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Internet censorship is nothing but, control over the website and content about what can be viewed, accessed or published over the internet. Sometimes, these regulations are implemented by organizations, areas or even countries. If you own a website, it is important for you to know where your content gets published and where it is restricted across the globe. This is where OONI will help you. OONI stands for the Open Observatory of Network Interference and it’s a project from TOR.

Tor Project has several apps and tools under its belt. It also has its own Tor Browser. OONI is yet another useful project from Tor, which has helped many to know whether their online presence is restricted anywhere.

What is OONI and how does it work

OONI is free software and a global observation network for detecting censorship, surveillance, and traffic manipulation on the internet. OONI works through the Ooni Explorer. This explorer has been functioning since the year 2012.

To know about Internet censorship, OONI scans TCP, DNS, HTTP and TLS connections for tempering.

This software by Tor Project develops free software tests designed to examine the following:

Blocking of websites

Blocking of instant messaging apps

Blocking of Tor and other circumvention tools

Detection of systems that could be responsible for censorship and/or surveillance

To determine the above facts, OONI has its own testing methodology. It is able to find out a lot of data using following tests:

Which websites are blocked?

Which Instant Messaging Apps are blocked?

Which censorship technologies are in my network?

Is Tor blocked?

Are proxies blocked?

What is the speed and performance of my network?

Under each test, there are a number of sub-tests. For example, under the first test; i.e. ‘Which websites are blocked?’ OONI performs four more sub-tests. These are as follows:

Web connectivity: This test examines whether websites are reachable. If they are not, OONI attempts to determine whether access to them is blocked through DNS tampering, TCP connection RST/IP blocking or by a transparent HTTP proxy. This test performs:

Resolver identification

DNS lookup

TCP connect

HTTP GET request

DNS consistency: This test compares the DNS query results from a DNS resolver which is considered to be reliable with one that is tested for tampering.

HTTP Host: This test attempts to:

Examine whether the domain names of websites are blocked

Detect the presence of “middle boxes” (Middle Boxes is the software which could be used for censorship and/or traffic manipulation) in tested networks

Assess which censorship circumvention techniques can bypass the censorship implemented by the “middle box”

HTTP Requests: This test tries to detect online censorship based on a comparison of HTTP requests over Tor and over the network of the user.

The results by OONI Explorer look as follows:

Since these results are published publicly, it increases the transparency of internet censorship and network interference around the world.

Similar to above, each of the tests from OONI Explorer consists of at least one sub-test. You can check out the list of tests here. Know more about OONI from Tor Project from its official website.

The Ooniprobe mobile app

Tor Project has also created an app for determining Internet Censorship and named it Ooniprobe mobile app. This app can be installed on iOS and Android devices and then, network performance and Internet censorship can be tested for your websites.

The Ooniprobe mobile app runs a series of tests with the help of which, you can monitor:

Blocking of websites

Presence of systems that could be responsible for censorship or surveillance

Speed and performance of your network

Know more about the Ooniprobe Mobile App from its official website.

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Fix Grammarly Error: No Document Is Open Or Detected

Fix Grammarly error: No document is open or detected




Grammarly offers tremendous help with grammar and spellchecking using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

You can have your Office documents scanned via the Grammarly Addin which needs to be installed for all users. In case of error, read on to find out how to fix this.

This article and many other similar about this great tool can be found in the Grammarly section of our website.

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No document is open or your document could not be detected [Grammarly error]

Grammarly is such a great service for both professionals and students. It’s the most popular proofreading tool and it’s both functional and educational. It comes in various add-on options and clients, for browsers and desktops. But, users can use it in Office, as well, to help with proofreading and grammar in Word and Outlook. And that’s where some of them run into a problem. For no apparent reason, Grammarly couldn’t access a document and prompted users with the “No document is open or your document could not be detected.” error.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that. We enlisted some solutions to move onward through the list.

How to fix “No document” error in Grammarly for Microsoft Office/Outlook 1: Update Office

The first step we can suggest is to update your version of Word or Outlook to the latest version. Due to a lack of adequate support, Grammarly supports only Office suits from 2024 till this day. If you run an older iteration of Office suite, Grammarly probably won’t work on it.

The updates for Office are administered through the Windows Update so navigate to Update settings and check for updates. In addition. After you’ve got the latest version, try opening the said document and look for changes.

2: Make sure that add-in is enabled

Due to a certain policy, especially in Office 365, some add-ins might get disabled. This, of course, applies to Grammarly, as well. In order for the add-in to work, you’ll need to double-check the Add-ins list and confirm that Grammarly is not on the “Disabled” list.

Follow these steps to do so:

3: Disable antivirus

In some cases, a third-party antivirus will block Grammarly to prevent it from communicating with its servers. We can’t say with certainty whether this is the case or not, but it won’t cost you a thing to try and disable the antivirus temporarily. If that seems to be the cause of the problem, you can always whitelist Grammarly or temporarily disable the antivirus while working in Word or Outlook.

If you’re using Windows Defender, here’s how to disable it:

4: Disable additional add-ins

Some other add-ins in Word or Outlook might conflict with Grammarly so we suggest disabling them. At least, similar tools or the ones you recently installed. You can try with the system of elimination and remove add-ins one by one until you determine the culprit.

5: Reinstall the add-in

Reinstalling the add-in is another solution we can offer. The problem mostly occurs due to changes made to Office via Windows Update. This led lots of users to various errors, including the one we’re trying to address today. After you reinstall the add-in, the problem should be resolved.

Follow these steps to reinstall Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Office:

6: Reinstall Office

Finally, the only thing which comes to mind is the reinstallation of Office. You might as well roll back to an older version or uninstall recent updates. But we can’t suggest that as these patches are important for the security of Office and the whole platform.

After you uninstall the current version, navigate to the official website and download the suite again. Enable Grammarly and look for changes.

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Bee Network Is An Anonymously Managed Clone Of Pi Network

Bee Network may be viewed as an investment (users are investing time to receive monetary rewards in the future) so a disclaimer is necessary:

If the data on your phone, including your contacts and location, have zero value to you and you do not mind the risk of getting your mobile phone infected with potential malware, you can consider installing Bee Network. What you get for this is a possibility that Bee Network, which provides no data on its team, will build a blockchain with valuable coins and allow you to trade them.

Why am I writing about the Bee Network?

Because I am angry to see an app that looks like a personal data collection operation gain millions of users.

Then, I saw that the app is not collecting data on the iPhone but is asking for significant user data on Android including users’:


Contacts and your callers

Apps that you use

All permissions requested by the app are listed on Exodus’ analysis and it is the most comprehensive list of permissions we have ever seen on any crypto network app. Another worrying sign was the inclusion of Aurora Mobile’s JPush SDK which collects significant user data and transmits them with non-standard and potentially unsafe encryption mechanisms. Aurora Mobile is based in China and storing EU users’ personal data (e.g. IMEI) with a third party’s servers in China without their explicit consent is against GDPR.

Users can change their own data permission settings for potentially dangerous permissions (e.g. contact information or location collection) for any Android app. Users claim to be able to use the app on Android without any of Android’s dangerous permissions for which user consent is required.

So it is an app built by an anonymous team that attempts to collect significant user information on Android and is unlikely to be of any value to users. So you would expect not anyone to use it right? You would be wrong:

How did it grow so fast?

As a new network offering a free coin that will be monetizable one day, it could be attracting users that didn’t join other such networks (e.g. Pi network) early on. It seems that some people are really into maximizing their virtual currency holding.

Should you be concerned about data privacy if you are already a Facebook/Google user?

Of course. Google and Facebook are legal entities that are bound by laws and user backlash. However, Bee Network is an app that doesn’t even provide an address or the name of a legal entity or person as of Feb/2024 in its terms or privacy policy.

Just because you pay taxes to your government, does not mean that you should also pay taxes when someone asks for it. Just like the more taxes you pay, the poorer you become, the more you give away your data, the more it will fall into hands you do not want. As a result, you will get increasingly targeted marketing offers or potentially scams which may cost your time or money.

So even if you are very excited to gain more virtual currency, we recommend you to ensure that the app does not have any permissions on your phone.

Why am I worried?

This can be another case of mass data harvesting and we have seen such activities disrupt elections and threaten democracies. It has been proven that personal location data collected by apps have been used for military intelligence subcontractors. So when I noticed this network, I couldn’t stand idle as anonymous parties take hold of millions of users’ personal information.

Proponents can claim to know the founding team and claim to have good reasons on why they can’t disclose themselves etc. We can assume for a minute that they are good people, working towards a utopian goal. Even then, we notice that they did not even write a proper title for their website that describes what they are doing. Their current title is “BEE-nuxt” which seems to refer to a a github project for developing websites. This is possibly a default setting in the code base they used to build their website. Would we expect them to protect user data?

What are typical arguments by proponents of Bee?

Claiming that I haven’t read the whitepaper. The whitepaper is a few paragraphs of high level description which makes Pi Networks’ whitepaper (which I criticized for being high level) look like a masterpiece.

Reminding that bitcoin also had its detractors. Bitcoin was an innovative open source project. Bee is a clone with nothing to show for its technology or benefits. Just because some people were wrong about bitcoin does not mean that every crypto will become a success. There were hundreds of crypto scams including the One Coin.

What is next?

We are considering launching a joke coin just like Doge with the same concept as Pi and Bee Networks:

Referrers will earn worthless virtual currency

Early adopters will earn more worthless virtual currency

The app will try to collect data from users and sell it to the highest bidders under absolute secrecy

There won’t be any mining. As these apps show us, there is no need to put effort into building a crypto network when people are ready to download your app without one.

This could be a cool experiment to see who is paying for these users data but the experiment would probably be hijacked by scammers and people would end up losing real money like it happened to Dogecoin.

So what should you do?

We explained this in detail on another article but we recommend you to stop chasing promises of free money and do something more productive with your life.

How you can contribute to this discussion?

Though we don’t write much about cryptocurrencies, if you are interested you can also follow our Linkedin page where we cover impact of AI on businesses and individuals or our twitter account.

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





How To Open Tga Files Or Convert Them To Jpg?

TGA format is extensively popular amongst several industries as its intended outputs are standard TV screens. These files may be associated with different programs. However, TGA is not as widely supported as the JPG or GIF formats. So, sometimes you may encounter a problem while opening them.

If you are thinking how to open TGA files, you may easily do it using image editing software like Paint, GIMP, Corel or Adobe photoshops.

TGA files consist of the images that are made of pixels in a grid. They provide data based on the type of color to be displayed. TGA formats are high-end graphics programs of an industry standard. These are also used in gaming applications. The files may be of both compressed or uncompressed format.

Through this article let’s explore how to open TGA files or how to convert TGA to JPG.

You can open a TGA file as a JPG, GIF, or PNG photo as it is an image format. But you may encounter some hazards as it is not as vastly supported as GIF or JPG formats.

You cannot open it with Windows’ Paint editor but you may do so with Adobe Photoshop. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can also edit them in as many ways as you want.

If you only need to open a TGA file and thinking how to open TGA files, you may check out the TGA Viewer software. This is a specially designed freeware software to open TGS files but remember you cannot edit the file here.

This TGA Viewer does not provide you lots of options but you can freely adjust the dimensions of the images, zoom in and out of the pictures, or save the pictures to any alternative format with the help of this software.

You may also choose universal file viewer software to open TGA images as well. Universal file software programs open lots of alternative file types.

File Viewer Plus can open and display over 300 distinct types of files. It also enables you to edit files, save your preferred changes, and gives you easy options to convert files to various file formats.

With this freeware Universal File Viewer file opener, you may open TGA files, view, edit or convert to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG2000. It is as just as easy as a drag-and-drop option.

This is a particularly good option to choose to open your TGA file using Paint. I am providing you a complete guideline to accomplish the task without any hazard.

Step 3: Now, Run Paint.NET, and choose File on its menu bar.

When you are stuck with how to open TGA files in software that fails to support the format, you can instantly choose to convert the file to JPG format. That means, in this case, you are not opening a TGA file, but this enables you to open the same picture as a JPG with the software you are using.

Whenever you will have to edit it, you may convert the picture back to the TGA format again. You may use the Convertio web tool to convert TGA files to JPGs. Follow the process mention es below for – how to convert TGA to JPG:

Step 1: First of all, open the Convertio web app page in your browser.

Step 4: Hit the Download button to save the new JPG file to a folder. Now, you can open the JPG image in your preferred editing software.

If you are thinking how do I edit a TGA file in gimp, follow this below-mentioned process to accomplish the task:

Step 2: Now, GIMP will open and you will see the image you want to edit. if you do not find all the tools you need to edit in GIMP, then go to the file and select save.

Step 4: Now, return to the folder and you will find your image in BMP format and TGA format.

Step 8: Now, select replace, and then when another menu pops up, press export. There will be another menu bar and you will have to press uncheck the RLE (Run-length encoding) compressed with a check option. now, everything will be saved.

Step 9: Finally close GIMP and the other folders and you are done. 

So, you are free to choose from Paint, NET, TGA Viewer, and Universal Viewer and solved how to open TGA files or edit it in GIMP.

Project Cost Estimation And Budgeting In Project Management

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management is defined as the process of planning and controlling the project cost and budget effectively and efficiently. It defines what costs are required for each deliverable of the project. It includes various functions of Project management like estimation, job controls, field data collection, scheduling, accounting, design etc.

The cost of the project can be estimated from various process sources (Examples below)

Creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Develop Schedule

Plan human resources

Identifying risks

The inputs of cost management include,

Project management plan

Project charter

Enterprise environmental factors

Organizational process assets

While, the output of this is

Cost Management Plan.

Creating estimation and costing for project is an extremely crucial part of any project management. Various things are taken in consideration while calculating budget for project like labor costs, necessary equipment acquisition, material costs, etc.

What is Project Cost Estimation?

Project Cost Estimation is defined as the process of approximating the total expenditure of the project. The accuracy of the cost estimation and budgeting in project management depends on the accuracy and details of the project scope, which is the scope baseline. The scope will also define any constraints like date, resources or budget. The risk register will help to calculate estimate types of costs, the expenses made behind the contingent action and the expenses made to cope with risks.

To estimate the cost of project you have to categorize various cost types into categories like

Labor cost

Equipment cost

Cost of supplies

Travel cost

Training cost

Overhead cost, etc.

Techniques used to estimate project cost

There are some techniques used to estimate a project cost like: Expert Judgement, Three-Point Estimation, Reserve Analysis and Cost of Quality.

However, to estimate project cost, formally there are few main methods (techniques) used as follows:

Analogous Estimating

This estimating technique is based on expert judgments and information based on similar previous projects. Where previously done similar project cost is considered with plus or minus of 20% for existing project.

Parametric estimating

Past data or record is used to estimate cost for the current project.

Bottom-up estimating

Once you have defined the scope of the project, it is the most reliable form of technique. In this technique, based on WBS, you estimate the cost for each resource or deliverables.

Likewise, there are other methods (techniques) which could be useful for estimating cost like PERT estimating, vendor bid analysis, etc.

Project Budget Planning

The main purpose of this activity is to allocate and authorize the monetary resources required to complete the project. The main output for determining the budget includes cost performance baseline. It not only specifies what cost will be incurred but also when costs will be incurred. The inputs for determining budget includes following Project management budgeting methods:

Activity cost estimates

Basis for estimates

Scope baseline

Project Schedule

Resource calendars


Organizational process assets

The output of this process is

Cost performance baseline

Project funding requirements

Project document updates

The project budgeting is performed in parallel with the project scheduling process. It is highly dependent on three component –

Cost estimation

Task durations

Allocated resources

During project budgeting and costing, project manager communicates with different people responsible for managing the work efforts as well as estimating project costs.

He will use various project prospects like work breakdown structure of the project, the cost estimates, historical data and records, resource information, and policies.

Without risk assessment, the budgeting process is not completed. Risk assessing process considers factors like time shortage, availability of resources, development team experience, the technology used, etc. The risk assessment can be an amount between 25 and 30 percent of the overall project cost.

Project Quality Management Plan

The quality management process group consists of three processes,

Plan Quality

Plan Quality process involves identifying which standard quality are relevant to the project and how to fulfill them. It also includes identifying quality metrics and standard measures for project processes, regulatory compliance requirements, product functionality, documentation, etc.

The inputs of the plan quality management includes

Project management plan

Stakeholder register

Risk register

Requirements documentation

Enterprise environmental factors

Organizational process assets

The output for the quality management is

Quality management plan

Process improvement plan

Quality metrics

Quality checklists

Project documents updates

Quality Assurance

This stage includes mainly two activity, first analyzing project quality and improve project quality. It is a process of auditing the quality requirements and the results from quality control measurement to ensure that quality standard is maintained throughout the process. The input for this will be same as the output of plan quality management while the

The output of this process will be

Change request

Project management plan

Project documents updates

Organization process assets updates

Quality Control

This will be conducted to control quality throughout the project life cycle. It defines how the quality standard can comply with the defined quality standards. The output of Quality Assurance will be the input for Quality Control. While the output will

Quality control measurements

Validate changes

Verified deliverables

Work performance information

Change request

Project management plan

Project documents updates

Organizational process assets updates

Project Human Resource Management

HR management includes the process of organizing, managing and leading the project team. It is comprised of the people with allocated roles and responsibilities for completing the project. The HR management will deal with four processes.

Develop human resource plan

This stage defines the project roles and responsibilities, project organization charts and staff management plan

The input for this will

Project management plan

Activity resource requirements

Enterprise environmental factors

Organizational process assets

The output for this will be

Human resource management plan

Acquire project team

This stage confirms the availability of the human resource and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities. The input for this stage would be the output from the previous step. While the output of this stage would be

Project staff assignments

Resource calendars

Project management plan updates

Develop project team

In this stage, the focus is improving the team efficiency, team member interaction and enhancing overall team and project performance. The input for this stage would be the output from the previous step. While the output for this stage would be

Team performance assessments

Enterprise environmental factors updates

Manage project team

This process includes tracking team member performance, resolving issues, providing feedback and managing a team to optimize project performance. The input for this stage would be the output from the previous step. While the output for this stage would be

Change request

Project management plan updates

Project document updates

Enterprise environmental factors updates

Organizational process assets updates

Project Communication Management

Here, Project Communication does not mean interacting verbally with each other, but transmitting project related information effectively with the project team, stakeholder, project managers, etc. It should address risk actions and assessments, project plans, meeting management and actions, reviews and walk-throughs, etc.

This segment cover mainly five areas

Communicating with Stakeholders

It is the process of developing an approach to communicate with stakeholders efficiently and understanding their requirements. The input for this would be

Project management plan

Stakeholder register

Enterprise environmental factors

Organizational process assets

While the output for this will be

Communication management plan

Project documents updates

Manage Communications

It is the process of storing, distributing, collecting, and retrieving of project information in accordance with a communication plan. The input of this stage would be

Enterprise environmental factors

Organizational process assets

Work performance reports

Communication management plan

While the output would be

Project communications

Project management plan updates

Project documents updates

Organizational process assets updates

Control Communications

It is the process of controlling and monitoring communication throughout the entire project lifecycle. The input for this stage would be

Project management plan

Project communications

Issue log

Work performance data

Organizational process assets

While the output of this stage would be

Work performance information

Change requests

Project management plan updates

Project document updates

Organizational process updates


Cost management is the process of planning and controlling the project cost effectively. Cost budgeting in project management helps you to record and track the expenses made after the project.

To see that your project is completed in a given timeline and budget, we will see what risk factor needs to mitigate in next tutorial.

Project Cost Estimation and Budgeting is defined as the process of approximating the total expenditure of the project.

What Is The Role Of Project Management In Agile Software Development?

Project managers must coordinate teams, monitor progress, and ensure that the project’s objectives are aligned with those of the organization in order to successfully implement Agile practices. This article delves into various aspects of Agile project management, such as popular frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP, project managers’ roles in Agile software development, planning and estimation techniques, collaboration and communication strategies, risk management, and success measurement.

The Agile Manifesto and Project Management

The Agile Manifesto is a set of principles for developing software that places an emphasis on adaptability and teamwork. It places an emphasis on adapting to new circumstances and developing products that customers truly value through close collaboration. In order to successfully implement Agile practices, project management must coordinate teams, monitor progress, and ensure that the project’s objectives are in line with those of the organization.

The Project Management Institute found that companies that employ Agile methodologies on software development projects have a 62% success rate, while those that don’t have a 49% success rate. This demonstrates that software development projects can have a greater chance of success when using an Agile methodology. Project managers can gain a lot from adopting Agile practices, but only if they know how to do so properly.

Agile Project Management Frameworks: Scrum, Kanban, and XP

Scrum, one of the most well-known Agile frameworks, centers on this concept of incremental improvement. Projects are broken down into manageable chunks of time, or “sprints,” that typically last between two and four weeks. The team produces a testable, reviewable increment of the product at the end of each sprint. Scrum is an Agile project management framework, and 58 percent of survey respondents said they use Scrum.

Kanban is another Agile framework that uses boards to track tasks. A Kanban board is used to monitor the progression of individual tasks as they are worked on. For teams with a lot on their plates who need to prioritize tasks in order of importance, Kanban is an excellent tool. LeanKit found that among Agile project managers, 61% of respondents were using Kanban.

Extreme Programming, or XP, is an Agile framework that stresses the importance of pair programming, test-driven development, and continuous integration among other software engineering practices. It is intended to facilitate the efficient and rapid delivery of high-quality software by teams. VersionOne found that among Agile project managers, 20% of respondents were using XP.

The Role of a Project Manager in Agile Software Development

In agile software development, a project manager’s job is to see that the project is finished successfully. The project manager’s role in agile development is to collaborate closely with the team throughout the duration of the project.

The project manager is responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts, keeping everyone informed, and keeping things on track. They also aid the team in finding and fixing any problems that crop up during the course of the project.

Project managers also routinely request and incorporate customer feedback to guarantee that their work is satisfying those customers. In addition, they make sure the team is working efficiently and effectively by setting priorities based on the project’s goals.

Agile Project Planning and Estimation Techniques

Agile project planning and estimation techniques are critical components of agile software development project management. In layman’s terms, these techniques are used to plan and estimate the time, effort, and resources needed to complete an agile project.

Agile project planning entails breaking the project down into smaller, more manageable tasks known as user stories. The team then prioritizes these stories based on their importance to the overall project goal. This allows the team to prioritize the most important tasks and avoid wasting time on less important ones.

Estimation techniques are employed to determine the amount of time and effort required to complete each user story. To name a few, agile teams employ a variety of estimation techniques, such as relative sizing, planning poker, and affinity grouping. The goal is to arrive at a reasonable estimate that the team can use to plan and track their work.

Collaboration and Communication in Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management relies heavily on collaboration and communication. The project team in an Agile software development project collaborates closely and communicates constantly to achieve the project goals.

The Agile methodology promotes daily team meetings to discuss progress, identify any challenges or issues, and make any necessary changes to the project plan. This method ensures that everyone on the team is aware of the project’s status and can effectively collaborate to resolve any issues that arise.

Working with customers or stakeholders requires effective communication as well. Agile project management encourages frequent customer feedback throughout the project, allowing the team to adjust the project’s direction and priorities to better meet the needs of the customers.

Agile Risk Management Strategies

One common strategy is to prioritize and address the most important risks first. This enables the team to concentrate its efforts on the risks with the greatest potential impact on the project’s success.

Another strategy is to monitor and evaluate risks continuously throughout the project, rather than just at the start. This enables the team to adjust their risk management strategies in response to changing circumstances.

Agile risk management also emphasizes team members’ open communication and collaboration. By encouraging everyone to share their concerns and ideas, the team can more effectively identify and address risks.

Measuring Success in Agile Project Management

Measuring success in agile project management entails determining whether or not the agile software development project met its goals and objectives. The ability to deliver value to the customer in a timely and efficient manner determines success in agile project management.

The timely delivery of working software, meeting customer requirements, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction are key indicators of success in agile project management. To assess success, agile project teams employ a variety of metrics such as velocity, burn-down charts, and customer feedback.

The amount of work completed by the team during each iteration is measured by velocity. Burn-down charts show how much work is left to do in each iteration. Customer feedback is collected throughout the project to ensure that the team is meeting the needs and expectations of the customer.

Managing Change and Continuous Improvement in Agile Projects

In agile projects, managing change and continuous improvement refers to the process of adapting to changing requirements and improving the project as it progresses. Change is viewed as a natural part of the development process in agile project management, and it is welcomed rather than resisted.

Project teams use techniques such as backlog prioritization, iterative development, and frequent communication with stakeholders to effectively manage change in agile projects. Backlog prioritization entails reassessing project priorities on a regular basis and adjusting the project backlog accordingly. Iterative development entails breaking the project down into small, manageable pieces and delivering working software on a regular basis.

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