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MetaMask not Found on Thetan Arena on PC and Mobile: 9 Fixes




When you try to connect the MetaMask crypto wallet with the Thetan Arena marketplace, it often may give you not found error for various reasons mentioned in this article.

The problem can appear on both desktop and smartphone platforms which are luckily easy to fix.

The first step should be updating the app and extension.

If everything is updated, to fix MetaMask not found error on Thetan Arena, you can go through the technical methods shown in this article.

Try Opera One, a browser with unlimited functionalities already integrated.

A remarkable browser like Opera One has maximum capabilities already underneath the hood.

Here’s what Opera One covers through default:

An incredible AI Service accessible directly in the sidebar

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages quicker

Modular browser, multithreaded, and intuitive tab navigation

Battery saver mode

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Are you encountering MetaMask not found in the Thetan Arena while trying to connect the wallet or make a transaction? This article has featured the solutions for both desktops and smartphones.

The Thetan Arena is an e-sport game platform powered by blockchain technology. It has gained significant popularity in recent years.

You can buy or rent a lot of items from its marketplace using Coinbase and MetaMask. If you are interested, learn how to fix Coinbase not updating balance.

However, in the Thetan Arena marketplace, users may face problems with crypto wallets. One of the most common ones is the MetaMask not found error. Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue.

What causes MetaMask is not found on Thetan Arena?

There are some critical situations when you may encounter problems with MetaMask and third-party e-commerce-like platforms. If the Thetan Arena marketplace doesn’t find the MetaMask, it may be because of the following reasons:

MetaMask extension or app is corrupted or outdated.

MetaMask wallet extension has no proper permissions.

Your web browser is incompatible or outdated.

There is a network issue that is causing a problem for Thetan Arena to communicate with your device properly.

Either of MetaMask or Thetan Arena is having a problem in their backend.

Improper Network on MetaMask.

Interference by third-party extensions.

Though these are the major reasons, you may encounter the problem due to a very different condition. But, you can easily solve MetaMask not found on Thetan Arena error by following the methods we have featured in our article.

Quick Tip:

Before digging into solutions you may want to try on a different browser. In this case, we recommend you to try Opera as it is considered one of the best web browsers for cryptocurrency and NFT.

Else, Opera comes with many other benefits, including a built-in ad blocker, and a VPN for better security and faster response. The Crypto Wallet in Opera is surely something you have to try.


The Crypto Wallet is fully optimized for secure trading online.

Free Visit website

How can I fix MetaMask not Found on Thetan Arena on a PC or Mac?

1.1 Update chrome extensions

1.2 Update Firefox add-ons

Updating the extensions should fix MetaMask not found Thetan Arena error. If not, follow the next methods.

2. Verify permission for MetaMask 3. Check service status

Visit this MetaMask service status page to check their service status.

If it’s down, wait until the service becomes available, and then try again.

4.1 Update Chrome

4.2 Update Firefox

5. Use the correct network on MetaMask

If you don’t see the Binance Smart Chain, add a new network with the above entries. If everything is correct, you should no longer encounter the MetaMask not found error on the Thetan Arena.

6. Disable third-party extensions

6.1 Disable in Chrome

Go to the extensions page as shown in method 1.1.

Toggle the switch off next to the extensions you want to disable.

6.2 Disable in Firefox

While disabling, you should focus on the ad-blocking extensions more. Because, in our experience, these types of add-ons or extensions cause a lot of trouble for crypto wallets and other services. After disabling, try to connect the MetaMask wallet with Thetan Arena again.

7. Use a VPN

When there is something wrong with the internet traffic, you will get this type of problem. So, we suggest you try a different network to solve the problem you are facing. A VPN is the best choice in this type of situation.

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the most recommended VPN for blockchain-based services as it provides a lot of security with very stable performance.

⇒ Get Private Internet Access

8. Re-install the MetaMask extension 9. Clear browsing data

After clearing data, you will need to login into all online services, including MetaMask, and Thetan Arena, again. Do it and try to connect your crypto wallet. This time, you will not get any more problems.

How can I solve MetaMask not Found on Thetan Arena on a smartphone? 1. Continue from the built-in browser of MetaMask 3. Re-install the app

Re-installing the MetaMask wallet app can fix a lot of other problems along with this MetaMask not found error. If none other methods work, you can try it as the last option.

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Fixmissing Or Not Found Error On Windows 11/10

The Qt5Widgets.dll missing or not found error may cause due to corrupted or being incorrectly installed file. DLLs(Dynamic Link Libraries) are shared libraries in Microsoft Windows, implemented by Microsoft Corporation. DLL files are just as important as files with a .exe extension and not all DLL files can be Implemented without a .exe extension. We often see the chúng tôi missing or not found error when we are running a program. The error message typically is:

The program can’t start because chúng tôi is missing from your computer.

What is Qt5Widgets.dll?

The chúng tôi file is a C++ Application Development Framework for Windows OS that is developed by The Qt Company Ltd. If it goes missing or fails to load, then several companies that depend on it will fail to start.

Fix chúng tôi missing or not found error

Here are some steps to fix The program can’t start because chúng tôi is missing from your computer error.

Reregister the chúng tôi file

Reinstall the program

Scan your System for Malware

Run the System File Checker(SFC) command

Perform System Restore.

The program can’t start because chúng tôi is missing from your computer 1] Reregister the chúng tôi file

Open an elevated command prompt and execute the following command to re-register the dll file:

regsvr32 qt5widgets.dll

Hopefully, the above step will resolve the problem.

2] Reinstall the program

If registering the DLL file does not help, then you should download the latest version of the program and reinstall it. By doing this, the concerned dll file will get automatically installed and registered.

3] Scan your System for Malware

Sometimes, malware may enter our system and cause such issues. Here are the following steps for scanning the system.

Type Windows Security in the search box

Open Virus & threat protection

You could also run a second opinion scan using a free portable antivirus software.

3] Run the System File Checker (SFC) command

The System File Checker is a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruption in Windows system files and restore them. SFC command scans your system files and repair missing or corrupted system files.

Type Command Prompt in the search box and select Run as administrator

Now, in the command prompt type the following command and hit Enter


After typing the command, the system will check and repair the corrupted files.

4] Perform System Restore

System Restore is one of the most valuable features for solving Windows security errors including the chúng tôi error. After system restore, your computer will boot up with the restored version of Windows, and the issue would be resolved. Follow the below steps to Restore the computer.

First of all, press the Window + R to open Run

You may choose the Recommended restore or a different one if you wish.

Hopefully, the above steps will fix the chúng tôi missing or not found error.

How do I repair DLL file?

Here you can use these steps to repair DLL files.

Type the Command Prompt in the search box and hit Enter

Type the command sfc/scannow and hit Enter

Wait till the scanning process is completed. After completion, restart your computer and your DLL file will be repaired.

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Is DLL file safe?

Files downloaded by us from DLL download sites may be infected with viruses. There is no guarantee that the file you just download is free from viruses. So, take the safe route and simply avoid downloading anything from these DLL download sites. The best options are to reinstall the program giving problems or run SFC. If it is an OS dll file that is giving errors, you can download Windows OS files from Microsoft. This is a safe option.

That’s it!

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Xbox App Not Working On Pc On Windows 10

Xbox App not Working on PC on Windows 10 [3 Simple Fixes] Fix Xbox app issues by resetting the app to default




If Xbox app won’t open, resetting the app can usually fix this problem.

Your regional settings can interfere with the app, so you might have to change them.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Xbox app is a fundamental part of Windows 10, but many reported Xbox app launch issues on their PC. This isn’t the only issue, and many reported that Xbox app is stuck at the preparing screen.

In order to stream video games from your Xbox One to your PC you’ll need Xbox app running, and today we’re going to show you how to fix it.

Why is Xbox app on PC not working?

There are several reasons why the Xbox app won’t open, and these are the most common ones:

App issues – Sometimes the app might encounter glitches. This can be fixed simply by keeping your PC and app up to date. Resetting the Xbox app also helps.

Regional settings – In some instances, your regional settings can cause issues, so you’ll have to change them in order to fix the issue.

Services – In order for Xbox app to work certain services need to be enabled. To do that, simply open chúng tôi and manually start them.

What can I do if my Xbox App doesn’t open in Windows 10?

Before we start fixing this issue, there are a couple of preliminary checks that might help you fix the issue:

Restart – Sometimes a quick restart is all it takes to fix this problem permanently.

Update Windows – Check for the latest updates and install them to fix this issue. You can also install updates offline if you prefer in order to fix this problem.

Update Xbox app – In some cases, your Xbox app can have certain glitches and an update might fix that. To see how to do that, check our guide on how to update the Windows app automatically.

Reinstall your antivirus – Sometimes antivirus will block exe files, and that will cause issues with Xbox app. If you use third-party antivirus, reinstall it and check if that solves the issue.

1. Reset the Xbox app and Windows Store

After doing that, check if the Xbox app launch issues are gone.

2. Change regional settings

This is a quick and easy way to fix Xbox app launch issues, especially if you’re living outside of United States.

3. Enable the Xbox services

After starting the necessary services, the Xbox app launch issues will be gone.

There you go, we hope that these solutions helped you fix the Xbox App issues that you encountered. If you have more problems, our Xbox app closes immediately guide should be able to help you.

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How To Find Steam Id On Pc Or Mobile

Not sure how to find your Steam ID? You need not worry because locating it is simpler than you might have originally thought. Every person who uses Steam has a 17-digit unique Steam ID that is used to identify your account. If you want to connect Steam with some third-party account, they may require your Steam ID to make the connection happen.

How to find Steam ID on PC

Now, while your Steam ID is not located on the Steam homepage, it doesn’t mean it’s hard to find. To find your 17-digit unique Steam ID, do the following:

Open the Steam app

Get your Steam ID

1] Open the Steam app

As per usual, you must fire up the Steam app on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then visit the official Steam page to do so.

Once downloaded, navigate to the desktop or the Start Menu to find the shortcut icon.

Go to your profile picture

The profile picture section not only consists of your photo but additional information as well.

The profile picture is usually located in the top-right section of the Steam app.

3] Get your Steam ID

You should now see your Steam ID number below your username.

To copy it, use your mouse to highlight the number, then press CTRL + C to copy.

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Find Steam ID from the Edit Profile section

The steps to find Steam ID from the Edit Profile section of your Steam account on a Windows 11/10 PC are as follows:

Open the Steam desktop client on your Windows 11/10 computer. You can also open Steam on the web and log in with your credentials

In the General tab, look for the CUSTOM URL field

Just below that field, you will see a URL. At the end of the URL (after profiles), there will be a unique 17-digit code or number. That number is your Steam ID.

Do note that if you have already entered a custom URL, then first you need to clear the custom URL text so that you can see the Steam ID below that field.

Find Steam ID using the address bar of a browser

This is an interesting option. You can also use the address bar of any modern browser to find your Steam ID. However, this option works only when you haven’t set any custom URL to your profile. Here are the steps:

Open the Steam homepage

Log in to your Steam account

Now check the address bar. In the URL, there is a 17-digit code just next to the profiles. That code will be your Steam ID.

How to find Steam ID on Mobile?

Open the Steam Mobile app Menu

Scroll down a little bit until you see General heading.

There you will see Custom URL.

At the end of this URL link, you will see your 17-digit Steam ID number.

What is a Steam ID?

Steam ID is a unique identifier that consists of 17 digits. It separates your Steam account from all others, which means, it is more important than your username since you’re not allowed to change it. Furthermore, your Steam ID is not visible to others but yourself and Valve, well, unless folks use Steam ID Finder by going here.

Where can I find my 9-digit Steam ID?

Steam ID is a 17-digit unique number (and not 9). If you want to find your unique Steam ID, then you can do that using its mobile app, web app, or desktop client. In this post above, we have covered all the possible ways to find your Steam ID. Check them out.

How do I find the ID for a game on Steam?

Look at the URL and you will see the ID number right after the word, app. For example, the URL for Forza Horizon 5 is:

The numbers in bold represent the ID.

Why is your Steam ID important?

In most cases, you will not need to use your Steam ID. In fact, the majority of Steam users will never use it and probably will never think of finding it. However, we do know that if you want to connect third-party services with your Steam account, then your Steam ID must be brought to the forefront.

Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working On Windows Pc

Is Voice chat not working in Overwatch on your PC? Some Overwatch gamers have reported that their voice chat is not functioning in the game. A few affected users said that they can hear others in voice chat, but they can’t speak through their mics. For some users, the voice chat is not working completely. Some of them also get voice chat errors while chatting in the game. We will learn why these voice chat issues occur in Overwatch and how to fix them in this post.

Why isn’t my mic working on Overwatch PC?

Your microphone might not work in Overwatch on your Windows PC due to several reasons. One of the primary reasons is that your mic is damaged or is not connected correctly to your computer. Also, incorrect sound settings on your PC, including the default input audio device, can be another reason. Also, if your in-game voice chat settings in the Overwatch game are not configured correctly, you will face this problem.

If your voice chat feature is disabled in your chúng tôi account settings or parental controls, it can also cause this issue. Besides that, outdated or faulty microphone drivers often cause the microphone to malfunction on your computer. If you have enabled Exclusive Mode for your microphone, the voice chat feature might not work in Overwatch. Another reason for the same can be the corrupted chúng tôi app cache.

Now, if you can also not do voice chat in Overwatch on your computer, this post will interest you. Here, we will discuss multiple working fixes that should get voice chat work in Overwatch.

Overwatch Voice Chat not working on Windows PC

If voice chat is not working fine in Overwatch on your Windows PC, you can use the following solutions to fix the issue:

Check if voice chat is enabled in your privacy settings or if you are using parental controls.

Update or reinstall your microphone drivers.

Adjust in-game audio settings in Overwatch.

Make sure microphone access is enabled and the correct default input device is selected.

Delete the chúng tôi app cache.

If your device is working fine, you can use some other solution to resolve the problem.

2] Check if voice chat is enabled in your privacy settings or if you are using parental controls.

Besides that, if you have enabled Parental Control in chúng tôi make sure the voice chat feature is activated for the game.

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3] Update or reinstall your microphone drivers

To update your microphone driver in Windows 11/10, use the below instructions:

Firstly, open the Device Manager app from the Win+X shortcut menu.

After that, locate the Audio input and outputs category and expand it.

Next, follow the onscreen steps to complete the driver update process and let Windows update your microphone driver.

Finally, restart your computer and try using the voice chat function in Overwatch to check if the problem is resolved.

See: Your rendering device has been lost Overwatch error.

4] Adjust in-game audio settings in Overwatch

If you have tried the above solutions but the problem remains the same, it might be your in-game audio settings causing the issue. In case your in-game audio configurations are incorrect, the voice chat won’t work in Overwatch. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, change Overwatch’s in-game audio settings to fix the problem.

Here’s how:

Now, move to the Sound section and make sure all volumes are set to 100% or audible level.

Next, under the VOICE CHAT section, set both the GROUP VOICE CHAT and TEAM VOICE CHAT options to AUTO JOIN and select the correct device for the VOICE CHAT DEVICES option.

After that, set VOICE CHAT MODE to PUSH TO TALK and configure other voice chat settings correctly.

Once done, check if voice chat is working properly in Overwatch.

In case your in-game voice chat settings are correct but still you face this issue, you can use the next fix.

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5] Make sure microphone access is enabled and the correct default input device is selected

If an incorrect input audio device is set as default on your system. Sometimes, Windows is not automatically able to detect your recording device which it does ideally. So, if there are multiple input audio devices, you can manually set your primary microphone as default and then see if the problem is resolved. Additionally, if there are multiple devices listed that are not in use anymore, you can remove such audio devices and check if it helps.

Here are the steps to do that:

Now, select the Set as Default Device option from the appeared context menu.

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6] Delete the chúng tôi app cache

A corrupted app cache might cause issues in properly working certain features, including voice chat. So, if the scenario is applicable, you can follow the below steps to clear the chúng tôi app cache on Windows 11/10:

First, close the game, chúng tôi and other related tasks from Task Manager.

Now, press Win+R to open the Run command box and enter “%ProgramData%” in it.

Next, find the Blizzard Entertainment folder and delete it.

Finally, restart your PC and check if the issue is fixed.

See: Overwatch 2 Error: Sorry, we were unable to log you in.

Here’s how:

First, launch the Settings app using Win+I and go to the System tab.

From the appeared context menu, select the Properties option.

After that, move to the Advanced tab and untick the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device checkbox.

Hopefully, voice chat will work fine for you now in Overwatch now!

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Why isn’t my audio working on OverWatch?

If audio or sound is not working in the Overwatch game or you can’t hear anything, ensure the sound settings are correctly configured and your PC is not on mute. In addition, the correct default input and audio devices are chosen. Apart from that, check your in-game audio settings and ensure that the volume and other configurations are correct. Also, update your audio drivers to their latest version to fix the issue.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Computer: 4 Fixes To Use

Facebook Messenger not Working on Computer: 4 Fixes to Use A simple re-log in may fix the issue




Many Facebook Messenger users complained that the app doesn’t work on their desktops.

One of the most intuitive solutions is to log back into Facebook Messenger.

It would be best if you also tried clearing the cache and temporary data and checking the app.

Use a different web browser and disable add-ons by following our guide below.

Try Opera One, a browser with unlimited functionalities already integrated.

A remarkable browser like Opera One has maximum capabilities already underneath the hood.

Here’s what Opera One covers through default:

An incredible AI Service accessible directly in the sidebar

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages quicker

Modular browser, multithreaded, and intuitive tab navigation

Battery saver mode

⇒ Get Opera One

Many Facebook Messenger users have complained that Facebook Messenger is not working on their desktops, and they can’t use the video function or the microphone.

This is frustrating, especially if you want to use your PC quietly at your home office and easily communicate with your friends.

Don’t panic because you can apply a few simple workarounds right now. Read on to find out which solution works best for using Facebook Messenger on your desktop again.

Why is Facebook Messenger not working on PC?

There can be various reasons why Facebook Messenger may not work on your PC. Here are some of the common causes:

Internet connection issues – If the internet connection is slow or unstable, it can prevent Facebook Messenger from working correctly.

Outdated web browser – An outdated web browser can cause compatibility issues and prevent Facebook Messenger from functioning as expected.

Security settings – Sometimes, security settings on the PC can block Facebook Messenger from loading or functioning correctly.

Account-related issues – An issue with the user’s Facebook account may prevent Messenger from working correctly.

Server downtime – If Facebook’s servers are down or experiencing maintenance, Messenger may not work for anyone trying to access it.

Hardware issues – There could be issues with the PC hardware, such as a malfunctioning network adapter or insufficient RAM, affecting Messenger’s performance.

What can I do if Facebook Messenger is not working on my computer?

You can avoid the troubleshooting steps suggested in this article by opening Messenger on a different browser. We recommend the Opera One browser.

Additionally, this browser offers a free VPN for enhanced privacy and security, built-in messenger apps and snapshot feature, video pop-out, and battery saver feature of the box.

One of the most straightforward and intuitive solutions is to try logging out of the app and logging in again. So be sure to try it out now.

You can continue with the following method if the app still does not work on your desktop.

2. Clear cache and temporary data

Clearing the browser cache will help you resolve any issues due to corrupted data. However, if the problem persists, move to the next solution.

Also, if the Facebook Messenger video call is not working, you can quickly check out our helpful solutions and fix them.

3. Disable add-ons

Third-party programs, including browser extensions and add-ons, can sometimes interfere with other programs and apps and cause Facebook Messenger not to work on your PC.

You need to disable the add-ons and extensions one by one, checking after each one to see if the issue is still there.

4. Reinstall Messenger

The latest version of Facebook Messenger for desktops usually includes new features and fixes for known bugs, so installing it could be beneficial in this case.

Also, if the Facebook app is not working on Windows 10, you can look closer at our comprehensive guide and find the best solutions.

We hope our recommendations helped you fix the Facebook Messenger app, and you can now use it on your desktop.

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