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Portable Document Format (PDFs) are universal, and we use them in our daily life in college, office, homes, and elsewhere. Your teacher may share notes in this format. You may have your lease agreement, several office essentials like payslips, etc., as PDFs. Now, if you often deal with PDFs, it is wise to get an app that does everything across all the devices you own! This is where the PDFelement Pro iOS app comes in. It lets you have your way with the PDFs! In this full review, let’s learn more about the app and see how to use it.

Let us begin by opening a file in the app. For this, tap on Blue-white ‘+’ button to import PDF from the Files app, images from the Photos app, or transfer from the computer. You may also connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Marking Up and Annotating PDFs

Once you have a PDF open inside the app, you get to witness its real powers. First, tap on the pen icon from the top. This opens a plethora of excellent tools.

Highlight: Tap on the left-most button and choose the desired highlight color. Now, use your finger (or Apple Pencil on iPad) to highlight important texts. You can also switch to a different color and highlight other parts. It is an excellent feature! To change color or remove a highlight, tap on it, and choose Color or Clear.

Strikethrough and Underline: Like highlight, you can also underline text for importance. And if there are texts that no longer hold value, you may cut a line through it. As expected, you are free to choose the desired strikethrough or underline color.

Draw or scribble on the PDF: Tapping on the thick pen icon inside PDFelement Pro lets you draw or handwrite anywhere on the PDF. You can set the pen thickness, opacity, and color. If you made a mistake, tap on the eraser icon to fix things.

Add shapes in the PDF: Tap on the circle-square icon to play with shapes. You can draw a square, circle, line, or arrow. You can also fill the shapes with solid colors, change the border color, thickness, and play with the overall opacity. This tool opens up the possibility of creating fantastic shapes and filling them with text, images, etc.

Add stamp and signature: Tap on the stamp icon and choose one of the several pre-made designs. Next, please tap on the fountain pen icon to create a signature and add it to the contract or agreement PDF.

Undo Redo: Tap on the left curved arrow to undo. For redo, long-press on it and choose Redo.

Thanks to smart font recognition, you can completely change the existing text of a PDF. For this, open the PDF file inside PDFelement Pro and tap on the ‘T’ icon from the top center. You will see a faint gray border across text boxes. You can now drag and move the block to a different location or even change the length and breadth.

Next, tap anywhere on the text to erase it, change it, or add new words.

Another exciting thing is that you can tweak the font size, style, color, make it bold or italic, and change the text alignment. To do this, select text inside the box and choose desired option from toolset above the keyboard. The results are astonishingly accurate and look as good as the original PDF.

Playing with Images in a PDF

Images make the PDF exciting and convey the message quickly, even to untrained eyes. Inserting photos using PDFelement Pro is a cakewalk. Simply tap on the image icon from the top, tap on Add Image, and choose one from your Photos app.

This tool also lets you work on the images that are already in the PDF. Tap on the same photo icon from the top. Next, tap on an existing PDF image. You can now rotate, crop, replace, copy, delete, or extract the picture and save it to the device Photos app.

Creating a New PDF using PDFelement Pro

Once you install the app, launch it on your iPhone or iPad. Next, tap on the plus icon and select Create PDF. Choose the desired paper style. You are now on the blank canvas. From here, you can tap on the pen icon from the top. Now select the appropriate tool like a pen, text box, shapes, stamp, signature, etc.

Tap on the ‘T’ icon from the top and then tap on Add Text to type things into the PDF.

I can go on and on explaining things, but the truth is, the app is straightforward to use. Once you are there, you will be able to figure out things on your own.

When you are done, tap the three dots icon from the top right. From here, you can save it, print, or set a password, email it, upload it to cloud storage, share it on any other application via the iOS Share Sheet, and more.

PDFelement Pro as an Excellent PDF Reader

Besides editing, annotating, and creating PDFs, this app also discharges the duty of a PDF reader robustly. All you have to do is open the file inside PDFelement Pro.

For convenience, tap on the open book icon and choose the desired scrolling orientation. You may also set a comfortable brightness level for long reading sessions.

Excellent Multitasking Capabilities on iPad

PDFelement Pro on iPad gains new multitasking powers! You can open it in Split View with another app or slide it over an existing app.

You can also drag PDFs inside it from the Files app or other supported apps, as well as drag PDFs out of it to other compatible applications. Our full guide on how to multitask on an iPad will tell you the steps to perform these actions.

Finally, you can also use the Apple Pencil for perfect precision while drawing, scribbling, underlining, etc. This app seems to do it all!

Platform Wide Availability

For maximum productivity, we often use multiple devices. For example, all day I sit in front of a computer in the office. When I am in transit or at home, I use my iPhone. Thus, it becomes a godsend when an application you use often and love is available on all devices you use. Plus, they will launch a desktop Windows version in the end of Nov, please stay tunes.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC

PDFelement Pro is available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows. This lets you have a consistent experience on all the devices you might own.

One Account for all Devices and Platform

Another icing on top is that you just need one account for all platforms and devices. This keeps your workflow hassle-free. You can also buy a single plan that works on all these devices (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows). More on it later in the ‘Price’ section below.

Our Verdict!

PDFelement does so many things right that it is hard not to recommend it. In addition to a robust feature set that supercharges your PDFs, one other pleasing factor is decent, calm color along with an intuitive, easy to use app design.

I had been on PDFexpert (on and off). No doubt that it’s a potent app. But PDFelement Pro’s affordable pricing, clutter-free clean design (eye-pleasing sky blue and white color combination), and the perfect mix of essential tools make me prefer it over the competition!

Conclusion: If you often work with PDFs and are looking to get the best possible experience, PDFelement is the one app to invest in. It enhances your productivity and lets you #PDFYourWay!

Price: In the iOS app, you see two price options.

All Platforms: One plan for iPhone, iPad, Mac, & PC. You can choose to pay monthly ($19.99), quarterly ($39.99), or annually ($89.99).

Mobile Only plan: For only iPhone and iPad. The monthly subscription costs $4.99, quarterly $9.99, and the annual plan is just $29.99!


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Review: Tylt Energi Pro Backpack, The Traveling Nomad’s Perfect Solution

Backpacks have always been a source of frustration for me when carrying around my laptop and the various tools I need with me throughout my day. I don’t carry a ton with me at any given moment, but finding a bag that can carry and handle everything has been difficult.

Enter Tylt’s new Energi Pro Backpack. While not only being incredibly spacious, Tylt’s new backpack’s attention grabber is the fact that it includes an impressively large battery in the bag. Carrying everything you lug around is not only a breeze with the Energi Pro Backpack, but charging everything while you do so is god-send.

At first glance, the Energi Pro Power Backpack looks like a bulky traveler’s bag. Akin to something an international traveler might be wearing on a long journey, its square design stands out against other backpacks, and immediately begs the question, “_Why_ is that bag so big?” Once I got my hands on Tylt’s latest backpack, though, it all made sense.

Tylt’s bag is spacious. I mean, really spacious. Not only is it big enough to carry everything you need in your bag during travels, its compartments are also built in a way to properly carry everything you have. The square design allows it to sit-up right without support, meaning there’s no more worrying about having to lean it on something when placed on the floor. The bag will just sit where you leave it.

The large interior design gave me more than enough room to carry my 2010 15” MacBook Pro, my iPad 4th Generation, my wallet, headphones, and multiple notebooks. That didn’t even fill a third of the bag. I’ve never had a bag successfully organize all my gear to the degree that I actually began wondering, “What else can I fit in here?”

The Energi Pro Backpack is also tough. The sleek gray color comes courtesy of the water-resistant weather-safe design. I feel safe putting my electronics in here knowing that the water won’t penetrate the cloth and collect, thus soaking through like my previous bags did.

The large compartment to strap down the laptop is not only TSA-friendly, it also provides a large amount of padding to help protect the investment you set in there. It was strange at first sliding my MacBook into its own separate compartment without any room for anything else, but all the other various compartments quickly made up for that.

Without a doubt my favorite feature of the bag is the included battery. While anyone can buy a large capacity battery and throw it into their bag, the Energi Pro makes the battery and charging experience a full on feature of the bag. The battery that comes with the Energi Pro isn’t actually embedded into the bag, like I originally thought, and with good reason too. It’s actually stored away in its own separate compartment on the side. This makes it easy to remove and recharge without having to dig through the other belongings. Being able to remove the battery to charge it separately, either in a wall or computer, makes it much less awkward when carrying the bag around for other necessities.

When I worked at the Apple retail store a few years ago the Visuals team, which was responsible for putting products out onto the floor, was obsessed with cable management. Apple always wanted to make sure that the cables that didn’t need to be visible to customers, weren’t. This habit stuck with me, and I “cable manage” every and any cables I come across. The Tylt Energi Pro Backpack is an organizer’s dream including 11 different routing pockets and routing straps that allow you to route all the cables you need from the included battery to wherever your devices are stored within the bag.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend some time also talking about how comfortable this backpack is. With every backpack I have ever bought, I’ve always faced some sort of back ache or shoulder strap discomfort. I could always feel the straps tug away at my arms and slide around and after a few hours of walking around the city with it on, there was never anything I wanted to do more than to just take it off. With the Energi Pro, none of those ideas even came to mind. I loaded up the bag, filled it with everything I needed and was on my way without worry of discomfort. I spent a day walking around NYC with it strapped to me, and didn’t feel any pain or annoyances where I normally would. In fact, it just felt like a secure (obviously more weighted down) jacket I was wearing. Not one for buckles on backpacks that come across the chest, I opted to use them with this bag and felt the difference even further.

I’ll be taking an international trip in the coming weeks, and without a doubt I’ll be traveling with the Energi Pro Backpack. The peace of mind in taking a 16-hour trip and having multiple battery charges available at my disposal will make the entire trip so much relaxed. The ability to carry everything I need, and more, will make it even better.

The Tylt Energi Pro Power Backpack is available on Indiegogo now at $129 for the early bird pricing.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Luminar 4 Photo Editor For Windows

Our Review Pros You can customize your panels individually Grants you an extensive level of control It packs a handy RAW converter AI technology for quick and effective photo editing sessions Cons Doesn’t let you choose lens profiles Not as fast as Lightroom or Photoshop

In our review, we are walking you through some interesting details about Luminar. Some are related to its setup while others describe the tool and its features. Nevertheless, we’ll try to keep it short and friendly.

How to install Luminar on your PC

As we’ve mentioned above, you can use Luminar as either a standalone program or a plugin for a host tool. However, rest assured knowing that the installation process is joint for both situations. So regardless of how you plan on using Luminar, the setup will be exactly the same.

First things first, you have to download the installer. Launch it, accept the agreement, and you should be facing a multi-option menu. Here you can configure the destination path for Luminar, as well as choose the host apps you want it to be a plugin for.

It goes without saying that you need to have the host apps installed on your computer for setting up Luminar as a plugin. You need to browse to each of their executables for the plugin setup to work. After you’re done configuring stuff, hit the “Install” button and wait.

How to use Luminar

After you launch the app, the first step is to load the image you want to edit. Luminar allows you to load an entire folder’s worth of images, or work on a single image. Assuming you’ve loaded the image, you can start performing the editing operations.

The bottom part of the main screen packs a collection of filters. If you’ve used Instagram, you’ll know what we mean. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are even more filters (Luminar calls them “Looks”), organized in several categories. But that’s just a part of what Luminar can help you achieve.

Free-hand customization using Luminar

A few aspects you can customize using Luminar: light, structure, color, details, noise, and vignette. You can also let AI technology enhance your photo, adjust its structure, or enhance the look of your landscape. The good part is that those are only in the first (Essentials category), so there’s more where these came from.

You can replace the sky in your picture using AI (how awesome is that?), manipulate sun rays, give a dramatic feel to your photo, overlay some textures on the image, adjust glow, put some film grain on it, or add fog. Bottom line is that Luminar is not shy when it comes to features.

Luminar has batch processing features

If you’re working on an ample project that requires you to edit multiple images at the same time, you can use Luminar’s batch processing feature. Just keep in mind that the effect you pick will be applied to all photos.

This is a pretty handy tool, especially if you need quick corrections for your content. For instance, you’ve snapped photographs in a dark area and would like to brighten them up without messing up the quality. You can access the batch processing menu through the app’s File menu.

Luminar FAQ

Does Luminar 4 replace Luminar 3?

To put it shortly, yes, Luminar 4 does replace the previous version. Luminar 3 was an update of Luminar 2023, but version 4 replaces the tool altogether.

Does Luminar process raw files?

Yes, you can work with both RAW and JPEG files. Additionally, Luminar features support for many other popular image formats. These include BMP, PNG, PSD, EXR, TIFF, LMNR (proprietary), and JPEG2000.

Can Luminar replace Lightroom?

How To Use The Health App On Iphone

Health app is inbuilt on all iPhones since iOS 8. For the most part, it does not perform any function except collecting and combing all health data like steps, sleep, flights climbed, heart rate, etc. in a single handy place.

To gather this information, it uses the iPhone, Apple Watch, third-party fitness trackers, inbuilt Clock app, third-party apps, and other Apple’s HealthKit supported devices. There is much more to this! So, if you have just got an iPhone or have never used the Health app, here is how to start!

How to Set up Your Health Profile

Open the Health app. Tap on Summary and then your picture from the top-right.

Tap on Health Profile.

Tap on Edit.

Fill the correct details like age, blood type, Wheelchair, etc.

Finally, tap on Done to save the details.

How to View Health Data in Health App

You can effortlessly see your health data by launching the app and tapping Summary. Here you have Favorites, Highlights, and some more options. Under Favorites, you can see the data that matters most to you. Tap on Show All Health Data for more.

View Health Data of a Particular Category

Inside the Health app, tap on Browse.

Under Health Categories, tap on one.

For example, if you tap on Activity, you can see recent as well as old data.

How to Edit Favorites in Health App to View Relevant Data

Tap on Summary in the Health app.

Tap on Edit next to Favorites.

Tap on the star icon for the desired options.

Finally, tap Done from the upper-right.

Now, all the selected data are shown under Favorites in the Summary tab. From here, it is convenient to look at them quickly.

Tip: Long-press on the Health app icon from the Home Screen and choose Summary.

How to Enter Information About Your Health

In the Health app, tap on Browse.

Tap on a category. For example, Heart.

Tap on a subcategory—for example, Heart Rate.

From the top-right, tap on Add Data.

Fill in the details. Finally, tap Add.

How to Track Symptoms in Health App

The new iOS 13.6 update brings some pretty cool features, including a groundbreaking update in the Health app. Symptoms tracker is practical in the current era of the global pandemic. During the ongoing worldwide health crisis, if you’re looking forward to staying robust, let me show you how to add Symptoms in Health App.

Open Health app on your iPhone.

Select Browse from the bottom of the screen.

Scroll down and go into the Symptoms section.

Select the symptom you’re hit with.

Tap Add Data and select the degree of symptoms from the available options.

You can track thirty-nine types of different symptoms including the most common like Fever, Chills, Sore Throat, Coughing, Runny Nose, and Nausea. Each symptom is supported by information regarding the disease so that you can confirm the symptoms before adding the data.

The best thing about this feature is that you can track the level of symptoms based on five standards.

Not Present





Not least, the new update has also enabled the option of sharing and exporting your health data to third-party apps.

How to Set up your Medical ID on iPhone

Medical ID is a valuable option that I recommend you to have on your iPhone. We have a step by step post that shows you how to set up emergency Medical ID.

This information can even be accessed from the lock screen. It requires no passcode authentication. In case you are in a problem (say accident), people nearby can see this information and reach your emergency contacts, see about your existing medical conditions, allergies, know about your blood group, etc.

How to View Sleep Data in Health App

Bedtime is an inbuilt feature in the Clock app. Once you set up Bedtime alarm on your iPhone, you can see your sleep details inside the Health app under Browse → Sleep.

Further, with watchOS 7, Apple Watch also gets sleep tracking. This would make things even easier to record.

How to Select Apps That Share Information with Health App

Open the Health app and tap on Summary.

Tap on your profile picture from the top-right.

Under the Privacy heading, tap on Apps. Here you will see your installed apps that are compatible with the Health app. In case a particular app is not listed here, that means it is incompatible.

Tap on an app. Here you can enable or disable the desired categories.

How to Connect and View Health Records from Supported Institutions

The Health app also has the feature to connect with supported institutions and display your health records such as lab results, medications, immunizations, etc. in one place. To do this:

Launch the Health app and tap on the Summary tab. Next, tap on your profile picture from the top-right.

Under Accounts, tap on Health Records.

Tap on Get Started. Here you can search for your hospital, networks, or locations. You may also choose one from SUGGESTIONS.

Under AVAILABLE TO CONNECT, choose an option like Connect to Account.

Next, sign in using the login details of the choose healthcare provider. After this, you might have to wait for a minute or two for the information to be visible.

Once you have successfully added an institution, the iOS Health app will periodically update your health records automatically.

To view your health records, tap on Browse → tap on a category under Health Records.

How to Backup Health App Data

The health app has a significant amount of valuable information. It is recommended that you have it automatically backed up to iCloud. This will ensure that all your data is safe in switching to a new iPhone or resetting and restoring it. We have a quick post that shows you how to back up health data to iCloud.

How to Export Health Data From iPhone

Backup and export are different things. Backup is for your own safekeeping. Export is for situations you want to send this data to a doctor or take an in-depth look at yourself. You can even run your own calculations and see everything from a perspective that is different from the Health app. We have listed a couple of ways to export and import health data. Make sure you check it out.

The iOS App Store is filled with several incredible health apps. You can manually search for them, tap on the Apps tab, tap on See All next to Top Categories, and then choose Health & Fitness.

Additionally, the Health app also recommends and shows you helpful apps for some selected categories.

For this, tap on Browse and tap on a health category. For example, Sleep. Or, search for a category, like Water. Next, tap on the subcategory.

Finally, scroll down to see some compatible health apps for that category. Tap on the name if you want to learn more and download it.

Signing off…

This is how you can start using the iPhone Health app. Overall it is a well-built place to see all data in one place. The app also integrates well with the Apple Watch and lets you view your goals, exercise, stand data, heart rate data, Breathe app data, and much more from the Browse tab.


Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Screen Protectors For Iphone 13 And Iphone 13 Pro In 2023

You’ve got to love the elegant design of the iPhone 13 that boasts a brilliant Super Retina XDR display and sleek, flat edges. Although the screen is fortified with Apple’s Ceramic Shield, it’s wise to get the best iPhone 13 screen protectors for some added safety.

A tempered glass screen protector will keep that beautiful display free of scratches and other wear and tear. So, you can use your iPhone without worrying about damaging it! I’ve picked out the best screen protectors that offer reliable protection while maintaining the original iPhone touch experience. Check out the list below.

1. Spigen tempered glass screen protector: Editor’s choice

Whether it’s cases for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro or sturdy screen protectors, Spigen has got you covered. This tempered glass protector boasts the ultimate strength and durability, thanks to 9H hardness. It can handle all kinds of impacts to keep your display safe from scratches.

An oleophobic coating repels fingerprint smudges and other residues to keep your phone gleaming and offer a great touch experience. Moreover, it comes with a handy installation kit that makes it easy to apply. Of course, it’s also case-friendly to equip your device with all-around protection.

2. ESR Armorite screen protector: Ultra-tough

What’s more? You will barely notice it’s there, thanks to the ultra-clear glass that ensures a flawless viewing and touch experience.

It also comes with an installation kit to help you apply it neatly for a smooth finish. Even if you run into problems, ESR offers great customer support to help sort out your issues. All this makes it totally worth the slightly higher price.

Check out on: Amazon

3. JETech: Best privacy screen protector

Using your iPhone in crowded public places like the mall or bus can be a privacy risk. Someone might catch a glimpse of what you’re typing, which could be sensitive information. To prevent this, get this JETech privacy screen protector that makes it impossible to view the screen from side angles.

That means only you will be able to see your iPhone screen while you use it, and all those prying eyes will be successfully avoided. Pretty cool, right? Well, it gets better because this screen protector also boasts 9H hardness to prevent scratches and scuffs. It’s dust-free, fingerprint-free, bubble-free, and easy to install!

Check out on Amazon

4. EyeJust: Best blue-light-blocking screen protector

If you’re constantly on your phone, it’s wise to invest in this blue-light-blocking screen protector that helps reduce eye strain and other harmful effects of the light from your device. It’s been certified to reduce eye strain and improve sleep by the Oxford Academic International Journal and the UC Irvine Eye Institute.

At the same time, it fulfills the essential functions of a screen protector with impact protection and resistance to scratches and fingerprints. Moreover, it’s super easy to apply and maintains crystal clear picture quality. You can read more in our full review of EyeJust screen protectors.

$40.00 on EyeJust

5. Ailun tempered glass: Most affordable

The great thing about screen protectors is that they offer an affordable way to protect your screen from major damage. And one of the most affordable options for your iPhone 13 is this Ailun screen guard. It’s got 2.5D rounded edges for a perfect fit and adequate protection against scratches and bumps.

It perfectly maintains touch accuracy and has a hydrophobic, oleophobic coating to ward off sweat smudges and fingerprints. Even if something damages this, replacing the screen protector will be easy on your pockets, given the low price.

Check out on Amazon

6. TORRAS Diamonds screen protector: Military-grade tempered glass

Check out one of the toughest screen protectors for your precious phone. Just like TORRAS cases, this tempered glass is built to last. It boasts 9H hardness and has undergone 2000+ tests with an electric drill to provide the ultimate scratch resistance.

Therefore, it’s incredibly effective against screen drops and impact from up to 6 feet high. At the same time, it’s straightforward to apply and maintains 99.99 percent HD clarity. Further, the lifetime warranty promises a free replacement or refund within 365 days of installation.

7. L.K. tempered glass film: Budget anti-blue light protector

Do your eyes a favor and grab this iPhone 13 and 13 Pro screen protector made with Japanese anti-blue light material. It can block 97.1% of harmful blue light from your screen to reduce eye fatigue. This makes it perfect for those glued to their phones and feeling the strain on their eyes.

Of course, it also has the usual benefits of a screen guard like 9H hardness to offer protection against scratches and scrapes. It’s just 0.33mm thick and has a smooth feel that ensures the original touch experience of your device. Lastly, it’s compatible with most cases too.

Check out on Amazon

8. Mkeke screen protector: Easy application

Mkeke is an affordable screen protector with high transparency, original touch sensitivity, and scratch resistance. It effectively protects your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro against defects and damage.

You can install it easily with the provided installation frame. But even if you mess it up, you needn’t worry because it comes in an affordable pack of 3. The tempered glass is ultra-thin yet offers super durability.

Check out on Amazon

9. QHOHQ screen and camera lens protectors: Value for money

Like your screen, even the camera lens needs protection from scratches. Here’s a combo pack from QHOHQ that includes three screen protectors and camera lens protectors that’ll have you sorted. The high-definition tempered glass film is coated with a smooth finish that effectively reduces fingerprints from sweat and grease.

It maintains 99.99% optical-grade light transmittance, enhancing the screen’s visibility. At the same time, the camera lens covers feature enhanced light transmission function so that it does not interfere with photography or the flash.

Since the camera lens setups are different on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, we’ve provided separate links below for each product.

10. SuperShieldz screen film: Non-glass option

If you’re a gentle user, you can make do with a non-glass screen protector that’s much easier and cheaper to apply and replace. This PET screen protector film from SuperShieldz is a great option.

It comes in a six-pack and protects your screen from daily scratches, scrapes, and dust. The high-definition transparency ensures maximum clarity and real touch sensitivity for a natural feel.

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Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

Ios 17 Might Bring A New Journaling App For Iphone

Developers of journaling apps like Day One should be worried that Apple with iOS 17 will be entering the market for digital diaries.

Apple’s iOS 17 update could add a new app for journaling to your Home Screen.

Keeping a digital diary could reduce anxiety and boost self-awareness.

The founder of Day One says this will “sherlock” his journaling app!

An Apple diary and journaling app coming with iOS 17

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a new stock app for journaling. Code-named internally Jurassic, the app is reportedly coming with iOS 17. The report doesn’t mention it, but we’re betting Apple will also offer Jurassic on iPadOS 17 and macOS 14 to complete the experience.

The Apple journaling app is designed to help users keep track of their daily lives. The software is said to analyze the users’ behavior to determine what a typical day is like, including how much time is spent at home compared with elsewhere, and whether a certain day included something outside the norm.

The Cupertino technology giant allegedly decided to enter the digital diary market as part of its broader mental and physical health efforts. According to the medical site WebMD, studies have shown that journaling can improve one’s psychological and physical well-being by reducing anxiety and boosting self-awareness.

It’s unclear whether Apple plans to charge for the app.

The All Day People Discovery feature

One of the features in Jurassic is reportedly called All Day People Discovery. It will detect when you’re physically close to other people, allowing Apple’s algorithm to automatically distinguish between friends outside work and colleagues.

Another feature that sounds like being powered by machine learning will recommend potential topics for you to write about, such as a workout.

Apple’s app will perform all analysis on-device to protect people’s privacy, ensuring that no data is shared or uploaded to Apple’s servers.

Day One’s death knell

Unfortunately, this development could easily mark the end of the road for makers of journaling software. Day One by Bloom Built is arguably the best journaling app on Apple’s platforms, but it could get “sherlocked” if this news proves true.

Day One was recently featured by The Verge.

What does it mean to get “sherlocked”?

The verb “sherlocking” denotes Apple’s practice of building features into its operating systems that render third-party apps with the same functionality useless.

“When Apple takes an interest in a company, it’s the kiss of death,” Massimo Corp. founder Joe Kiani was quoted as saying in a separate Wall Street Journal article about sherlocking. “First, you get all excited,” he continued. “Then you realize that the long-term plan is to do it themselves and take it all.”

The term was coined in the 2000s when Apple introduced a new Mac search tool, dubbed Sherlock, that let users search files on their computers and the internet. As a result, Karelia Software’s Watson app—which provided much of the same features to Mac users—slowly but surely started waning in popularity.

Will this news make you stop using Day One?

Besides, why would anyone pay for a journaling app like Day One if Apple offered the same functionality for free? If you’re a Day One user and Apple offered a migration tool, would you stop using the app and switch to Jurassic?

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