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Readdle is known for producing top quality productivity apps that are easy to use and offer lots of features to help you get things done.

Printer Pro 5 is the latest version of the popular printing app for the iPhone or iPad that makes it possible for you to control printer settings, turn PDFs into high-quality printable documents, and even let you print from your iOS device to a non-AirPrint printer…


Thanks to Apple’s new iOS 7 design, Readdle has decided to flatten out its printer app, too. Now, Printer Pro sports an iOS 7 style with simple, one-touch access to all of your printing needs.

Users add a printer to the app and then have the option to print from a number of locations in their iOS device. Choose from specific documents, clipboard text, contacts, photos, and more.

Each section offers a detailed summary of how to print from the selected location. For example, under the Documents section, read how to use the “Open In” feature that lets you save files to a variety of locations. Once Printer Pro is in your iPhone or iPad, the app will be added to the list of places you will be able to open a file or document in. Once added to Printer Pro, you can select it from the app to print it.

One big change in version 5 is the addition of printing options. When you are ready to print a document for the first time on iOS, you will be able to select specific pages to print, change page size and orientation, and print multiple pages to a single sheet of paper. You will even be able to preview the page to make sure it looks the way you want it to before sending it to the printer.

App Use

The first thing you will need to do in order to print from Printer Pro is add a device. If you have an AirPrint compatible or Wi-Fi printer in your house, it will automatically show up in the list of printers to connect to Printer Pro. If you only have a USB connected printer, you can still use this app with the help of a companion app that you can install on your Mac or PC. The free Printer Pro Desktop add-on allows users to print from a USB printer that is connected to a Mac or PC. Once you have connected a printer to your iOS device through the Printer Pro app, you are ready to go.

Adding a document to Printer Pro is as simple as tapping a button. No matter what app you are using, if there is a way to share a document or web page, you’ll be able to print it. To begin, go to the document you would like to print and then tap the icon that represents the Share feature. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing into it from above. Then, tap “Open In” to access a variety of apps that you will be able to save the document to. Scroll to Printer Pro and tap the icon. It will automatically be sent to the app where you can print immediately by tapping the “Print” button in the bottom right corner. Or, you can make adjustments to how you want to print the document by tapping the “Options” button in the upper right corner.

Print options include the ability to switch between landscape and portrait mode, toggle the auto rotation feature on, and choose the paper size from 3.5 x 5 all the way up to 11.7 x 16.5 inches. Scale the document to its original size or adjust it to fit the page or fill the page. Select the number of pages to print on a single sheet of paper between one and 16 pages. You can also print multiple copies of one document at a time.

To print a specific page, tap the “Print all pages” bar and type in the page numbers that you want to print.

To add an email, or webpage to Printer Pro, copy the text and then open the app and tap the “Clipboard” tab. For example, if you want to print an email from someone, tap and hold your finger on the email until the options appear. Then, drag the blue markers to cover the section of the email that you want to print and tap “Copy.” Open Printer Pro and select Clipboard and the email will automatically be ready to print.

The same goes for web pages. Copy the URL link and when you open Clipboard, it will be ready for you to print.

To print an attachment or image from an email, tap and hold the included document until the Open In feature appears. Tap Open in Printer Pro and the document will automatically be ready to be printed.

You can open documents from Dropbox, Pages, and any other app that includes an Open In feature by selecting Printer Pro from the list of apps to open the document in. All documents will be saved in the app’s “Choose Document” section until you want to delete them.

You can also print images and contacts directly from within the app. Select the Contacts tab to see a list of all of your iOS contacts. You can select multiple contacts and print them all on a single sheet. Select the Photos tab to select an image from your camera roll or shared photo stream. You can also take a picture from within the app to print

The Good

This app is unbelievably easy to use. You can print just about anything without needing to rename a document. You don’t even have to have an AirPrint compatible printer in order to print directly from your iPhone or iPad.

The Bad

The only thing that could possibly be considered a negative for this app is the price. While $4.99 ($6.99 for the iPad version) is a very reasonable price for an app of this capability, the fact that it is not universal makes it a little overpriced. If you want to be able to print from your iPhone and iPad both, it will cost you about $12.


Printer Pro costs $4.99 for the iPhone and $6.99 for the iPad. As I mentioned above, the price is very reasonable for individual devices, but is a bit overpriced if you want to be able to use it from both. It would be better if the app were universally available for $6.99 total instead. If you have both an iPhone and iPad, I recommend downloading it for the iPad because it just looks better on the larger screen. You can then download DeskConnect and send documents to your iPad from any device and print it from Printer Pro.


This is an amazing app that gives you more control over printing options than any other printer app. It is worth downloading just to be able to print multiple pages on one sheet of paper. Plus, you can adjust the size, select the page to print, and even print to a USB printer from your iPhone. Even if you have an AirPrint printer, it is worth buying for the print options. Download it for the iPhone or iPad in the App Store today.

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Print n Share lets you print from non-AirPrint printers. ThinPrint offers cloud-based document printing options.

How do you print from your iPhone or iPad? Do you have an AirPrint printer?

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Hma Pro Vpn Review: Good Speeds, New App


Good speeds

Tons of servers and country options


Privacy policy is still less than ideal

Not much in the way of extra features or customization

Our Verdict

HMA offers solid VPN speeds, a wide range of country choices, and a crazy amount of servers. Its privacy policy has also improved, but it still logs more data than privacy-conscious types would be comfortable with. Overall, our recommendation hasn’t changed. HMA is good for basic uses, but if you’re trying to be as anonymous as possible online this VPN is not ideal.

Best Prices Today: HMA Pro 4



Privax Ltd.


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HMA Pro in brief:

P2P allowed: Yes

Business location: Czech Republic

Number of servers: 1,080+

Number of country locations: 210+*

Cost: $59.88 per year

VPN Protocol: OpenVPN (Windows)

Data encryption: AES-256

Data authentication: AES-256-GCM or SHA1

Handshake: 2048-bit TLS and SHA-256

If there’s one thing you can say about HMA (Hide My Ass), it doesn’t sit still very often. Since last we looked, the well-known Avast-owned VPN service released a new version of its app, and it’s time to kick it around a bit and see what’s new. The new look is quite different from that smartphone-style app that we looked at in 2023, and overall it’s a pretty good new design.

When you first open HMA it has two primary columns. On the left is something a little more smartphone-like with a large on/off slider, a big tile at the bottom with your selected VPN location, and in between those two elements, your home IP—when you connect, it also adds your VPN server’s IP address. This default view has an animated version of the HMA donkey mascot, Jack. When you activate the VPN, Jack puts on a variety of disguises to indicate you’re on the VPN. Sometimes those disguises are amusing, while other time he looks like a total jack… well, you know.

Note: This review is part of our best VPNs roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

HMA Pro 5 with an active connection.


On the rightmost panel are a number of smaller boxes that can either display information or provide quick links to take actions such as opening preferences, activating auto-connect, or watching your current bandwidth usage. This area doesn’t appear to be customizable, though you can dismiss boxes that aren’t useful.

There isn’t anything in the way of power-user features. No multi-hop, no VPN protocol options, or anything like that. If you need these kinds of features then HMA is not the best option.


One notable issue with HMA is its country selection options. HMA offers more than 200 country options with multiple locations in the larger countries. If all you care about is getting a connection for that country then just select the country you want, and HMA will take care of the rest.

However for some countries, including the United States, there are virtual location servers. So instead of a U.S. server actually being in the United States it pretends to be there, but the physical machine is actually in, say, Brazil or Singapore. If you don’t like using virtual location servers that aren’t really where they’re supposed to be, then try choosing a specific location manually from within the app.

Overall, HMA is fairly simple to use, though virtualized country locations may complicate it for some.


HMA has always been a top performer and that continues this time around. It has dropped a bit, but is still inside our top 10 VPNs for speed (at this writing). HMA retained 36.21 percent of the base download speed across five locations and multiple testing days. That should be more than enough for most uses.


Privacy, anonymity, and trust

HMA requires an email and password to sign up for an account, which is standard for VPN services. As for payments, HMA accepts credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal and PayNearMe. There are no cryptocurrency options as of yet, and HMA does not accept cash via PayNearMe.

As for the privacy policy, HMA says it’s now a no-logs VPN, and an audit by Versprite verified that. The company says it doesn’t log originating IPs, DNS queries, browsing history, or the content of data that runs through its network.

On the server side, HMA does log the day you last connected to its servers but not the time of day, and it logs bandwidth usage in order to “plan for new network capacity and server improvements.” All of this data is kept for 35 days.

From the VPN clients, HMA logs connection events such as a connection, disconnection, failed connection, and so on. This information is not tied to user data. HMA also logs “application events,” which basically means how you use the app such as using a new feature, uninstalling, and so on. It also logs crash reports that are sent and generated by users. All of this data is stored for two years and then deleted on a rolling basis.

That’s an okay privacy policy but there are more minimal policies out there that collect even less data, and many VPNs aren’t collecting data about how people use the app. That said, for most people this feature should be fine. But if you’re extra concerned about privacy, then I’d say HMA is not for you.

Bottom line

HMA has a lot of things people want: tons of servers, heaps of country connection options, fast service, and a relatively easy-to-use app. It’s also available at a good price. It doesn’t have a lot to offer those who want extra features or customization, or those looking to maximizing privacy. But if all you need is something to get Netflix overseas or a simple app for connecting while on public Wi-Fi, HMA can get the job done.

*HMA uses virtual servers meaning some of its country locations are not physically located where they appear to be.

Editor’s note: Because online services are often iterative, gaining new features and performance improvements over time, this review is subject to change in order to accurately reflect the current state of the service. Any changes to text or our final review verdict will be noted at the top of this article.

New Features In Ios & Android

Our Verdict

It is too early to make a definitive judgment, but the old truths are likely to remain. If you want ultimate polish, and are prepared to sacrifice your freedom to shop for apps and media outside of Apple’s walls, iOS 9 is for you. It is a prison, but a beautiful, comfortable prison. Meanwhile on the Android side of the house the days when Google’s platform was hard to use are long gone. But it is probably still fair to say that iOS is a marginally more shallow learning curve for beginners. If you asked me to choose I would plump for Android, but it really is a personal choice. And Apple Pay being available is a big win for iOS 9. Let’s see what the Autumn brings.

Apple recently announced iOS 9, the next-generation of its iPhone and iPad operating system. iOS 9 will go head to head with Google’s Android M at the top of the Android  phones and tablets market, so we decided to compare and contrast the two leading mobile platforms, in their next-gen form. Eyes down for an iPhone vs Android face off, in our iOS 9 vs Android M comparison. We compare iOS 9 vs Android M for release date and compatibility, Apple Pay vs Android Pay, and new features in iOS 9 and Android M.

We now know definitively that both iOS 9 and Android M are in the works. What we don’t know is when exactly they will launch. But we can make some good guesses: iOS 9 will launch in ‘Fall 2024’, according to Apple. Apple wasn’t specific about the date because it doesn’t want to give away the date of the next iPhone and iPad launches which will likely be the same day. But expect a new operating system in September 2024.

Meanwhile Google at I/O 2024 unveiled an Android M Developer Preview, confirming the existence of the next flagship Android OS. The final version of Android M will launch with a new Nexus phone in October or November this year. But unlike iOS we won’t then see a rapid roll out to all compatible devices: Android M will first roll out to other Nexus devices, and within a few months to flagship phones and tablets made by third-party OEMs such as Samsung, LG and Sony.

Unless you are a Nexus guy, don’t expect to get Android M on your device until late 2024 or even early 2024. (See Android M release date.)

iOS 9 vs Android M comparison: betas

For the first time I can remember, Apple is running a public beta of its iOS update. You can try out the iOS 9 beta in a few months, but you can sign up now at chúng tôi Developers can download the first beta of iOS 9 immediately, however.

Similarly, if you really want to get your hands on Android M now then you can download the Android M Developer Preview, but only if you have a Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Nexus Player. As with the iPhone equivalent, it should be said that developer preview software is really only for, er, developers. Expect bugs and frequent updates, as well as missing features and functions. Buyer beware! (See also: How to get Android M now.)

iOS 9 vs Android M comparison: compatibility

This is one of the fundamental differences between iPhone and Android. Because Apple makes both software and hardware it rolls out its new software in a quick and efficient manner. Thus every iPhone and iPad that now runs iOS 8 will be able to upgrade to iOS 9, the day it comes out. And unlike previous iOS updates Apple promises that this time around the update file won’t be as big as your iPhone’s available storage. Older iPhones won’t all get some features, though. (If your phone doesn’t have an NFC chip, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay, for instance.)

Android M’s compatibility will be more scattered. Because Google can make the software available to its OEM partners, but they are not forced to push the upgrade out to end users. So while Nexus devices are pretty much guaranteed an over the air (OTA) upgrade to Android M, those with phones made by other people have no guarantee. However, if you have a flagship phone from 2014 or 2024 it is most unlikely you won’t get the upgrade at some point.

iOS 9 vs Android M comparison: Apple Pay vs Android Pay

Both iOS 9 and Android M share one major new feature: NFC-enabled contactless payments. With Apple Pay and Android Pay you will be able to use your phone like a contactless credit or debit card. (Your wallet will now have a battery life, but at least you have to carry only one device.)

Apple Pay is first out of the blocks, due to hit the UK in July with support from eight major banks and retailers such as Costa, Boots, Waitrose and the London Underground. Apple Pay first launched in the US on 20 October 2014 and now it is coming here. This despite a new set of regulations from the European Union Council of Ministers that some thought could throw a spanner in the works. (These tighter regulations could require additional authorisation processes.)

Despite this Apple says that 70 percent of credit- and debit cards in the UK will be supported by Apple Pay at launch.  At WWDC 2024 it showed a graphic which name-checked all the major high street banks. In terms of retailers, the original list includes McDonalds, Lidl, M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Costa Coffee and more.

This is very much a score for Apple Pay, as there is no news as yet as to when Android Pay will make it to the UK. At present all Google has said is that Android Pay will be launching in the next few months, but this will apply to the US rather, with the UK to follow some time later.

At the Google I/O presentation in which Android Pay was announced all of the companies listed as partners – either banks, shops, or mobile phone carriers – were US-based, and there was no mention of a UK or European version. It will happen, but it will take a while. So if contactless payments is your thing, the iPhone is the device for you. (See also Apple Pay UK release date, features and supported banks.)

iOS 9 vs Android M comparison: new features

Let’s take a look at some of the other new features that may tempt you into the arms of either iOS 9 or Android M. Key features of iOS 9 include a major Siri update and deep-links in search results.

Apple says it has made Siri more proactive. The new features are intended to give iPhone users the same sort of functionality as Android owners already have in Google Now. And this new proactivity isn’t only part of Siri but also of search. Spotlight search will display information such as imminent events from the Calendar app, locations nearby that might interest you, boarding passes for flights you’ll be boarding that day and more.

Split-screen multitasking is part of iOS 9, too and there’s a picture-in-picture mode that lets you watch videos while you do other things.

As we will see when we discuss Android M features, lots of Apple’s competitors offer software-based battery-saving modes for their devices, and Apple will do the same when it launches iOS 9. Apple says its feature should give up to three hours of extra use, on top of the extra hour or so you’ll get simply from updating to iOS 9, which is more power efficient than iOS 8 (Apple says).

Turning to Android M and we find something similar in what Google calls ‘Doze mode’. Doze monitors when the device isn’t being used to put it into a deep sleep which uses less power and can double your battery life – according to Google.

The SystemUI Tuner in Android M lets you customise the Quick Settings to the ones you want to you the most and in the layout which suits you. Another small but handy change is the ability to uninstall apps straight from the home screen. You now get the choice between simply removing the shortcut/icon or actually uninstalling the app from the device entirely.

Google Now is a great feature of Android and it gets even better in Android M. Now on Tap means you can long press the home button wherever you are you call up Google Now. Better still, you don’t need to navigate away from the app you’re using and it will already have a good idea of what help you need based on what you’ve been doing – eg. Directions to a location after chatting to a friend about meeting up.

We’ve already got fingerprint scanners on numerous devices so it might not seem like a new feature but Android M natively supports them. This means you’ll be able to use them to authorise payments via Android Pay and confirm Play store purchases. Developers can also use the functionality within their apps.

One annoying thing about Android is downloading app requires agreeing to all its permissions which might include things you don’t agree with, like access to your contacts when it’s an endless runner game. Well Android M is going to change that with the ability to pick and choose which permissions you’re happy with for each individual app. You’ll also be able to accept or deny a specific permission as and when an app requests it.

If you send links, photos or files to the same contacts then Android M will start adding them to the Share menu to speed up the process. It’s a bit like having favourite contacts when you open the Dialler app to call someone.

Not only is Do Not Disturb (DND) part of Quick Settings in Android M, the volume control has been tweaked for the better. You can now easily control the volume of calls, notifications and alarms with three separate sliders – simple but effective.

Ok, it’s a hardware feature but Android M supports USB Type C which is good news for future devices – potentially starting with the Nexus 5 2024. You can plug it in either way around, it will charge your device quicker and even allow you to charge other devices. (See also: When will the UK get Android Pay?)

Specs Android M: Specs

Compatible Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Latest Features In Google Photos App For Ios And Android

With every new update, the arrangements in software and tools change to make it better for customer use. Google Photos app seems to be following this policy quite often. The latest update rolled out for Google Photos app intends to make it easier for users to put their recent images in new albums. How? When a person returns from an event or trip, Google Photos will automatically compile and suggest an album of your latest photos so that you have a story crafted out from it.

The arrangements and features in an app are changed over time to make it better for customer use. Building upon this, Google has introduced new features in Google Photos app for people struggling to manage their photos and videos.

New features in Google Photos app for iOS and Android

The very first change you’ll notice in the app when you launch it is the changed icon. The original Google Photos icon designed was inspired by a pinwheel. The same icon has been refreshed and simplified.

Secondly, the new Google Photos app intends to make the app simple for use. So, it brings a search front-and-center with a new three-tab structure. Also, photos and videos have received more prominence. Apart from these, there’s a change in

Three-tab structure

Revamped Search function

New Library feature

Map View

Memories function

Let’s explore the above-mentioned features in a bit detail!

1] Three-tab structure

In comparison to the earlier version which supported 4 tabs (Photos, Albums, For You, Sharing), the new Google Photos app has a three-tab structure – Photos, Search, and Library. The Sharing feature has been changed into a function and the ‘For You’ tab has been removed completely.

The latest update rolled out for Google Photos app intends to make the app simple for use. It also brings a search front-and-center with a new three-tab structure. Photos tab, as always, stores all your photos and videos, but now you’ll see larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and less white space between photos. Also, under the tab, you can find both, old favorites and recent shots.

2] Revamped Search function

As photo libraries continue to grow larger in size, the search function has become increasingly important. For this reason, Google has put search front and center to give you quick access to the People, Places, and things that matter to you. To be precise, the tab displays the people and pets who appear almost regularly in your photos and videos.

3] New Library feature

The Library tab represents a collection of the most important destinations in your photo library, like Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and more. It has a print store that allows you to readily turn photos into prints and books. The store currently will be visible only to the U.S., EU, or Canadian customers.

4] Map View

Google says that as a part of the new search tab, the app users will see an interactive map view of their photos and videos. It has been one of the most requested features. The newly added capability will support gestures like pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of travels, find the location where you’ve taken maximum photos (A gentle tap on ‘view all’ option under ‘Places’ will present you with a grid of locations). If you do not want it to be enabled, simply disable the ‘Location History’ and ‘camera location permission’

5] Memories

If you have been a long-time Google photos user, you will notice that the ‘For You’ tab has been replaced by ‘Memories’. It’s a collection of some of your best photos and videos whether from recent weeks or previous years. To access it, tap ‘Photos’ and select a memory from the top. All your things like collages, styled photos, and animations will be visible under it.  You can view it as a sort of a private archive of your old photos that you browse like Instagram Stories.

Memories feature is available for iOS and Android devices only. As such, if you are using the web version of the Google Photos app, it will not be available to you.

And you can always access your shared content by tapping on the “conversation” button in the upper left corner.

Google hopes the app users will like the new change and its simplified Google Photos experience.

Please note that if the changes are not visible to you, do not worry! Google will roll out the update over the coming weeks, worldwide.

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Fix: Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer (0X00000006)

Fix: Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer (0x00000006) Ensure you have sufficient administrative rights to add printers




When deploying printers on a server using group policy, ensure you have enough administrative rights; otherwise, they won’t be applied.

Such issues can cause your printers not to connect hence why you’re getting the error 0x00000006.

To resolve such hiccups, ensure your computers are on the same network, and your drivers are up-to-date.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

When you try to add a printer on a shared network, you may receive an error message with the error code 0x00000006. This problem may occur if you try to add a printer on a server, but the computers are not on the same network.

For further information on resolving this error, keep reading to find out how to troubleshoot it.

What is Windows error code 0x00000006? 

This error code means you cannot connect or add a printer on a server. This is a generic Windows error and can be caused by many factors, such as:

Insufficient permissions – The most common cause of this error is not having the correct permissions to access the specified printer.

Poor connection – The network connection between your computer and the server may be interrupted or down.

Incompatible drivers – The specified printer may not be compatible with the current driver.

Wrong group policy settings – When deploying printers using a group policy, you need to ensure they are the right ones. Otherwise, they won’t be applied.

Restrictive firewall settings – If there are problems connecting to network printers, it may be because your firewall has been set up too restrictively to provide additional security against hackers.

How do I fix Windows error code 0x00000006?

Attempt the following workarounds before any technical steps:

Disconnect all other peripherals that could be causing conflicts and reconnect only for the printer.

Check for any loose or damaged cables and replace them where necessary.

Verify that your PC and printer are on the same network.

Change your internet connection if possible and see if the error persists.

Log in as an administrator or use a different user account to access the printer.

Perform a system file check to check for corrupt files.

Restart or reset your printer and see if it works.

Finally, restart your PC and try printing again.

1. Disable your antivirus temporarily  2. Delete the Printer Spooler folder

In some peculiar but still possible cases, Windows may be unable to find the right driver for your printer. In such cases, you’ll have to consider another way of getting the correct drivers. 

We recommend you try the Outbyte driver updater as it will automatically scan and match you with the right driver. As a bonus, you will also get a system optimization.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

4. Run the Printer troubleshooter 5. Restart the Print Spooler service 6. Delete a registry key

Remember that editing the registry is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary. Since this is the most upvoted solution by users who encountered the error 0x00000006, you may have to try it if you find that other actions don’t bear fruit.

Ensure you back up your registry and create a restore point. This way, you can have a safe point of return in case anything goes wrong. 

Don’t hesitate to check out our other articles on printer errors, such as the error code 0x00003e3, and see our recommended fixes.

Still experiencing issues?

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Hopes High For Hp Spinoffs, But Pc And Printer Concerns Linger

Hewlett-Packard’s plan to slice itself in two is being well-received by a cross-section of customers, though questions linger around PC and printer services and support.

The low-margin PC business has been a drag on HP for years now, and many customers saw the company split coming. Users are concerned that the level of service and quality of the PC and printer products may decline, given the spin-off won’t have the financial resources and overall support of a larger, integrated company. There are already worries that HP will de-emphasize low-cost tablets and PCs in favor of premium products. Some customers also want to continue to buy PCs and servers from a single entity.

The spin begins

HP didn’t waste time trying to erase doubts from the minds of key customers. Right after the company announced the breakup plan early Monday morning, Purdue University CIO Gerry McCartney got a call from his regular HP contact, who was ready to discuss the situation and answer questions.

The university spends millions of dollars on HP servers, PCs and printers every year, and McCartney believes the split is a good idea, especially if HP wants to preserve its enterprise business. But he’s reserving final judgment.

“A year from now we’ll know whether it was a good idea or not,” McCartney said.

HP’s PC and printer organization will be known as HP Inc., and the enterprise business will be called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. The split will be complete in 2024, and the companies are expected to work hand in hand to serve customers.

Meg Whitman, taking the helm after Apotheker was booted out, reversed Apotheker’s strategy and retained the PC unit. She is now convinced, however, that separation will help both units grow.

News of HP’s pending split won’t affect Columbia University’s computer science department’s plan to buy servers, but purchase decisions for PCs and printers are being re-evaluated.

Nguyen has had a positive experience with HP, and also buys products for the department from companies like Dell. The department has around 300 HP servers, and there were plans to switch 40 desktops in a student lab to HP, but now those purchase decisions are being reconsidered following the news of the split.

There are also worries around printers.

“The printer division may not have the same level of funding after the split,” Nguyen said.

“The part I don’t care for is … two companies to deal with for purchases,” McCartney said. “It’s a nice gesture to the market, but on the buying side, depending on how they implement it, it becomes a bit complicated.”

Purdue buys PCs and servers from HP and even works with the company to develop supercomputers. The close ties help Purdue get good pricing and support, and McCartney hopes the PC and enterprise companies can effectively work together to be a one-stop shop for large customers.

“If I’m going to have different sets of people calling me, I wouldn’t regard that as a good development,” McCartney said.

Turning away from the PC

“In the long arc, PCs as we know them are going to go away,” McCartney said.

The PC industry, meanwhile, is shifting, with Sony exiting the PC business, Samsung stopping laptop sales in Europe, and Toshiba shifting focus to business laptops.

HP is going in the opposite direction of its top rivals. Dell has held on to its PC unit, and Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, recently closed a $2.1 billion deal to buy IBM’s x86 server business. These companies maintain that PC sales act as a springboard to sell more server products. HP is the world’s largest server maker, and has closely tied its hardware and software into packages sold to customers.

For BCDVideo, which makes security and video analysis products, about 90 percent of HP hardware purchases are for servers, with the rest mostly workstations, which will ultimately go to HP Inc.

BCDVideo President Jeff Burgess is already dealing with separate PC and server sales teams, and believes the good experience he’s had with HP so far will continue with the spin-offs.

“We’re confident that we’re going to keep the same sales and engineering contacts on the back end,” Burgess said.

Another HP customer, big-data software company PROS, expects little change in its day-to-day engagements with the vendor, even after the breakup, and has no plans to change its course on technology purchases. The company uses HP servers and PCs, and expects a smooth transition.

“We have open communications regarding HP’s strategic plans on new technologies, which is important for our long-range planning and a key component in our relationship,” said John Salch, vice president of technology and platforms at PROS.

In fact, the HP breakup may place the new companies in a better position to compete in their respective sectors, Salch said.

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