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Pagefile.sys is Huge: How to Delete or Resize it Even if your chúng tôi is huge, deleting it isn’t recommended




The paging file acts as a backup and temporary storage for your physical memory.

Those wanting to free up some disk space may think about removing it due to its large size.

Deleting it can lead to severe consequences for your PC! Consider reducing it instead.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If your system drive is running low on free space, a huge chúng tôi might be behind it. The paging file is used as virtual memory and an integral part of your OS.

Though, it can sometimes occupy quite a significant amount of disk space. Today, you’ll learn what you can do about your chúng tôi size and how to free up valuable storage space on your PC.

Do I need chúng tôi on my computer?

To answer that you must first understand its role in your OS. When your computer determines the available RAM is insufficient, the paging file steps up, acting as a temporary storage for the data that hasn’t been used recently.

This way, it frees up RAM for other, more important programs. In other words, it helps your computer run smoothly and prevent system crashes even when physical memory is heavily used.

The paging file also acts as a backup to your RAM. The latter keeps data only temporarily and resets itself when the PC is switched off or if there’s a power shortage.

In contrast, chúng tôi store information about the computer’s state much longer, making it accessible even after a crash or power interruption.

The chúng tôi file can become too large when:

Running demanding applications: When this happens, your system needs to allocate additional virtual memory to accommodate the increasing demand.

Insufficient disk space: Windows can increase the paging file size to compensate for the low free space. A large chúng tôi can improve your PC performance; thus, the best way to handle a huge chúng tôi is to invest in additional storage space.

Is it safe to delete pagefile.sys?

Its large size sometimes makes it a target for those who want to free up some space. However, chúng tôi is crucial to your system operations, and deleting it could have serious consequences.

If you remove the paging file, you remove your temporary memory storage and RAM backup. This could tank your PC’s stability, slow down its performance, and cause frequent software and system crashes. Delete it at your own risk!

The only scenario in which removing chúng tôi is maybe safe is when your PC has a much larger amount of RAM (think 32GB and up).

Expert tip:

Before you can do anything with the paging file, you first need to be able to view it:

How do I view pagefile.sys?

Now you should be able to view and manage all hidden files on your PC, including chúng tôi and its properties.

We suggest you skip directly to the resizing part, but if you’ve chosen to ignore our warnings and are determined to remove it, you can learn how below.

How do I fix a huge pagefile.sys? 1. Delete pagefile.sys

Even if your chúng tôi is huge, resize it to a smaller value instead of deleting it. This will free up some disk space and allow you to retain vital virtual memory. Reducing is also a much safer option!

2. Resize pagefile.sys

Typically, Windows manages the paging file size. If you’re wondering what to put, you can follow this rule of thumb: the paging file should be from 1.5x to 3x the amount of RAM installed.

This way, it’s big enough to fit your entire RAM if needed but small enough not to occupy a significant amount of your disk space. Keep in mind that reducing the paging file size or deleting it altogether won’t help with a memory leak.

And there you have it! Now you know what to do when your chúng tôi becomes huge.

If you’re running low on disk space, you might want to take some measures, e.g., removing unnecessary programs, reducing the number of startup processes, or regularly updating your system.

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Is It Hemorrhoids Or Something Else

It may be hemorrhoids if you experience rectal bleeding, itchy skin, and painful bowel movements. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that have been known to burst to result in blood loss.

The problem with diagnosing hemorrhoids is that many other conditions share these same symptoms- from appendicitis to colon cancer. If you suspect an underlying cause for your symptoms, you must consult a physician as soon as possible so they can thoroughly identify what is causing your health problems.

Keeping a journal detailing your symptoms, especially pain, is important when ascertaining their source. If you have any color change associated with your stool and it’s dark in color (black, red), it could be a sign of internal bleeding. Another way to differentiate between them is to examine the consistency of your stool; if it contains fresh blood in clumps or streaks, then this could indicate hemorrhoids that are bleeding.

Hemorrhoids can vary from asymptomatic to causing intense pain and discomfort when passing bowel movements. If you are experiencing severe rectal bleeding accompanied by swollen veins in the anus or heavy pressure in the rectum, you should seek medical help immediately.

All you need to know about Hemorrhoids

Using hemorrhoid creams may help reduce the appearance of swelling and itchiness caused by hemorrhoids. Some creams contain elements that can help reduce swelling and relieve irritation. Consult your doctor before using any over-the-counter cream, as they may not be safe for you. To subside the pain and get an actual cause, consultation with an experienced professional is much needed at this stage.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of hemorrhoids can also include swelling of the anal canal, feeling fullness in the rectum, and the tendency for the area to itch. A bulge or lump may indicate hemorrhoid. Other symptoms include pain and mild bleeding during bowel movements. Bleeding may occur if the blood vessels that feed the hemorrhoids rupture.

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Do not use commercial remedies such as witch hazel and astringents. They usually irritate the anus further and make hemorrhoid symptoms worse. There is no evidence to show that dietary changes stop bleeding hemorrhoids, but maintaining a high-fiber diet can help prevent constipation which commonly causes hemorrhoids in the first place.

If you are experiencing rectal bleeding accompanied by swollen veins in the anus or heavy pressure in the rectum, you should seek medical help at once. Other symptoms of internal bleeding include black or red stools, blood clots or streaks in your stool, cramping pain accompanied by bleeding during bowel movements, and urine that appears pink when it mixes with blood from your rectum. It is better to see a doctor if you have any such symptoms so that he can assess the severity of your condition.

The “Hemorrhoid Emergency Kit” contains the items you’ll probably need in a hemorrhoid emergency, but for your convenience, professionals also include a list of other supplies you may need. If required, anything else will be identified in the Hemorrhoids Emergency Kit.

Prevention for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a widespread problem, especially in people with lower back pain or fatigue. Some people use hemorrhoid cream to help reduce the appearance of swelling and itching caused by hemorrhoids. Others stay at their own risk and treat the condition using over-the-counter products to reduce swelling and irritation. Still, there is no evidence that they work better than the other over-the-counter creams.

Other Treatments for Hemorrhoids

You may find that a hemorrhoid cream helps reduce swelling, irritation, and itching. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, an ointment containing phenylephrine is recommended by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Be sure to discuss creams with your doctor before using any of them, as some of them can aggravate hemorrhoid symptoms.

Hemorrhoids can also be treated symptomatically with several medications. Some examples include pain medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and possibly aspirin for mild to moderate pain. Antidiarrheal agents such as loperamide may relieve diarrhea caused by constipation. Pain medication is preferable in acute hemorrhoid emergencies because studies indicate that using NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) while taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

The surgical process is usually considered a last resort for treating hemorrhoids since it is the most effective at relieving pain and swelling in most cases. Additionally, studies indicate that surgery may aggravate symptoms in some patients. In most cases, surgery is unnecessary because hemorrhoids shrink on their own. Surgical procedures are expensive and may involve lengthy recovery periods, although laser surgery may reduce recovery time.


On a concluding note, if you have hemorrhoids, you should be aware that the sudden onset of rectal bleeding and severe pain may be internal signs of bleeding. You should seek medical aid if you are in such a situation. A hemorrhoid is a kind of varicose vein in the anal canal and is caused by the same problems that cause varicose veins in other parts of your body: pressure on the venous system and failure of return circulation. If left untreated, they can become life-threatening conditions requiring complicated surgical procedures.

How To Edit Or Delete A Netflix Profile On Your Device

Profiles allow each person on a Netflix account to have their own separate space complete with recommendations, a viewing history, My List, and more. Here’s how to edit and delete profiles in Netflix on any device.

Netflix user profiles are amazing. They are quick to set up and allow family members and friends the opportunity to tailor the viewing experience to their tastes despite being on a single account.

Table of Contents

If you need to edit or delete a Netflix profile from your computer, mobile device, or streaming, this tutorial will show you how.

Why You Should Edit a Netflix Profile

You must edit your Netflix profile if you want to change the display name, profile photo, and other settings like the language, maturity restrictions, and auto-play preferences. Changes you make sync between devices.

However, only some devices give you access to all available edit options. For example, the Netflix app for Windows does not let you change anything other than the profile icon and name.

Also, the only way to edit the maturity rating for a profile is to use the Netflix website. It’s also the only setting that requires you to enter the Netflix account password.

Why You Should Delete a Netflix Profile

A single Netflix account can have up to five profiles. If you reach the limit, you must delete an existing profile to create a new profile. Removing a Netflix profile is final—there is no way to retrieve a profile you delete.

That said, it’s impossible to delete a Netflix account’s primary profile. It’s the profile that’s already present when subscribing to the streaming service. So if you do want to remove it, you must cancel your membership.

If you aren’t the account owner and want to pay for your Netflix subscription, it makes sense to delete your profile before moving over. However, instead of doing that outright, use the Transfer Profile feature to move your preferences and history to the new account.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile via Web Browser

If you watch Netflix on a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, here’s what you must do to edit or delete a Netflix profile.

Visit chúng tôi sign into your Netflix account, and select the

Manage Profiles

button on the profile selection screen.

If you’re already signed in and inside your Netflix profile, point your cursor at the profile picture on the top right corner of the screen and select Manage Profiles.

Select the pencil-shaped

Edit Profile

icon on the profile you want to edit or delete.

Make changes to the following settings and select

Save profile


Profile Icon

: Select the profile icon and pick a different icon from the Netflix profile picture library.

Profile Name

: Enter a profile name into the text field next to your profile icon.


: Pick a different display language using the pull-down menu under



Game Handle

: Create or edit your game handle for Netflix Games; it must be unique.

Maturity Settings

: Enter the Netflix account password and pick a maturity rating for the profile—







, or



Autoplay Controls

: Specify your autoplay preferences for TV show episodes and previews.

Select Delete Profile if you want to delete the Netflix profile. If you don’t see the option, it’s because you’re attempting to delete the main profile for the Netflix account.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile on iOS, iPadOS, and Android Devices

If you watch Netflix on a mobile device, here’s how to edit or delete a profile on the Netflix mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Open the Netflix app, tap the profile icon on the top right of the screen, and select

Manage Profiles


Tap the


icon on the profile you want to edit or delete.

Edit the profile name, language, autoplay preferences, etc., and tap


to save your changes. If you want to delete the profile, tap




Edit the Profile Icon and Name in the Netflix App for Windows

Although there’s a Netflix app for Windows, it only lets you edit the Netflix profile icon and name. It does not allow you to delete profiles.

Go to the Netflix profile selection screen, choose Manage, and then select the pencil-shaped Edit icon on the profile you want to edit.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile on Streaming Devices

If you want to edit or delete a profile on the Netflix app for a Smart TV, a streaming device (like the Apple TV or Roku), or a video game console, here’s how:

Open the Netflix sidebar and select

Switch Profiles


Select the profile you want to edit or delete. Then, move down and select the


icon underneath it.

Make your changes and select

Save Profile

. If you want to delete the profile, choose the

Delete Profile


How to Transfer a Netflix Profile

If you’re not the account owner but plan on paying for your own Netflix subscription, you don’t have to delete your profile before you move over.

Instead, use the Transfer Profile feature to move your profile preferences and history to the new account. Sign into Netflix on a web browser, select your profile icon, and choose Transfer Profile to get started.

How to Cancel a Netflix Account

Netflix will keep your data for up to 10 months, which means you can subscribe and gain access to the main profile and its history within the period. Contact Netflix Support if you prefer to delete your data earlier.

Profile Management Made Easy

Netflix makes it easy to edit and remove profiles. If you run into problems doing that on the Netflix app for a device, we recommend you use a web browser instead.

Crazy Rumor (Or Is It?) Claims 12.9

As the Wall Street Journal in July gave credence to 12.9-inch iPad speculation, which dates back to a sketchy report published in May 2013, we’re now officially in the clear as far as crazy rumors go. The mythical iPad designed for real men – let’s call it the ‘iPad maxi’ for the time being, shall we? – could give Retina a new meaning by incorporating an ultra high-resolution 4K screen.

Given that Amazon and Google now have tablets that outperform the iPad’s 2,047-by-1,536 pixel resolution screen, I imagine Apple must be very interested to reclaim the Highest-Resolution Tablet crown it once held…

According to a report by Chinese-language PadNews (Google Translate), Apple engineers are designing the iPad maxi with 4K resolution in mind. If true, this further corroborates that the iPad maxi could be aimed at creative pros and power users.

The story claims that Apple along with its favorite manufacturer, Taiwan-based Foxconn, is experimenting with five different screen resolutions. Early prototypes apparently feature a 2K display, with Apple actively targeting 4K panels.

The publication’s sources think Apple may release at least one iPad in April 2014 (an iPad Air successor with Touch ID and a faster CPU, perhaps?), with another one outfitted with 4K display technology to follow in October 2014.

@dujkan No, How is that crazy Apple have the right to test every inch, does not mean it ever going to ship.

— Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) December 3, 2013

Wikipedia lists four different 2K resolutions, with the full HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixels being the likely candidate for iPad maxi, at least in my personal opinion. Also, the current 2,048-by-1,536 pixel Retina screen is technically 2K so perhaps the April 2014 device is simply a refresh to the current iPad lineup.

Native 1080p format would offer the benefit of watching full HD iTunes movies without downscaling. Besides, pro video editors typically demand native 1080p screens because all their footage is in 1080p.

Adopting the 1,920-by-1,080 pixel full HD format would inevitably make the iPad’s 4:3 screen wider and shorter (in landscape orientation). On the other hand, 4K (or Ultra HD) resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 lines may be a nice fit for the iPad’s 4:3 canvas, assuming Apple’s engineers have found the way to pack in two and a half times more pixels (4K versus Retina) on the 33 percent larger canvas (12.9 inches versus 9.7 inches).

4K would give the iPad max unmatched sharpness at around 400 pixels per inch.

That’s not as preposterous a proposition as it sounds.

Chinese manufacturer Vivo already has a phone with a 2K 1,440-by-2,560 pixel screen. For those not counting, that’s the same number of pixels as my 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display and more than the iPad’s Retina screen, in a smartphone form factor.

All told, iPad maxi talk has been picking up steam lately.

In addition to the Wall Street Journal, another publication, The Korea Times, recently claimed that “a first tier display supplier” – Samsung, perhaps? – is now sampling 12.9-inch panels for the iPad maxi. And if DigiTimes is to be trusted, Apple has inked a deal with Quanta to assemble the device for a 2014 introduction.

Order volumes are expected to be limited as Quanta could encounter “several challenges in terms of industrial design and assembly” when making the large-size iPad.

Do you buy this iPad maxi talk?

Registry Defrag, Is It Good Or Bad?

The Windows Registry is a place where you will find all the settings for your operating system. It contains information for all the hardware and software, along with user preferences. The Registry isn’t simply one large file but a set of discrete files called hives, primarily located in the system32 folder.

Over a period of time, a lot of entries get added to it as well as deleted. Whenever a user installs or uninstalls software or changes Windows settings, the changes are reflected and saved in the Windows Registry. As a result, many registry entries end up being orphaned, broken or misplaced.

Starting with Windows Vista, the Registry has been Virtualized, and hence unlike Windows XP or earlier versions, does not tend to suffer from bloat. Due to Virtualization, applications are prevented from writing to System Folders and to the ‘machine wide keys’ in the registry. Nevertheless, invalid registry keys do get created. To clean up invalid registry entries, many prefer to use Registry Cleaners. Whether Registry Cleaners are good or bad, has already been discussed.

Even after you remove the invalid registry entries, empty spaces are left behind. Registry Defragmenters help in removing such bloated registry hive & empty spaces, and compacting the registry.

Discussing the problem of bloated registry hives in some earlier versions of Windows, Microsoft had explained:

You may discover that some of your registry hives are abnormally large or “bloated”.  Registry hives that are in this state can cause various performance issues and errors in the system log. There can be many causes for this issue.  Troubleshooting the actual cause can be a long and tedious process.  In this scenario, you simply want to compress the registry hives to a normal state.

Registry Defrag Good or Bad

Registry Defragmenters have become popular – although not as much as registry cleaners!  Unlike Registry Cleaners, defragmenting the registry may improve performance. Paging and Registry file fragmentation can be one of the leading causes of performance degradation related to file fragmentation in a system. Says TechNet:

Standard defragmentation programs can neither show you how fragmented your paging files or Registry hives are, nor defragment them. Paging and Registry file fragmentation can be one of the leading causes of performance degradation related to file fragmentation in a system.

But do not expect any real performance improvement, after using registry defragmenters – especially in the later version of Windows like Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista,. While you may use a registry defragger, as a matter of ‘good house-keeping’, one must be very careful in selecting a good safe Registry Defragmenter.

Is registry cleaner safe to use?

It depends on how you want to use the Registry cleaner app on your computer. If you want to remove leftovers, registry cleaners are the best option you have. However, if you want to do something else, you need to take precautions as per the requirements. Deleting required keys and values might get you into trouble.

Does registry affect performance?

Yes, having unnecessary registry values and keys can affect the performance of your computer. It might slow down your computer a lot when you have unwanted keys and values. The best way to get rid of such things is by using a software uninstaller that can remove software leftovers.

Personally speaking I hardly ever use a Registry Defragmenter; maybe once in 6 months or so! Should you choose to use a Registry Defragmenter, remember to create a system restore point first or back up the registry using RegBack.

Go here if you’d like to check out some Free Registry Defragmenters.

What is your take on Registry Defragmenters? Do you use them?  If so which ones do you recommend?

Is Seo Really Complex Or Are We Overcomplicating It?

In the beginning, search engine optimization was much simpler than today.

You conduct a quick site analysis, create a semantic core, make sure that content is original and all keywords are in their places, and that is basically it.

However, things have changed. Today your SEO toolset is much broader and more complex.

But is the current state of things really that tough, or are we bringing too much drama when talking about modern SEO?

Let’s find the answers in this post!

What Exactly Complicates Your SEO Efforts?

SEO itself is a complicated discipline. It combines a large number of tools, best practices that evolve occasionally, and constantly adjusting to Google updates.

The main reason behind the complexity we now experience is numerous changes to Google algorithms like:

Broad Core Algorithm Updates

Chrome Security Warnings

Mobile Speed Update

Video Carousels, etc.

Each of these technologies slightly modifies the way search engines work, causing ranking shifts that complicate your SEO efforts.

Adjusting your ongoing strategy to all the nuances takes extra time: you have to learn the updated rules, and reconsider your current plans and testing.

Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to see the real impact of upgraded algorithms on your website’s position.

Misinterpreting the New Google Algorithms

A common issue is misunderstanding how a recent algorithm works.

We tend to misinterpret the changes Google brings, and this makes us spend much more time on irrelevant tasks with zero results.

Take Google mobile page speed benchmarks for example.

Once it was announced officially, people dashed to improve page speed in every way imaginable.

But was that necessary?

Well, if page speed slows down, you can definitely expect the site to go down in Google SERPs as well.

However, you should understand that rushing to cut extra milliseconds off your page speed won’t necessarily rank you higher if the speed remains essentially the same.

Especially if your website ranks quite low.

To fix this issue, you will have to solve many more problems before checking whether the page speed is fast enough, and before speeding it up.

A Vast Landscape of SEO Tools

Not only do new restrictions engage you to think out-of-the-box, but the selection of SEO tools is more vast than you may think, and it continues to grow.

When moving from one project to another, or promoting your current website to broaden your horizons, you will likely have to use strategies you have never used before.

No matter how long you have been mastering your SEO skills, there is always room for new approaches.

For example, your clients want to promote their latest project as an informational resource.

How Not to Overcomplicate SEO

No one can argue with the fact that SEO is constantly evolving.

This issue affects every industry, so complaining is not an option for a seasoned professional.

Making things more complicated than they really by overreacting to new changes will not help solve your SEO problems.

Here are a few basic but effective strategies to help you remain calm no matter what happens in the rough-and-tumble world of SEO:

1. Develop a Habit of Reading SEO News Daily

The best way to learn something is to immerse yourself in the subject.

For SEO newbies, scouring multiple SEO-related media sites can be confusing at first.

However, the numerous complaints about indexing troubles and content strategy guides will gradually begin to make sense.

Every experienced SEO specialist has their own polished list of top SEO-based news feeds and forums. Creating your own list is just a matter of time and work experience.

By developing a habit of reading SEO information sites and forums, you can improve your skills and knowledge dramatically:

Keep educating yourself by watching webinars, and learning new techniques and approaches.

Update your working checklist with help from definitive guides.

Read real case studies and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Let the news help you react faster to the latest algorithm changes.

Get inspired by fresh information and grow as a professional.

2. Track Progress with Monthly Reviews

Measure your keyword ranking, backlinks success, organic traffic, and visitor behavior every month, and keep tabs on the numbers.

Notice ups and downs, and tweak your SEO campaign to keep it moving in the right direction.

By making minor adjustments, you avoid bigger problems and find alternative opportunities for traffic growth.

3. Watch Your Competitors

Begin by checking their blogs and monitoring the links they build.

Look carefully to see what they are missing.

Leverage these weak spots by providing readers with exactly what they need: more detailed and descriptive information, adjustable content, and better user experience.

Final Thoughts

SEO is much more than just keywords and links. The bigger picture today covers both great user experience and search engines requirements.

To answer the question posed by this article’s title, I must say yes, SEO has become more convoluted.

It is no longer enough to create just “decent” content stuffed with needed keywords, links, and meta tags. The text must stand out both in appearance and value.

Your website has multiple competitors in the field, so your description of services and blog topics are likely to be extremely similar.

To stand out, you have to find original approaches and amuse users with information they cannot find elsewhere.

Both on-page and off-page SEO have evolved rapidly, and they continue to grow more complex. As professionals, we must be ready for new changes, and not overcomplicate SEO by overthinking it.

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