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Pattern Making Software: 4 Best to Download in 2023




Obviously, using a sewing pattern making software will help you create unique and original designs.

Are you short on the budget? Fashion pattern making software will greatly reduce production costs.

Never get a measurement wrong by using our carefully selected products from the list below.

Software like Adobe Textile and PatternSmith allow you to move, rotate, and cut your garment designs.

Apparel pattern making software classifies as CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, and it can be used by anyone, no matter if they have experience in the industry or not.

Of course, experience in using CAD software helps, but with the use of specialized software, the learning curve in this domain is not very steep if you have the time to invest in learning.

Good CAD software for this domain will offer you the possibility to save a lot of time, reduce the overall costs of production.

You will also never have to worry about getting a measurement wrong before sending your project’s panels to be cut by a CNC machine again.

In order to help you get you started in this domain as soon as possible, in this article we explored some of the best apparel pattern making software available on the market in 2023. Read on to find out more.

Prints for fabrics aren’t all that easy to design as simply sketching on a piece of paper. That is why Adobe Textile Designer was created, the best fashion pattern making software on the market.

Acting as a set of tools for fashion and décor artists, helping them streamline the process of designing prints for fabrics for their own needs.

Initially, fashion designers would use Adobe Photoshop for this kind of job, but then they realised that using the base generic program didn’t cut it anymore, so they decided to go for a more niche approach with more dedicated tools.

That’s how Adobe Textile Designer came to be. You can use it to create bold and striking patterns, but not only for clothes, pretty much anything that is covered in fabric and can use a splash of color.

Thanks to this handy plugin, you can do much more within Photoshop, while keeping every element editable until you are ready to send it to your printer.

This includes, but is not limited to, previewing patterns, defining separations, and working with colorways.

More so, the great part about this program is that the files it edits are the same PSD format that Photoshop users are used to. Thus, you can always switch between one program or another when editing your print.

Note: Adobe Textile Designer is merely a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. As such, you will also need to purchase and install the base program in order to use Adobe Textile Designer.

Adobe Textile Designer

Bring your awesome design ideas to life by creating any pattern possible with Adobe Textile

Free trialView website

Expert tip:

Whether you represent a company and need to streamline the pattern making process, or if you just started the journey by creating garments at home, this software will surely help you.

This software allows you to draft patterns, edit, nest, and also control the cutting machines, giving you professional results, while also reducing wasted materials and simplifying the process of apparel creation.

Here are some of the best features found in PatternSmith:

Automatic computer-calculated nesting – allows you to make the most out of the piece of garment you’re trying to cut

Can customize the fit of your entire project

Wide range of templates to help you choose the best option for your project

Can create patterns in 3D and then automatically transform them into 2D data for cutting

HideShot – helps you outline and find any flaws in your patterns

Automatically slices large patterns to get the most out of your material and fit it easily into your cutting machine

⇒ Try PatternSmith

This software is another great option that helps you deal with all the issues of pattern creating, by offering you access to a wide range of features.

Here are a few of the best features found in PatternMaker:

Can view and print designs as needed with the capability to move, rotate, cut, and spread your apparel garments

Great professional-looking templates that can simplify the entire process of garment creation

Can be used to draw a wide range of pattern pieces (polygons) – curved segments, circles, rectangles, etc.

Easily measure curved items with very exact results

Can open and also export .dxf files

⇒ Try PatternMaker

Accumark is another great software option that will surely help you streamline the process of creating garment patterns and offering you access to a wide range of features.

Accumark’s plethora of features will simplify the process of creating, editing, and cutting your project’s 2D panels, allowing you to create wonderful things.

Here are some of the best features found in Accumark 2D:

Create professional-looking garment designs fast

Material-efficient calculations – allows you to get the most out of every piece of garment by reducing waste

Multi-dimensional grading – easily modify any existing projects

Can generate custom reports based on your needs

Easy customization for your apparel by using the drag and drop image placement feature

Very useful automatic batch processing for large-scale projects

⇒ Try Accumark 2D 

Because apparel design is complicated as it is, it is far more efficient to use specialized software to help you with the design, measuring, fitting, and cutting of your 2D patterns.

For these reasons, in this article, we explored some of the best software options on the market that allows you to save precious time, reduce the waste of material, and also simplifies the process of cutting your apparel panels.

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4 Best Drawing Software Under $100

4 Best Drawing Software Under $100




Deciding on what is the

best drawing software under $100 could be tedious work and can definitely take a lot of time.

The multitude of available features and customization options are key aspects to take into consideration, especially for cheap drawing software.

Since quality is the most important, working with an app that will not break your savings while enhancing the quality of work is desirable.

Easy export options and social media sharing capabilities are some other features that make an app worth working with.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

There are a few drawing software that comes at an affordable price whilst not making you compromise on the quality.

Testing all of them can be a tedious and frustrating process, especially when time is an issue and there is a deadline knocking on the door.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

We have tested and put together a list of the best drawing software under 100 and why they would be the perfect choice for you, so make sure to keep on reading.

Which is the best free drawing software under $100?

Is not always easy to find good software and without having to pay a lot of money on the monthly subscription but luckily for many professionals, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best drawing software out there at an affordable price.

This software is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud which makes it more easier to work with especially if you are already using any of the other Adobe products.

Thanks to the fact that Adobe Illustrator is vector-based anything you create, from typography to freehand drawing or tracing and recoloring graphs, will be up for scaling to what size you need it without compromising on the quality.

Moreover, you can work on your desktop or iPad even offline as all your work will be saved in the cloud and you can pick it from where you left it anytime.

Adobe Illustrator

Create fantastic works of art with this vector based software at the most affordable price. Get the best deal now!

Free trial Visit website

Clip Studio Paint is a software specialized for painting and drawing and comes with all the editing elements anyone would need.

This software comes with a mix of features that are extremely useful and important which is pretty great considering the price for gaining access to the app.

Thanks to the story feature available you will have no problem keeping all your projects and work organized, especially when you are working on longer projects that need constant editing.

Expert tip:

Krita supports RGB and CMYK at 8 and 16 bits integer channels, as well as 16 and 32 bits floating point channels.

Brush engines, filters and customizable features to bring them exactly how you need them is something that you will find when working with Krita.

This software is being developed by an international community of open source professionals who aims to create the most amazing digital painting application available.

The developers that designed this app come with a history of creating apps for designers, engineers, and architects which makes it safe to assume that has contributed a lot to how amazingly good Autodesk Sketchbook turned out to be.

This professional app promotes and has in the center of it the development of creativity, thanks to the multitude of tools that you can use. The brushes can be fully customized to fit your own need and you can choose the resolution of saved images, store your work in progress for finishing it later, as well as export your work.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Fully featured app with a multitude of tools that will make your creativity reach new heights. Get the best deal now!

Free trial Visit website

Hopefully one of the above presented software will be the one that you are looking for. As you can see there are several drawing apps that do offer impressive features and toolkits.

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4 Best Software To Record Online Fm Radio

4 best software to record online FM radio




Our radio recording software listed below will ensure that your FM radio streams have the highest audio quality.

If you’re looking for the best Internet radio recorder, Adobe’s software has plenty of features that might interest you.

Edit and multitrack your recordings easily with our carefully selected programs below.

If you haven’t decided yet, note that software such as Radio Sure, Nexus Radio, and others from our list have file naming features.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

Due to the large popularity of music streaming services like Spotify or YouTube, online FM radios lost their initial value.

However, that doesn’t mean that FM radios are not listened to. There are so many various radio stations streaming music for every taste.

What’s a better way to hear something fresh than on your favorite FM radio, and once you hear it, to record it and save it for the purpose of an offline pleasure.

Since that randomizing factory radio can’t be replaced easily and there are so many songs you want to keep, we prepared a list of tools that will enable you to record any given track that’s currently playing.

That way, you should be ready to capture any contagious tune without a problem. So, if you’re into radio but still willing to record a song or two, make sure to check the software we presented below.

Adobe Audition is a versatile audio recording and editing software that packs a plethora of features. Record clear and pristine vocals or audio from your favorite online radio stations, with this awesome tool.

But in order for Audition to record audio streamed from the Internet, make sure your soundcard supports the What You Hear recording feature. This is because the tool can only record the sound signals sent by your soundcard.

Speaking of Internet radio, it is worth mentioning that you can also use Audition to record, clean up, and mix sound for recorded tracks, or radio through your computer microphone.

So, whether you are an online Internet radio fan, you run your own online radio station or you run your own podcast show, Adobe Audition can help you to record high-quality audio.

Other key features of Adobe Audition include:

Multitrack recording and editing

A flexible and intuitive user interface

Built-in audio recorder troubleshooter

Adobe Audition

Create your own online FM radio easily with the best software on the market, Adobe Audition

Free trialVisit website

Wondershare has its share in various multimedia categories with a large variety of premium tools. They are indeed pricey, but, in return, you get everything you need with premium support and remarkable design.

One Wondershare’s tool that fits nicely on our list is called Streaming Audio Recorder. As the name itself says, this nifty application is used for recording any streaming audio, including FM radio streaming.

These are the main features of Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder:

Audio recording from any audio streaming source, including videos

Tracks tagger that automatically updates metadata

Intuitive and simple-to-use interface design

Advisement removal

Ringtone maker

Various output formats and bitrate options

Too bad that the Trial period is quite limited and you’ll need a $29 in order to use the full potential of Streaming Audio Recorder.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder lets you record and stream high-quality audio with a simple and intuitive interface

Free trialVisit website

Expert tip:

It looks like a simplistic extension of any given multimedia player that enables you to listen to an FM radio.

But, besides the immensely large base of radio stations, RadioSure will let you record anything that’s currently playing so you can save it to your storage.

Here’s what you’ll be getting, feature-wise if you decide to try it out:

Can be installed as a portable app, so it won’t meddle with your registry

More than 33.000 international radio stations covering basically every genre out there

You can sort an abundance of radio stations alphabetically, by country, genre, or language

You can choose between various streaming sources for a certain radio station

Names of currently playing songs

Recording with choices of bitrate, fade – in and fade-out after each track, and automatical split between the tracks

A large variety of applicable skins you can download from the official site

Global hotkeys support

Now, we’ll focus on the recording. It’s as simple as they come. You run the program, navigate to Settings and configure recording options to your liking.

⇒ Download RadioSure

Now we finally come to a sweet spot on this list. And that spot is reserved for none other than widely-known Nexus Radio. One of the best, if not the best FM radio application available for free.

Imagine an FM radio player that can do it all, with more than 30.000 stations divided into 38 music genres at your disposal.

Add more features to that sheer presence of stations, and of course, the recording option, too, and we found ourselves the right tool for the job.

Here’s the list of the key features Nexus Radio offers:

And all of that packed in a modern UI gives the impression of a well-produced freeware application.

⇒ Download Nexus Radio

With that, we can conclude our list. There are plenty of other similar programs, but we decided to pick the ones we tried and can recommend objectively. You can try them out and find out which suits you the best.

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8 Best Automation Software In Marketing In 2023

In this digital era, businesses ought to attract new customers to make a powerful on-line presence across the foremost program platforms or used best automation software in marketing.

Many businesses even lack in gaining the correct to power regarding the utilization of extremely effective and economical selling tools that weren’t out there before.

These tools facilitate minimize the resources required to entertain and acquire new prospects for business and fuel performance and you can increase your item sell through using best automation software in marketing in 2023.

Whether you think it or not, several businesses area unit losing not their complete image solely however their potential customers.

And this is often thanks to the shortage of market information and this is solved by using best automation software in marketing tool.

Customer Relationship Management Software System:

If the new consumer info is unbroken in something besides a CRM, it’ll be unquestionably tougher to understand, whether or not the consumer remains a hot lead or not.

CRM helps businesses in managing the new client information Date and therefore the time the lead was also generated, the medium however it absolutely was generated. I.e. email, text, phone, etc.

Here we are discussing some best automation software in marketing, these are using in 2023 and beyond

Some best automation software in marketing 1. MARKETO

CEO Steve film producer of Marketo, did nice work with this promoting automation tool, with this you’re not solely able to send knowledge to your CRM, however it additionally provides complete access to manage your social media and convert your video to text for optimum content strategy and this is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.

Along with that, Marketo has tempting options to supply. For a business that’s hungry to urge new shoppers, Marketo makes life tons easier for them.


Available in seven completely different languages, therefore business homeowners and marketers will absolutely utilize the dashboard of Vocus, which permits to line up not solely social promoting and search promoting, however additionally email promoting.

This one amongst the foremost common computer code with over 120000 organizations victimisation Vocus worldwide.

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This is an extremely fashionable package across the world. Within depth lead management choices, Hubspot must be the most effective offered package for incoming client support likewise as sales and Hubspot is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.


Yesware may be an extremely effective tool, and it comes not an inexpensive rate, that being same, it’s super useful to trace emails and to shut larger sales.

Business house owners will get a free trial by adding their extension to your google chrome toolbar and  This is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.

It is extremely counseled, as they need purchasers like zendesk and Groupon. From planning conferences to winning a lot of business.

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Sailthru makes it terribly simple for businesses to spot however each client is exclusive. This computer code monitor and tracks purchasers’ area unit approaching via email, mobile, website, social, and even within the store.

This is often extremely essential info to stay up with the needs and developing wants of the client.

Business house owners ought to have this type of associate degree up to now promoting tool, to confirm they’re effective in their promoting and creating the simplest use of it and Sailthru is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.


If a business is that specialize in retention promoting, Optimove is that the go-to tool, Optimove provides with a listing of supporting tools like client success management, strategic coming up with, and customised dashboards and Optimove is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.

With client success management, business house owners will be assured that they’re going to be able to utilize and perceive the services Optimove needs to provide absolutely.

Having somebody like Optimove on the promoting finish of a business can guarantee all purchasers or a same business provide repeat business and find referrals moreover.


Driven to guide all sizes of companies to travel on-line, LocalVox is not any little name within the promoting game. With tools to assist business in native, social and mobile promoting to being named because the third hottest startup in NYC by business executive and it is the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023.

LocalVox isn’t solely a trustworthy partner however additionally a deadly promoting contriver.


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There are heaps of choices for promoting automation code. It’s all regarding selecting the proper one for your business functions, budget, and technical experience.

It is ne’er a wise move to step into the business world with an absence of selling data. That’s why it’s ideal to use some top-notch promoting and management code for the additional mile and all are the best automation software in marketing tool in 2023 and beyond.

4 Best Antivirus Options For Software Developers

4 Best Antivirus Options for Software Developers Try the latest security solutions to block all cyber threats




We have discussed the best antivirus for software developers that allow for easy customization and flexibility. 

Marking a specific folder as safe is a great way to manage development when you have a running antivirus. 

Unlike other software discussed in this article, Windows Defender comes pre-installed on your Windows PC and remains a great option that allows for easy tweaks. 

Using antivirus (AV) software remains a best practice in computer maintenance. It keeps viruses at bay and signals you when there is an intrusion into your computer.

In this day and age, you dare not browse the internet without some form of protection. Browsing the web means you have to interact with other connected devices, you may share files and resources, and you might have a malicious user try to compromise your network and steal critical data. These and more are reasons why you need an antivirus.

But from a developer’s viewpoint, an AV is not always the white angel. In many testing scenarios, they may stop critical programs from running, or increase the testing duration. False positives become a nightmare, and shutting the AV may be the solution to running a smooth software test. Learn more on our guide for best antiviruses without false positives.

In this article, we like to explore some of the best antivirus software for developers.

Should developers have antivirus software on their machines?

There are no reasons why software engineers shouldn’t have antivirus software installed on their computers, and there are compelling arguments for this.

However, for this protection software to not be a bother during development, keep the following in mind:

Set up your antivirus software to recognize the development folder (the one associated with the code repository) as a trustworthy folder.

Ensure that files transmitted through email have a different extension to get past most email clients’ attachment regulations. Many antivirus programs will warn you if you open an executable file.

For development, use a virtual machine. This has a performance cost, but the benefit is that if anything goes wrong, all you have to do is delete the VM or restore it to a week-old snapshot and execute a git pull. It’s a lot simpler to accomplish this than to retain actual machine snapshots, particularly when the hardware is changing.

If these elements apply to your situation, then having good antivirus software will surely have a great impact in the long term.

What are the best antivirus apps for developers?

Linux, as well as Mac and Windows machines, are all supported in this AV.

ESET also has a lot of configuration options, which may appeal to developers, but it may be difficult for beginners to grasp in certain areas. So, developers will be able to use these alternatives to get the most out of their software development process.

This AV is reliable. It’s also worth mentioning that Live Guard, an additional layer of cloud analysis to identify freshly discovered threats, has just been added to the suite’s protections.

It also includes some intriguing extras, such as the password manager and a safe, encrypted file vault, which are likely to be quite beneficial to software developers.

Additional features:

Improved network inspector



ESET Internet Security

Get the latest security solution to protect your computer at all times.

Free trial Visit Website

To begin with, the overwhelming number of functions included in Bitdefender is quite astounding. Even if you get Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, you will receive online banking protection with Safepay, which is a secure browser that protects you from all perspectives.

A vulnerability scanner, password manager, and a high-quality VPN with a daily limit of 200MB are also included in this package.

Bitdefender is very user-friendly, with a professional and well-balanced UI that’s appropriate for total novices as well as specialists looking to adjust things. This flexibility is ideal for a developer who has to alter settings to enable specific applications.

The antivirus includes all of the above and capabilities to increase PC speed and locate lost mobile devices.

Bitdefender Total Security is the company’s flagship product. It includes various PC maintenance tools and support for Android and iOS devices, Mac, and Windows PCs – in other words, it’s a one-stop shop for your whole family’s online security requirements.

Regardless of the Bitdefender edition, you select, you’ll receive a lot of value for your dollar, especially if you have a lot of devices. 

Additional features:

Fast scan

Configurable interface

Advanced threat defense

Bitdefender Total Security

Get the fastest scan to detect and remove all cyber threats that may affect your PC.

Free Trial Visit Website

After installation, there is not much to do; Malwarebytes operates in the background to protect you without you having to do anything.

Malwarebytes’ primary Scan tool swiftly scans your startup items, RAM, and essential file system regions.

A distinct Custom Scan lets you choose which objects to scan, including individual files, and allows you some flexibility over how they function (such as whether to scan within archives and what to deal with possibly harmful applications). This feature is essential for the developer who will want to mark some folders as safe. 

Malwarebytes also includes basic URL filtering, detecting and blocking fraudulent link attempts. This secures all of your applications at the network level and does not need browser add-ons.

Additional features:

Cloud management console

Threat hunting, isolation, recovery

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing protection

Microsoft Defender antivirus does not seem to get the respect it deserves for its security features. This tool has constantly evolved since its release in Windows Vista.

Microsoft Defender offers a comprehensive variety of options for scanning, including a full system scan, a fast scan, a custom scan to examine specific folders and files, and a boot scan to eliminate the most persistent threats before Windows completely boots.

Defender’s Controlled Folders function adds a second degree of security. When you enable this feature, it automatically prevents unauthorized applications from reaching essential folders (these folder lists can always be updated). This is a practical method of safeguarding test software.

Antivirus isn’t the only thing to look at when it comes to Windows Defender; there are plenty more. The firewall is most likely at the top of the list. 

This firewall performs an excellent job of defending you from incoming network threats, but it’s less concerned with managing outward access; if a program has administrator privileges, it may tweak the firewall by adding its own rules.

You may wish to create unique rules for some of your test applications.

Additional features:

System performance reports

Real-time threat detection

Hardware security

⇒ Get Windows Defender

Regardless of your computer use habits, we recommend you employ an antivirus to keep you safe. However, we understand that it may come with some drawbacks for a developer, notably the considerably slower times it takes to test and run applications. Still, these do not outweigh the many benefits.

We have not made this list in any particular order, but we have shed some light on some of the antiviruses that allow flexibility and customization. These are great for developers who may need to tweak some settings to run programs.

If you want to explore further and seek out some free solutions, you should read our guide on 5+ truly free antivirus software.

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360° Vr Walkthrough Software: 5 Best To Use In 2023

360° VR Walkthrough Software: 5 Best to Use in 2023




For guaranteed business success, you need the best walkthrough software to create 360° virtual home tours.

Below you can find a software that allows you to use your own panoramic images captured with any 360° camera.

A great cloud-based app helps you create a professional-quality, cost-effective virtual reality tour of your properties.

One program here also contains many additional effects such as transitions, collages, and sounds for more creativity.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Whether you are an event manager, travel blogger/company, professional photographer or a realtor, being able to stand out from the crowd is an essential aspect of any successful business.

This is where the walkthrough software gives you an upper hand as you can create a 360° virtual tour of any property using your 360° camera, smartphone or DSLR, and put it on your website or send it to your client for a review.

Some of the best walkthrough software allows you to create 360-degree virtual reality videos and show it to the client by hosting on your website or the software provider’s server. In addition, you can also create and show scenes from the property, pre-recorded tour guide videos with voiceover, floor plan and more.

Anyone can create a virtual tour using any 360 camera or even your smartphone. You can also stitch panorama shots from DSLR to create a virtual tour video. For a smartphone, you would need a motorized rotator to capture lag-free and stable panorama shots.

Now if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the popular and more sophisticated virtual tour solutions offered companies like Matterport, there are cheaper walkthrough software alternatives. While Matterport is an excellent solution, it is not for everyone.

In this article, we take a look at the best walkthrough software to create a virtual home tour and create a 360-degree interactive tour video with ease.

MY360 is an easy to use online virtual tour software that allows you to use your own interactive virtual tours using panorama image captured on any 360-degree camera or even manually stiched DLSR panorama shots.

My360 comes with a free 2-weeks trial. However, it has only one premium plan on offer which offers everything unlimited.

My360 Virtual Editor takes four steps to create virtual tours. The user needs to upload the images, arrange them, customise and publish on your own website, social media or public websites.

You can add buttons to the virtual tour for easier navigation, add images along with a tour description and your brand logo. The virtual tour can be added to Google Street View for no additional cost.

In addition, My360 allows you to embed your virtual tours on the website, has email marketing feature, ability to add contact forms to the tour, add a video intro and quick menu, analytics support and multiple account support to share your subscription with other agents.

My360 is a straight forward online property virtual tour creating software with one single plan and unlimited possibilities.


Enjoy your 360 tour close to reality!

Check priceVisit website

LiveTour by iStagging is a top class cloud-based tool to create a cost-effective professional grade virtual reality tour of your properties with exceptional ease of use.

LiveTour is a cloud-based software solution. The company also offers a VR kit that consists of a camera lens and rotator. The kit comes in handy if you don’t have access to a 360-degree camera and decide to shoot the panorama shots using your mobile phone.

On the pro plan, you get all the features of free plan + VR Maker app for smartphone, floor plan builder, custom branding, Free LiveTour capturing kit and standard shipping. The ultimate plan gets additional storage space and access to Google Street View feature.

LiveTour VR Editor is responsible for creating an online virtual tour and comes with wide 360° Panorama support that allows you to import panorama pictures from any 360° camera or manually stitched DSLR shots to the editor.

To create a connection between rooms, you can add hotspots within your panoramas making the virtual tour feel like a real walk-through experience. For promotion, you can add your business information and logo to the virtual tour as well.

You can also add floor plans to virtual tour for creating interactive virtual tour experience. Similar to EyeSpy 360, here too you can add tags to objects in your virtual tour providing more information about the objects with text and images.

LiveTour allows you to add up to 20+ team members (agents) to the same subscription and each of them can create virtual tours for their own listings.

⇒ Get IStaging

EyeSpy 360 is a self-service 360 virtual tour platform. Realtors can use the platform to capture and upload panoramic photos captured from any 360 VR camera to the website and create a virtual tour in no time.

Once the tour is ready, you can publish it and give access to your clients on the web, tablets and mobile. There is a video chatting option EyeSpy Live to interact with your clients while giving them a virtual tour of your property from anywhere in the country.

Expert tip:

Once you upload the Panorama shots, you need to rearrange the photos and then link them keeping doorways in mind. You can mark and add information to any object inside the tour using labels that contain text and images.

Other features supported by EyeSpy 360 include the ability to add company logos and information in the tour, analytics status showing traffic demographics and API integration to embed virtual tour on your property portal (website) or Android and iOS apps.

⇒ Get EyeSpy 360 

Kuula is a virtual tour and 360 image sharing platform used by real estate agents, architects and interior designers and most popular in the US.

It is a cloud-based virtual tour creating software that comes in three plans. You can start with the basic free plan with limited features and gradually upgrade to the Pro plan that starts at $12 per month or Business plan for $48 a month with additional features such as own domain, free SSL certificate, website builder etc.

The free plan does not have a virtual tour editor, but only virtual tour player. With the Pro plan, you can upload multiple panoramic images and use the drag and drop feature to arrange them in order.

The Virtual Tour Editor’s user interface is simple and easy to use. You can customise the virtual tour to meet your client needs by adding custom hotspot icons, images and audio for voice narration.

For real estate agents, floor plans and maps can be added to the virtual tour. You can also add Labels to any object in the tour with text and images to provide more information.

Kuula is easy to use. It may not be as glittery as EyeSpy or LiveTour, but it gets the job done with ease.

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3D Vista’s Virtual Tour is a professional grade software that comes in two versions. Virtual Tour Standard for amateurs and beginners and Virtual Pro for professional looking for a standalone tool with a perpetual license to create a stunning virtual tour for the clients or own property listing portal.

You can download the trial version for your PC and Mac for evaluation. Virtual Tour allows you to create virtual reality tour for your property from panorama images and 360° videos. In addition, you can embed music and voice narration, videos, photos and floor plans into the tour, and customise the frames as per client needs.

Virtual tours created using Virtual Tour Pro or Standard can be hosted on user’s own server or on Vista3D’s server which costs extra. The virtual tours are compatible with all the devices and users can view the tour on the computer, mobile phones and tablets both online and offline.

Virtual Tour is compatible with 3D walkthroughs created with CAD software. It allows the user to create an animated panorama, live panorama for timelapse shots and tourist interactive 360 videos to add static and dynamic hotspots.

From Floor plans to hotspots and Street view to taking virtual tour videos offline, Virtual Tour Pro can do a lot. However, it is not for everyone.

Download the trial version for your Mac and Windows PC to see if your business can benefit from the software before purchasing the license for the software.

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Whether you are a property owner or a realtor or even a travel blogger or agent, having a virtual tour of your property offers a more immersive experience and helps you to grow your business.

Virtual Tours or walk through are a great way to give the customer a look at what you have to offer. So that both the clients and agents can proceed further after the client is satisfied with the virtual tour of the house.

While you can capture panorama images using your smartphone with the help of a rotator and a lens, it is recommended that you invest in a 360-degree camera for better results and more convenience.

There are 360-degree cameras from Chinese brands like Xiaomi which offer high-quality images without breaking your bank.

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