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Our Review Pros You can customize your panels individually Grants you an extensive level of control It packs a handy RAW converter AI technology for quick and effective photo editing sessions Cons Doesn’t let you choose lens profiles Not as fast as Lightroom or Photoshop

In our review, we are walking you through some interesting details about Luminar. Some are related to its setup while others describe the tool and its features. Nevertheless, we’ll try to keep it short and friendly.

How to install Luminar on your PC

As we’ve mentioned above, you can use Luminar as either a standalone program or a plugin for a host tool. However, rest assured knowing that the installation process is joint for both situations. So regardless of how you plan on using Luminar, the setup will be exactly the same.

First things first, you have to download the installer. Launch it, accept the agreement, and you should be facing a multi-option menu. Here you can configure the destination path for Luminar, as well as choose the host apps you want it to be a plugin for.

It goes without saying that you need to have the host apps installed on your computer for setting up Luminar as a plugin. You need to browse to each of their executables for the plugin setup to work. After you’re done configuring stuff, hit the “Install” button and wait.

How to use Luminar

After you launch the app, the first step is to load the image you want to edit. Luminar allows you to load an entire folder’s worth of images, or work on a single image. Assuming you’ve loaded the image, you can start performing the editing operations.

The bottom part of the main screen packs a collection of filters. If you’ve used Instagram, you’ll know what we mean. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are even more filters (Luminar calls them “Looks”), organized in several categories. But that’s just a part of what Luminar can help you achieve.

Free-hand customization using Luminar

A few aspects you can customize using Luminar: light, structure, color, details, noise, and vignette. You can also let AI technology enhance your photo, adjust its structure, or enhance the look of your landscape. The good part is that those are only in the first (Essentials category), so there’s more where these came from.

You can replace the sky in your picture using AI (how awesome is that?), manipulate sun rays, give a dramatic feel to your photo, overlay some textures on the image, adjust glow, put some film grain on it, or add fog. Bottom line is that Luminar is not shy when it comes to features.

Luminar has batch processing features

If you’re working on an ample project that requires you to edit multiple images at the same time, you can use Luminar’s batch processing feature. Just keep in mind that the effect you pick will be applied to all photos.

This is a pretty handy tool, especially if you need quick corrections for your content. For instance, you’ve snapped photographs in a dark area and would like to brighten them up without messing up the quality. You can access the batch processing menu through the app’s File menu.

Luminar FAQ

Does Luminar 4 replace Luminar 3?

To put it shortly, yes, Luminar 4 does replace the previous version. Luminar 3 was an update of Luminar 2023, but version 4 replaces the tool altogether.

Does Luminar process raw files?

Yes, you can work with both RAW and JPEG files. Additionally, Luminar features support for many other popular image formats. These include BMP, PNG, PSD, EXR, TIFF, LMNR (proprietary), and JPEG2000.

Can Luminar replace Lightroom?

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7 Best Windows 11 Photo Editors

7 Best Windows 11 Photo Editors [Free in 2023]




Disney+ streams your all-time favorite movies, cartoons, and TV shows and is ready to join your family! A generous library from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, is waiting for you. Here are more exceptional features of this service:

Compatibility with all devices

Stream on four devices simultaneously

4K UHD adaptability

Dolby Atmos sound for compatible devices

Group watch feature

Disney+ is easily accessible both from home and on the go and suits all types of watchers with high-quality content of all genres and from all eras.

Photo editing is in high demand, which makes photographers learn how to use them to produce high-quality and high-resolution images.

Some software uses vector graphics, cropping, distortion, shadows, masks, etc. Most of the apps provide updates that improve photo editing procedures and techniques.

There is a lot of photo editing software that works with the Windows 11 operating system. This article will cover the best photo editing apps and their features.

What should I consider when looking for a free photo editor for Windows 11?

You have to know your level of expertise. If you are a beginner using some tools can be a tough job. Choose the editor to use according to your level of understanding to reduce so you don’t have to spend too much time learning the basics.

What are the best Windows 11 free photo editors?

Adobe created Adobe Photoshop Express with few features, and it’s free for Windows 11 users.

It speeds up the process of editing photos by creating collages, use of filters, and adjustment options. Its interface is friendly, and you can perform edits both on the PC and mobile phone.

Also, note that it can publish them instantly on social media platforms.

Some of its main features include:

Ability to transform photos through cropping, rotation, straightening, and flipping them

Resizing photos

Making adjustments by changing the level of exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, saturation, etc.

Ability to add text, remove blemishes, add watermark

It has very little weight

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express comes with basic image editing features, and it’s available to all users free of charge.

Free Visit website

Canva is a web-based editor and has a desktop application that you can install on your Windows 11 PC. It has over 20 million users worldwide. It doesn’t require any experience to use it, and it’s user-friendly.

It promotes teamwork as you can create a team on the app and collaborate. Also, it saves business owners and professionals time as it takes less than five minutes to do a photo edit.

Some of the other key features Canva has include:

It has drag and drop that enables users to change elements and effects in a short period

Over 10,000 prebuilt templates that you can choose from and work with

Basic editing effects – grids, cropping, adding text that you can use on your project

A lot of fonts that you select that fit your project


Power and available in any browser, Canva is a perfect photo editor for all types of users.

Free Visit website

Fotor is a free editor that enhances the look of a photo in less time. The whole process of using the editor is straightforward.

Some of its main features include:

Improve portraits by removing blemishes, wrinkles

Ability to change backgrounds

Other functionalities like crop, edit, or rotate

Using photo effects and enhancements to improve the visual look of the image

It offers different features that work well with the templates. They provide quick results and blend with the rest of the features like stickers, collages, filters, effects, etc.

Some of the key features of the editor include:

Using photo effects and filters like double exposure edits, cartooning yourself, driparts, canvas

Ability to add over stickers that are more than 50 million during editing

You may add collages to the photos

Adding and cropping photos

Adding geometric shapes to the images

Layering images

Picsart Photo Editor

Enjoy editing your materials by benefiting from all of Picsart’s great features.

Free Visit Website

It’s a free photo editing tool good for all skill levels from beginners, to intermediates, and experts.

Expert tip:

Note that it changes the portrait’s outlook by giving it smooth skin, white teeth, makeup application, and body reshaping through photo retouching.

Movavi also improves productivity and creativity by providing many tools, e.g., support of raw images, text insertion, color correction, cropping, rotating, flipping, etc.

It has come up with new updates like introducing facial recognition, support of geolocation, and sharing the results via Google drive.

Some of the other key features include:

Use AI to provide excellent results by optimizing and improving contrast in images

Easier to remove and change image backgrounds 

Easy to restore the old images by removing stains and scratches

More than 100 effects and filters to change the outlook of the photos

Movavi Picverse

Increase your productivity and creativity by using Movavi’s unique features.

Free Visit Website

GIMP, popularly known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, it’s free to download and open source, making it work well with the community, and everyone can work on the source codes.

It helps in the transformation of images into unique photos. It has a lot of elements that make producing mockups, interfaces, icons easier and faster. Its design gives the editor layout to compete with other editors like Photoshop.

GIMP makes the photo editing process fast, increasing productivity for the professionals using the software.

The majority of the users who use it have basic knowledge of photo editing skills, so it might not be the best option for complete beginners.

Also, the user interface for beginners can be challenging at first due to the interface, which has a complicated look making the whole process a bit hard.

 Some of the important features of the GIMP editor include:

It works with programming languages like Python, Perl, C, C++ to manipulate images

Has high color management features used in workflows to produce high-quality print media

Easier to customize with its large number of scripts and plugins

It gives the users to customize the interface to meet their desired look

⇒ Get GIMP

KVADPhoto+ 2 is a free Microsoft photo editor found on the app store. It has a lot of effects, colors, shapes, tools, and many others that help in image processing.

It has filters that get categorized into categories – black and white, cold tones, Vintage, Warm tones, giving you many options to choose from.

Some of the other features include:

Many photo adjustment tools i.e color, brightness, hues, sharpening, blur

It offers farmers on special days, i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Day

More than 150 photo filters

Over 200 shadow effects for photo enhancement

⇒ Get KVADPhoto+ 2

What is the importance of photo editors?

They help in removing errors from photos and deliver high-quality pictures. The software tools also enhance photos by changing colors, reflections, and not only.

If you have old photos and you won’t refine them by removing faded colors, stretches, the editors will help you out. It also helps with photo manipulation, i.e., fine touching and removing and changing backgrounds.

Choosing the best photo editing software gives you more power and control over the result you want. The majority of these editors have little weight making them serve you better on your PC. Some of these tools lack features, forcing professionals to seek paid alternatives.

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4 Ways To Blur Part Of Photo Before Posting On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

If you wish to blur out a particular region inside your photo, then you can use the native gallery app on your Android smartphone to achieve it before posting it on social media. Here’s how you can do it.

2. Next, tap on the Mark tab in the bottom-right corner of the app and press the Mosiac option to apply the blur effect.

3. Choose your preferred brush size and drag your finger over the region which you wish to blur. Once done, tap on the tick icon in the top-right corner to save changes.

That’s it, you’ve successfully blurred out your desired region in the image using the native gallery app.

If you wish to blur out a portion of your image before posting it on Instagram, then you can use its in-built editor to hide it. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

1. Open the preferred photo on your Instagram app to post it as a normal post.

3. Further, choose your desired blur method and drag your finger over the region on which you wish to focus. Rest all the area will get blurred out.

4. Once finished, tap on the Done button at the bottom-right corner.

5. That’s it. You can now post this edited photo on your Instagram profile with your added blur effect.

There are lots of free third-party apps available on the Google Play Store and Appstore that offer the feature to easily blur out part of a photo. One such popular Android app goes by the name of Blur Photo Editor & Effects through which you can easily hide sensitive data on your image. Here’s how you can achieve it with the help of this app.

1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the Blur Photo Editor & Effects app to install it.

2. Next, tap on the Touch Blur button to blur out the desired region on your chosen photo.

4. Drag your finger over the area that you wish to blur and tap on the Next button at the top-right corner once finished.

5. Further, tap on the Save button to export the edited image to your device.

Similarly, you can use the Blur Photo Effect Background app on your iOS device to blur out a specific part of your image before posting it on various social media platforms.

In addition to using various apps and devices to blur out photos, you can make use of free online tools such as Peko Step to add the blur effect on a specific part of the image before posting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Follow this quick guide to using an online tool to blur out part of your photo.

Now that you have learned to blur out specific parts of your image using the above-listed methods, you must also learn to blur out your background in a Zoom meeting. Check out this detailed read to blur your background in a Zoom meeting.

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7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Selfies On Iphone


Smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of sheer quality and color accuracy but you still can’t get a DSLR quality result, consistently. Not to mention the front camera is even worse off and you would need to touch up the pictures with selfie editing apps. While there is no shortage of photo editors for iOS or Android, apps with special features to edit your selfies are always a plus. Here are some of the best photo editing apps for selfies. Let’s check those out.

1. Focos- For Incredible Portrait Selfies

Focos is a photo editing app that adds a shallow depth of field to your selfies using computational photography. You can create beautiful bokeh, simulate a large aperture, etc. Not just that, the app also lets you simulate lens effects of bilinear lenses, swirly, creamy, reflex, and many more. You can use your finger or the Apple Pencil to precisely draw the depth map over a picture.

Focos also has the ability to add multiple light sources to your image which can take your seemingly normal selfies to the next level. The app is free on the App Store and you can unlock additional items with in-app purchases.

Get Focos (free, in-app purchases)

2. Lensa Editor- For Retouching Your Face

Lensa Editor is a sophisticated photo editing app for selfies taken on iPhones that makes the tedious process of editing streamlined images. It is dedicated to editing selfies and accentuating your facial features. The app simulates blur effect flawlessly and you can either manually adjust the blur or choose between three presets.

Where this app shines is the face department. It has a dedicated slider for the face, neck, eyelashes, and even eye bags. You can change the shade of your hair color, adjust highlights, shadows, exposure, and other photography parameters. The reason I recommend this app is that you can adjust the slider and see the result in real-time. If you want to see a before and after comparison, simply long-press to view the original for instant visual confirmation of the changes.

Lensa is a subscription-based app that offers full features for $5/mo and you can edit up to 5 images on the free version.

Get Lensa Editor (free, $5/mo)

3. Face Edit- For Editing Selfies

Lensa is a feature-rich photo editing app for selfies but it comes at a subscription cost of $5/mo. Face Edit is an alternative that does pretty much the same things but doesn’t cost a pretty penny. The app has powerful retouching tools that allow you to remove blemishes from your face, smoothen the skin, pop the highlights, and brighten up the eyes.

Get Face Edit (free)

4. Cymera- For Editing Photos For Social Media

Cymera is a versatile photo editor that adds a lot of features dedicated to editing selfies and faces. Along with that, you get a standard photo editor with tools such as crop tools with built-in presets for social media. It also has a correction tool to adjust the color and other parameters of the image such as saturation, sharpness, brightness, contrast, etc.

Talking about specific features for selfies, you get beauty tools that can enlarge your eyes, stretch your smile, adjust the contours of your body, and slight liquid modification of the edges. Cymera also includes the popular image filters and lenses that you find on most photo editing apps for selfies. You should get this app if you want an app that includes features of a standard photo editing app with selfie editing tools.

Get Cymera (free, in-app purchases)

5. Pencil Photo Sketch Editor- For Sketch Selfies

If you’re a fan of pencil-drawn sketches and portraits then you would love this app. It has those effects built-in and intelligently applies it to your selfies and turns them into professional-looking drawings. There are more than 15 effects of varying degrees that produce different results, some with color and some without.

Other than that, you also get a plethora of filters and a basic editor for those last-minute trims. The app is completely free on the App Store.

Get Pencil Photo Sketch Editor (free)

6. Facetune2- Professional Selfie Editing on iPhone

Facetune is an optimized selfie editing app that lets you create stunning portraits that go toe to toe with professional tools. The app has handpicked tools that you can use to quickly and efficiently edit your selfies. You can retouch your skin, remove blemishes, adjust contours of your body and face, align facial features, etc.

The addition of cosmetic tools such as sparkle effects, paint, backdrop, light, and relight are welcome. The whole point of using this app is that the computation in the background does all the work and you get the real-time results just by adjusting the values. You can get Facetune2 on the App Store for free but it has a subscription plan that starts at $5.99/mo.

Get Facetune2 (free, in-app purchases)

7. B612- Selfie Makeup App

B612 is one of the most popular photo editing apps for selfies takers that focuses on usability instead of cramming dozens of different tools. The app allows you to capture selfies in different beauty modes and record videos with the same effects applied to your face. It has a dedicated Makeup tool that puts a subtle makeup with the tap of a button and you can vary the intensity with a slider. Other than shooting in real-time, you also get access to a full-fledged editor that has all the standard tools such as face edit, cropping, color correction, portrait, bokeh, AR filters, etc.

B612 is a free app on the App Store and is completely free of any hidden costs.

Get B612 (free)

How Do You Edit Selfies on Your iPhone?

These were a few of the best selfie editing apps that you must try if you are not already. The apps on the list are in no particular order and offer a slightly different set of features. You can use any app that fits the bill of your needs and let me know if you can’t find the app that you are looking for on Twitter.

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How To Add Group Policy Editor To Windows 11/10 Home Edition

Add Group Policy Editor to Windows 11/10 Home

Related: Windows cannot find GPEDIT.MSC.

Policy Plus Review

Policy Plus is a free open source tool that makes it possible to edit Local Group Policy Object on a Home edition of Windows. But you may wonder if this feature was not available in Home edition, is it legal to use this tool? Yes, the tool is in complete compliance with licensing, and you are free to use it without violating any terms.

Edit Local Group Policy Objects in Windows 11/10 Home Edition

If you have already used Group Policy Editor, you might be aware of administrative templates. These templates are actually the basis of the tool. While some of the administrative templates are available in Home Edition, you need to download the rest of them from the internet. Policy Plus comes with inbuilt functionality to download the latest package of these files from Microsoft. All you need to do is run the tool and then go to ‘Help’ and select ‘Acquire AMDX Files’. This will download the full set of policy definitions from Microsoft.

This tool can easily view and edit Registry-based policies in local GPOs, per-user GPOs, individual POL files, offline Registry user hives, and the live Registry.

Once you’ve made changes to a Group Policy Object, you need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Features in a nutshell:

Runs and works on all Windows editions, not just Pro and Enterprise

Complies fully with licensing (i.e. transplant no components across Windows installations)

View and edit Registry-based policies in local GPOs, per-user GPOs, individual POL files, offline Registry user hives, and the live Registry

Navigate to policies by ID, text, or affected Registry entries

Show additional technical information about objects (policies, categories, products)

Provide convenient ways to share and import policy settings.

The RefreshPolicyEx function does not work on Home edition, so restart your computer to observe the changes. Also, you can create and edit per-user GPOs, but their settings are ignored by Windows. So, you need to edit the registry yourself for those changes to take place.

Overall, Policy Plus is a great tool. It almost brings a complete Local Group Policy Editor to Windows 11/10/8/7 Home Editions. You can use this tool freely and even compile the source from scratch. There might be some issues with the tool because it is still in the development stage, but you can report issues to its developers.

Visit Github to download Policy Plus for Windows.

Enable chúng tôi on Windows 11/10 Home Editions

Microsoft also offers an undocumented way to enable GPEDIT in Windows Home editions as follows.

Sign in as an administrator, stay connected to the internet and execute the following command one after the other in an elevated command prompt windows:

FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%servicingPackagesMicrosoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~*.mum") DO ( DISM /Online /NoRestart /Add-Package:"%F" ) FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%servicingPackagesMicrosoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~*.mum") DO ( DISM /Online /NoRestart /Add-Package:"%F" )

Once done restart your computer and see.

On the restart, you will be able to open the Group Policy Editor, but some administrative templates may be missing. You can manually download and install ADMX files; however, do remember that not all features are available on the Home edition. Multiple Local Group Policies (MLGPOs) are also not supported on Windows Home. You should also note that Windows Home users will have to necessarily restart their computer to apply new settings.

TIP: Here’s how to install Hyper-V on Windows 11/10 Home.

Pdfelement Pro App: The Perfect Pdf Editor For Iphone & Ipad

Portable Document Format (PDFs) are universal, and we use them in our daily life in college, office, homes, and elsewhere. Your teacher may share notes in this format. You may have your lease agreement, several office essentials like payslips, etc., as PDFs. Now, if you often deal with PDFs, it is wise to get an app that does everything across all the devices you own! This is where the PDFelement Pro iOS app comes in. It lets you have your way with the PDFs! In this full review, let’s learn more about the app and see how to use it.

Let us begin by opening a file in the app. For this, tap on Blue-white ‘+’ button to import PDF from the Files app, images from the Photos app, or transfer from the computer. You may also connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Marking Up and Annotating PDFs

Once you have a PDF open inside the app, you get to witness its real powers. First, tap on the pen icon from the top. This opens a plethora of excellent tools.

Highlight: Tap on the left-most button and choose the desired highlight color. Now, use your finger (or Apple Pencil on iPad) to highlight important texts. You can also switch to a different color and highlight other parts. It is an excellent feature! To change color or remove a highlight, tap on it, and choose Color or Clear.

Strikethrough and Underline: Like highlight, you can also underline text for importance. And if there are texts that no longer hold value, you may cut a line through it. As expected, you are free to choose the desired strikethrough or underline color.

Draw or scribble on the PDF: Tapping on the thick pen icon inside PDFelement Pro lets you draw or handwrite anywhere on the PDF. You can set the pen thickness, opacity, and color. If you made a mistake, tap on the eraser icon to fix things.

Add shapes in the PDF: Tap on the circle-square icon to play with shapes. You can draw a square, circle, line, or arrow. You can also fill the shapes with solid colors, change the border color, thickness, and play with the overall opacity. This tool opens up the possibility of creating fantastic shapes and filling them with text, images, etc.

Add stamp and signature: Tap on the stamp icon and choose one of the several pre-made designs. Next, please tap on the fountain pen icon to create a signature and add it to the contract or agreement PDF.

Undo Redo: Tap on the left curved arrow to undo. For redo, long-press on it and choose Redo.

Thanks to smart font recognition, you can completely change the existing text of a PDF. For this, open the PDF file inside PDFelement Pro and tap on the ‘T’ icon from the top center. You will see a faint gray border across text boxes. You can now drag and move the block to a different location or even change the length and breadth.

Next, tap anywhere on the text to erase it, change it, or add new words.

Another exciting thing is that you can tweak the font size, style, color, make it bold or italic, and change the text alignment. To do this, select text inside the box and choose desired option from toolset above the keyboard. The results are astonishingly accurate and look as good as the original PDF.

Playing with Images in a PDF

Images make the PDF exciting and convey the message quickly, even to untrained eyes. Inserting photos using PDFelement Pro is a cakewalk. Simply tap on the image icon from the top, tap on Add Image, and choose one from your Photos app.

This tool also lets you work on the images that are already in the PDF. Tap on the same photo icon from the top. Next, tap on an existing PDF image. You can now rotate, crop, replace, copy, delete, or extract the picture and save it to the device Photos app.

Creating a New PDF using PDFelement Pro

Once you install the app, launch it on your iPhone or iPad. Next, tap on the plus icon and select Create PDF. Choose the desired paper style. You are now on the blank canvas. From here, you can tap on the pen icon from the top. Now select the appropriate tool like a pen, text box, shapes, stamp, signature, etc.

Tap on the ‘T’ icon from the top and then tap on Add Text to type things into the PDF.

I can go on and on explaining things, but the truth is, the app is straightforward to use. Once you are there, you will be able to figure out things on your own.

When you are done, tap the three dots icon from the top right. From here, you can save it, print, or set a password, email it, upload it to cloud storage, share it on any other application via the iOS Share Sheet, and more.

PDFelement Pro as an Excellent PDF Reader

Besides editing, annotating, and creating PDFs, this app also discharges the duty of a PDF reader robustly. All you have to do is open the file inside PDFelement Pro.

For convenience, tap on the open book icon and choose the desired scrolling orientation. You may also set a comfortable brightness level for long reading sessions.

Excellent Multitasking Capabilities on iPad

PDFelement Pro on iPad gains new multitasking powers! You can open it in Split View with another app or slide it over an existing app.

You can also drag PDFs inside it from the Files app or other supported apps, as well as drag PDFs out of it to other compatible applications. Our full guide on how to multitask on an iPad will tell you the steps to perform these actions.

Finally, you can also use the Apple Pencil for perfect precision while drawing, scribbling, underlining, etc. This app seems to do it all!

Platform Wide Availability

For maximum productivity, we often use multiple devices. For example, all day I sit in front of a computer in the office. When I am in transit or at home, I use my iPhone. Thus, it becomes a godsend when an application you use often and love is available on all devices you use. Plus, they will launch a desktop Windows version in the end of Nov, please stay tunes.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC

PDFelement Pro is available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows. This lets you have a consistent experience on all the devices you might own.

One Account for all Devices and Platform

Another icing on top is that you just need one account for all platforms and devices. This keeps your workflow hassle-free. You can also buy a single plan that works on all these devices (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows). More on it later in the ‘Price’ section below.

Our Verdict!

PDFelement does so many things right that it is hard not to recommend it. In addition to a robust feature set that supercharges your PDFs, one other pleasing factor is decent, calm color along with an intuitive, easy to use app design.

I had been on PDFexpert (on and off). No doubt that it’s a potent app. But PDFelement Pro’s affordable pricing, clutter-free clean design (eye-pleasing sky blue and white color combination), and the perfect mix of essential tools make me prefer it over the competition!

Conclusion: If you often work with PDFs and are looking to get the best possible experience, PDFelement is the one app to invest in. It enhances your productivity and lets you #PDFYourWay!

Price: In the iOS app, you see two price options.

All Platforms: One plan for iPhone, iPad, Mac, & PC. You can choose to pay monthly ($19.99), quarterly ($39.99), or annually ($89.99).

Mobile Only plan: For only iPhone and iPad. The monthly subscription costs $4.99, quarterly $9.99, and the annual plan is just $29.99!


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