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Introduction to Revit plugins

Revit software can be associated with more than seventy-five plugins and Add-ons. These plugins are downloaded externally and then are incorporated with the Revit Program.

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Revit Plugins

Substantially, Revit is an Autodesk-owned 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software that is used to create and control digital depictions of material and practical aspects of buildings, infrastructures, railways, roadways, and many other places.

Although Revit has become a popular choice amongst the users, it still lacks some of the tools and functions of its own. This requires additional plugins and Add-on software that can be used and embraced within the program.

Some of the most common and popular plugins that are chiefly used with the program are-

ARCHSMARTER- Archsmarter provides an additional toolbox for Revit users. These tools dispense a platform for the users that makes the work more creative, productive, accurate, and easier.

    RUSHFORTH TOOLS- Revit users commonly use these plugins for Model Management, Parameter Schedulers & Transformers, and Managing Imported Excel Files. The plugin is also very useful in controlling project and sheet previews and layouts. The users can create and update layout sheets automatically in Revit using this plugin.

      PYREVIT- This particular plugin is used by programmers and coding professionals using the Revit program to create custom workflows, interfaces, add-ons, and toolsets. The plugin is compatible with Python, C#, and chúng tôi programming languages.

        COLORS PLASHER- As the name itself says, this plugin is useful in properly managing color nodes based on the attributes given to the specific object. Although the user can achieve this technique using Revit tools, it makes the process complex and extensive. However, to overcome, the user can download and use this plugin effortlessly.

        ENGIPEDIA LAYERS MANAGER-PRO- This plugin manages the layer structures, material layers, and material widths with efficient nodes and parameters. The plugin helps the users in differentiating the different groups of models and structures. Layers with core models are underlined, and materials that are used for structural designs are previewed in bold blue.

          ALGO- This Plugin is helpful to the users in the early stages of planning and conceptualizing the details of the architecture. This plugin helps in distributing the deep and logical details to the customers and engineers. These details help them to conceive and plan the ideas in the inceptive stages of designing the process.

            ENSCAPE- This plugin is popularly used with Revit software for rendering models and creating realistic architectural structures. The Plugin provides rendering in real-time and can render 3d as well as 2d models. The plugin uses the NVIDIA scheme to help the users in rendering realistic walkthroughs. Users who are into demonstrations and illustrations of models and structures can use Enscape to illustrate their ideas in virtual reality. The plugin supports the export of structures and videos in batches and contains an added library for modeling structures.

              VRAY FOR REVIT – VRAY is a popular rendering engine amongst 3D programs. This plugin is created for Revit software itself that is used to enhance the experience of rendering with Revit software. This plugin combines with the interface of Revit without any effort. The plugin is used for top-notch lighting, super-efficient placement of the camera, and a realistic environment. With effortless blending with the Revit software, the whole process is created and concluded in the software itself.

                FAMILY REVISER- This Plugin is very useful in editing and modifying the names and groups of modular families. Editing titles of models and structures can be extensive work for the users. This Plugin, however, helps in quick and easier modifications with the Find and Replace tools.

                  COINS AUTO SECTION BOX – This Plugin manages and controls the views while creating models and structures on Revit. It has tools for controlling markers, rulers, grids, and tags as well. This Plugin is helpful for the users who are juggling between 3D previews and the main model view. It also helps the user to create constant as well as provisional views.


                  Summarizing the above article, we have listed some of the most famous and common plugins used with Revit software to improve the program’s efficiency and workflow. These plugins offer great support and value to Revit Software.

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                  The 3 Most Common Mistakes In Digital #Marketing By Startups

                  You have reached the point where another cup of coffee won’t make a difference. In fact, a whole pot wouldn’t give you the energy you need to complete all of your digital marketing tasks.

                  This is a problem for many startups.

                  Here are three of the most common mistakes in digital marketing by startups, all of them are correctable and fixing any or all of them can have a huge impact on your digital marketing return on investment.

                  Mistake 1: Not Focusing Your Digital Marketing On Business Objectives

                  If your startup is posting on Facebook, you need to defend why your startup chooses to spend their time and energy on that digital marketing activity from a business perspective. It may be great for your ego that you got 10 shares on a post, but how do those shares actually lead to profit?

                  [pullquote]Don’t forget that just because you are an amazing tech startup that you are also still a business. [/pullquote]

                  Just like any other business, your startup needs to achieve revenue. The way to make achieve this revenue with digital marketing is to have all of your activities either achieve or move users towards achieving concrete business objectives.

                  The best way to correct the mistake of digital marketing without business objectives is to create a marketing funnel. Since not all of your digital marketing results in an immediate sale, this marketing funnel will have a series of steps, each one of which is a small business objectives (getting an email address, users filling out forms, etc.) which lead to your ultimate business objective which is usually a sale.

                  Once you have mapped out your marketing funnel, you have shifted your mindset towards viewing your digital marketing through a business lens. Use this lens to see what digital marketing activities actually move the needle. If the digital marketing activity does not move users towards your business objective, you can either stop spending your time and money on that particular activity or reconfigure your strategy and test to see if it is possible to achieve business objectives with it.


                  A good example of how to create your marketing funnel via HubSpot.

                  Defining quality versus quantity for business objectives via Nerds Do It Better (my company)

                  Mistake 2: Trying To Market On Too Many Channels

                  Instead of trying to utilize a selection of digital marketing channels effectively, startups often attempt to have a presence on every channel and end up executing them all poorly.

                  This is how it happens:

                  You sign up your startup for accounts in all of the social networks and frantically drop in, make a lot of noise, and do not interact according to the norms and the standards of that particular channel. Instead of adding value to the conversation, your startup looks like a jerk and turns potential customers off.

                  The mistake is that your presence on these networks is sporadic and doesn’t allow you to understand the community and authentically connect with the users. You shouldn’t necessarily be sending the same message on Twitter as you would on email or Facebook or Instagram. However, you do not have the time nor the staff to interact on all of the networks in a way that engages visitors and moves your startup towards business objectives.

                  The best way to correct this mistake is to begin your digital marketing with one or two channels and spend your time and effort becoming industry leaders on that channel. Once you have mastered a select group of channels, you may want to expand, or you may find that you can sustain your startup’s growth on those one or two channels.

                  To choose the optimal channel for your startup, find out which channels your customers already frequent. Research and spend time on those channels to become a valuable member of the community that adds value with your digital marketing messages.


                  Choosing the right social networks via Search Engine Land

                  Creating more than social media noise via Scott Stratten

                  Mistake 3: Trying To Market To Everyone

                  If you attempt to target everyone, you target no one. This is a mistake that I learned early on (the hard way!).

                  The average consumer is exposed to 5,000 marketing messages per day, which means your digital marketing messages need to stand out by being the most tailored to your audience. If your startup attempts to market to an audience that is too diverse with a wide range of wants, needs, and desires you will be unable to craft digital marketing messages that resonate with anyone. Additionally, with this large audience your marketing messages is competing against a much larger pool of competitors. You want to target a narrow audience (sometimes called a niche) and create messages tailored to them.

                  You can narrow your target audience by various demographics and psychographics. Demographics are quantitative variables such as age, gender, income, location, and income. Psychographics are qualitative measurements and are often self-defined such as fans of the Patriots, investors, or environmentalists.

                  Narrowing your message down creates a feeling for that audience member that it is just for them. For example, if you are a startup that provides social media marketing to Crossfit gyms you could narrow your targeting by simply changing the title of your blog, if it was originally titled 7 Things Your Business Needs To Know About Marketing, it would be more tailored by changing the title to 7 Things Your Gym Needs To Know About Facebook Marketing and would be best tailored by titling it 7 Things Your Gym Needs To Know About Facebook Marketing. Even though CrossFit gym owners are business owners, narrowing and tailoring the message makes it resonate more with them.

                  From experience I have found that tailoring marketing messages to a narrow audience:

                  Increases the return on ad spend

                  Increases  email open rates

                  Increase the amount of feedback on the social networks

                  Bonus tip: It is important to think about who your target market actually is. For example, if your startup is a site that connects tutors with underperforming school children, initially you may create digital marketing messages tailored to the kids who are underperforming. However, the kids aren’t the ones with the purchasing power: your actual audience is the parents. You would want to target parents of underperforming kids for your marketing with messages that resonate with them.


                  Defining your target audience via QuickSprout

                  How to define your target audience via Raven Tools

                  As a startup, you have a limited budget and limited time to perform your digital marketing. You do not have the financial and staff cushion of larger companies and must be especially careful to avoid mistakes. By tying your digital marketing activities to business objectives, choosing your digital marketing channels specifically, and targeting a specific audience, you avoid three of the most common mistakes startups make with digital marketing and will begin to see profits increase.

                  What is the biggest digital marketing mistake your startup made and what lesson did you learn from it?

                  Image Credits

                  Image #2: hobbit via Shutterstock

                  Guide To List Of Nexus Plugins

                  Definition of Nexus Plugin

                  The nexus plugin is a function to configure supporting files and dependencies in the artifact format of the files.

                  The plugin is a function to manage a repository such as JAVA, Docker, and npm.

                  The plugin is a tool used for integration and pipelines of configuration, retrieves version applications, and collects dependencies.

                  The plugin is part of the repository manager to collect the jar files into artifact format and works on the program.

                  The plugin is part of the application system to modify the application platform but does not display the program.

                  The plugin collects several dependencies as per version, technology, and application requirement to the support application program.

                  The plugin is backend support of the program for staging rules, interface components, repository format, and modification of the application.

                  Nexus plugins

                  It uses multiple types of plugin for repository and backend architecture.

                  You can use plugins from open source or vendor’s community.

                  The plugins are categorized into mainly two types. This plugin is based on the application and user requirements.

                  Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

                  The managing plugin is the default plugin for the repository.

                  The developing plugin is a customized repository plugin.

                  The plugins add in the chúng tôi file. This file configures with method and object using the import keyword.

                  Managing nexus plugin

                  The managing plugin supports default configuration. The default repository and configuration enable automatically.

                  The plugin manages using the following repository.

                  $NEXUS_HOME/ nexus / WEB-INF/ plugin-repository.

                  Some plugins enable, disable, access, and configure the capabilities of the files.

                  You can install plugin code in the “sonatype-work/ nexus/ plugin-repository” repository. This file extracted from the zip file.

                  You can delete, restart and manage the repository of the managing plugin.

                  The basic plugin requires the following repository files.

                  Developing nexus plugin

                  The developing plugin customizes the repository manager and adds files in the artifact format.

                  You can write your own plugin to implement language and apache maven as a system.

                  The managing plugin development needs the following URL.

                  The repository manager OSS plugins are set up in chúng tôi file.

                  This plugin inherits from the parent repository.

                  Nexus plugins of parent repository

                  • This plugin contains the “nexus-plugins” in the artifact tag.

                  Plugin package

                  The plugin requires the above packages for the plugin metadata.

                  If the plugin is enabled then the extension becomes true.

                  This plugin contains the “nexus-plugin-bundle-maven-plugin” in the artifactId tag.

                  This plugin contains the “nexus-plugins” in the artifactId tag.

                  You can add the maven plugin to manage the repository of the class and resource.

                  Plugin API and Testsupport

                  The plugin contains several dependencies in the chúng tôi file.

                  Here, you can add testsupport plugin and API plugin simultaneously.

                  This plugin contains the “nexus plugin API” in the artifactId tag.

                  This plugin contains the “nexus plugin testsupport” in the artifactId tag.

                  This plugin adds the parent plugin and dependencies to set up project functionality.

                  This repository uses in the managing plugin and maintains different plugins and configuration files.

                  Siesta plugin dependency

                  This nexus plugin contains the “nexus siesta plugin” in the artifactId tag.

                  The “type” tag provides the sonatype plugin.

                  The scope must include the “provided” for framework configuration.

                  Connection plugin

                  This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

                  The “connectionPlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

                  Authorize plugin

                  Const schemas = makeSchema({ plugins: [fieldAuthorizePlugin (), ] })

                  This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

                  The ” fieldAuthorizePlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

                  Nullability plugin

                  Const schemas = nullabilityGuardPlugin ({[ write configuration here… ] })

                  This plugin is providing a method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

                  This function determines non-null data or values in the application.

                  The ” nullabilityGuardPlugin ” is required for the plugin.

                  Authorize plugin

                  Const schemas = makeSchema({ plugins: [queryComplexityPlugin (), ] })

                  This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

                  The “queryComplexityPlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

                  The above plugins and their configurations create multiple functions and operate the method of the function.

                  Conclusion – Nexus Plugin

                  The plugin creates applications fast, simple, and lightweight.

                  The plugin is easy for coders and developers with easy configuration and sets dependencies.

                  The plugin minimizes backend environmental jar files and set files in artifact format.

                  The plugin maintains functionality and repository and works application user-friendly.

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                  Learn The Implementation Of The Db2 Backup

                  Introduction to DB2 backup

                  DB2 backup command is used to store a copy of the current database or specified tables for the usage of this data for restoring in case if there happens any sort of data loss due to any reason. This ensures that the data’s security and availability are available throughout the period, and the performance and availability do not get hamper on the user end. In this article, we will study the scope, authorization, connection that is required, syntax, and the implementation of the backup command, along with the help of certain examples.

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                  Scope of backup command

                  We can make use of the back command in DB2 to create the backup of the current partition if nothing is specified externally. In case if we have specified the option of partitioned backup, then it takes the backup of all the data on the catalog node only. In case if we want to perform the backup operation for all the partitions of our current database, we can specify the option saying that all the partitions are mentioned in the list of chúng tôi file of the database server should be backed up. In the remaining cases, the partitions that are specified in the backup command get copied for backup.

                  Authorization required

                  The user who performs the backup command execution should have one of the following privileges with him/ her –

                  SYSCTRL – Privilege for system control

                  SYSADM – Privilege for system administration

                  SYSMAINT – Privilege for system maintenance

                  The connection that is required

                  Internally, DB2 automatically creates a new connection for performing the backup operation exclusively to the database which is specified. If the connection specified in the command already exists for the same database, then that connection is terminated, and a new connection is initiated exclusively for performing a backup of the data.


                  In the above syntax, the different terms used are described as below –

                  Name_of_database – It helps to tell which alias of the database is to back up.

                  User – We can specify the name of the user after specifying the USER keyword. Along with that, if there is an optional authorization assigned to the user, we can specify the password of the user after USING the keyword.

                  ON – This keyword is used to specify the set of the partitions of the database.

                  (ALL) DBPARTITIONNUM(s) partition_number(s) – We can specify DBPARTITIONNUM along with all to specify that we have to backup all the partitions if our database is partitioned. The usage of just DBPARTITIONNUM followed by the partition numbers is used to tell that only the specified partition having these partition numbers should be backed up. In case if we use DBPARTITIONNUMS, the range of partition numbers can be specified to be backed up.

                  TABLESPACE followed by the name of table space – It helps specify the table space list that we have to backup.

                  ONLINE –

                  We can perform the backup operation in DB2 either online or offline mode. By default, when not specified, the backup is considered to be in offline mode. In case if we want to conduct the backup online, then we have to specify this keyword. We can carry out online backup only on the database, which is configured with enabled logarchmeth1.

                  INCREMENTAL –

                  It helps in specifying that only cumulative that is data that is changed from the time of most recently conducted full backup of the database is considered for creating the backup image for this backup operation.

                  DELTA –

                  DELTA helps to specify that the incremental backup needs to be carried out for the data that is modified from the last recently carried out the backup operation of any type, full or partial or specified.

                  USE –

                  We can specify the external things which are to be used, followed by the USE keyword. Some of the most used things are as specified below –

                  TSM – Tivoli Storage Manager should be used for backup.

                  SNAPSHOT – If we want to carry out snapshot backup, then none of the following parameters must be used –








                  XBSA – Backup Services API that is the XBSA interface, should be used as the data storage management facility to carry out the backup.

                  SCRIPT – We can specify the name of the executable script which can carry out the snapshot backup. Note that the name of the script that will be specified should contain its fully qualified filename.

                  OPTIONS –

                  Examples of DB2 backup

                  Let us consider the example of the offline backup to be carried out step by step –

                  Step 1 –

                  List all the databases or applications available in the system. The below command can do that –

                  db2 list application

                  The execution of the above command gives the following output –

                  Step 2 –

                  Using the handled id retrieved from the list of applications, we can force the application using the app as shown below –

                  db2 “force application (40)”

                  The output shown is somewhat shown as below –

                  Step 3 –

                  db2 terminate;

                  Step 4 –

                  We have to deactivate the database in order to stop all the operations that will be carried out on the database after this, which can lead to data modification by using the following command –

                  db2 deactivate database sample_database

                  Step 5 –

                  Now, we are ready to take the backup of our database named sample_database. For this, we will use the DB2 backup command and take the backup in the location C:UsersPayal UdhaniDesktopArticles.

                  db2 backup database sample_database to C:UsersPayal UdhaniDesktopArticles

                  The execution of the above command gives the following output –

                  In this way, we have got a new file at the specified location, which can be used to restore the data when we face loss or unavailability.

                  Conclusion – DB2 backup

                  DB2 backup command is used to perform backup operations online, or offline which creates the backup file. This backup file can be used in scenarios where we face data loss due to unavoidable circumstances so that data available at the user end doesn’t get affected.

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                  Common Ios 14 Issues And Fixes We Know Of

                  Tech giant, Apple, has dropped the latest iteration of its mobile operating system — iOS — and there has been plenty of hype around it. Dubbed as iOS 14, the OS brings a slew of new features and tweaks, enhancing the second most popular operating system inside and out. From refreshing widgets to best-in-class privacy features, iOS 14 has a lot going for it. You can change app icons now and customize widgets to create an home screen for yourself.

                  However, its repertoire of features doesn’t make it immune to the usual bugs — and weird ones — which new software updates bring. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most widely acknowledged iOS 14 bugs out there and hopefully help you come up with a solution or two.

                  Related: 175+ Awesome Aesthetic App Icons

                  In this little subsection, we’ll take a look at iOS 14 releases and primarily focus on the bug fixes that accompany.

                  September 24th, 2023: Merely a week after the release of the stable variant of iOS 14, Apple has released version 14.0.1 of the operating system. It’s not a massive overhaul or anything of course but fixes a couple of known bugs.

                  It fixes the bug in which the system would reset the default browser back to Safari. The issue where certain WiFi networks didn’t get detected by iPhones has also been taken care of. And finally, the preview bug on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has also been squashed.

                  iOS 14.0.2 is already in the works and should become available over the next week or so. Users who are suffering from compatibility issues in different apps should also get a bit of respite over the next weeks, as the apps would finally start getting Apple’s validation for the updates.

                  Issues and possible fixes

                  This issue usually occurs when either the update package is faulty or there’s is some mishap between host and client.

                  Possible fixes

                  Fortunately, this annoying issue doesn’t require a very complicated solution and can be fixed through some simple remedies — restart, deleting update package, or a complete DFU. Check out our dedicated article to know all about the different methods and their applications.

                  If you thought getting past the dreaded ‘Update Requested’ issue would guarantee a smooth ride, you’d be disappointed to know about the existence of another equally frustrating concern — ‘Preparing Update.’ This happens while the package is being prepared to be installed on your device but gets halted for once reason or the other. Like the issue mentioned in the previous section, this one, too, is often down to compromised update packages and shoddy connection between your device and server.

                  Possible fixes

                  Fixing the ‘Preparing Update’ issue doesn’t require much expertise, but they most certainly demand patience and perseverance. You could have to restart your device, delete the update package, perform a hard reset, or initiate a full-blown DFU. If all of it seems too intimidating to you, be sure to check our special article for solving the ‘Preparing Update’ issue.

                  Horrible battery issue

                  @AppleSupport iPhone XR – bugs in IOS 14 – display dimmed – lock unlock to make it work properly- battery drain issues post upgrade

                  — Panchi Shah BLM (@shah_panchi) September 22, 2023

                  Excessive battery drain is one of the most common problems after an OS update. iOS 14, for all intents and purposes, is a well-rounded release, but many users have been enduring abysmal battery backup.

                  Users, who could squeeze out a day of usage are now being forced to charge twice a day. If you, too, are experiencing lackluster battery performance, be sure to follow some of the solutions below.

                  Possible fixes

                  In the ‘Battery’ section, you’ll be able to identify the apps that drain the most battery. Once you do, be sure to discard the most resource-intensive applications at once. Similarly, you could also turn off location services and background app data refresh to prolong your battery life.

                  Additionally, since iOS 14 comes with a system-wide dark theme, you could keep it on at all times to preserve your battery. That way not only you’ll be able to get some extra minutes out of your iPhone but you’ll also be saving your eyes from significant strain.

                  Finally, for emergencies, you could opt to turn on ‘Low Power Mode.’

                  It might compromise on performance but is guaranteed to give your battery life a substantial lift.

                  Wireless connection issues

                  Anyone else having issues?

                  — Dart (He/Him) 🏳️‍🌈 (@deejdart) September 21, 2023

                  Battery life aside, many iOS 14 users have been reporting poor WiFi/data connection since loading up the new operating system. They have been having a hard time loading up even the simplest of images and GIFs is taking an insane amount of time, which is hardly encouraging for a potential iOS 14 aspirant. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do in this regard, but there’s still one thing you could do at your own risk.

                  Possible fix

                  When such a weird issue comes to light, performing a reset is pretty much the only viable option. However, before going all out, make sure to restart your phone or perform a hard reset to rule out easier alternatives.

                  To perform a hard reset on iPhone X or newer, first, press the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and finally press and hold the Side key. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the Side key. On older devices, pressing and holding the Volume Down and the Side key would do the trick.

                  If a hard reset doesn’t do the trick, you’ll need to prepare for a factory reset. Be aware that performing a factory reset would erase all data on your device, so, make sure to backup your data before proceeding.

                  To perform a factory reset, first, go to Settings and tap on ‘General.’ Then, tap on ‘Reset’ and select ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’ You’ll need to enter your passcode to confirm the selection to perform the factory reset.

                  If it still doesn’t solve the issue, go to your nearest Apple care and get your device checked.

                  Wireless Charger consistency issue

                  @Native_Union hi! Since iOS 14 my wireless charger stopped working properly. Intermittently charging and flashing white light. Is this a known issue?

                  — Lawrence Job (@lawrencejob) September 22, 2023

                  Wireless charging has been a touchy topic for Apple devices since the dawn of time. First, the company took its sweet time bringing the feature over, of course, and now the latest version of iOS seems to have broken the feature for many. As per complaints, the Apple-certified wireless chargers fail to keep up their usual throughput and only charging intermittently. The devices are also flashing white lighting while charging.

                  Possible fix

                  Even after so many beta tests, Apple hasn’t figured out a way to make the wireless charging free from glitches. Thankfully, there’s a rather simple solution to this problem. There seem to be an issue with optimized charging in iOS 14, which makes wireless chargers a little less efficient than they are supposed to be.

                  Camera not working issue

                  — GalaxyCat (@GalaxyCat) September 17, 2023

                  Many iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users have been experiencing a debilitating issue with their cameras after upgrading to iOS. Instead of allowing users to point and shoot, older iPhones are now throwing a black screen, forcing users to miss out on valuable moments and potential memories. Apple hasn’t addressed the issue, yet, but there have been a couple of temporary solutions to this menace.

                  Possible fixes

                  Two ingenious users from Apple’s forum have given us two ways to subside the issue. The first one is to turn on the flashlight, wait for about 15 seconds, and then try the camera once again. The second solution asks the sufferers to set the timer to three seconds and wait for the camera to become responsive. Both solutions have fetched desired results, making them worth checking out. To learn more about the problem and the solutions, do check out our exclusive article on the issue.

                  Bluetooth not working issue

                  I was really excited about iOS 14 but I can’t listen to music because of this Bluetooth connectivity issue so I need @Apple to get it together ASAP!!!!

                  — Pretty Bird (@brianabona) September 19, 2023

                  Bluetooth issues, especially after a major software update, isn’t too uncommon. However, that doesn’t make the issue any less frustrating. Since iOS 14 dropped a few days ago, we’ve been hearing about its Bluetooth connection issues, especially with wireless headphones — including AirPods. Users have been experiencing distorted audio, connection drops, and more — issues that have also caught Apple’s attention.

                  Possible fixes

                  Since Apple has already been notified of the problem, the best course of action would be to wait for them to roll out an update and install it as soon as it hits the shelves.

                  You could also re-pair the Bluetooth devices to rule out minor incompatibility issues. First, unpair the device by tapping on ‘Forget the Device’ and then look for it once again. Make sure to put it in pairing mode before scanning.

                  Apple Watch battery drain issue

                  My Apple Watch (series 2) has been working *just fine* up until they released iOS 14. Now it just so happens to die after 6 hours off the charger. I swear apple does this shit so that I upgrade to the series 6 watch. Lemme pull out my pocketbook 🙄

                  — Michael Trea Smith (@TreaSmith) September 21, 2023

                  Apple Watch has been one of the best products of the company and continues to break new grounds with each passing generation. The Cupertino giant is usually generous in terms of software updates to older devices, but older Apple Watch users seem to have run into some problems with the release of iOS 14. Battery life on older devices — between Series 2 and 4 —  has taken a huge hit and is now failing to last a day.

                  Possible fixes

                  iOS 14 keyboard issue

                  iOS 14 was supposed to make the iMessage experience even better by adding some new features into the mix. Unfortunately, some users have only been experiencing the worst of it since moving to iOS 14. Their overall iMessage experience has been way below par and the keyboard is also experiencing alarming lags and slowdowns.

                  Possible fixes

                  iOS is notorious for introducing keyboard issues after a new software update, and iOS 14 hasn’t been an exception. There isn’t a quick and guaranteed solution to this problem, but there are a couple of solutions that work a little better than others.

                  First and foremost, go to your phone’s power menu and perform a restart. If that doesn’t solve the issue, go deeper and try a hard reset. To hard reset an iPhone with Face ID, hit the Volume Up then Volume Down, and finally, press and hold the Side key. If you’re using an iPhone 7 or 8, simply press and hold the Volume Down and Side key together until you see the Apple logo.

                  iOS 14 Overheating issue

                  So I updated my iPhone 11 Pro to iOS 14 and now it’s got that overheating issue again. Sigh.

                  — Christine Romero-Chan (@christyxcore) September 16, 2023

                  Overheating and battery drain usually go hand in hand, and we’re starting to see that trend again here on iOS 14. Users are reporting their phones overheating beyond normal standards, making them unusable at times. Lags and stutters have also grown exponentially, forcing users to question their decision of “upgrading” to iOS 14. This phenomenon hasn’t been discriminatory so far and is affecting old and new devices alike.

                  Possible fixes

                  High battery drain is directly related to heat production. So, the aim would be to restrict resource-intensive applications and keep the phone calm on most occasions. By going into ‘Battery’ in Settings, you’d be able to figure out the most power-hungry applications and limit them as you see fit.


                  4 Most Common Cyber Attacks Used Against Older People In 2023

                  Cyber criminals preying on the elderly is a big problem throughout the world. While all age groups are equally vulnerable to two-bit frauds, the elderly may be prone just a bit more. Many retirees, widowers and lonely grandparents may have their entire nest egg easily accessible, and that makes them targets.

                  There are other factors as well. Many elderly arrived late on the technology scene and would have developed easy habits such as an unwillingness to use complex passwords or learn about new security hacks. As a generation, they generally are more polite to strangers, a trait potential fraudsters often use to reel in their victims. Having said this, with a little bit of awareness, the elderly can avoid becoming victims to the most common forms of cyber attacks.

                  1. Phishing Attacks

                  According to 2023 peer-reviewed research in Colorado, 102 older adults and 91 younger people were subjected to psychological tests on phishing detection. Their ability to suspect replicas of popular eCommerce websites was measured. All the individuals were regular Internet users, had no brain injuries and gave informed consent for participation in the study.

                  The older adults reported twice the likelihood of becoming a victim of phishing attacks compared to younger adults (53.47% vs. 26.37%). They also confessed to letting their guard down more often at home as compared to laboratory settings (47.47% vs. 18.68%). Although it is just one research on phishing, the implications are quite serious.

                  Tips: irrespective of age, one must take basic security precautions to protect against phishing. These include updating your OS and applications and changing the DNS server that can prevent URL misdirection.

                  A few more tips include:

                  “If too many windows are opening without your permission on a browser, use Alt + F4 to shut everything down.”

                  “It is always a good habit to clear the browser cache frequently. Use Ctrl + H on Google Chrome.”

                  “Set up strong passwords. If you cannot remember them, save them using tools like LastPass.”

                  2. Behavioral attacks

                  For obvious reasons, the elderly are frequently a target of certain kinds of behavioral attacks. These include senior dating and romance scams, anti-aging and other prescription pills, charity and investment swindles, and fake help requests by “family members.” While anyone can fall prey to a well-oiled con job, what makes some of the elderly more vulnerable is their loneliness.

                  Tips: One of the best ways to deal with behavioral scams is to change your privacy options in Windows “Settings.” It is also recommended to turn Windows Defender Security Center settings on to prevent any misdirection to online scam websites. Also, never open en email attachment from people you do not trust. Immediately hang up on any phone calls or chat messages that may appear suspicious.

                  3. Consumer Fraud

                  Fake e-Commerce websites are on the prowl for vulnerable elderly who may not have sufficient knowledge about their genuineness. When they order online, there is a chance that the product may not be delivered at all, or that it might come with hidden charges. It is important to check if the website in question is genuine. There are agencies such as Better Business Bureau which list all genuine online businesses.

                  Tips: supposing you buy frequently from chúng tôi avoid dealing with companies having questionable server IP addresses and email aliases such as:

                  4. Identity Theft

                  Most identity thefts begin at the weakest link: a poor password or PIN. The other day I had to assist an older uncle in his mid 60s after he got locked out of his own Facebook account. He used a simple numeric password that, according to Kaspersky password check tool, wouldn’t have taken longer than three minutes to crack. Later he told me he uses the same eight-digit numeric password for Gmail, bank accounts and the government tax portal!

                  Tips: irrespective of age, it should be standard practice to avoid sharing personal details including credit card numbers, one time passwords, date of birth and other inputs with anyone let alone random strangers. Always suspect people claiming to be from a government agency, tax audit firm and other scaremongers.


                  Despite several notable exceptions, many senior citizens are not nearly as tech-savvy as the millennial generation. However, the tips above will serve as a strong deterrent against most unpredictable attacks.

                  What is your take on this topic? Do you disagree with the assumption that the elderly may be more vulnerable to cyber-criminals? If yes, do let us know.

                  Sayak Boral

                  Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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