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Pokemon GO Nothin’ Dull About Duskull ticket rewards for Community Day

Niantic just released access to the October Pokemon GO Community Day “ticket.” This ticket buys access to the Special Research called “Nothin’ Dull About Duskull”, which will take effect on October 9, 2023. If you have a dollar to spend on this ticket, you might be wondering: Is this ticket worth a dollar? Let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

Each Community Day – for the past several Community Day events over the last several months – we’ve seen a bit of a trend. Given what we know already and assuming there’s no good reason for Niantic to break with tradition, we can bet we’ve got a handle on what’s in store for this Special Research.

What’s more, we’ve got Pokeminers data harvested from the game’s files that we’re dealing with Ghost-type Pokemon, and quite specifically, per our friend the Professor: “I believe this to be a Duskull, the Requiem Pokémon!”

The first part of the research requires powering Pokemon 10 times, catching 15 Duskull, making 5 Nice Throws, and collecting rewards. Rewards include 15x Pokeballs, 20x Duskull candy, 1x Fast TM, 2k Stardust, and 2x more Duskull encounters.

Per the Professor, “I wonder what else we can learn about Duskull? Let’s try evolving it into Dusclops!” Step 2 requires that you catch 15x more Duskull, Transfer 10 Pokemon, and Evolve 3 Duskull.

The Professor will ask that you be wary of Dusclops as it is the Beckon Pokemon, and “that it sucks everything in as if it were a black hole, so be careful of its mouth!”

One odd bit here is the Professor acting surprised at one point: “Oh wow! Wait, (playername), you did WHAT? Oh no, I didn’t mean to tell you to feed a berry to Dusclops-I meant to tell you to NOT to do that. There must have been a miscommunication.” The Professor’s text goes on, “I’m glad to see that you’re here and not sucked into a black hole!”

UPDATE: This text was changed a bit between updates – now it’ll read: “I was so sure I told you NOT to feed a Berry to Dusclops… But maybe I said the opposite by mistake? Yeah, my bad on that one.”

This bit suggests we may need to feed a berry to a Dusclops, which would require that we either find a Dusclops in the wild (unlikely), or assign Dusclops as a Buddy Pokemon, then feed it a berry.

If we follow along with what’s been included with Special Research in the past, Step 3 would require that we make 3 Great Curveball throws, Evolve 1 Dusklops, and Transfer 10 Pokemon. Rewards likely include 50x Duskull Candy, 1x Star Piece, 15x Great Ball, 2500XP, 1x Rocket Radar, and 15x Ultraball.

SEE TOO: Remember Encounter Stacking for this weekend’s event!

The final Step (Step 4) is likely just a set of reward claims, as per usual. This step likely includes 3500XP, another Duskull encounter, 2x Silver Pinap Berries, 3k Stardust, a Dusknoir encounter, and 2x Rare Candy.

It’s highly likely that before this event is over, we’ll have more Duskull candy than we’ll ever know what to do with. And our fair share of Shiny Duskull, too!

The 99-cent ticket for the Special Research outlined above* can be found in the Pokemon GO in-game store right this minute. *We won’t know the EXACT contents of the Special Research delivered by the ticket until said tasks and rewards are included in an update for the game – likely within the next few hours!

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Pokemon Go October 2023

Pokemon GO October 2023 – Halloween revealed!

If this October’s Pokmone GO Community Day wasn’t ghostly enough for you, this week’s launch into Halloween should provide the necessary scares. As is generally the case, Pokemon GO’s most exciting month is the first month they ever revealed an event: October! This month’s Halloween-themed antics play out on October 12 with Gastly Spotlight Hour, then from October 15th forward – it’s going to be spooky to the max!

First, Gastly Spotlight Hour should be the best time to grab all the Ghost-type Pokemon you can handle. This mini-event will take place on Tuesday, October 12, starting at 6PM local time. This Spotlight Hour lasts – you guessed it – one hour, and will deliver “twice the Stardust for catching Pokemon.”

Every Wednesday of the week this month we’ll see a Raid Hour at 6PM. On the 13th we’ll see Altered Forme Giratina appearing in large numbers. That same Pokemon will be featured during the October 20th Raid Hour. The most exciting Raid Hour of the month comes on October 27, 2023, where the featured Pokemon will be Darkrai with exclusive move Sludge Bomb!

SHINY Darkrai with this exclusive move will also be appearing from Friday, October 22 at 10AM all the way to November 5, 2023 at 10AM local time. This is the sort of situation where Niantic says “If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one!” – which means there’s a PRETTY good chance that’ll happen.

Niantic said the same thing about Shiny Altered Forme Giratina, appearing in raids from October 12 to October 22, 2023. The only super monster boss of the non-Mega Raids this month that will NOT be Shiny is Genesect!

Courtesy of the latest image release from Niantic (as seen above), Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 will feature Punkaboo, released in Pokemon GO for the first time! This Pokemon evolves into Gourgeist – and both of these Pokemon look like pumpkins!

As previously leaked and reported, another Pumpkin-like Pokemon (or more tree-like, as it were), that’ll appear at this Halloween event is Phantump! This is also the debut of this Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon evolves into Trevenant!

Several Event Pokemon (with fancy Halloween costumes) will appear during the Halloween event’s full span. This includes a fancy hat Pikachu, Fancy Hat Drifblim, and fancy hat Piplup! As it’s been in the most recent years of events, these fancy dress-up Pokemon will not be able to evolve.

These fancy Pokemon and the first appearances of the Pokemon Phantump, Trevenant, Punkaboo, and Gourgeist will will begin to appear on Friday, October 15, 2023. They’ll continue to appear all the way until October 31, 2023 – and likely a few hours beyond the end of said day, depending on where you live!

On October 19th we’ll get a 6PM Spotlight Hour for Gothita. That event will deliver 2x XP for catching Pokemon. The last Spotlight Hour of the month is the absolute worst: Murkrow! Starting at 6PM on October 26th, you’ll also get 2x XP for evolving Pokemon.

How Long To Level 40 Calculator For Pokemon Go. (Pokemon Go Level Xp Calculator)

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to find out how much XP you still need to reach level 40 in Pokemon Go. Plus what that XP equates to in in-game tasks. This article will take you through the latest tool on offer with all the information you could dream of.

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Although the hype over Pokemon Go’s initial release has all but faded, the game still has a massive player base actively catching, sharing, trading, and of course battling Pokemon. If it has been a while since you last fired up Pokemon Go, there’s no better time than now to log back into your account and enjoy some of the new features.

In its current state Pokemon Go is finally the game that it should have been on launch, with most of the bugs vanquished and trading and trainer battles added. Although Pokemon Go has a pretty decent system in place for managing your statistics, the Journal doesn’t show you how long you’ve got left to reach level 40. Pokemon Go’s current max level.

Thankfully, however, there is now a brand new tool available that allows you to enter your current XP to view your overall progress to level 40. The tool also provides a full breakdown of how many of each task you need to complete in order to reach level 40. For example, if you have made 8% progress towards level 40, you’ll need to evolve 36681 Pokemon, catch 183403 Pokemon or spin 73361 new Pokestops… This is just a quick example of what the tool shows, so follow along as we introduce you to Bradly Spicer’s Pokemon Go XP calculator.

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How Do You Find Out How Long You Have Left to Reach Level 40 in Pokemon Go? (Pokemon Go XP Calculator)

Before you head on over to the Pokemon Go level calculator tool, you’ll need to find out exactly how much Pokemon Go experience (XP) you already have. For example, I’m level 29 and I have 1659728 XP, which means I’m a mear 8% of the way to level 40…. I won’t lie seeing the figures in real time is pretty daunting! But it’s also quite useful.

To find your total XP haul open Pokemon Go, tap your player icon in the bottom left-hand corner, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Here you will see your current balance of XP.

Of course, this data is only a guide as you will undoubtedly be gaining XP using a mix of all these methods but it’s still interesting to see the raw data. I was quite shocked being level 29 to find out that I have only gathered 8% of the total XP required to reach level 40…. On top of that, I need to capture 183403 Pokemon to get it…. To all the level 40’s already prowling around Pokemon GO hats off to you! Impressive!

Pokemon Go – Top 10 Best And Strongest Legendary Pokemon By Cp

Pokemon GO – Top 10 Best and Strongest Legendary Pokemon by CP

Who are Pokemon Go’s Top Tier Legendaries?

When it comes to how strong a Pokemon is in Pokemon GO, we tend to measure it by their Combat Power (CP). CP is a combination of of the Attack, Defense, and Stamina of Pokémon. Different Pokémon all have varying base stats and Pokémon with higher CP points have greater multiples of the base stats. This means that at the same CP levels, the Pokémon with the higher base stats will be more powerful.

Here are among the top 10 most powerful Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go as well as their best moveset for you to utilize.


Eternatus is a Poison & Dragon Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Ground, Psychic, Ice and Dragon moves. Eternatus’s strongest moveset is Dragon Tail & Dragon Pulse and it has a Max CP of 4,429.

Best moveset for Eternatus

The best moves for Eternatus are Dragon Tail and Dragon Pulse when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Dragon Tail16.4 dps  Dragon Pulse30 dps


  Dragon Tail16.4 dps  Dragon Pulse30 dps


Best moveset for Mewtwo

The best moves for Mewtwo are Confusion and Psystrike when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Confusion15 dps  Psystrike Elite TM47 dps


  Confusion15 dps  Psystrike Elite TM47 dps


The best moves for Groudon are Dragon Tail and Earthquake when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Best moveset for Groudon


  Dragon Tail13.6 dps  Earthquake46.7 dps


Groudon is a legendary Ground Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Water, Grass and Ice moves. Groudon’s strongest moveset is Dragon Tail & Earthquake and it has a Max CP of 4,115.


Kyogre is a legendary Water Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Grass and Electric moves. Kyogre’s strongest moveset is Waterfall & Hydro Pump and it has a Max CP of 4,115.

Best moveset for Kyogre

The best moves for Kyogre are Waterfall and Hydro Pump when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Waterfall16 dps  Hydro Pump47.3 dps


  Waterfall16 dps  Hydro Pump47.3 dps


Zekrom is a legendary Dragon & Electric Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Ground, Ice, Dragon and Fairy moves. Zekrom’s strongest moveset is Charge Beam & Wild Charge and it has a Max CP of 4,038.

Best moveset for Zekrom

The best moves for Zekrom are Charge Beam and Wild Charge when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.



  Charge Beam8.7 dps  Outrage33.8 dps


Reshiram is a legendary Dragon & Fire Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Ground, Rock and Dragon moves. Reshiram’s strongest moveset is Fire Fang & Overheat and it has a Max CP of 4,038.

Best moveset for Reshiram

The best moves for Reshiram are Fire Fang and Overheat when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Fire Fang16 dps  Overheat48 dps


  Fire Fang16 dps  Overheat48 dps


Dialga is a legendary Steel & Dragon Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Fighting and Ground moves. Dialga’s strongest moveset is Metal Claw & Draco Meteor and it has a Max CP of 4,038.

Best moveset for Dialga

The best moves for Dialga are Metal Claw and Draco Meteor when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Metal Claw13.7 dps  Draco Meteor50 dps


  Metal Claw13.7 dps  Draco Meteor50 dps


Meloetta (Aria) is a mythical Normal & Psychic Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Bug and Dark moves. Meloetta’s strongest moveset is Quick Attack & Hyper Beam and it has a Max CP of 3,972.

Best moveset for Meloetta – Aria

The best moves for Meloetta (Aria) are Quick Attack and Hyper Beam when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Quick Attack12 dps  Hyper Beam47.4 dps


  Confusion15 dps  Hyper Beam47.4 dps


Ho-Oh is a legendary Fire & Flying Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Rock, Water and Electric moves. Ho-Oh’s strongest moveset is Incinerate & Brave Bird and it has a Max CP of 3,863.

Best moveset for Ho-Oh

The best moves for Ho-Oh are Incinerate and Brave Bird when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Incinerate15.1 dps  Brave Bird78 dps


  Incinerate15.1 dps  Brave Bird78 dps


Rayquaza is a legendary Dragon & Flying Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Ice, Rock, Dragon and Fairy moves. Rayquaza’s strongest moveset is Dragon Tail & Outrage and it has a Max CP of 3,835.

Best moveset for Rayquaza

The best moves for Rayquaza are Dragon Tail and Outrage when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.


  Dragon Tail16.4 dps  Outrage33.8 dps


  Dragon Tail16.4 dps  Outrage33.8 dps

Pokemon Go Plus Review : Great For One Thing

Pokemon GO Plus Review : Great for one thing

Today the Pokemon GO Plus has arrived in physical GameStop stores and online through Amazon and, again, Gamestop. Our review here is going to be brief – in part because we’ve only been working with the device for a very short time. Because the device is so extremely simple, only a short amount of time was necessary, really – we’re already confident that we know whether or not the Pokemon Trainers of the world should partake in this $35 piece of hardware right out the gate.

This device is tiny. The Pokemon GO Plus will fit in the palm of a human hand – Kindergarten size and up. It has a single button and a battery inside that will be relatively easy to replace once we’ve run this one’s juice out. It’s going to happen – we’ll let you know when it’s happened when the time gets here.

The battery is replaced by taking off the panel at the back of the Pokemon GO Plus. This panel is held on by a standard-sized Philips-head screw. The way we take this back panel off for a battery is the same way we attach the wristband included in the box.*

The replaceability of this battery is both good and bad. Good in that we’ve got a device that Niantic suggests will last long enough on this single battery that we needn’t worry about charging. Bad because we do not have the ability to charge the device when the time comes. We’ll need to purchase another battery.

Inside is a CR2032 battery. Tiny, flat, easily accessible at most stores that sell a variety of batteries.

Another bit of good news: a replacement battery is going to cost us less than a dollar, unless we go to Staples, where it’ll cost $3.50.

*The wristband is relatively small. It’s clearly made for kids – but the way it’s made makes it simple to either make our own or invent some other sort of strap. The included strap is, on a positive note, extremely well made and not going to fall apart any time soon.

We’d much rather have a sort of magnet system to make it attach to all sorts of things. We’ll have to get creative here.

ABOVE: We made sure to have our Buddy Pokemon along for the ride, of course.

Once the Plus has its battery plastic tab pulled* out, setting the device up was extremely easy. In the newest version of the Pokemon GO app on our smartphone we tapped the center button, Settings (in the upper right), Pokemon GO Plus, and there was a screen with “Available Devices” at its bottom.

The Pokemon GO Plus vibrates different colors for a variety of reasons.

• Green: Pokemon seen.

• Blue: PokeStop seen.

• Purple: PokeStop claimed.

To “claim” one of the items seen by the Pokemon GO Plus, the user needs to press the Pokemon GO Plus button.

If a Pokemon is caught, a variety of colors shine from the button on the Plus, and the user can continue on their way.

We get ONE chance to catch a Pokemon. If it is not caught the first time around, it will flee.

On the smartphone, while this is happening, notifications have popped up. If a Pokemon is caught, it will say “You caught a Pokemon!” If the Pokemon has fled, it’ll say “The Pokemon fled!”

If we’ve used the Plus to spin a PokeStop, a notification will show “You received X items from the PokeStop” where X represents the number of items we’ve received.

NOTE: The following is required in smartphones to make use of the Pokemon GO Plus. We will have information on compatibility with rooted and jailbroken phones* soon:

• iOS: iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus devices with iOS Ver. 8–10 installed.

• Android: Android devices that have 2 GB RAM or more with Android Ver. 4.4–6.0 installed. Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) is required to use Pokémon GO Plus.

*Neither are very likely. Niantic blocks both from the Pokemon GO App itself, so it’s unlikely the Plus will be functioning at all attempting to connect.

The Pokemon Go Christmas Event Update Is Available Now

The Pokemon GO Christmas event update is available now

This week amid rumors of a Christmas event OR New Years Eve week event – or both – Pokemon GO has been updated. This update isn’t exactly what we’ve been crossing our fingers for, mind you – but it’s always nice to see something new. This update has more going on behind the scenes than it does up front – up front, and perhaps most importantly, Niantic has fixed the buzzing bug.

Vibration feedback has been buzzing smartphones for over a week in Pokemon GO. Not when Pokemon have popped up within range, as it’s supposed to, but for reasons unknown. It would appear that Niantic has fixed the problem for now – even though we’re still pretty sure these are the phantom heralds of Pokemon Gen 2 monsters.

This update is also bringing on a collection of code not yet activated. One of these bits in the code – but not yet live – is a set of holiday presents. Christmas Presents, one might also wish to call them. In the code they go by the name “Holiday Items” – in direct relation to the Shop. What does it all mean?

The boxes appear in the latest update to the game in the game’s APK files. These files show six different tiers of gift – all of which are appearing with the same basic size ratio. Tiers start at a sort of Bronze color, move on to silver, gold, Special, Great, and Ultra.

What will these boxes contain – that’s the big question here. And what will Niantic reveal in the next couple of days? They’ll have to start announcing something real quick if they’re going to make something public before a holiday event begins. Unless our previously stated information (from our anonymous source, linked to the right) remains true.

BEHOLD: Our Pokemon GO holiday pre-event divinations

The first announcement timing has passed. One of two options for Niantic this holiday season was to announce a Christmas event on Monday (the 19th of December) and run it starting Wednesday. If Niantic is indeed moving on to their second option, the next announcement will come either Wednesday or Thursday.

The next Pokemon GO event would then begin on the 25th of December and run through the rest of the week – counting down the days until the new year! This would allow one special Holiday Present to appear each day for each player. Here’s crossing fingers that they’ll have a new Pokemon hidden within their wrappings!

UPDATE: Each gift will bring something fabulous (like a free egg Incubator) in the store, once per day for several days in a row. Togepi and Pichu will be amongst the (newest) Pokemon that’ll be more common in eggs this week. As such, the free Incubators that’ll come early on will be most welcome!

Also in the update is mention of the Apple Watch update which is not yet live as of the publishing of this article. Niantic recently suggested they were still hard at work making Pokemon GO with the Apple Watch and the proof is now officially in the pudding. When this will appear in live code is not quite known as yet. UPDATE: The Apple Watch addition to Pokemon GO is now live, on Christmas weekend, 2024.

UPDATE 2: Additional clarification has been revealed!

• Christmas: Beginning Dec 25th, lasting until Jan 3rd:

1. Increased odds of hatching Gen 2 Pokemon from eggs.

2. PokeStops will award one single-use Incubator each day after your first Photo Disc spin.

3. Increased odds of finding Christmas Pikachu.

• New Year Celebration: Beginning Dec 30th through Jan 8:

1. Lures will last 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

2. Increased spawn rates of Gen 1 starter Pokemon – this includes Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur (and possibly Pikachu).*

*UPDATE 3: This also includes Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmeleon, Charizard, Wartortle, and Blastoise.

The newest version of Pokemon GO is available now in the iTunes App Store for iPhone. The newest version of the app is also available for Android in the Google Play app store right this minute. We’ll be expecting a “forced” update to appear for players within days.

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