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Definition of Accelerated Depreciation

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There are various methods of Depreciation on fixed assets. However, in accelerated depreciation, the depreciation rate applied to assets is higher than that of the other depreciation methods. In accelerated depreciation, the book value of assets reduces faster than applying the other traditional depreciation methods.

Generally, the depreciation rate in the earlier years is higher, and in later years, the depreciation rate reduces compared to traditional methods. Hence the difference between the traditional and accelerated depreciation methods is the timing difference of depreciation.

Example of Accelerated Depreciation

Let’s assume the company ABC Ltd. ABC Ltd has purchased machinery worth $500,000.The useful life of the machinery is 10 chúng tôi Ltd is calculating the depreciation using two methods.

Straight Line Method of Depreciation:



Purchase price of the Machinery $500,000.00

The useful life of the Machinery (years) 10


Depreciation Formula = Purchase Price/ Useful Life of The Asset

Depreciation = $500,000/10

Depreciation = $50,000

Depreciation per year is $50,000



Purchase price of the Machinery $500,000.00

The useful life of the Machinery (years) 10


Double declining balance method

Depreciation Formula  = (Purchase Price/ Useful Life of the Asset)*2

Depreciation = ($5,00,000/10)*2

Depreciation = $100,000 

Depreciation per year is $100,000

The sum of years digit method

Depreciation Formula = (Number of Useful Years Remaining / Sum of Useful Years) * Purchase Cost.

Depreciation = ((10 / (10 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1)) * $5,00,000

Depreciation = $90,909

The above example shows that the depreciation in the straight-line method is lower than the depreciation in the accelerated method of depreciation.

Methods of Accelerated Depreciation

Different methods are mentioned below:

Double Declining balance method of depreciation: In this method of depreciation, the book value of the asset gets depreciates at the constant rate each year, which is generally double the rate of depreciation that applies in the straight-line method of depreciation, i.e., the rate of accelerates depreciation=2X the rate of depreciation in straight-line method

The sum of years digit methods: In this depreciation method, the remaining useful years of the asset consider along with the asset’s total useful life.

The formula for calculation of accelerated depreciation in this method = (number of useful years remaining/sum of useful years.)*Purchase cost

Accelerated Depreciation Deductions

Due to the use of accelerated depreciation, the reported profit of the enterprises is lower in the earlier years, which increases in the later part of the year. Hence the tax liability of the enterprise in the earlier years is lower than the tax liability of the enterprise in the last years. Therefore, we get more tax deductions in earlier years.

However, it must consider that the asset’s total tax liability does not change. It is only the timing difference of tax payment.

However, let’s consider the time value of money. The enterprise benefits from an income tax reduction in the earlier year compared to an income tax deduction in a later year.

In the case of accelerated depreciation, the asset fully depreciates on paper. However, in reality, the asset is still in existence. In this case, the income tax Department takes back the depreciation it has allowed earlier, which results in a loss to the enterprise.

Impact of Accelerated Depreciation

The following is the impact of Accelerated Depreciation

It has a higher effect on manufacturing industries than other lines of business.

Accelerated depreciation impacts the enterprise’s debt to asset ratio, profit margin ratio, and Return on asset ratio.

The use of accelerated depreciation affects the tax planning of the enterprise. Per the above discussion, due to accelerated depreciation, the tax liability of the enterprise reduces in the present; however, it increases in the future. Because of this, the enterprise has to invest much time in the tax planning of the current year, taking into consideration the tax planning of the future years.


Different benefits are mentioned below:

Reduction in the reported net income of the enterprise: In the accelerated method of depreciation, the depreciation rate is higher in the initial years, thus increasing the depreciation expense. So this increases the total expense amount in the income statement, and the net income gets reduced due to this higher volume of expense.

Reduction in tax liability: The enterprise utilizes the saving in the form of tax liability for future projects or expansion of the current business, as it reduces its tax liability due to the lower reported net income resulting from increased expenses on the income statement.

Allowance of deferred tax: Many enterprises use the accelerated method of depreciation to create the provision for deferral tax liability in the books of accounts of the enterprise. Due to the high deduction of depreciation in the earlier years, the enterprise’s net income gets reduced in the earlier years and increases in the later years, which results in the creation of deferred tax, which the enterprise is liable to pay in the future. Hence, the provision for DTL, i.e., deferred tax liability, is created in the books of accounts by the enterprise.

Unclear picture of the financial statements: In this depreciation method, the higher expenses are reported in, the earlier years, which get reduced later. As shown in the statements, the assets are not worn out due to accelerated depreciation. Hence, the investors do not get a clear picture of the organization’s financial health, leading to confusion about when to invest in the enterprise, thus affecting decision-making.

Higher payment of taxes in later years: In the accelerated method of depreciation, the enterprise has to pay low tax in the initial years due to low reported income; however, contrary to the above, the income of the enterprise increases in the later years because the depreciation expense in the later years gets reduced, and hence the tax liability of the enterprise in future also increase in future the enterprise falls under higher tax bracket, and this can create a problem to the enterprise in the planning of its financial projects.

The wrong reported value of the asset: In this method of depreciation, the asset depreciates fully on paper, and hence the enterprise cancels the asset because the economic value of the asset gets zero due to the depreciation reported; however, in reality, the asset still has the value. The depreciation, which was earlier allowed by the income tax department, can be taken back, leading to the enterprise’s loss.


The use of accelerated depreciation by the enterprise does not give the true picture of the books of accounts of the enterprise, thus affecting the investors’ decision-making. Hence to invest in the enterprise, the investor should not only rely on the income statement or the use of the depreciation method by the enterprise. Like the cash flow statement, the other financial statements should also be studied before investing in the enterprise. Also, the investor should thoroughly study other information like present tax liability and the expected future tax liability of the enterprise due to the use of accelerated depreciation before investing in the enterprise.

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Quick Glance On Mysql Lowercase

Introduction to MySQL LOWERCASE

The following article provides an outline for MySQL LOWERCASE. To convert the string to lowercase, we can do it by using the LOWERCASE function. The LOWERCASE has one argument which will accept the string and convert it into the lower case. The function used for the above functionality is LOWER() or LCASE(). Binary, BLOB, and Varbinary are binary string data; these are ineffective when applied to the LOWER() function. To pass such data, we first convert the string to a non-binary string.

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The syntax for the LOWERCASE function is as below:


How does MySQL LOWERCASE work?







Now let us create a table and apply the LOWER () function:



Now let us insert data into the table:



Now let us select the data from the table without applying the LOWER function. The output would be as below—screenshot for the same. Here we can see that the column ‘UPPERCASE_VALUE’ data is in upper case. We use the LOWER and LCASE functions to convert the characters into the LOWER cases.


select * from LOWERCASE_DEMO;


Now let us see the LOWER function and LCASE function:



In the above select statement, we could see that instead of ‘string expression’, we have specified the ‘column name.’ Which will convert the column values from upper case to lower case as below. The LOWER function or LCASE function achieves this.


Given below are the examples of MySQL LOWERCASE:

Example #1

Now let us see how the LOWER () function works individually and in the table.

Multiple cases in one string output also give lower case using the LOWER function.


SELECT LOWER( 'Hi . . . world QwErTy' ) AS MESSAGE;



SELECT LCASE ( 'Hi . . . world QwErTy' ) AS MESSAGE;


Example #2

Let us see another example for the LOWER and LCASE functions below.


The below data is inserted into the above table:


INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (1890, 'Narayana pvt college', 700000, 'Hyderabad'); INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (2890, 'St.Josephpvt college', 560000, 'Kerala'); INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (3890, 'Private Plan pvt college', 230000, 'Hyderabad'); INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (4890, 'Chorniclepvt college', 60000, 'Maharastra'); INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (5890, 'Number one pvt college', 780000, 'Hyderabad'); INSERT INTO COLLEGEDATA VALUES (6890, 'Startuppvt college', 500000, 'Uttar Pradesh');

Select the data from the above table, and the rows look as below:



Now let us select the data from the table without applying the LOWER function.


Let us apply the LOWER and LCASE functions:



Here we can see that the column ‘COLUMN_NAME’ data is in upper case. We use the LOWER and LCASE functions to convert the characters into the LOWER issues.



To convert the string to lowercase, we can do it by using the LOWER CASE function. The LOWERCASE has one argument which will accept the string and convert it into the lower case. The function used for the above functionality is LOWER () or LCASE (). Binary, BLOB, and VARBINARY are types of binary string data. However, applying the LOWER() function to these data types is ineffective. To pass such data, we first convert the string to a non-binary string.

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Slow Youtube On Windows 11: Causes & Quick Fixes

Slow YouTube on Windows 11: Causes & Quick Fixes Clear the browser cache or disable the hardware acceleration




YouTube is our go-to stop for content consumption; if that does not work properly, it could be annoying.

Note that YouTube running slow in Windows 11 has been a problem many users face, so you can try disabling all the extensions in your browser to fix it. 



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

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readers this month.

Well, if you love watching YouTube videos just like everyone else, but are frustrated because YouTube is running slow on your Windows 11 PC, then you aren’t alone. There are several user reports regarding YouTube. Well, for some users the issue is existing on a good-spec PC as well.

This really hampers the entertainment part of using a PC. Fortunately, in this guide, we will give you a bunch of solutions that will help you fix YouTube running slow on a Windows 11 PC. Let us get right into it.

Why is Youtube running slow on Windows 11?

There can be multiple reasons why YouTube is running slow on your Windows 11 PC. After reading various user reports and going through the internet, we have created a list of reasons why the error is triggered:

You are using a VPN: Often VPN connections are slow, especially if you are using a free VPN. This could cause communication of your internet with the YouTube servers a bit slow, because of which it is running slow.

Browser cache file: This could be altogether the fault of your browser cache. If the browser cache isn’t cleared very often, it gets accumulated and causes several browser-related issues.

Graphics driver isn’t updated: You need to make sure all drivers on your PC, in our case, the graphics driver is up to date to ensure the best performance of your PC.

Faulty Internet connection: Everything depends on your internet. If it is pretty slow, then of course you will have issues streaming videos in high quality, and you will come across buffering issues.

Background apps are causing problems: If multiple apps are opened or running in the background, then this could cause issues.

Faulty extensions: Often third-party extensions that you have installed for your browser might be conflicting with YouTube.

How can I make YouTube faster in Windows 11?

Here’s what you should do first:

If you have installed a VPN, then you can use it to access region-blocked content and websites. However, if left ON, then you will have some issues with regular websites. You should disable the VPN that you are using and then visit the YouTube website and see if this resolves the issue or not.

On the contrary, you can turn on VPN and connect to a server in a different region and check if this resolves YouTube running slow in Windows 11.

This is one way to update the graphics driver on your PC. However, if you have to update all drivers on your PC, you have to go through the same steps and update drivers one by one.

To simultaneously update all drivers on your PC, we recommend using a third-party tool called Outbyte Driver Updater.

Using the tool, not only you can update drivers on your PC, but it can help you schedule driver scans to keep them up to date all the time, create driver backups, use its efficient download manager, and much more.

Keep your drivers updated at all times to make your PC faster as well.

Free trial Visit website

2. Clear browser cache 2.1 Google Chrome 2.2 Mozilla Firefox

Cache files store all your personalized settings for the websites that you have visited. If this gets corrupt, then it can cause multiple issues.

Expert tip:

We have a curated list of some of the best browsers that you can check out and enjoy better features over the ones you are already using.

3. Disable Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling 3.1 On your system 3.2 On your browser

When the hardware acceleration is enabled, it forces the GPU to enhance the computer’s performance, which could often lead to stuttering and YouTube running slow issues.

Disable the hardware acceleration on your PC and on the browser that you are using, in our case, it was Google Chrome, and see if this resolves the issue or not.

4. Disable browser extensions

That is it from us in this guide. We have a list of the best YouTube apps that are available for Windows 11 both free and paid.

If you are a YouTube content creator, then you should definitely check out our guide on the best tools to create custom YouTube thumbnails. You can also check out our recommended list of the best YouTube intro maker that are free and are available without any watermark.

We also have a guide that will help you fix the low volume on YouTube issue on your Windows PC. Our guide on the best live streaming software for YouTube also gives you a complete list of the best tools to stream without any issues.

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7 Quick Ways To Fix Apex Legends Lag Spikes On Pc

7 Quick Ways to Fix Apex Legends Lag Spikes on PC Fix Apex Legends lag spikes and dominate the battlefield once again




Apex Legends is an awesome multiplayer game, but you might have trouble getting it to work due to lag spikes.

Try using a different server or check if your network connection is working correctly to fix this issue.

Updating your drivers can prevent this and many other problems in Apex Legends.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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Apex Legends is an awesome game you can play on Steam, but you might stumble upon connectivity issues now and then.

So if you’re looking for a way to fix Apex Legends lag spikes, high ping, FPS drops, or latency issues on your PC, we’re here to help.

Users reported the issue on many instances, and the Apex Legends lag in firing range was a common observation.

Check out our complete guide below to significantly improve your gaming experience without buying a new PC.

In addition, we prepared a list of foolproof solutions you can try at the software level of your computer.

Why do I keep having lag spikes in Apex?

If you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes on your PC, you may be connecting to a server that’s too far away. That will result in high latency and possibly lag. Also, problems with your network connection will cause lag spikes to occur.

Outdated drivers can also be a problem, so ensure that your graphics and network driver are up to date. If the issue is caused by network problems, such as your ISP, you can fix that with specialized tools.

What is a good ping for Apex Legends?

Low ping is beneficial for enhanced gameplay, and in Apex Legends, you should try to have it in the 20-50 ms range.

You may witness a spike when changing servers or a slow Internet connection. But anything under 80 ms should do for a game like Apex Legends.

1. Choose a different in-game region

Apex Legends lag spikes and high ping could be caused by too many players on the same server.

If you notice peak hours when this happens, like in the evening or at the weekend, this is probably the reason why your entire game is slowed down.

You might not even be able to connect to a server. To resolve the matter, connect to another region in Apex Legends and try again. If the issue persists, keep changing regions until you exhaust all options.

This issue helps if you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes on Xbox or PS5, so be sure to try it.

2. Use a gaming VPN

Using an Apex Legends VPN, you can improve your ping and enhance your gameplay. First, of course, you must connect to a VPN server closer to the region you’re playing it.

We recommend ExpressVPN because it’s the most used in the business and improves your connection and gaming speed.

Created by Kape Technologies, it can protect your computer from DDoS attacks and defend your home router from hackers. Express is also the best VPN choice to fix Apex Legends packet loss.

Plus, this VPN has OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption to secure your data. As a result, it enables your devices to keep a consistent internet connection with fast protocols such as Lightway.

According to our tests, ExpressVPN works well with Xbox One, Android phones, and PS consoles. As a result, you can confidently choose it as the finest VPN for Apex Legends.

Furthermore, in such cases, you can use the virtual server functionality to access blocked websites and games. Express comes with servers in 94 regions.


Use this fast and optimized VPN for gaming to fix Apex Legends lag issues.

Check price Visit website

3. Check your Internet connection

It’s impossible to enjoy a smooth-free online game if your Internet connection is not strong enough to sustain it.

Try running a speed test to determine if your network connection is slower than usual. You could also temporarily launch a different game to see if it has lag spikes like Apex Legends.

If your Internet connection is faulty, you can try restarting your PC and terminating any high-consuming background processes or services needed online, like web browsers, torrenting clients, or download managers.

In addition to that, you can fix your slow Wi-Fi or switch to Ethernet mode.

4. Use Nvidia Control Panel

If you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes due to GPU issues, you can use Nvidia Control Panel to optimize your PC for gaming.

It integrates the most critical PC settings into a user-friendly interface, which you can easily enable or disable for gaming. Besides, the tool is entirely free to use. However, it only works for Nvidia GPUs.

Your device drivers are responsible for everything on your computer, including graphics and sound.

So if you often have to deal with FPS drops in Apex Legends, check if your drivers are updated to the newest edition, especially regarding your GPU.

It’s possible to update the graphics driver manually, but finding what you need on the web might take a while.

On top of that, there’s always the risk of getting incompatible drivers that could harm your operating system. So instead, it’s better to resort to driver update software.

To avoid damaging your system, you can update outdated drivers with Outbyte Driver Updater, a tool that specializes in finding and updating them. The process is safe and will only take a few moments to find old drivers.

Your software is only as good as its latest updates, whether we’re talking about the operating system or gaming platform. So make sure to update Apex Legends and Steam to the newest version.

Remember that this isn’t a 100%-effective solution, and many reported Apex Legends lag after the update.

However, it would help if you stayed away from Steam beta updates. Although they are newer, they don’t guarantee stability.

And, if your Steam updates got stuck, you can fix this problem using our easy workarounds.

The same goes for Windows. If the system update service doesn’t run automatically on your PC, you should check Windows Update for any new critical fixes or security patches at least once a week.

Then, restart your PC several times until all updates get installed, and try running Apex Legends to check for lag spikes.

Using the abovementioned solutions, you should have fixed Apex Legends lag spikes and other latency problems.

Also, please find out how to optimize the PC for gaming and get the best performance out of it.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Fix Quick Start Not Working On Iphone Or Ipad (2023)

Just bought an all-new iPhone and all geared to set it up? You must be thinking that migrating all your data from the old iPhone to the new one will be a rather tedious affair. Well, for this exact reason, Apple has introduced a feature called “Quick Start” that is designed to transfer data from one iOS device to another with utmost ease.

But that doesn’t mean it never has an off day or doesn’t throw errors left, right, or center while at work. If this very issue has troubled you, let’s try out these handy tips to fix iPhone Quick Start not working.

Fix iPhone Quick Start Not Working

To ensure there is no confusion lurking around, it would be apt to first discuss how Quick Start works.

A Brief Intro to Quick Start and How It Works

When this data transfer feature is initiated, it allows you to choose preferred settings, connect to Wi-Fi, and restore data from an existing setup. Furthermore, it also facilitates automatic setup for other connected devices such as Apple Watch, and HomePod.

So, Why is Quick Start Not Working on My iPhone?

Let me put it straight. There is nothing new about the “Quick Start not working” issue as it has been around for a long time. There are several reasons why this problem crops up. Some of the biggest culprits are device proximity, interrupted network connection, and software glitches. Therefore, we will have to dig deeper to get rid of it.

Before going on to try any radical solution, it’s essential that you make sure your iPhone is updated. Considering that outdated software version is well-known for triggering a hell lot of issues, putting the entire blame on a software bug won’t be completely wrong.

2. Ensure That Your iPhone Hasn’t Been Enrolled in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager

If your iPhone has been enrolled in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, you won’t be permitted to leverage the Quick Start feature. Therefore, contact your administrator and enquire about the issue.

3. Make Sure Both Devices Have Sufficient Battery

Don’t forget that if your device is running low on power, the Quick Start feature won’t be visible on your old device. Hence, you should make sure that your device has enough battery to function without any problem.

4. Plug Both of Your iPhones into a Power Source 

In order to ward off any interruption mid-way, it would be better to plug both iPhones into a power source. Yeah, you read that right! If the file size is too large, it would take plenty of time for the complete transfer. Thus, it makes sense to keep both devices powered up.

5. Restart Both Your Old and New iPhones

In case you’re unable to get Quick Start working on your iPhone, it’s time to restart the device. Restarting your iPhone will likely resolve minor glitches that might be causing the issue.

On iPhone with Touch ID: Press the side button and drag the power off slider to turn off your iPhone. After that, press the side to restart the device.

6. Reset Network Settings

It’s no secret that “Quick Start” requires a strong internet connection to work perfectly. If your cellular or Wi-Fi network is not up to the mark, it could very well be the prime reason for the whole chaos. Besides, if your device is faced with a network-related problem, this solution may troubleshoot it.

Then, enter your Screen Time passcode and hit Reset Network Settings again to confirm the process.

7. Manually Activate Quick Start on Old Devices 

In case the Quick Start not working issue still continues, activate it manually on your old iPhone.

8. Factory Reset Your Devices

When it comes to fixing weird issues, the Factory reset is an excellent solution. Therefore, you should give it a try to troubleshoot Quick Start not working problem as well. Don’t forget that the Factory reset will erase all the custom settings that you have done on your iPhone and take them to the default state.

When you have applied every way suggested but can find a solution to fix the Quick Start not working on your iPhone, it’s high time you reached out to Apple Support for further needs. Apple Support will be likely to rectify the problem from the root cause and then help you resolve the issue from the get-go.

Signing Off…!

That’s all there is to it! The capability to seamlessly migrate your data from an old to a new iPhone makes the Quick Start feature a great tool. However, just like any other man-made thing, it doesn’t always work as expected. And when it happens, the migration seems to become a never-ending affair.

Next reading: How to Check If an iPhone is Refurbished or New (2023)

Samsung Galaxy On5 Quick Review

 [stbpro id=”info”]Also See: Samsung Galaxy On5 FAQ, Pros & Cons, User Queries and Answers[/stbpro] Samsung Galaxy On5 Photo Gallery Samsung Galaxy On5 Unboxing Video

Physical Overview

The On5 has a 5 inch TFT screen that emits 1280 x 720 pixels. The dimensions are 142.3 x 72.1 x 8.5 mm and the weight is 149 g. This device has nothing new to offer in the design department, as most of the budget devices from Samsung hold almost the same physical features. The sides are covered with chrome lining which encase the bezels quite perfectly. It is comfortable to hold and use with one hand.

On the front, there is a chrome speaker grill next to the front camera above the TFT display.

Below the screen resides the home button flanked by capacitive navigation buttons.

Flip the device other side and you will find an 8 MP camera with speaker grill and Flash to either side.

The microUSB port, dedicated mic and the 3.5 mm audio jack is at the bottom

Under the back cover, lies the removable battery and dual-SIM slots coupled with a slot for microSD.

The volume rocker is on the left

And the lock/power button is on the right side of the On5.

User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy On5 comes with the Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI based on Android Lollipop. Samsung has always used the same custom UI in almost all the smartphone it has manufactured with Android. In my personal opinion, this device is highly customized with the UI and comes with a lot of pre-loaded apps and features. The user experience in the beginning will be smooth and snappy but it will slow down a little bit with time due to the bunch of bloatware included in the OS. To increase the efficiency, Samsung has also included some useful features like Ultra Power Saving and Ultra Data saving to increase the battery backup and manage data smartly.

Camera Overview

High-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have beautiful cameras but cameras in low-budget phones from Samsung have been a point of discussion. This phone has an 8 MP back camera with LED flash and a 5 MP front camera.

The results in natural light or bright light were good but we didn’t enjoy the camera performance in low-light. The UI starts lagging and you need to keep your hand still, after pressing the shutter button. The autofocus works well and does a good job in capturing details, colours looks a little washed out though. The front camera is an average performer; many phones offer better camera quality at this price range.

Samsung Galaxy On5 Camera Samples Price & Availability

Samsung Galaxy On5 will be available for purchase starting today for a price of INR 8,990. Samsung lovers will love this phone at this price, but the ones who prefer picking up the best out of the best will get many other options to consider.

Comparison & Competition Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy On5 is a good phone in terms of overall package, but I think Samsung should change its market strategy because the consumers in India are also changing with time. It can no longer sell its handsets on the basis of brand value and customer loyalty. There is nothing exclusivity about this phone; it feels like you are using just another Android smartphone by Samsung.

Update the detailed information about Quick Glance On Accelerated Depreciation on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!