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Your laptop’s Wi-Fi internet connection will be strong as it keeps receiving a signal from the router. If this signal gets interrupted, your internet connection will suffer as the laptop disconnects from the Wi-Fi.

The PC might suffer disconnecting Wi-Fi issues due to multiple reasons. Perhaps the laptop is far from the router, or the router itself is not sending a strong signal. There are also cases where an outdated network adapter driver causes the laptop to disconnect from Wi-Fi.

However, these are not the only reasons why your laptop disconnects from a wireless internet connection. No matter the cause, a straightforward solution would be to move the computer close to the router. This will fix any issues caused due to weak internet connection.

If this does not work, you can try the solution mentioned below in the article.

Before we jump into the solutions, let us look at a few of the causes that may be causing the Wi-Fi issue on your laptop. One of the common reasons why this happens is when multiple devices connect to a router. 

Depending on the router you use, it will support hundreds of devices. However, as the number of devices increases, the router’s range decreases. This might be why your laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet.

Weak wireless connection

Outdated network adapter driver

Corrupted system file

An issue with the router

Bad router placement

First, make sure that you restart your router and your PC. Sometimes, an error or complication in the laptop’s network adapter or the router itself could be causing the issue. A simple restart will refresh the system, fixing any deadlock situation the devices might have encountered.

If the above-mentioned generic fixes do not work, here are some simple steps that might fix the issue with the laptop’s internet.

The troubleshooter feature in Windows scans your entire system for possible issues and changes necessary settings to fix any errors that it finds. You can find multiple troubleshooting options for different components on your PC. One such troubleshooter is the internet and the Network Adapter troubleshooter.

These troubleshooters scan for errors in network configurations and internet connections. If the troubleshooter finds any error, it will change specific settings in the network adapter so that the PC does not run into these issues.

To run the Internet and network adapter troubleshooter,

The Wi-Fi adapter on your PC is responsible for detecting the correct Wi-Fi signal and connecting to it. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi adapter will not function as it should for various reasons like driver/system file errors.

In this case, you can restart your Wi-Fi adapter. Restarting the Wi-Fi adapter will let the adapter refresh the driver/system files, which might fix any issues with the internet.

To restart the Wi-Fi Adapter.

Wi-Fi sense is a unique feature in Windows that lets the system choose the Wi-Fi network with a strong signal. However, the system will automatically connect to a different network even if you already have a stable connection on one network. 

If you have issues with a laptop where the Wi-Fi network keeps disconnecting, try disabling Wi-Fi sense through Settings.

Note: You may not find these settings if you are using Windows 10 version 1803 or higher.

Resetting network configuration resets both the TCP stack and the DNS. By resetting the network configuration, all the network’s configurations will be set to default. Therefore, if a wrong network configuration was causing the problem, resetting the network configuration should be the laptop’s internet issue.

Reset Using Windows Settings Using Command Prompt

In windows, computers can turn off specific hardware components connected to it in order to save power. If you have enabled this setting, the computer can turn off devices that are currently idle. 

Sometimes, if the network adapter is not sending or receiving data for a prolonged duration, the PC can mistake the network driver for being idle and unresponsive. If this happens, the PC will turn off this device.

If that’s the case for you, you will need to disable this feature.

When a PC connects to a VPN, the application creates a virtual network between a PC and the server. However, the connection is not strong when you use VPN to access the internet.

Your internet speed usually decreases when you use a VPN to access the internet. You may see this happen, especially if you are using VPN software that is not optimized. Besides decreased internet speed, you may also face connectivity issues when using these types of VPN software. 

To fix this, disable the VPN and try connecting to a wireless network.

When you forget a wireless network, the PC will delete all its network information, such as the password or network configuration. It could also be that the laptop is disconnecting due to congestion. 

To forget your Wi-Fi,

The distance between the router and the laptop highly affects the connection strength between them. Besides distance, obstacles such as wood, cement, or even plastic affect Wi-Fi strength.

Therefore, if you have multiple obstacles between the laptop and the router, Wi-Fi will most likely keep disconnecting. To ensure this is not the case, move close to the router and check if the computer keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

If moving close to the router still does not fix the issue, there is probably something wrong with the router itself. To check your router, you can use an ethernet cable. 

An ethernet cable allows a physical connection between the router and the PC. By doing this, you will remove any complications caused due to the router’s Wi-Fi signal transmitter. 

The network driver on your PC is responsible for smooth communication between the computer’s OS and the network adapter. Failing to update these drivers may cause issues when the OS tries to use the network adapter.

To fix this type of issue, we recommend that you keep your drivers up-to-date.

Router manufacturers keep updating their devices with patches and firmware updates. These updates may fix technical bugs and even bring security upgrades to the router. If it is a firmware issue that is causing the laptop to disconnect from the Wi-Fi, updating the firmware may fix any issues with the router.

To update the router’s firmware,

Enter your router’s configuration.

Navigate through the settings to find firmware update options.

Note: Router’s configuration will differ depending on your router. If you do not find the desired settings, you can navigate to the router manufacturer’s official site and check if your router has any firmware updates.

The laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi could also be due to a bug in Windows. This is why Microsoft keeps providing their users with Windows Updates. 

If none of the solutions work, you can update your Windows to see if it fixes the disconnecting issue on your laptop.

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Fix Discord Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting On Windows Pc

Does Discord keep disconnecting and then reconnecting every now and then on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC? Here is the guide to fix the disconnecting and reconnecting issue on Discord. Some users have reported being disconnected from calls on Discord every so often. This can be really annoying as it puts a halt to your communication. So, it is necessary to know how to fix this problem. In this post, we are going to discuss several solutions that will enable you to fix disconnecting issues on Discord.

Why does my Discord keep disconnecting??

There can be several reasons that trigger disconnecting issues on Discord. Here are some of the possible causes for that:

Insufficient admin privilege to run Discord can also cause the problem. So, try running the Discord client with administrator access to fix the problem.

If you have enabled the High Priority Audio Packets feature on Discord, it can misbehave with some network connections and cause the issue at hand. You try disabling this feature to fix the problem.

It can also be caused due to the call server region you are currently connected to. In case the scenario is applicable, you can switch the call server region to fix the problem.

The problem might be caused if you are dealing with some network problems on your PC. So, make sure you are connected to a stable internet to fix the problem. And additionally, ensure that your network updater is up-to-date.

The bad router cache or DNS settings can also trigger this problem. So, restart your router or flush the DNS cache to tackle the issue.

Your firewall can also block Discord and related processes from connecting to its servers and cause disconnecting issues. If the scenario is applicable, whitelisting Discord through your firewall to fix the problem.

In case you are using a proxy server or VPN, it can interfere with Discord. Hence, disable proxy settings and see if it fixes the issue for you.

The corrupted or damaged installation of the Discord app can be another reason for the issue. In that case, reinstalling the app should fix the issue.

Now that you know the scenarios that trigger the problem, you can try applying the below fixes to resolve the problem.

How do I stop Discord from disconnecting?

To stop Discord from disconnecting, check your internet connection, make sure Discord services are not down, restart your router, disable your VPN, or turn off the firewall. If that doesn’t work, you can try changing the call server region to get the issue fixed. We have shared all these methods in detail, so check out below.

Discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on PC

Here are the methods to try if Discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC:

Try some general tricks.

Change Call Server Region.

Disable High Priority Audio Packets.

Update your network driver.

Check your internet connection.

Power cycle your router.

Flush DNS cache.

Whitelist Discord in your firewall.

Disable your proxy server or VPN.

Uninstall, then Reinstall Discord.

1] Try some general tricks

At first, there are some general tricks you should follow to resolve the problem. Here are those tricks:

Restart your PC and launch Discord to see whether or not the problem is fixed. The issue might be facilitated due to some technical glitch on your PC and a simple reboot should fix it up.

Try relaunching the Discord app as an administrator and see if resolves the issue.

In rare cases, you might experience the same problem if there are some service outages or technical issues at the end of Discord. So, make sure Discord is not down at the moment.

You can also try using the web app of Discord and see if you face the same problem with it.

If you have too many background applications running, try clearing them as they can cause performance issues with Discord.

In case you tried the above fixes but none worked, move on to the next potential fix to fix the issue.

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2] Change Call Server Region

If the above solutions didn’t work, you can try changing the server region you are connected to for fixing the problem. You can easily do that by going to the Voice Channel settings. Here are the steps to do that:

See if changing the call server region helps you get rid of the problem. If not, move on to the next potential fix.

3] Disable High Priority Audio Packets

There is a feature in Discord that makes your audio packets a high priority. What this feature does is hint your router to prioritize packets transmitted through Discord. If enabled, it can result in disconnecting and other issues with certain internet service providers. If the scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix it up by disabling this feature, and here is how you can do that:

Now, move to the Voice and Video tab, and from the right-side panel, scroll down to the Quality do Service section.

Next, disable the toggle associated with the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority option.

After that, continue using the Discord app and see if the disconnecting and reconnecting issue is fixed now.

See: Can’t install Discord, Installation has failed on Windows PC.

4] Update your network driver

There are chances that the problem is caused at your end. If you have outdated network drivers, it will affect network connection and you are likely to experience performance issues with voice and video calls. So, update your network drivers and then see if the problem is fixed. If not, no worries we have some more solutions to fix the issue.

5] Check your internet connection

If you are on a slow internet connection, it can lead to disconnecting issues on Discord as well as on other apps. So, make sure you are connected to a good speed and stable internet connection. Try checking your internet speed and see if it is good enough. In case the speed of your network connection is too low, try upgrading your network plan.

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6] Power cycle your router

The problem might be caused due to the bad cache present on your router. In that case, power cycling your networking device should fix the disconnecting issues. Simply unplug your router and wait for about a minute. Then, plug in the device back and restart it. After that, connect to the internet and see if the disconnecting issue on Discord is gone.

7] Flush DNS cache

If the above solutions didn’t work, you can try flushing the DNS cache. The problem could very well be facilitated due to a bad DNS cache. Hence, clearing the DNS cache should help you fix the disconnecting issue on Discord. Here are the steps to do that:

Firstly, run the Command Prompt as an administrator.

Now, type and enter the below command in CMD: ipconfig /flushdns

Let the command execute completely and then restart your PC and launch Discord and check if the problem.

See: Discord won’t open or Stuck on Connecting screen in Windows PC.

8] Whitelist Discord in your firewall

Your firewall or third-party security suite can also block Discord from connecting to its server on and off. If that is the case, disable your firewall and then observe if the disconnecting issue on Discord is fixed. If yes, you can be sure that your firewall was the main culprit. You can then try whitelisting the Discord app through your firewall to resolve the problem.

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9] Disable your proxy server or VPN

See: Fix Discord Console Log errors on Windows computer.

10] Uninstall, then Reinstall Discord

That’s it!

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4 Ways To Fix Horizon Zero Dawn If It Keeps Crashing

4 Ways to Fix Horizon Zero Dawn if It Keeps Crashing Create some space to prevent frequent game crashes




Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best games from its gorgeous worlds to its compelling storyline, yet some players have been experiencing crashes when playing it.

You can close all background processes and see if there’s an improvement but if not, proceed to our recommended solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game, and it’s one of the best titles released in 2023. However, it’s not without its issues. In fact, some gamers have reported that Horizon Zero Dawn keeps crashing on their PS4 and Xbox One.

It takes up a lot of memory, especially if you’re playing on the PS4 Pro with the 4K mode enabled. You may experience issues with Horizon Zero Dawn not loading or it won’t launch at all.

Why is my game suddenly crashing? 

There are several reasons why Horizon Zero Dawn crash may happen in your game. Below are some common causes of crashes:

Outdated graphics card drivers – If you’ve installed the latest graphics card drivers and still experience crashes, try updating them again or using an older version of the driver that works well with Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Insufficient storage space – The game requires around 100GB of free space on your hard drive to install. If you don’t have enough room, or if you have an external hard drive that isn’t listed as a location for the game to save, Horizon Zero Dawn will crash when trying to load it up.

Corrupted files – The problem with corrupted files is that they may be corrupted on your hard drive or on Steam’s servers. You can try downloading a fresh copy of Horizon Zero Dawn from Steam, but if this doesn’t work, then you’ll want to try repairing or reinstalling your OS to fix this issue.

Virus/malware infection – Viruses and malware can cause all sorts of weird behavior in Windows including crashing games and applications, freezing up computers, and more. That’s why we recommend using a reliable antivirus program.

How can I fix Horizon Zero Dawn if it keeps crashing?

Don’t hesitate to pay attention to the preliminary checks below:

If your hard drive is running low on space, try deleting some old files or installing games onto an external hard drive. You can also delete temporary files from your computer to

free up space


You should also clear up some storage space on your console. Horizon Zero Dawn takes up a huge chunk of space, but if you have other games or apps that are taking up more than that, it could be causing problems. 

Also, as a rule of thumb, it is always recommended that you ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements for the said game. This will prevent frequent crashes and game lags.

If you’re running an outdated firmware version on your PS4 then this could be causing your Horizon Zero Dawn crashes. As with any software program, updating your firmware can help resolve issues with stability.

Try updating your firmware to the latest version. This should fix many common issues such as crashes and freezing during gameplay as well as other performance problems.

Expert tip:

Keeping all drivers up-to- date and error-free is the key to play intense games without any crashes, lags, or freezes.

Since manual checks are challenging to do, we suggest using an automated assistant that will regularly check for new driver versions. Here is how to use it:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Do not let a faulty driver disrupt your gaming experience, use Outbyte Driver Updater to run them without any issues.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

3. Disable antivirus temporarily 4. Scan for viruses

If none of the above works for you, you can uninstall and reinstall the game. You can also try updating your OS and see if this fixes the Horizon Zero Dawn crashing issue.

On the flip side, this is not the only game you can enjoy. Guerilla Games have an amazing portfolio so it is worth considering other masterpieces. 

To help you make that decision, we have a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Horizon Forbidden West vs Zero Dawn so be sure to check that out.

Should you experience any other related issues such as Steam games not launching, we have a dedicated guide on how to bypass these hurdles. 

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Fix “Settings Keeps Stopping” On Samsung

Are you getting a “Settings keeps stopping” error on Samsung or Android?

It can happen on many devices including Samsung a3 core, m01 core, and more.

The error message comes with two options.

The two options are “App info” and “Close app”.

Unfortunately, there is no option for you to troubleshoot the error.

Hence, you have to fix the issue yourself or the app will continue to stop.

In this guide, you’ll learn why you’re getting the “Settings keeps stopping” error and how to fix it on Samsung/Android.

Why am I getting the “Settings keeps stopping” error?

You’re getting the “Settings keeps stopping” error because of a problem with an app.

It can also be caused by a system update or an app update.

Back in March 2023, an update accidentally added a new night mode switch to the quick access panel.

If you opened the quick access panel and used the button order settings to drag the new night mode icon down to the active panel, it will crash your settings.

A fix for this is to open the developer options and turn off night mode.

In 2023, the “Settings keeps stopping” error is caused by the “Digital Wellbeing” app.

The latest “Digital Wellbeing” update will cause the settings to crash.

How to fix “Settings keeps stopping” on Samsung

To fix “Settings keeps stopping” on Samsung (as of March 2023) you need to uninstall the “Digital Wellbeing” app.

Alternatively, you can wait for a new app or system update.

In some cases, a previous app or system update might have caused your settings to stop.

If that’s the case, you can either delete the app that’s causing the issue or revert the update.

You can also wait for an update to the app or system to fix the issue that’s causing the “Settings keeps stopping” error.

To update an app, you can search for it on the Google Play Store and tap on “Update”.

If the app cannot be updated, it means that you’ve already updated it to the latest version.

If that’s the case, you need to wait until a new update is released that fixes the “Settings keeps stopping” error.

Here’s how to fix “Settings keeps stopping” on Samsung.

1. Uninstall Digital Wellbeing

As of March 2023, the “Settings keeps stopping” error is caused by the “Digital Wellbeing” app.

To fix it, you need to uninstall the app from the Google Play Store.

To begin with, open the Google Play Store and search for “Digital Wellbeing”.

After you’ve searched for the app, you need to uninstall it.

To do so, tap on the “Uninstall” button to uninstall the app.

Now that you’ve uninstalled the app, the “Settings keeps stopping” error should be fixed.

If the error message isn’t fixed, it’s probably caused by another app or a system update.

2. Wait for a new update or update all of your apps

The second method is to either wait for a new update or update all of your apps.

An app might have caused the “Settings keeps stopping” error.

For example, as of March 2023, the error message is caused by the “Digital Wellbeing” app.

Hence, you need to uninstall it to fix the error.

Alternatively, you can wait until a new update is released for the app.

In some cases, bugs/glitches can come with an app’s update.

When that happens, the developer of the app will release another update to fix those bugs/glitches.

Hence, if an app caused the “Settings keeps stopping” error, you need to wait for the developer to release a new update to fix it.

If you’re not sure which app caused the error, you can update all of your apps.

If updating all of your apps still does not fix the error, you might have to update your system.

If there’s a system update, make sure to update it.


The “Settings keeps stopping” error affected a ton of Android users in 2023 and 2023 respectively.

In 2023, the error was caused by a system update.

In 2023, the error was caused by the “Digital Wellbeing” app.

If you’re unsure of what caused the “Settings keeps stopping” error, there are a couple of ways to find out.

Firstly, you can post about the error in the Samsung Members Community.

Secondly, you can search for the error message on YouTube and see if anyone has provided a fix.

This article will be updated if there’s a future app or system update that causes the error.

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How To Find Free Wifi When You Really Need It

This story has been updated. It was originally published on Aug. 9, 2023.

We’ve all had that moment when we’re far from home and low on data, but still need to finish up some work (or catch up on some Netflix episodes). Free WiFi is everywhere, yet paradoxically, it’s hard to actually find a hotspot when you really need one. Even if you locate a network, you may not trust that it’s secure. Here’s how to find free WiFi wherever you go, without compromising your privacy.

Know the places that provide free WiFi

You probably know you can find WiFi at most coffee shops. But a lot of other retail chains offer their customers free internet too. If you can remember the big ones, then the next time you’re in any urban area, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to find a network within a block of where you’re standing.

We collected some of the most popular chains with free, open WiFi at many or all of their locations.

Those locations should cover a lot of the occasions when you need WiFi but can’t find a Starbucks across the street. And if you plan to sit down and work, remember that coffee shops and restaurants will have more seating than retail stores.

Check a hotspot map

This app displays nearby hotspots—and the passwords you’ll need to access them. Whitson Gordon

WiFi Map shows you a crowdsourced list of WiFi hotspots all over the world. When you launch the app, it detects your location and shows you a list of hotspots near you. If the hookup requires a password, WiFi Map will list it for you, letting you connect to just about any business’ network. Occasionally you’ll find an old listing that isn’t valid, but I found it to be pretty up-to-date here in San Diego, where I live.

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Connect to networks run by your internet provider

Sometimes, your WiFi provider can help you out. Whitson Gordon

If you subscribe to cable, fiber, or really any internet at home, you probably have free access to thousands of WiFi networks around the country. Internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, and others provide their customers with vast webs of hotspots. You can access your ISP’s networks for free just by logging in with your subscriber account.

For example, I have Cox cable internet at home, so I downloaded the Cox Connect app. Through this, I can see all the Cox-owned hotspots around me. When I reach a hotspot, I just connect to CoxWiFi, log in with my account—the same one I use to pay my cable bill online—and I’m good to go. You can do the same with Comcast’s xfinitywifi hotspots, Spectrums spectrumwifi ones, AT&T’s attwifi network, and so on. Just download your provider’s app to see its networks near you. When I checked the Cox Connect app in my hometown, I found locations everywhere.

Stay safe on public WiFi

Most of the public WiFi you’ll find using these methods is “open”—meaning it isn’t encrypted with a WPA password. Even if you have to type in a password on a web page, a network still counts as “open” if you don’t see the little lock icon next to it. And open networks come with security risks.

So whenever you’re connecting to these networks, make sure you follow all the guidelines in our guide to staying safe on public WiFi: Read the fine print, use HTTPS wherever possible, and—if HTTPS isn’t available on the site you need—set up a VPN to keep your personal info safe. (If you have a Nexus or Pixel phone from Google, you can enable WiFi Assistant to automatically connect to Google’s free VPN service on open networks.) Free WiFi isn’t worth the trouble if it puts your personal information at risk, so be vigilant.

How To Fix No Sound On Laptop Issue

How to Fix No Sound on Laptop Issue

Before you start troubleshooting the sound not working on laptop issues, let’s ensure the audio device is enabled. To do this, follow these steps:

Press Win+ R keys to open the Run box.

Select Sound from the given options.

Here, you may find Speakers option is disabled.

In addition to that, you also need to ensure that sound is not muted accidentally. You can check the speaker icon in the taskbar to make sure no red circle with a cross sign is displayed. Now that you have done the basics, next is to move to troubleshooting the no sound on laptop error.

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How to fix no sound on laptop issues?

There are multiple methods you can follow to fix sound not working on a laptop. Let’s review some of them here.

Method 1: Disable the audio device

The first step you should follow is to disable the audio device and restart your PC to fix the error. To do this, follow these steps:

On the Device Manager window, expand Sound, video and game controllers

Once done, restart your PC. Here, you will be asked to solve the sound problem. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Check if error is fixed. If not, follow the next step.

Method 2: Update Audio Drivers

Updating drivers could help you fix various issues on your PC. To fix laptop speakers not working issues, you can try to update audio drivers. To do this, follow these steps:

On the Device Manager window, navigate to Sound, video and game controllers

You’re done. Check if no sound on laptop issue is fixed.

Quick Tip: Remember you can always use driver updater software, if you find manually updating drivers complex task to perform. These powerful driver updater tools help you update all outdated drivers on your PC to improve overall system performance. One such tool is Smart Driver Care you should consider for your driver updating needs.

Method 3: Run Audio Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooting is a useful addition to your PC. It helps you find and fix various issues effortlessly. Here, you can try audio troubleshooting to fix sound not working on laptop error. To do this, follow these steps:

Now it will run a scan to find and display all sound related issues.

Once done, it will give you all necessary suggestions you can follow to fix the problem. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Restart your PC and check if the error is fixed.

Method 4: Fix Default Setup Problem

Next solution is to fix the default setup problem. To do this, follow these steps:

On the Sound window, select the Playback

Method 5: Fix default Sound Format Issue

This is another quick solution to fix sound not working on the laptop. To do this, follow these steps:

On Sound window, select the Playback

On the next window, select Advanced

Now you need to set right format under the Default

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