffs related to that versatility. For example, the Switch’s portable size prevents it from being a graphics powerhouse. Thankfully, there are lots of third-party accessories that optionally make the Switch better and easier to use, and the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch is one of them.

In this HyperX Chargeplay Clutch review, we’ll tell you all about what it is and the various things it can do. We’ll also let you know if we think it’s worth its relatively high price.

HyperX Chargeplay Clutch review: What is it?

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

At its core, the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch is a portable dock that makes the Switch easier to hold in handheld mode. The Clutch’s extended grips surround the Joy-Con making them feel much closer to a “real” controller.

What’s good?

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

The first thing you’ll notice about the Chargeplay Clutch when you take it out of the box is how premium it feels. It’s almost all plastic, but the materials are of a high grade. The ergonomics are well-designed so everything feels great in your hands.

To get the whole console into the Clutch, you attach all the pieces together and simply slide the Switch into the dock. There’s a latch on top that snaps the whole thing into place. It’s very sturdy; I had no worries that the Switch was going to fall out or become detached.

Putting the Switch/Clutch combo into tabletop mode is a more bit convoluted, but works as expected. First, you detach the Clutch’s grips from the Joy-Con, leaving just the base of the Clutch. The Clutch’s grips are magnetic so they just pop right off with little effort. Then you slide the Joy-Con off the Switch as you normally would and place them into the Clutch’s handles. There are little plastic latches in the grips that hold the Joy-Con fast. After all that, you’re ready to play.

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On the back of the Clutch’s base, you’ll find a power button and four charging lights. A tap of the button activates the rechargeable battery, and it will immediately start pushing power to your Switch. Pressing the power button again shuts off the flow so your Switch will operate on its own power. It’s cool that you can choose whether to draw reserve power, and it’s also nice the LED lights are so easy to see and understand.

What’s not so good?

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

The kickstand on the back of the Nintendo Switch is objectively terrible. It’s thin, cheap, and located so far to the side of the console that a stiff breeze will blow the whole thing over. Thankfully, the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch solves this problem — while also creating two new ones.

The first problem with the kickstand is the way it’s attached to the base. Two metal pins hold it in place and the pins are easily removable. In fact, when I opened the Clutch for the first time, one of the pins was already dislodged and floating around the inner cavity of the base. I needed to use toothpicks and tweezers to get it out. This is just a bad design.

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All this versatility and convenience comes at a price. With an MSRP of $59.99, the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch is the same price as a Switch Pro Controller. For this product to have a decent value proposition, the buyer (or giftee) needs to be someone who uses their Switch in handheld mode a lot. If your Switch mostly lives in its dock attached to your TV, you probably don’t need to spend $60 on this. If you’re always on the road and your Switch is barely ever docked, that $60 will be money very well spent.

Do keep in mind that HyperX stuff goes on sale often. If you can find this at a decent discount, it would be a no-brainer purchase.

HyperX Chargeplay Clutch for Nintendo Switch

A valuable accessory that brings comfort and versatility to the Switch.

If you’re the type of gamer who uses the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode often, you will love the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch. It makes holding the Switch more comfortable, has an enhanced kickstand, brings more comfort to tabletop mode, and will even charge your Switch with its built-in battery pack!

See price at Amazon



Nine Months With Nintendo Switch

That will come as a big relief to everyone who was holding their breath and hoping that Nintendo wouldn’t make the same mistakes all over again. Though it’s not perfect, the Switch represents a big one-eighty for Nintendo, not just in terms of sales, but also in terms of approach.

Perhaps the biggest change from the Wii U is that it finally feels like Nintendo has confidence in its platform. It didn’t take long to figure out that the Wii U was going to have a disappointing retail run, and after that became obvious, it felt like Nintendo’s own enthusiasm about the console dwindled quickly. It’s hard to blame Nintendo, but on the other side of the coin, how can customers get excited about buying a console if even the manufacturer isn’t giving its all in supporting and promoting it?

Nintendo almost seems like a completely different company these days. Fueled by consumer enthusiasm for the Switch, this little console is being promoted left and right, and Nintendo is putting first-party games on it at breakneck pace. There’s no such thing as giving a console too much support, but the number of launches the Switch has seen in its first nine months is certainly a rarity in the gaming world.

These aren’t second-string franchises either. Between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo has thrown some of its biggest franchises on the Switch in its first year. Those have been joined by new (or at least relatively new) franchises like Splatoon, ARMS, and Xenoblade Chronicles, leaving plenty of famous Nintendo characters and series for the years to come.

Not only that, but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are two of the best-reviewed games of the year. I gave both of those titles scores of 10/10, and I truly believe that when counted together, they are all you need to justify the purchase of a Switch. Both games offer so much excellent content that gamers of all kinds should make it a priority to play them.

Here’s the thing, though: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey aren’t all the Switch has to offer. Even if you have no interest in other Nintendo games, there are plenty of third-party releases and indie games to justify a purchase. It’s true that many of these games are ports of existing titles, but in many cases, they’re worth purchasing again on the Switch.

Take Skyrim, for instance, a game that many of you have played for hundreds of hours already. I thought I was done with Skyrim years ago, after spending many late nights playing and modding it on PC. Regardless of that, I’ve still been drawn to Skyrim on the Switch, thanks to the portability factor. Don’t get me wrong: the PC Skyrim is still the definitive version, but being able to play it anywhere I have my Switch is making even vanilla Skyrim fun again.

The same goes for games like Stardew Valley and The Binding of Isaac. While these games are just as good on other platforms, the Switch’s portability makes all of these a joy to play again. Then we have surprising Switch-exclusives like Golf Story, which seem to come entirely out of left field but are immensely enjoyable.

I’ve been buying consoles – many of them at launch – for the past 25 years, and I have a hard time coming up with a system that was so well supported within its first nine months. Players and developers both seem to be rallying behind the Switch, and assuming Nintendo doesn’t do anything to compromise that, we could be starting a very successful retail run for the console.

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Charging?

Is your Nintendo Switch not charging? This is one of the most irritating situations for avid gamers to find their Switch not charging, and hence you cannot turn it on to play!

But fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to get hold of the situation.

Follow this guide to know how you can fix the issue quickly and easily.

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Loose Connection – If there is any loose connection between the adapter and the Switch or the main power outlet, then the Switch won’t get charged.

Faulty AC Adapter – If your C adapter is damaged, then you cannot charge the Nintendo Switch with it.

Old Batteries – Old or swelled-up batteries are another reason why the Nintendo Switch is not charging.

Faulty PowerPoint – Make sure that the main power point where you are connecting the AC adapter is working; otherwise, the Switch will not get charged.

Follow this step-by-step guide and fix the issue when your Nintendo Switch is not charging.

When Nintendo Switch not charging, make sure you are using the official Nintendo Switch AC adapter HAC-002 and not HAC-010 that is supplied with the controller.

It is recommended not to use any other AC adapter for your Nintendo Switch; else, you can have issues like this.

Ensure that the AC adapter s properly connected to the dock.

Check that the plug is properly inserted and there is no loose connection; otherwise, the Switch will not be charged.

You should insert it into the dedicated port and not n the USB or HDMI ports.

You should connect your Switch directly to the main wall outlet rather than connecting via extension cords or power strips.

This will help you avoid any loose connection, and the console will get properly charged. If the Switch is still not charging, follow the other solutions.

If you cannot see the charging icon when you have the AC adapter connected, follow these steps:

Unplug the AC adapter from both the main socket and the console or dock.

Wait for a minute. Then connect the adapter to the main socket and the dock or the console.

If the console does not turn on after long hours of charging, possibilities are there that the console is frozen.

 To fix it, perform a hard reset.

A hard reset will erase all the data from your console and refresh it.

If, due to any corrupted data, the console is having issues and not charging properly, a hard reset can fix it.

To perform a hard reset, here are the steps:

Press & hold the Power button of the console for about 20 seconds to turn the console completely off.

Next, press the Power button once again to turn the console on. Now you can charge your console and see if it is charging. If not, reset the AC adapter.

Resetting the AC adapter can fix the issue when Nintendo Switch is not charging.

To reset the AC adapter, follow these steps:

Unplug it from both ends. Wait for a minute.

While waiting, check for any sign of physical damage.

If you see the adapter is damaged, replace it.

Then connect one end of the new adapter to the console and the other end directly to the wall outlet.

Now let it get fully charged. After that, see if t is working. If not, check the batteries.

The Nintendo Switch won’t charge if the battery is old and damaged.

Faulty batteries make the switch totally unresponsive.

So, replace the old batteries and now try to charge the Swatch and see if it is charging now.

Sometimes due to a faulty USB-C port, the Nintendo Switch does not get charged.

Here is how to check the port:

Use a flashlight to check if the port is clogged with dust. The clogged port can be the reason why it is not working.

To clean it up, you can use compressed air or cotton buds, or even a toothpick.

But make sure that you are not damaging the port while cleaning.

You should not use any metal to clean the port as that can cause unrepairable damage to the port.

You can also open the Switch and check for any liquid damage. The indicator near the port on the motherboard shall turn red if there is any damage.

You can take the help of an expert to repair the port and replace the motherboard.

If no other methods could fix the problem, you can contact Nintendo’s support unit for help. Nintendo provides fast and easy online repair.

Just visit Nintendo’s repair site and describe your problem. Follow the onscreen instructions provided by the experts to fix the problem.

1. Is my dead switch charging?

If you see a green light on the lower bottom side of the dock, then it means that your Switch is charging.

2. How long is the Switch battery life?

The approximate Switch battery life is 4 to 9 hours.

3. Can I charge my Nintendo Switch without the dock?

You can use a Nintendo USB AC adapter to charge your Nintendo Switch instead of the dock.

So that is all you need to do when the Nintendo Switch is not charging.

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