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The MobileMe Mail beta is a preview of the new version of the mail web application. MobileMe Mail beta includes a completely new interface with a new widescreen view, improved performance, and powerful new features that make it easier to use than ever. Using the beta is completely voluntary and you can leave it at any time.

Widescreen and compact views

Rules to keep your email organized everywhere

Message formatting toolbar

Improved performance

Increased security with SSL

More information about new features is available here.

If you do not see the link then you already have requested an invitation. You will receive an email notification when you have been added to the beta and can start using it.

If you received an invitation, then you have already been added to the beta and you don’t need to take any further action. Simply sign into chúng tôi to begin using the MobileMe Mail beta.

Note: You will receive an email notification when you have been added to the beta and can start using it.

The MobileMe Mail beta is currently available in English.

Safari 4 (Mac and PC), Firefox 3.6 (Mac and PC), and Internet Explorer 8 (PC) are fully supported.

You don’t have to change any of your current settings on any of your devices. Your MobileMe Mail account will continue to work as expected in Mac OS X Mail, and on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. For help setting up your MobileMe account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, visit the MobileMe Setup instructions. 

No. New messages are pushed to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch automatically, and you’re notified when they arrive.

Only the user of the MobileMe account requesting the invitation will participate in the beta. Other Family Member accounts will be unaffected unless individual users also request to join the beta. 

Yes, but the rules you set up during the MobileMe Mail beta will be applied as messages come in to MobileMe, so they may override any rules you’ve set up in Mac OS X Mail. To avoid duplicate rules:

Then disable the duplicate rules on your Mac for a few days. Make sure you’re happy with the results. 

You may stop using the MobileMe Mail beta at any time during the beta. To leave, select “Leave the Mail Beta” from the action (gear) menu while logged in to MobileMe Mail.

If you would just like to opt out of the beta, select the action (gear) menu in the upper-right corner of the MobileMe Mail beta and choose “Leave the Mail Beta.”

Note: One-on-one Support is not available for the MobileMe Mail beta.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Action Mac PC

Print ?P Ctrl+P

Undo ?Z Ctrl+Z

Redo ??Z Ctrl+Shift+Z

Open selected message in new window Return Return

Scroll in selected message until bottom of message, then select next message Space Space

Delete selected message or folder ? Backspace

Select All Messages ?A Ctrl+A

Compose new message ??N Ctrl+Shift+N

Reply ??R Ctrl+Shift+R

Toggle between reply/reply all in Reply window ??R Ctrl+Shift+R

Save Draft ?S Ctrl+S

Increase font size when composing a message ?= Ctrl+=

Decrease font size when composing a message ?- Ctrl+-

Bold ?B Ctrl+B

Italic ?I Ctrl+I

Underline ?U Ctrl+U

Indent items in a list Tab Tab

Outdent items in a list Shift+Tab Shift+Tab

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Tvos 14 Release Dates: Final, Developer Beta, Public Beta

Apple’s iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur announcements at the WWDC 2023 event may have received most of the attention from media. However, the Cupertino-based company also showcased tvOS 14, the upcoming software version for their Apple TV line-up that adds some noteworthy features and improvements.

It’s understandable if you couldn’t find much information regarding tvOS on the internet, as it received relatively little spotlight during the WWDC event when compared to iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. If you own a compatible Apple TV, you have every reason to be excited about the update as it brings key features like picture-in-picture mode and the ability to finally play YouTube videos in 4K.

Interested in knowing when you can update your Apple TV to the latest software? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing here. Without further ado, let’s check out the release dates for the final version, developer and public beta builds of tvOS 14.

What is the tvOS 14 Release Date for Final Versions?

Don’t get your hopes up just yet, as we’re currently months away from the release of the final and stable version of tvOS 14. There’s no mention of an exact release date on Apple’s website although they did mention that it’s coming this fall during the WWDC Keynote event.

If previous years are any indicator, Apple rolls outs final versions of tvOS shortly after the iPhone announcement takes place annually in September. Hence, a late September release seems realistic for tvOS 14.

We’ll make sure to update you as we get further information regarding release dates from Apple, but for now, we just know that tvOS 14 is coming later this year. So, don’t expect to get your hands on the latest iteration of tvOS anytime soon unless you’re willing to try out the beta versions.

tvOS 14 Developer Beta is Available Now

Apple began rolling out the tvOS 14 developer beta update on the same day as the WWDC announcement, but if you aren’t aware of how a developer beta works, only developers who’re part of the Apple Developer Program will be able to access this early build.

Are you a registered Apple Developer? If that’s the case, you can get experimental and install tvOS 14 beta on your Apple TV right now. On the other hand, if you’re just a regular user, you still have the option to enroll in the Apple Developer Program which will set you back at an annual fee of $99. This not only gives you access to beta software from Apple, but also allows you to publish apps in the App Store.

Don’t want to spend almost a hundred dollars just to try out the beta? Well, you’re certainly not the only one thinking that. Thankfully, you have the choice to install the developer profile from third-party sources on to your device and get beta updates directly from Apple. If that’s not your thing, you can just wait for the public beta release instead.

tvOS 14 Public Beta Release Date

Apple has maintained a good track record of releasing the public beta of its software just a few weeks after the developer beta release and the tvOS is no exception in that regard. There’s no mention of a specific date upon checking Apple’s Beta software webpage, however. We’re all just welcomed to sign up for the beta with a “Coming Soon” message.

Taking into consideration that the developer beta of tvOS came out in the fourth week of June this year, we can realistically expect the tvOS 14 public beta to be rolled out around mid-July this time around.

Just like the developer beta build, tvOS 14 public beta will not be available to everyone who owns an Apple TV. To be eligible, you’ll need to be a part of the Apple Beta Software Program first. Therefore, if you don’t have the patience to wait for the final release in September, go ahead and enroll your device in the public beta from any device.

Fortunately, unlike the Developer Program, enrolling in the Beta Software Program is free of charge. This also gives you access to beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS, so if you own multiple Apple devices, this is a one-step process to access multiple beta builds that Apple has to offer for all their devices.

We’ve said this several times before, but it goes without saying that these beta versions are early experimental builds and could suffer from severe bugs and stability issues. Regardless of whether you’re using an Apple TV or an iPhone, we don’t recommend you to install these releases on your primary device.


Lenovo Vibe Shot Question Answer Faq

Display Size:5 Inch IPS LCD Display with 1920 x 1080p HD Resolution, 441 ppi

Processor:8 GH GHz octa core Snaodragon 615


Software Version:Android 5.1 lollipop

Camera:16 MP rear camera

Secondary Camera: 8 MP

Internal Storage: 32GB

External Storage: Expandable up to 128 GB

Battery:2900 mAh

Connectivity: 3G/4G LTE, HSPA+, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n, Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP, GPS,  Dual SIM

Lenovo Vibe Shot Hands on Review, Camera, Price, Features, Comparison and Overview at MWC 2024

Answer – Yes, Vibe Shot has Gorilla Glass 3 layered on the display.

Question – How is the Display on Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Question – How is the Design and Build Quality?

Answer – To make a phone feel like a camera, it has to first look like one. The Vibe Shot manages to do just the same, with a design that kind of resembles as a phone-camera crossover. The build quality is good, much like Lenovo’s other phones, and the Vibe Shot sports a aluminum frame with chamfered edges. Although, the shiny back panel acts as a fingerprint magnet. The phone looks premium and has a solid built.

Question – What is the SAR Value?

Question – Is there any heating issue in Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Answer – We haven’t experience any abnormal heating so far even after prolong photography sessions. With gaming, the handset tends to heat up but never gets unbearably hot.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Question – What size SIM card is supported?

Answer – Both SIM card slots accept micro SIM.

Question – Are the capacitive navigation keys backlit?

Question – Does it have LED notification light?

Answer – Yes, LED notification light is present.

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Question – How much is free RAM on first boot?

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer –  . The Vibe Shot uses a 16-megapixel rear camera, with BSI and an IR laser focus system as well as a triple LED flash for more natural looking photos in the dark. The front camera performs really well. Unfortunately, you’re not given a preview of some of the settings (mainly shutter speed and ISO) so you won’t have an idea what your shot will look like until you actually take it.

The 8 MP front camera produces decent images, the quality is not very unusual or extraordinary. Wide angle selfie mode available in the device is quite fun to use.

Answer – The camera UI is very basic in the auto mode but changes drastically when you switch to pro mode. The pro mode shows grids and the ISO, white balance, focus, aperture for manual adjustment. The UI is easy to use and offers a lot of photo modes to have fun with.

Question – How is the performance?

Question – How many sensors does Lenovo Vibe Shot have?

Answer – Lenovo Vibe Shot includes Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light sensors

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Question – How loud is Loudspeaker?

Answer – Loudspeaker loudness is average. Though speakers are on the bottom, it produces clear and crisp output.

Question – How is the battery backup?

Answer – During our initial testing we found the battery to be pretty good. The backup is satisfying if you are not an aggressive user. Although, the charging is a little slow.

Answer –Yes, option to double tap and wake the screen is available and works well.

Questions –Is there NFC on Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Answer – No NFC has not been included. One cited “most people don’t use it” as the reason for its omission.

Questions –Is the Pro-Mode really useful for manual photography?

It is not fully manual as it seems but it surely has a lot of features to play with.

Questions –Is 4G LTE supported in India?

Answer –Yes, 4G LTE will be supported in India.


Overall, the Lenovo Vibe shot specs are impressive and read more like a dedicated digital compact camera than a phone. But its phone capabilities are top-notch as well. The Vibe Shot is a sophisticated looking smartphone with a good camera to match.

Why Google Might Show Less Faq Rich Results

In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question about FAQ rich results showing up less in the search results (SERPs). Mueller explained why Google might show less FAQ rich results in the SERPs.

FAQ Rich Results

Rich Results are a type of search result that takes up extra space in the SERPs. Publishers who add an FAQ to their page and also mark up it up with structured data become eligible for showing in Google’s search results with these FAQs.

Example of FAQ Rich Result

Note how much space the rich results takes up. Each FAQ rich result can cause one or two search results to be pushed down to the second page of the SERPs.

Publisher Asks Why FAQ Rich Results are Missing

The person asking the question explained that Google stopped displaying their FAQs in the search results.

They tried troubleshooting the issue to find out what was wrong with their site.

The publisher tested the URLs in Google Search Console (GSC) as well as with the Google Rich Results tester tool.

Google’s own tools showed that there was nothing wrong with the website schema implementation.

Yet the FAQ rich results were gone from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The publisher wanted to know why Google was no longer showing the FAQ rich results in the SERPs.

John Mueller declined to offer an explanation specific to that publisher.

But he did give a general explanation as to why FAQ pages might have gone missing in the SERPs.

Mueller said:

“In general, if the markup is on the pages and is “findable” with the rich results test, then that’s what you should be aiming for.

With regards to FAQ markup in general, one of the things that I’ve noticed people talking about online is that we’re showing fewer of these in the search results.

And that’s something from my point of view, that’s kind of natural development, where we try to find the right balance between showing these everywhere and showing these for pages where it kind of makes more sense.

And that’s something that generally doesn’t have any kind of effect from the markup that you have on the pages themselves.

It’s really more that suddenly everyone has added FAQ markup to their pages and we can’t show every search result with FAQ markup.

So we have to kind of fine tune which ones, which queries, which pages we would be showing the FAQ rich results type for.”

Why Google is Showing Less FAQ Rich Results

According Mueller, there were so many FAQ markup pages that Google decided that they couldn’t automatically show all of them.

Although he didn’t say it, the implication is that too many FAQ rich results may have impacted the user experience, since FAQ rich results tend to shrink how many pages are shown in the SERPs. So instead of ten results, it could be that only eight or less pages are shown in the search results because of the FAQ rich results.

The other notable insight is that adding structured data necessary for a rich result does not automatically entitle that page to a rich result. This is true at least for the FAQ rich results.

John Mueller referenced showing FAQ pages where it makes sense as a possible explanation of why Google appears to be showing less of these kinds of rich results.

He didn’t indicate what kind of queries Google might consider as making sense for showing FAQ rich results.

Watch the Webmaster Central question and answer here:

When Does The Fifa 23 Beta End?

When does the FIFA 23 Beta end?

The beta has now ended.

The FIFA 23 beta has officially ended, now if you wish to play the game you will have to wait for its release.

FIFA 23 has been announced and is set to release on the 30th of September.

This year, the beta ran from the 11th of August until the 1st of September for those who are lucky enough to be sent a code. Meaning the beta itself ended at 6:00pm BST, on the 1st of September.

Codes have been sent to selected FIFA players in the US and UK who opted in to receive EA emails with EA accounts already linked, this was the same as last year.

Unfortunately the new player ratings are not part of the beta, just gameplay changes. This means we will have to wait just a little longer to find out who is the highest rated player in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Beta – what you need to know

The FIFA 23 Closed Beta began on the 11th of August with players first receiving codes on the 10th, however they’re still sending codes out.

Last year, despite the beta starting on Friday, August 13, a second wave of invites were sent out on Wednesday, August 25.

However, there has been no official confirmation of a second wave just yet from EA, and now that we are so close to the end its safe to say we won’t see anymore codes.

How to get a FIFA 23 Beta code

If you opted in to get EA emails and have been chosen to participate in the FIFA 23 Closed Beta, you will be emailed a code to play, if you’re lucky.

We think selected FIFA players in the US and the UK who have opted in to get EA emails to the email address that’s linked to their EA Account have the best chance of participating.

To opt in, go to your EA Account Email Preferences and check the box.

If you’ve changed your email address or no longer have access to the one you used to create your account, swap emails from one account to another.

If you can’t remember which email address you’re using for your EA Account, use this article for help finding it.

You can also add a secondary email address to your account. This helps you reset your password if you’re locked out of your EA Account and primary email address. You can find the Secondary Email section at the bottom of the Security tab

When does the FIFA 23 Beta end?

The FIFA 23 Beta should last for around 21 days, so we expect it to end on 1st of September as stated by EA. Sometimes Beta’s are extended, but it seems unlikely this time around.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 Beta codes?

No, you cannot transfer beta codes.

If you receive a FIFA 23 beta code, it is tied to your EA account and cannot be shared with friends.

READ MORE: FIFA 23 pre order bonuses

Will there be a FIFA 23 open Beta?

Right now, the FIFA 23 beta has ended. So, we do not expect there to be an open beta.

If you didn’t get access to the Beta then the only way you’ll be able to play it early will be through EA Play or by ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game.

What would happen to my FIFA 23 Beta progress?

FIFA Beta progress will not carry over to the full game.

However, there FIFA 22 Pre Season has kicked off – and allows you to earn rewards and player packs which can be used in both FIFA 22 an FIFA 23. You can read all about FIFA 22 Pre Season right here

How To Download Macos Sonoma Developer Beta 3

Things to know before downloading macOS 14 Sonoma developer beta:

Make sure to back up your Mac before installing macOS Sonoma.

We recommend downloading and installing the macOS 14 Sonoma developer beta updates on a partition to keep your data safe.

The wait is finally over. Apple has unleashed its latest operating system, macOS Sonoma. Brimming with a plethora of exciting features and enhancements, this new iteration of the Mac operating system promises to redefine the way you interact with your Mac. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the allure of macOS 14 is undeniable.

If you want to explore the new features and get hands-on experience with the next generation of macOS, here’s how you can download and install the macOS Sonoma developer beta 3 on your Mac.

What’s new in macOS Sonoma beta?

Screen Saver: With the introduction of Screen Saver on Mac, you can now enjoy the fantastic moving images displayed on your Mac’s screen when it’s not in use.

Desktop Widgets: You can now add widgets to your Mac screen, access your iPhone’s widgets on Mac, change the positions of those widgets, and more.

Presenter Overlay: The new macOS Sonoma also adds a special feature for presenters and allows you to have more people on the call if you frequently use video conferencing.

News features for Messages app: On your Mac, You can now easily find specific messages using search filters, catch up on conversations you might have missed, and reply to messages by swiping. Additionally, one of the most exciting features is that you can organize all your stickers in one place.

PDFs and Notes: There are also special features for working with PDFs and Notes, improvements to the Safari web browser, better autocorrect on the keyboard, enhanced gaming experience on your Mac, and improved privacy and security.

To put it briefly, the macOS Sonoma update adds a tonne of awesome new features and enhancements to your Mac that will enhance your experience.

macOS Sonoma compatible Mac list

MacBook Air – 2023 or later

MacBook Pro – 2023 or later

iMac – 2023 or later

iMac Pro – 2023

Mac mini – 2023 or later

Mac Studio – 2023

Mac Pro – 2023 or later

How to back up your Mac

Are you eager to explore macOS 14 beta’s exciting new features but concerned for your Mac’s security? Prioritizing data security is essential before enjoying the latest macOS features. To guard against any potential data loss, backing up your Mac is a crucial precaution. To quickly create a backup of your Mac, adhere to the instructions listed below.

However, if you find the aforementioned method too complex, we have an alternative solution for you. Feel free to explore our article, which provides simpler alternatives to back up your Mac effectively.

How to download macOS Sonoma developer beta 3 on Mac

Go to chúng tôi in Safari on your Mac and navigate to the Discover tab.

If prompted, log in using your developer account credentials.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the macOS developer beta 3.

Note: If you don’t see an update window, restart your computer and revisit the Software update section.

How to install macOS Sonoma developer beta 3

After securing a backup of your data and successfully adding the beta profile, it is now time to proceed with the installation of the macOS 14 developer beta 3. Upon initiating the beta installer, a prompt window will appear, requesting you to begin the installation process.

Macs running Ventura 13.3 or earlier

Select the option to Agree with Apple’s Terms and Conditions.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the macOS Sonoma installation.

Macs running Ventura 13.4 or later

You can conveniently download and install beta updates starting with macOS 13.4 Ventura without going to a developer portal. Follow the steps outlined below.

Note: To download the macOS Sonoma Public Beta, follow steps 1-4 as mentioned above and choose macOS Sonoma Public Beta from the options available.

Install macOS 14 Sonoma developer beta 3 on a partition

A software’s beta version is subject to bugs or other problems, as I already mentioned above. Therefore, it is a good option to install the beta on a secondary device or create a partition in Mac’s storage to protect your data.

Read our article to learn more about how to create a partition on your Mac if you don’t already have one. Additionally, use the above-illustrated steps to download the developer beta as well.

From the installation window, select Continue after the download is finished.

Press Show All Disks and select the partition you want.

Here, you have the option of choosing a clean installation and starting from scratch or using the installation helper to transfer current OS data.

Getting started with macOS Sonoma developer beta 3 on Mac

Your Mac will restart with the most recent version of macOS Sonoma after the installation is complete. You must first complete a few tasks before you can start exploring the new operating system.

Select Continue.

Sign in with your Apple ID and Password, and let iCloud sync your data and other information.

Maybe this is all you need!

The most recent version of macOS will now be installed on your Mac. Keep in mind to flaunt it with pride and send us screenshots via our Twitter or Instagram pages.

You can go back to macOS Ventura and wait for the stable release if you don’t like the most recent macOS Sonoma or are having problems with the beta version.

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