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Just in: Boston based C2B texting innovators Pingup announced having closed a $4 million dollar Series A funding round led by Boston VC firm, Avalon Ventures. Pingup is pretty much the way an engagement “easy button” is supposed to look. 

If ever there was an innovation bred out of need, Pingup CEO Mark Slater and fellows came up with a doozy. For those of you who wished you could just text a business, like you would a pal, this simple idea has powerful implications. Pingup lets iOS and Android (for now) users text the clubhouse about that tee time before the morning dew lifts, or holds that table over til the rain lifts, making giving feedback a painless tapping of keys, so natural to everyone these days.

As a newfangled (really powerful) new connective between proprietors and clients, Pingup is novelty amplified into genius. Well, almost. What the thing really is is a sort of short cut local search/marketing/booking channel.

However you choose to describe Pingup, Avalon Ventures must have seen “the vision”, the Cambridge and La Jolla (strange combo, yeah) VC firm has been focused on IT and life sciences so far. Avalon Managing Director Rich Levandov, offered his take fresh off the press release:

“We believe this is the most challenging and rewarding period of company creation – we are former entrepreneurs driven by passionate people pursuing disruptive ideas in ever changing market environments.”

The Pingup mobile app lets businesses “self-enroll” (screen above), then get and give texts to customers. One really powerful thing about the new system is not even marketed so heavily. You see businesses cannot SPAM customers via Pingup, the “customer” actually has to initiate and control the text conversations. How is this a big deal? Simple really, if the connection is open, warranted, then conversions and sales far vastly optimized. If I have to explain that, call your marketing professor.

DL Pingup at iTunes here, or Google Play here. Be appraised, the company has focused on the East Coast primarily, but has plans to expand East West next. Stay tuned.

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Script Network Launches Alpha+Public Round Sales!

The bearish crypto market continues to take its toll on several established cryptocurrencies, with some losing up to 90% of their original values since the commencement of the downturn. However, in the midst of the uncertainties faced by the market, numerous new blockchain-based companies are venturing into the crypto space with unprecedented success.

Script Network is a typical example of a newcomer that has just started their Alpha+Public round to many investors’ excitement. The purpose of this project is to enable users to earn rewards as they watch television across mobile, desktop, and TV screens worldwide. 

Alongside Script Network, stalwarts Stellar (XLM) and Hedera (HBAR) are also riding against the bearish trend in the market, a development that indicates that investors are following the market trends with keen interest. Today we will focus on the newcomer, Script Network, and why this might be a game changer in the content space as we know it. Let’s take a closer look.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized network that has been in existence since 2014 and then formally launched in 2024 by the Stellar Development Foundation or chúng tôi to link with global financial systems and provide financial institutions and payment providers with the needed protocol.

The primary reason for the platform is to enable financial resources to be transferred with speed and dependability without much cost. With Stellar, people, payment processors and banks are connected together, allowing users to generate, send and trade numerous kinds of crypto. Stellar uses XLM as its native digital currency. It currently has a market capitalization of $2.9B and occupies the top 10 positions on the CoinMarketCap.

Hedera (HBAR) 

Hedera (HBAR) is another crypto that is enjoying positive runs in the current volatile market. Hedera is the most frequently used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy that enables persons and businesses to generate formidable decentralized applications (DApps). Hedera has seen a significant increase in its market worth over the years, which has taken its market capitalization to a whopping $2.1B, with the coin standing in the 30th position on the CoinMarketCap table.

One of the reasons for Hedera’s popularity is its use for file storage, smart contracts, and regular transactions. Besides these, the protocol is based on a PoS model which makes it highly scalable, secure, and efficient. Users can easily stake HBAR to help in maintaining the network’s integrity.

Script Network (SCPT)

Users will gain points, $SPAY, and Off-chain rewards as they watch tv and interact with the network. Some of the ways of earning points include being active daily, watching TV daily, talking on Live Chat, and referrals. For over 30k+ users of the platform, swapping is made easier for the points or burn them to get $SPAY and mint glasses. Moreover, $SPAY, points, and Off-chain rewards can be burned to level up glasses, buy Gems, buy loot boxes, or recharge glasses. Each glass is unique in design and attributes and could come with more rewards.

Final thoughts

For more information on Script Network:

Visit The Script Network Website

Join The Presale

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Iphone Sales Reached 3.9 Million Units In April In China

Earlier this year, Apple temporarily closed its stores in China because of the new coronavirus epidemic. Of course, it led to a sudden drop in iPhone sales. Later, after gradually resuming production in China, the Apple retail stores reopened.

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However, analysts still warned that the technology giant may face some challenges in China’s most important market.

What iPhone Sales Do Research Companies Predict?

Data compiled by multiple companies shows that Apple has been getting better and better since February this year. Affected by the closure of the stores, iPhone sales in China fell by 60% year-on-year in February this year. By mid-March, all stores in China had reopened.

According to data from CINNO Research, Apple sold 3.9 million iPhones in China in April, up 160% from 1.56 million in March.

Another data from IDC shows Apple’s April-sell-in shipments were about 3 million units, an increase of about 30% from the previous month. Sell-in shipments refer to the number of iPhones Apple sells to Chinese retail partners and can be used to measure future demand.

Gizchina News of the week

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WPIC pointed out that the number of products sold by Apple through the Tmall official flagship store in April this year increased by 40% year-on-year to $127.4 million. iPhone sales through Tmall increased by 33% month-on-month, exceeding $80 million.

At the same time, there are signs that Apple’s service revenue has improved as well. Although Apple has many services such as Apple Music and iCloud, it can currently only be estimated based on the Chinese consumer spending of the App Store. According to data from Sensor Tower, this April figure was $1.53 billion, an increase of 7% from the previous month.

However, a number of data indicate that Apple’s business in China is gradually improving. But analysts warned that the company may face resistance in the coming months. It’s conditioned by a few reasons.

1.      iPhone SE short-term effects

Apple released the second-generation iPhone SE in mid-April this year, which was then sold in China. This product’s price starts at 3299 yuan ($462).

CINNO said that although the iPhone SE went on sale at the end of April this year, it accounted for 24% of Apple’s total sales of 3.9 million iPhones in April.

In its turn, IDC said that the iPhone SE accounted for about 8% of shipments in April.

In addition, there are also concerns that the epidemic may impact the Chinese economy in the second half of the year, thereby affecting consumer spending.

2.      China’s 5G market

At the same time, after China began to deploy 5G networks at the end of last year, 5G smartphones began to develop rapidly in China. This new generation of mobile networks can provide ultra-high speeds.

Many Chinese manufacturers including Huawei and Xiaomi have launched 5G smartphones, but Apple has not yet released 5G phones. According to Counterpoint Research’s calculations, 5G equipment is expected to account for 40% of China’s total smartphone sales in 2023. So this matter will have a great impact.

If Apple does not launch 5G smartphones, consumers may choose products from other manufacturers (or wait for Apple to launch new models before buying).

5+ Best Software Deals On New Year Sales

5+ best software deals on New Year Sales




If you want to improve the capabilities of your Windows PC, keep reading this guide to find the best software deals.

You can access offers for an exemplary VPN service on the market.

You’ll also find deals on popular photo editing tools to finally create your dream album.

When it comes to cybersecurity, then be sure to find something suitable below.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows 10 is a truly powerful operating system. It packs hundreds of useful features, apps and built-in programs that can help you get the most of your Windows computer.

Honestly speaking, there are some third-party alternatives that are better than many of their Windows 10 counterparts. For example, some antivirus software brings more security features than Windows Defender. The same is valid for VPN tools, firewall solutions, file finder software and so on.

So, if you want to tune up, speed up and enhance your Windows computer’s capabilities, keep on reading this guide. We’ll list the best software deals for your Windows 10 machine.

All software solutions of one form or another become eligible for the occasional discounts, especially when you’re talking about something big like the Christmas holidays. Well, it seems that the same thing can be said about VPNs, and Private Internet Access is one of them.

Besides all top-notch tools to keep your identity safe while being online, the tool can be used on 10 devices simultaneously. So, a license can easily cover an entire family or department of a business.

Kape Technologies decided to put it up for sale during this winter holiday, and for a limited time, only you can get it at a special price, even when it comes to an entire year’s worth of subscribing.

Enjoy proper privacy with this identity protection tool today!

This year, the tool does not have a dedicated deal, but the Creative Cloud has, so Photoshop can be bought with it at a really low price.

Get the world’s most powerful raster-based image editor and unleash your full creative powers with this amazing software tool.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is cutting prices at all of their products, and this includes the world-famous Adobe Photoshop

Check price Visit website

Trust us, you really don’t want to miss Bitdefender Black Friday deals. The company offers incredible Black Friday deals every year. This year, the company offers up to 63% off for its products. Get more information on the link below.

Bitdefender is perhaps the best antivirus solution for Windows 10 computers. All the WindowsReport team members rely on Bitdefender to protect our computers against the latest cyber threats. And Bitdefender has never failed us.

Go now to Bitdefender’s webpage and get the antivirus version that best suits your needs.


Bitdefender is still available at a special discount price on extended Black Friday!

Check price Visit website

Do you need reliable and powerful design software to help you complete your technical design tasks much faster? This is where  CorelCAD and CorelDRAW come into action.

CorelCAD Design and Drafting Software boost your productivity and it’s compatible with all the major CAD software available on the market. If you’ve never used CorelCAD before, you’ll quickly get the hang of this tool as many options and features are similar to what you’d find on other CAD tools.


Corel is cutting prices on their dedicated CAD software, so if you like technical drawing, check out this article.

Check price Visit website

The software offers. PDF, .SVG, EPS, chúng tôi support and it’s compatible with other operating systems as well, including Mac and iOS.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite is a great choice if you need to write user manuals, product documentation, graphic instructions, and so on.

Expert tip:


A lot of developers join the Cyber Monday frenzy, and this includes the creators of CorelDRAW

Check price Visit website

Windows Defender is a really powerful antivirus solution. The best part is that it’s free and it’s already integrated in the OS.

However, if you’re looking for a more feature-rich alternative, Norton 360 Deluxe is a great choice.

This antivirus solution packs a series of interesting features that you won’t find on Windows Defender.

Here are some of the key features:

Advanced parental controls to help you better control what online content your kids can access

25 GB of cloud PC storage

Norton offers you full protection, scanning your PC and the online environment against spyware, malware, ransomware

It blocks unsafe and suspicious-looking websites

Identity and online transaction security features

You can download and install the antivirus in under 5 minutes.

Norton Antivirus

Get premium-class antivirus protection without breaking the bank now that Norton has some special discounts

Check price Visit website

First and foremost, a password manager gives you peace of mind. You no longer need to worry about losing your passwords or forgetting where you put that tiny piece of paper where you wrote down all your PC passwords.

Efficient Password Manager Pro has got you covered. This cross-platform tool stores your generic passwords, website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail passwords, and more.

If you need help generating a new password that’s really hard to crack, you can then use the built-in random password generator.

Efficient Password Manager Pro

Remembering your passwords doesn’t have to be a headache, and now that the prices are down, you have more reasons to try this tool.

Check price Visit website

Note: We expect the company to reveal its holiday offer in the coming days. We’ll keep an eye on Efficient Software’s website and update this guide as soon as the new deals have been announced.

Backing up your computer is really important. Due to various factors that are beyond your control, such as power outages or ransomware attacks, you may lose all your data. But that should be no problem if you have already backup important files and folders.

Paragon Backup & Recovery is perhaps the best backup tool for Windows 10 computers. Thanks to its Backup Capsule, you can set a reserved partition for the software to manage for quick and easy data recovery. 

Note: We expect the company to reveal its holiday offer in the coming days. We’ll keep an eye on Efficient Software’s website and update this guide as soon as the new deals have been announced. We’ll keep an eye on Paragon’s official website and update this guide once this year’s deals have been revealed.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Keeping your data safe and creating has never been easier, and now you can also say it has never been cheaper either

Check price Visit website

IOLO System Mechanic is a great tune-up utility for Windows computers.  You can use it to speed up your computer, repair your system files, clean up your Registry, defragment your disk, tweak CPU and RAM in real-time, and much more.

Thanks to all these features, you’ll have a snappier PC.

This guide is a work in progress. As soon as new information is available on software deals, we’ll make sure to update this post as soon as possible.

Iolo System Mechanic

Keep your PC running as if it were the first time with the help of this amazing system optimizer.

Check price Visit website

If you need speech-to-text or dictation software, try Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This tool is extremely versatile and you can use it for a variety of purposes such as:

Using your voice to interact with your computer

Creating and editing documents using your voice only. There’s no need to type on your keyboard for hours on end. Simply use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate your documents and the tool takes care of everything.

Boosting your productivity. You can complete your work tasks much faster with this dictation software.

In the future, voice-driven human-computer interaction will be the norm. So, get ready for the future with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Download Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home

Download Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Speech recognition programs are also getting a lot of love, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking is among them.

Check price Visit website

This concludes our list of best Holiday deals. Let us know what other software tools we may have missed out on and we will add them here as soon as possible.

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Outlook Closes Automatically Immediately After Opening

Some Windows users are reporting an error that Outlook closes automatically immediately after opening. This peculiar behavior can be because of many different reasons and in this article, we are going to talk about all of them and see how to resolve the error.

Why does Outlook keeps closing as soon as I open it?

There are many reasons behind Outlook closing abruptly, such as corrupted Outlook files or system files, too many add-ins, etc. However, doesn’t matter whatever is the reason behind your problem, there is a way to fix it. That’s what we are going to do in this article, give you some simple solutions to fix the Outlook closing problem.

Fix Outlook closes automatically immediately after opening

If Outlook closes automatically immediately after opening on your Windows computer, here are the steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Sign out and sign back into Outlook

Repair PST files

Repair Outlook

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Remove Add-ins

Use Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

Turn off Support Diagnostics

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Sign out and sign back into Outlook

This issue can occur when the EmailAddress string data value in the Registry under the Office identity is blank. So a simple trick would be to sign out of Office and then sign back into Office to repopulate the identity all Outlook-related Registry settings.

2] Repair PST files

Repair corrupt Outlook PST & OST personal data files with Inbox Repair Tool.

3] Repair Outlook

However, we would recommend you to use OLFix to repair Outlook completely.  It will repair Outlook, Outlook Search and Outlook Contacts.

4] Disable Hardware Acceleration for Outlook

Hardware Acceleration is there to improve your Outlook using experience. However, many users have reported that instead of solving a problem it is creating one. So, we need to disable Hardware Acceleration to fix the error. To do that, follow the given steps.

Open Outlook.

Now, check if the issue persists.

5] Remove Outlook Add-ins

If you have installed several add-ins in your Outlook, maybe it is the one causing the issue. Hence, we need to remove Outlook add-ins to rectify the issue for you.

Finally, check if the issue persists.

You can also use OfficeIns to disable Outlook add-ins easily.

6] Use Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

Use the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool. It provides a detailed report of your installed Office programs and highlights known problems. In other words, you can check if there are some issues with your configuration or not.

7] Turn off Support Diagnostics

Go to the following Registry key:


Locate disablesupportdiagnostics and give it Value of 0.

If nothing helps, you can try manually setting the email address to the identity of the user that is seeing the issue in the registry path referenced in the issue specifics above.

These posts offer more suggestions:

Hopefully, you are able to resolve the error with the help of the given solutions.

Outlook closes when minimized? What is the best replacement for Outlook?

Undoubtedly, Outlook is one of the most used Email Clients. It is being used by over a million users and is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 service. However, there are some other free email clients or email services that have been mentioned in the linked posts that may interest some of you. This post discusses the benefits of using Webmail vs Email clients.

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Registration Opens For Bu’s First Moocs

Registration Opens for BU’s First MOOCs University rethinks the classroom experience, offers it globally

BU officials expect tens of thousands of people to register for each of the University’s MOOCs. Photo by BU Interactive Design

Registration for BU’s first four MOOCs (massive open online courses) opened yesterday, signaling the University’s official entrance into a new form of higher education that rethinks the current classroom model and offers it—free of charge—to a global audience.

“In the world of today, success comes out of being different and not just another copy of a mold,” says Chris Dellarocas, director of the Digital Learning Initiative (DLI), which develops BU’s MOOCs and distributes seed grants to faculty with innovative ideas for online education. “Success also depends on being able to navigate continuous change. Our challenge as a residential educational establishment is how we harness technology and innovate both on and off campus in order to produce the kind of person that could thrive in the world of tomorrow.”

Dellarocas believes MOOCs will play a vital role in making that happen. Last spring, BU joined edX, becoming one of a select group of universities that belong to the Harvard- and MIT-led online platform. As part of the deal, the University will offer five MOOCs through the edX platform. Four have been chosen already and are in various stages of development. Judging by the success of other MOOCs, University officials expect tens of thousands of people to sign up for each. Dellarocas anticipates a fifth course will evolve soon through biannual calls for proposals, the next scheduled for this spring.

“We’re always open to people approaching us with good ideas,” says the School of Management professor of information systems. “If they have an idea that they’re absolutely passionate about, they don’t have to wait for the next cycle.”

While all of BU’s MOOCs have been taught in some form previously, none will be “a direct mapping of the course as it existed before,” says DLI associate director Romy Ruukel.

The inaugural MOOC, Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics, will be rolled out in May, just in time for baseball season. Students will learn basic statistics, the computer programming language R, and the database platform SQL as they churn out their own analytics.

Andy Andres, a College of General Studies senior lecturer in natural sciences and mathematics, has taught the course at Tufts University for the past decade, but this is the first time he’ll offer it through BU. Sabermetrics examines the science behind Moneyball—the book, later made into a movie, that chronicles how Oakland Athletics number-crunching general manager Billy Beane helped the struggling team rise to success.

“I run into so many people who want to learn the material and say, ‘How can I take your class?’” Andres says. He would reply that they had to become a Tufts student, but he dreamed of someday making it open to everyone. With the BU MOOC, he says, “finally I can say, this is how you do it.”

When not teaching, Andres moonlights as a datacaster for Major League Baseball, performing scorekeeping duties, keeping track of, and notating, every hit, pitch, foul ball—anything that happens, in fact—in Red Sox home games.

Three more MOOCs will be offered in the fall: War for the Greater Middle East, taught by Andrew Bacevich, a College of Arts & Sciences professor of international relations and history; The Art of Poetry, taught by three-time US poet laureate Robert Pinsky, a CAS professor of English and creative writing; and Alien Worlds: The Science of Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization, taught by Andrew West, a CAS assistant professor of astronomy.

Bacevich, a West Point graduate and former US Army colonel, says his course will focus on US military interventions and actions in the Islamic world since the Carter Doctrine in 1980. “By relying on military power, the United States has sought to ‘shape’ the Islamic world,” he says. “That effort was always misguided and is proving to be a costly failure. We’ll explore the reasons why.”

Pinsky, an award-winning poet and the author of 19 books, will draw from his own work, use videos from the Favorite Poem Project, a program he launched as poet laureate, and assemble reading groups from all walks of life for his MOOC.

“Poetry, for me, is a vocal art—but in the voice of any reader, not necessarily a skilled performer’s voice, not necessarily the poet or an actor,” Pinsky says. “And as an art, poetry has a central place not only in school curricula, but in the culture as a whole. The online, digital medium is excitingly well suited to that combination of vocality and wide cultural reach.”

West’s Alien Worlds—among the most popular classes on campus—will explore the techniques used to discover and characterize planets outside of our solar system, but its structure will be vastly different online. The nine-week course will feature short video lectures, interviews with guest speakers, computer simulations of planetary motion, and online assessments.

Although still “slightly skeptical” of MOOCs, West sees their finer points. The open courses provide “amazing opportunities to share some of this really exciting science and results with a very different population than we typically get to see in the traditional university setting,” he says. He also believes the online content being developed will make his traditional course stronger. “That to me was the biggest sell.”

And that, Dellarocas argues, is the whole point. While they make higher education more globally accessible, MOOCs have “galvanized the conversation around pedagogy on campus,” he says. “More faculty are thinking and rethinking the way they teach and use technology to make class time more productive.”

MOOCs could someday flip the classroom experience, he says, by requiring students to listen to lectures online beforehand so they come to class better prepared for experiments, projects, or other forms of active learning. Eventually, these online courses will adapt to students’ learning style, offering more assignments for those struggling with a concept or allowing those who quickly grasp a lesson to skip segments of a lecture. BU’s first MOOCs have not adapted this hybrid model, but Dellarocas sees it as a distinct possibility in the future.

“Harvard and MIT are finding, now that they have the MOOCs, they can use them on campus to do lots of innovative things with existing classes,” Dellarocas says. “I’m really hopeful that BU can follow” that example.

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