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When you use Windows to connect to the Internet, it is the Network Adapter and the corresponding hardware network chips that are your primary supporters in getting you online. At times, we come around with various kinds of network-related issues, such as limited WiFi problems, outdated drivers, network loss when Windows wakes up from sleep and so on. To troubleshoot and fix your Network & Internet connection problems, there is a free tool called NetAdapter Repair that can help you.

NetAdapter Repair will fix Network problems on Windows PC

NetAdapter Repair All In One is a free tool that can help you troubleshoot and repair problems with Windows networking adapters. It is specially designed to tackle your network woes and provide you with trouble-free access to net surfing. We tested this open-source software on Windows 10 and it fixed out the network problem on that machine smartly.

As you can see in the above screenshot, it offers many options to diagnose network and connectivity problems. With NetAdapter Repair, you can:

2. Reload NetBIOS and can easily reset Internet Options to default.

3. Clear Static IP Settings, route table and host’s file are not a big deal for this utility

4. Renew and release DHCP address and change to Google DNS for all adapters.

5. With Advanced Repair, which is the most important part of this software, you can resolve almost many networking problems at once. You can repair WinSock/TCP, clear Proxy/VPN settings and repair Window Firewall.

When you use the Advanced Repair option, many settings are changed by this software which helps you to resolve multiple issues. Hence a reboot is a must after it.

Here is a list of its features:

Release and Renew DHCP Address

Clear Host File

Clear Static IP Settings (enable DHCP)

Change to Google DNS

Flush DNS Cache

Clear ARP/Route Table (Restart Needed to Complete the Reset Process)

NetBIOS Reload and Release

Internet Options – Clear SSL State

Enable LAN Adapters

Enable Wireless Adapters

Reset Internet Options Security/Privacy

Set Network Windows Services Default (Restart Needed to Complete Repair)

Host File View Option

Automatic Restart Timer for the Restart Prompts (60 Seconds)

When you clear the host file a backup of it will be saved to the log file

Clear Static IP Settings and Change to Google DNS this can be applied to one adapter specifically or all network adapters

Ability to select multiple instances to run at once with Run All Selected

Computer Local hostname

Local Private IP Address

Current MAC Address

Default Gateway

DNS Servers

DHCP Server

Subnet Mask

Refresh Button

Ability to Select Another Network Adapter

Spoofing for the Current MAC Address

Ping Public IP Addresses (Google and Cloudflare)

Ping Public DNS Addresses (Google and Cloudflare)

Program Output to Logs (Will Display OS, Repairs/Options Run, Processes Loaded, Failed or Succeeded Repairs, etc.)

Program Log File Will Be Created in Same Directory where you have Run the Program (Will Have OS, Repairs/Options Run, Processes Loaded, Failed or Succeeded Repairs, etc.)

ipconfig output will automatically save to the log file

Active Network Adapter Traffic Monitor with Total and Active Traffic

Ability to Clear the Program Output Log and Traffic Monitor (This Will Not Clear the Program LogFile)

You can download it from Github. Since this is a third-party tool, we recommend you create a System Restore Point first before using it.

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Internet Memes And How They Can Help Your Online Marketing

As web marketers, we’re generally expected to have a firm understanding of the web and how it works. While we may not know everything there is to it, it’s definitely a good idea to familiarize ourselves with as much of it as possible lest we lose credibility from  our clients and peers. One of those areas which I feel web marketers should spend more time on is the use of well known internet memes, specifically the ones with repeatedly-used photos and captions such as Advice Animals. In my opinion, there’s nothing more embarrassing for web marketers than incorrectly using memes. I have unfortunately seen this type of meme misused too many times.

Though I’m certainly not claiming to be THE expert with the use of internet memes, I know a thing or two after spending countless hours on Reddit and Imgur. Being on those sites have also shown me how damaging it can be to erroneously use them. While the consequences of doing so for most users would only affect one’s karma and/or reputation, in addition to one’s inbox, the consequences could be much more severe for businesses. To help you avoid this pitfall, here’s a quick look at some of them and how you can properly use them should you wish to.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Good Guy Greg

Scumbag Steve

As the antithesis of Good Guy Greg, Scumbag Steve is used by users to vent their frustrations regarding the acts of someone else, whether it be to them or others. The top caption usually depicts an observation made by the person while the bottom caption explains the course of action taken. On a side note, I hope that none of you are the “scumbag” referenced above.

What You Can Learn from Them

Even if you don’t have any clients who would be keen on using such content on their social media accounts or their website, you can still learn a lot about from how these Advice Animals work and why they can work so well and apply them to various areas of web marketing.

In order to get your main point across, it’s important to keep things as short as possible without damaging the quality, especially since people’s attention spans are getting shorter. Doing so also allows you to ensure that they get the main message.

Unless the industry is one where you have to be formal, such as law and finance, remember that you’re probably communicating to someone browsing on their couch after work or at a coffee shop waiting for their name to be called out. Get in their mindset so you can communicate with them and not communicate at them.

New may not always be better, but for this, it’s much better. In addition to SEO reasons, you shouldn’t repost content. While you might be able to get away with it with a few, it could come back and bite you and cause you more problems than coming up with original content. People will notice, and it won’t look good for you, your site, or your inbox.

Happy meme making!

Now Your Emotions Will Help Spotify To Suggest Songs For You

Now Your Emotions Will Help Spotify to Suggest Songs For You

Spotify introduces constant updates, new changes, & new additions every day to keep you feeling excited & related to the app. Recently, Spotify came up with another superb update that shocked all the users of the audio streaming platform. We all have heard about those music categories where you will find songs for every mood (from calm to rock and sad to happiness).

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Spotify Will Suggest Songs Based on Your Emotions

Sometimes, efforts take too much time to get converted into an output but for all that it took, it’s worth it in the end. Spotify went through the same situation when it filed for the Patent in 2023, however, the dream became reality in January 2023. Yeah!! The Speech recognition technology has been granted to Spotify in mid-January to provide better services to users.

Spotify has successfully patented the technology which allows the platform to analyze a user’s voice to suggest songs based on his/her “emotional state, gender, age, or accent“. So if you think that you aren’t able to decide songs according to what you are feeling, put that burden on Spotify now. Spotify will take care of all those things and break down the category of songs into a precise one to correlate with your mood.

How this would work is that there would be two technical aspects working together at the same time to provide better services. On one side, it will be the speech recognition technology that would get all the info about general details including gender and age. Wherein on the other side, the contextual cues will help you get info about the users’ mood if they are happy, sad, or angry. It’s quite evident that only this much info isn’t enough to narrow down the music for you (based on your emotions). However, the combination of the above-mentioned info along with your already-played-songs will give more insight to Spotify to serve users in a better way.

As per the filed & granted patent, “A more basic approach might simply categorize [a user’s] emotion into happy, angry, afraid, sad or neutra. Prosaic information (e.g. intonation, stress, rhythm, and the like of units of speech) can be combined and integrated with acoustic information within a hidden Markov model architecture, which allows one to make observations at a rate appropriate for the phenomena to be modeled.”

What Does Spotify Say About This Update?

Users from all over the world are going gaga over the fact that Spotify is updating the speech recognition technology on the platform. Where this will simplify the whole which-song-should-I-play-now dilemma, many users are concerned about privacy as well.

“It is common for a media streaming application to include features that provide personalized media recommendations to a user,” Spotify said in a statement.

“We recognize that one’s digital history is extraordinarily personal and sensitive”. “As such it must be treated with proper consideration of the conceivable misuses… from its access. We disavow any future research or applications that violate ethical standards of data usage and are not transparent about privacy to its users.”

Spotify: Music: Emotions: Suggestion

Spotify has created a patent for speech recognition technology that will allow it to offer you songs according to your emotions. Not only you, but all of us are also pretty excited to use this feature on our devices. Emotional recognition like anger, sadness, happiness, or neutral phase, everything will be captured by an audio streaming platform to serve you better. So I think the whole confusion of “which song should I play next” will be over finally as it will cover everything from loneliness to partying.

Having said that, many users have had their reservations about the security aspect as well. On this note, the company has made it quite clear that the user’s personal & sensitive info wouldn’t be misused for any other purposes.

So I think it’s a win-win situation for all of us who take a lot of time to choose the music track we want to play. Now everything will be decided by Spotify only unless we would want to listen to something particular.

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Windows 10 Build 14951 Fails To Install, Causes Internet Problems, And More

Windows 10 Build 14951 fails to install, causes internet problems, and more




Another week, another build for Windows 10 Preview. This time, Microsoft pushed build 14951 to Insiders on both PC and Mobile. The new build brought a handful of improvements for various Windows 10 features, and fixed some of the known issues from the previous builds.

However, build 14951 also caused some problems of its own to users who installed. Microsoft already warned us about some potential problems in the build announcement article, but as usual, that’s not enough. In reality, there are many more issues bugging Insiders, than just those that Microsoft listed under ‘Known Issues.’

So, we wandered around Microsoft’s forums, in order to find problems reported by actual users, and we found a lot of them. In this article, we’re going to tell you about these problems, and try to solve at least some of them.

Windows 10 Preview build 14951 reported issues

It’s a tradition here at Windows Report to start our report articles with installation issues. Well, users have experience all sorts of installation problems when trying to install build 14951. Some of them reported installation fails, some reported stuck installation, while the build haven’t even show up for some users.

Here’s what Insiders said on the forums:

“Hi, windows updates is not showing nor downloading any windows 10 build 14951 for me. I tried to do it last night but wasent showing it so I decided to wait till today to try again and it is still not showing. Please could I have help to fix the problem?”

“I found the computer locked with 73% installed for 2 hours. I then did a manual restart and now the computer will not update.”

Reportedly, the problem is already acknowledged by Microsoft, and we hope the company will fix it with the upcoming release. Until then, you can try resetting Windows Update, disabling your third-party antivirus program, or even skipping this one.

All these problems occurred on Windows 10 PCs, however, it looks like the same issue is present on Mobile, as well. Microsoft also acknowledged the problem immediately, and promised a solution to arrive soon. Here’s what Microsoft’s Jason [MS] said on the forums:

“We’ve just launched build 14951 to the Fast ring today and we’re seeing reports from users staying their device is not progressing past “0% downloading” on the update screen. 

We encourage Windows Insiders to file feedback or upvote feedback from others.  We’ve started digging through the logs we have already received to investigate the issue.

Stay tuned to this thread for additional details. We’ll post updates as information becomes available.

Now that we told you everything you need to know about Windows 10 Preview build 14951 installation issues, let’s see what bothers users who actually managed to get the new build installed.

One Insider reported on the forums that he’s unable to connect to internet in build 14951, regardless of the browser.

“The new build 14951 has the same problems as 14942/14946 : intermittent internet, many sites dont load up, if they did its garbage, bad full screen performance in games, bad video playback, etc. Once I roll back to 14936 , everything is fine.”

Expert tip:

Issues with Windows 10 Enterprise mode are not so common in Windows 10 Insider program. However, we saw one in build 14951. One user reported that the latest three Preview builds broke DirectAccess. Here’s what he said about this issue:

“The last three Insider builds has broken DirectAccess.  I know that it is all functional on the server side, but I am unable to connect to any resources.  I cannot ping by name any resources on our network.  It has been forcing me to revert to prior builds until this gets fixed.  Anyone else having this issue?”

Other forum users have suggested some solution, but apparently, none of them worked. We also don’t have a proper workaround for this problem, so admins facing the issues with DirectAccess will probably have to wait for another build.

Another user have experienced problems with removing SD card from his SD card slot. Here’s what he said on the forums:

“there is system crash in ejecting sd card slot in preview build 14951…this issue did not fix in build 14951 … i experienced this issue in build 14946 … reported in feedback hub…is there any solution from the help community?…”

Now, let’s talk about problems that bugs Insiders on Mobile devices. Besides above-mentioned installation issues, there are a few more problems that deserve to be in our report article.

The first problem is the issue with display, which reportedly won’t time out for some users. Here’s what one user reported on the forums:

“Updated my Lumia 950 from latest production software yesterday, now after 10 hours of use i find out that screen won’t time-out and is still on. When i power screen off via power button then it doesn’t show glance, it’s turned off of course, but the problem is when i power the screen on again – it skips the lockscreen and shows start immediately, which means no Iris scanning, no PIN request, just open my phone to anyone.”  

And finally, one user reported that he’s unable to download a new keyboard language pack on his Windows 10 Mobile device:

“After update to 14951 from RS1 14393.321 I tryed to download additional language keyboard. Same situation started as in 14946 – download stop on 0%, doesn´t continue. So I think there is problem with additional languages download”

Just like it was the case with the majority of problems reported here, other Insiders remained silent about this issue on the forums.

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Why Mahalo Will Fail And The Problems With General Search

Jason Calacanis talked at Gnomdex 7 in September 2007 about the days on the internet when only a handful new site appeared on the web every day and could be announced via an email newsletter and checked out by everybody every day.

Yes, everything is nice and clean, if it is small, non-mainstream and not commercially exploited. It is also easier to manage, organize and to know each other. If you can list everything there is on one page or even a few pages, you don’t get problems. The page evolved to a directory with more and more categories. The directory was called Yahoo! and it worked fine for a long time until the growth of the internet was faster than it was possible to keep up with it and list everything in a directory. It also became harder and harder to find anything that you are looking for as a user in this giant directory with hundred thousand and more listings. The Dmoz directory was able to keep up for a while due to its open nature and vast number of volunteer editors, but even that was not enough at some point in time anymore.

Full text and crawler based search engines became more important while the internet grew and grew. Those search engines were not edited by humans anymore. Algorithms replaced editors and enabled at the same time manipulation and cheating.

A full text search engine is like a web directory with millions of top level categories. Each search term is like its own category in a web directory. While it “has” incredible many categories, which are easily accessible, if you know about them, are they also very limiting at the same time. You cannot browse them and they are not structured like the hierarchical categories of a classic web directory. Unlike a classic web directory, a typical search engine result page does only have 10 entries. Web directories might have 1-50 or more entries for a category and show all of them on one page. People who had sites listed in very popular categories knew that a higher listing towards the top is better than a listing towards the end. Web directories often sort the entries for a category simply alphabetically, site names that started with “A” and later even with a number became very popular and the favorite practice to “skew” directory listings.

Directories started to experiment with ranking entries based on quality rather than just alphabetically but full text search engines really made this aspect part of the core of their business. Early means of qualify sites were some forms of rating mechanisms. It became clear quickly that it is very hard to implement a rating mechanism that is hard to manipulate by people who try to trick the system to get their stuff ranked higher artificially. Financial incentives of doing so were and are to this day a strong motivator to attempt tricking any of such systems.

Modern crawler based search engines continue to try to rank results based on quality, even though the mechanisms used to “rate” the quality of listings became much more complicated over the years. It became more complicated to make it harder for people to manipulate the rating results. The incentive for attempting to manipulate rankings increases over time as more and more people go online and use the Internet and search engines as the means to find stuff.

It does also get harder for legit and honest content producers to rank in those results where they should at the same time. Also more quality content becomes available that fit each of those millions of “categories” or search result pages. Short, easy to remember and widely used “categories” are getting more and more crowded. The number of listings for each of those categories remained only 10 though.

There are no “sub categories” in modern search engines that allow users to drill down further into the details the current category, although search engines started to experiment with “suggestion” features that serve a similar purpose.

Add to that the fact that modern day search engine ranking algorithms are using a large number of factors for their ranking score, which are for the most part still dumb, technical and artificial (even though their purpose is to emulate intelligent human behavior). The more factors a webmaster ignores, the lower his ranking score will be, factors that do not have anything to do with the quality of the actual content itself, but how it was published on the internet.

White hat and legit search engine optimization is about making sure that those technical factors are being met properly to allow the content itself rank well where it deserves to rank. Of course can this be taken further to manipulate factors artificially to increase ranking of content that does not deserve it. The more artificial manipulation is done, the more questionable it gets and the pure and legitimate optimization turns from white hat over gray hat to what is called black hat SEO.

The epitome of black hat SEO is to get worthless content that is garbage and of no use to anybody rank high in categories that are already crowded enough with good content. It is also called spam.

Declaring SEO as a whole to spam and say that it only is an unethical method used to skew search engine results is not only wrong, but also irresponsible, because it causes people to believe that they will rank in search engines appropriately where they should with their content, regardless how they publish the content on the web and what else they are doing with it. This is bulls* as it is to say that SEO is bulls* as well.

The problem with SEO is that there are no defined lines between what is good and ethical, questionable and flat out bad and selfish. The search marketing industry failed so far to establish rules that define good practices and outlaw bad practices to allow players who play by the rules to distance themselves from unethical business practices. This lack of self regulation hurts the industry as a whole and might even more hurts if the government steps in to define the rules for everybody based on their limited (and often wrong) understanding of the realities in this business. Direct marketers for example were so full of themselves and unable to do something on their own that the government stepped in to force the CAN-SPAN act upon them. The idea was to reduce email spam, which is to a large degree caused by unethical direct marketers. It failed miserably, because the government did not know better. The spam was not reduced, but the regulation caused a lot of issues for legitimate direct marketers who uphold ethical business practices.

Affiliate marketing has the same issue, probably even worse than it is for search engine marketers. This does not make affiliate marketing BS, nor useless nor every affiliate marketer a selfish, spamming and Internet polluting piece of useless faeces how Jason Calacanis was basically summarizing the industry during his keynote at Affiliate Summit a few days ago.

Jason, your Mahalo project will not solve the problems. You cannot be comprehensive, up to date and free of manipulation and skewing at the same time. You might at the beginning while everything is small and limited in size, but it will change more and more while you grow and diversify. You cannot remain clean and complete at the same time. I made recommendations for some niche subjects at Mahalo where no content exists today, which was not reviewed yet. Some of it was recommended over 50 days ago, but is fortunately timeless content and not related to current events. What do you think will happen if your project multiplied in size over the coming months and years? It will only get worse.

Nobody did figure out a solution for the problems that come with general search and I don’t even know if there is a solution for it at all. I personally believe that the future will be specialized search and segmentation. General search will change and become the means to find those specialized search engines and segments. Those specialized search engines will be embedded in highly specialized social communities and be maintained by members of that community to ensure the highest possible relevance of results within that particular niche. Some niches will do a better job than others and multiple competing communities will thrive to make their results better than their competitors and improve the quality of the results by doing so, naturally.

The amount of fragmentation will be different from subject to subject and be determined by the size of community that identifies itself with that specific subject. It will be a very dynamic space, which makes it important that general search engines will do a good job in identifying those groups early and accurately. Since the volume of content to review and rank in each of those individual engines (including the general ones) will be limited to a manageable size (or breaks up into multiple more, if it grows too large), quality can be controlled and kept high, while skewing it will be virtually impossible (unless the whole community is skewed as a whole).


Carsten Cumbrowski

Fixed – Windows 10 Could Not Reconnect All Network Drives

Fixed – Windows 10 Could Not Reconnect All Network Drives

A network drive or a mapped drive is a storage device present on the Local Area Network present within home or business. It could be located on a NAS (Network-attached storage) or a server. It mostly appears with locally installed drives. However, with network drives, users can be given permissions to edit, copy, delete, and even upload data.

Why Windows 10 Could Not Reconnect All Network Drives At Boot Up?

If the problem is persistent, here are some measures you can undertake to resolve the issue.

Ways To Fix Windows Could Not Reconnect All Network Drives – 1. Using The Group Editor Policy

1. Open the run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys

2. Type chúng tôi

4. Enable Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

6. Restart the computer

2. Disconnect The Drive

3. Select Disconnect network drive

3. Use Command Prompt and Powershell Scripts At The Start-Up

If the above methods don’t seem to work, you can run scripts at the startup which would further help you map drives. Here we will give you scripts for both the Command Prompt as well as the Powershell.

Also Read: Difference Between PowerShell & CMD in Windows 10

Note: You must have an active network connection when following the steps mentioned below –

Command Prompt

1. Open a Notepad

2. Copy and paste the following script

3. Name this file as cmd and save it to any desired location


1. Open another Notepad

2. Copy and paste the following script




 foreach( $MappedDrive in $MappedDrives)


try {

New-SmbMapping -LocalPath $MappedDrive.LocalPath -RemotePath $MappedDrive.RemotePath -Persistent $True

} catch {

Write-Host "There was an error mapping $MappedDrive.RemotePath to $MappedDrive.LocalPath"



    $i = $i - 1

    if($error.Count -eq 0 -Or $i -eq 0) {break}

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 30


3. Save the script as MapDrives.ps1. It is essential that you use this name.

After you have created the scripts, head to your StartUp folder and follow the steps mentioned below –

4. Navigate to %ProgramData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp

5. Copy and paste the cmd script in this folder

6. Now head to your system drive and create another folder by the name Scripts

7. In this folder paste the Powershell script

8. Reboot your computer

9. You should now be able to see your mapped drives with no hassles.

4. Use The Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler is an alternative if you don’t want to use the StartUp folder. As the name suggests, Task Schedular lets you run and execute the scripts. Here are the steps using which you will be able to use the Task Scheduler to resolve the “Could not reconnect all network drives” in Windows –

3. By default, you will enter the General tab. Here enter the name of the task such as mapping network drive script

5. Check the Run with highest privileges

9. Choose Start a program from the Action drop-down and then choose Powershell.exe

10. Enter the following command in the box –

11. In Start in enter the following location to enter the location of the PowerShell script


13. Now, go to the Conditions tab and make sure that  Start only if the following network connection is available is checked

14. From the dropdown select Any connection

5. Disable The Appropriate Option At The Start-Up Using The Registry Editor

At the outset, we’d like to emphasize that it is always a good practice to create a backup of registries before making any modifications to them. With the backup handy even if something goes wrong, you can restore your existing registries and avoid any mishaps. With that out of the way let’s see how we can resolve the “Could not reconnect all network drives” in Windows using the registry editor –

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys

2. Type Regedit

3. Navigate to the below-mentioned path –


5. Save the changes and close the editor

6. Reboot your system

Wrapping Up

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