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Case study: KLM’s ‘Meet & Seat’ initiative

 In the latter part of 2011, international airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced its new ‘Meet & Seat’ programme. Participating passengers could view each other’s Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and use this information to choose who to sit next to during a flight. I always find it interesting to review how KLM are using social media since they’re definitely an innovator rather than a laggard. These often aren’t just campaigns, but integrate with  KLM services.

Source: Wikipedia

This idea might be good for KLM’s PR, but can it succeed? And what lessons can you take back to your business?

KLM’s previous use of social media to personalise service

KLM is no stranger to social media. In November 2010 it launched ‘KLM Surprise’. This test involved flight attendants searching passengers’ social media profiles and meeting these passengers at the gate with a personalized gift. Although I think this programme fell a little flat in implementation, it was still intriguing enought for KLM to continue for a time. And, it then redeployed social media information in ‘Meet & Seat’.

‘Meet & Seat’ – a potential networking gold mine?

There’s no question ‘Meet & Seat’ has great potential as a networking and lead generation tool.

Let’s say you’re booking a flight for a conference. Meet & Seat makes it easy to scope out other passengers’ profiles and see who else is going. You can find people who work in your industry and talk business, or meet people in your company’s target market(s) and make a potentially valuable connection.

‘Meet & Seat’ means you might finally get a chance to do something productive on that red-eye flight!

On the other hand…

Have you ever been to a networking lunch where you were pinned in a corner by someone who was determined to give you a sales pitch? Imagine the same scenario, only this time you’re stuck in your window seat for 4 – 6 hours.

Perhaps your neighbour doesn’t just have business on their mind? KLM’s programme might be treated by some as a personal matchmaking service. At this point I’d rather just drive to my destination.

The good news is that the program is opt-in only; you can only see others’ profiles if you opt in to show yours first. Here’s a great backgrounder:

Marketing lessons from KLM’s customer-led approach

The biggest takeaway from KLM’s social experiment is something that’s often discussed here at Smart Insights – social media marketing needs a strategic purpose.

KLM recognized its customers had a need and created a way for them to make better use of time spent on long flights. Customers are happy and KLM gets some good publicity — everyone wins.

Are you paying attention to your customers’ needs? You may be addressing their complaints, but are you also proactively thinking of ways to improve their customer experience?

If you decide your company’s next marketing experiment should be a social one, keep these questions in mind:

Does my audience engage in social media? Which platforms?

What are my customers’ needs? What would make them happier (and make them share their happiness with others)?

What is my experiment’s goal? Is it measurable?

What should I do if the experiment fails or backfires? What should I do if it succeeds?

Knowing the answers to these questions before diving in to implementation will lead to more tightly controlled experiments and better marketing results.

What do you think of KLM’s social experiment?

Do you think it will be successful?

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Social Media Marketing Online Training Course

Social Media Marketing Learning Path Use a strategic, data-driven approach to improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing activities How will this Learning Path help me and my business?

This structured e-learning activity will help you or your team use a more structured approach to managing and optimizing social media as a strategic communications technique. Examples and benchmarks are discussed from the main social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What is a Learning Path?

Smart Insight’s Learning Paths are our unique interactive online training courses which explain concepts, give examples and test understanding.

We appreciate finding time for skills development is a challenge, and so Learning Paths enables training to be bite-sized, engaging and results orientated since they integrate with our templates to plan, manage and optimize your marketing.

Unlike many online e-learning courses, each module is self-contained, so you can rapidly/quickly access guidance to improve the effectiveness of the marketing activities you are working on right now. Common modules are shared between Learning Paths to avoid duplication of learning material. You can also complete the full Learning Path to earn a CPDSO certification.

As you work through each topic, we recommend and explain the most relevant member resources, so you can download templates to plan, manage and optimize improvements to your website.

Accredited learning activities with the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO)

Each Smart Insights Learning Path has been independently assessed and accredited by the CPD Standards Office, so you can be confident that the quality of the learning and assessment experience has been audited and recognized for its quality.

Development Objective

Members who successfully complete this Learning Path have the ability to manage and optimize the strategic implementation of social media platforms for marketing communications.

Once you have completed a Learning Path, send an email to [email protected] to request your CPD certificate.

Learning Objectives

Identify the benefits of a more planned approach to social media marketing then design and implement a social media plan.

Review the effectiveness of your social media marketing against benchmarks and other organizations then identify improvements to how your social media marketing is managed.

Structure a social media strategy to improve customer lifecycle communications that translates into practical actions and improves your goals.

Review the requirements and features of tools for social listening and put in place a reputation management process to respond to complaints or customer service requests.

Identify how to improve your approach to optimizing the effectiveness of your social platforms, both organic and paid, by reviewing your company page to enhance its effectiveness and defining methods to increase follower engagement through optimizing content for each social channel.

Understand different types of insights you can present in a monthly social media report including the business contribution of social media using reports available in Google Analytics including comparing the follower growth and engagement for your company pages on different social networks

How is the Learning Path structured?

The Learning Path is separated into these topics and modules:

Topic 1 – Discover social media opportunities

A planned approach to social media marketing

Audit social media marketing activities

Learn the latest social media developments

Set social media goals

Topic 2 – Planning and governance of social media

Create a social media strategy

Social listening

Customer service and success

Influencer marketing

Topic 3 – Practical social media marketing

Optimize your organic TikTok marketing

Optimize your organic Instagram marketing

Optimize your organic Facebook marketing

Optimize your organic LinkedIn marketing

Using social media to support a marketing campaign

Using social media to amplify linkbait

Optimizing paid social media activity

Reporting on social media effectiveness

Roles who will find this Learning Path useful

Company owners and directors working for smaller businesses

Digital marketing managers, marketing executives or specialists responsible for social media marketing

Consultants or agency account managers

Beginners Guide To Smm: Social Media Marketing Decoded

Beginners Guide to SMM: Social Media Marketing Decoded

Here, you are connecting with your customer at the top of the funnel when he is seeking the information, at navigational stage, and even at the bottom of the funnel at transactional stage. Here, you can make good use of social media marketing (SMM) to leverage social media channels. This powerful medium of digital marketing brings greater opportunity to spread brand voice and get real business.

In this beginner’s guide to SMM, we have discussed:

What is social media marketing (SMM)?

What are social media marketing benefits?

What are the best social media marketing practices?

Best social media marketing platforms

Latest social media marketing trends

How to create an effective social media marketing strategy?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Source: sales-push

As we discussed when you connect & communicate with people in social context on different digital platforms, you are on social media channels. Here, you can follow various practices to leverage these platforms and contact with end-user in real-time.

What are Social Media Marketing (SMM) Benefits?

Whether you are running a small shop, operating in the local market, or heading a global enterprise, social media has something for everyone. It brings opportunity for all to connect, communicate, and convince end users to buy products or services. It is also a powerful medium to build brand voice in most efficient manner. Some of the important social media marketing benefits include:

It helps increase brand exposure.

It helps boost website traffic.

It helps improve search rankings.

It helps research market & emerging trends.

It is a powerful medium to build brand voice as majority of population is on social media platforms today.

What are the best Social Media Marketing Practices?

Post right content: One common mistake majority of marketers do on social media platforms is that they limit their posts to promotional content. Here, they tend to post content related to their product & services all the time. This ends up exhausting customers with no value.

Thus, the best practice is to post engaging & informational content that helps end-users make better decisions. Here, you can try different types of content like tips & tricks, quizzes, responses, adjacent content, non-promotional company information, and more.

Post at the right time: Posting right content at the right time could help create wonders on social media platforms. Here, you should post frequently with consistent quality content that helps users at different stages of funnel including informational, navigational, and transactional stages.

Track reports & analytics: Next thing you should do is to track reports and analytics that will help take informed decisions. Every social media platform where you can run SMM campaigns gives you the opportunity to track marketing activities via a simple dashboard. Thus, you should keep tabs on these reports to get the best out of your social media campaigns.

Target right audience: Based on these reports, you can target audience for better reach. Here, you can run more specific campaigns where you can target more precise audience for better results.

Listen to your audience: Listening to your audience will help manage your campaigns in a better way. It will also help improve the quality of your product & services significantly.

Cross-promote: Major social media platforms include Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. Here, you should run campaigns on different platforms to get the best returns on your investment. Later, you can decide on few best platforms from where you can yield best benefits.

Be human: Social media marketing activities shouldn’t be limited to brand promotion instead you should be more human to build relationships. It will help in the long run to build brand value, gain loyal customer base, and increase sales.

Use best social media tools: The unsung heroes of some of the best SMM campaigns are best social media marketing tools. These best SMM tools help spread brand voice, spread awareness, generate loyal customer base, increase sales, increase website traffic, and more. Here, the majority of marketers use these social media marketing tools to run successful campaigns on social media channels.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

There are a number of social media platforms that could be of help if you are planning to run marketing campaigns on them. While some of these allow you to run campaigns to outreach larger audiences, some could be leveraged to contact specific audience. Let’s discuss best social media marketing platforms available today and what they have to offer you.


Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Active Monthly Users: 2.41 billion+

You must be living on Mars if you haven’t heard of this social media mammoth. Facebook paved the medium for billions of users around the world to search & connect people they love. Started in a small dorm room at Harvard, Facebook is used by over 2.41 billion users around the world today.

This social media platform is not limited to instant chat instead it is providing huge platform to businesses to connect with the end-users. Furthermore, all content types work well on Facebook be it images, text, videos, stories, or more.

What we found:

You may like its massive approach, but organic reach of this platform is limited. Thus, you need to solely rely on its paid campaigns.

Here, you can use integrated tools to create and run successful campaigns on Facebook.

It offers intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help you target audience easily.


Founded: 2006

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Active Monthly Users: 321 million+

Twitter is the next big name in top social media sites that are equally useful for businesses. Lots of businesses are thriving on this amazing platform that offers easy connect with Tweets and shares. This public microblogging site is used to break stories, news & updates in real-time.

Today, you needn’t wait for dignitaries and stars to come for media interviews to share updates, instead, they simply tweet first. You simply follow the person or organization and you will get all updates from them in real-time.

What we found:

Real-time updates but hard to find real accounts of people you want to target.

Good platform to target B2B audience.


Founded: 2005

Headquarters: San Bruno, California

Active Monthly Users: 1.9 billion+

YouTube gives you a chance to watch videos on any topic under the sun and allows you to upload video content effortlessly. Here, you will find music, videos, movies, vlogs, independent films, and whatnot. People are making millions out of this interactive social media platform that offers seamless user experience. It gives you full control over content that you want to see or allow your kids to watch.

What we found:

Huge audience base (over 1 billion monthly users) to connect to your target audience.

As people remember things they see, you can create short promotional videos for long time effect.


Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Active Monthly Users: 1 billion+

Instagram is a users’ delight who loves to take pictures. If you aren’t on Instagram, you aren’t living a glamorous life digitally, right? Well, it has grown to be one of the most popular social networking sites that allow users to share photos & videos effortlessly.

What we found:

Highest engagement rate out of all of the big networks.

Interactive interface but limited to promotion through pictures to greater extent.

Effective influencer marketing platform.


Founded: 2010

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Active Monthly Users: 291 million+

If you love fashion, wedding, décor, food, workout, or DIY-related pins, then Pinterest is the platform you should be on. Here, you will find tons of rich visual media neatly organized in one place.

While the majority of Pinterest users include females, it also offers amazing platform to promote women-centric services & products easily. This powerful social media site is a major player both in search world and social media networking.

What we found:

You can use this amazing platform to target female audiences easily as 81% of their 150 million monthly active users are female.


Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Active Monthly Users: 330 million+

Snapchat is filled with user-generated content. Here, the user-base is primarily young and spends a lot of time on Snapchat – interactive social media platform. Here you can share photos, videos, text messages, and more. This instant-messaging platform is totally mobile-based and has younger user-base comparatively to other social media platforms. It is easy to use and interactive at the same time.

What we found:

Easy to use, but small demographic of users, thus you need to be very specific.

Content on Snapchat is fleeting and short-lived thus you need to create something that people remember.


Founded: 2005

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Active Monthly Users: 330 million+

With over 330 million active monthly users Reddit heralds itself as “the front page of the Internet”. Here, you will find over 150,000 communities discussing almost any topic imaginable. It allows you to share photos, videos, links, and related content for related topics. While nicest design on the platform is a challenge for Reddit, it doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to overall user experience.

What we found:

Be careful what you post on Reddit as they don’t like marketeers.

Subreddits, Ask Me Anything (AMA), and their voting feature are useful features of the platform, you can make good use of.

Latest social media marketing trends

Like overall user experience on social media platforms, trends of social media marketing are also changing. Let’s review some of them here.

Influencer marketing is going to increase on all major social media platforms.

Building social media communities will help you target audience in an effective way.

People are looking for social media ‘detox’, so you need to be extra careful while designing your social media campaigns.

There would be more alternative platforms for B2C and B2B market segments. It is interesting to remind that some of the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are leading the B2C brands, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are supposedly helping B2B segments.

You can use social media platforms as an effective solution to provide customer support.

Stories format like Snapchat would be more visible on other platforms.

How to create an effective social media marketing strategy?

To create an effective social media marketing strategy, you need to follow five essential pillars as discussed below. Though this isn’t the prescription to effective social media campaigns, but it is more of a framework you should follow to lay the foundation of successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign.

Goals: You need to set your goals first. Here, you need to define the outcomes you want from your efforts and how you will measure these outcomes.

Target audiences: You need to design your social media marketing campaigns keeping your target audiences in mind. It will help get effective results out of your efforts. Here, you can create buyer persona for your business and target that for effective results.

Content mix: You need to outline your content based on which you will draft your social media marketing strategy. Here, you need to create content mix. It will include informative content, news, Q&A, community events, promotional posts, contests, and more.

Channels: Once you have decided on above important aspects of social media marketing, it’s time to decide on channels. As each channel brings its own pros & cons, you need to be extra careful while deciding the right platform to reach your target audience.

Process: Now that you have decided everything else, it’s time you should use best social media marketing tools and plan out things to process.


Coming short to whole discussion on beginner’s guide to social media marketing (SMM), you can leverage these amazing platforms to outreach your target audience in the most effective manner. It gives you liberty to filter your audiences to reach more targeted audience while designing more specific campaigns.

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About the author

Dinesh Lakhwani

Fighting Extremist Social Media With Social Media

Fighting Extremist Social Media with Social Media BU class campaign against online recruitment in US-sponsored competition

Steve Quigley’s COM class has built SAVE from the ground up as a social media campaign to help prevent extremist groups from recruiting young people online.

The campaign, created by the New Media and Public Relations class of Stephen Quigley, a College of Communication associate professor of public relations, is one of about 150 similar efforts entered in the Peer to Peer (P2P): Challenging Extremism competition put together by EdVenture Partners and sponsored by the US Departments of State and of Homeland Security and Facebook. On December 16, judges will choose six finalists, three US teams and three international teams, to travel to Washington, D.C., in February and present their campaigns in the competition’s final round. The first-place winners will take home $5,000 in scholarship money.

SAVE was developed by about 20 students with the aim of dissuading potential recruits to violence by employing the same social media tools—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter—used by recruiting sites, but delivering a very different message. The campaign will feature messages about the harm extremist groups cause, the loss felt by parents of children who become extremists, and resources for those looking for help. The goal is not only to reach those who might be drawn to these extremist ideologies, but also to reach the people who are important to them—friends and family.

“We want to influence the influencers,” says Quigley (SED’87), who received a call in August from P2P asking if he was interested in entering his class this year. The answer was yes, although with some trepidation; he is not an expert on violent extremism. So, he teamed up with global terrorism expert Jessica Stern, a Pardee School of Global Studies professor. Stern says social media has become “a very important battleground,” for extremist efforts, one where the US government does not fight well.

“It is really important for young people to get involved in this fight,” she says. “We’ve seen middle-aged people in the State Department trying to develop counternarratives that appeal to 19-year-old kids who are getting recruited to these groups, and it has not worked. I think it is inspired to have young people get involved. It’s really good for the students and it’s really good for counterterrorism.”

Stern, who will carry the project over to her spring 2023 class Topics in International Relations, connected Quigley’s class with Parents for Peace, an NGO for parents whose children may be drawn to extremist ideologies. From there, the class created the idea of SAVE and ran with it, with only months to create a competitive campaign, while other teams had been building their projects for years.

“The beginning of November was when we really started getting into the nitty-gritty,” says Elle Hvozdovic (COM’17). “It was a little bit late, based on other people getting into campaigns, mostly because we had to spend so much time making sure that we understood the topic that we were campaigning for.”

“The more I stood back and let the students take the lead, the better it became,” says Quigley. What people don’t seem to realize, he says, is that many of the people who join these groups are not in some foreign country—they can be classmates, friends, and family.

A lot of extremists’ “target audience is college kids, most of them graduating,” says Hvozdovic. “They are vulnerable, they need guidance, they are struggling to find a job—it is a very stressful time in your life, and they really capitalize on that aspect of it.”

Several students say that they hope to see SAVE continue to grow after the class is over. And it just might—when Quigley and his class submitted their application, SAVE and its posts had 646 likes on Facebook, 577 on Twitter, and 2,000 on Instagram.

Ian Evans can be reached at [email protected].

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Top 10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses In Jaipur

The rise of social media marketing jobs in pink city is rising day by day. Placement opportunities and the salary for this job are at a reasonable rate. It is due to the rise of social media platforms and the increase of opportunities on the forum.

Source – Linkedin

Source: Linkedin

Social media has grown to meet this requirement by allowing people to connect and interact with businesses in ways that have never been possible before. Now, a company’s social media presence (or lack thereof) can significantly impact its overall marketing success.

Source: Linkedin

Hence jobs in the field are also increasing. It is the right time to learn social media marketing and enter the field.  This blog covers the top 10 social media marketing courses Jaipur has.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Courses in Jaipur 1. Digital Scholar

One of the top digital marketing institutes that offer digital marketing courses is Digital Scholar. They even provide online classes for those who wish to learn the subject, and many people from all around the world have enrolled. Students can sit at home and learn the most from this institution, regardless of where they reside. They teach the course in a unique, agency-styled manner. Groups of students are formed, and work is assigned appropriately.

After the module is completed, the students are given an assignment to complete, which is then reviewed and returned. Sorav Jain, one of the most significant digital marketers, is in charge of this organization, and he’s also a social media influencer on Instagram. He has been running echoVME Digital Marketing Services, which is located in Chennai.

One of the finest aspects of doing an online digital marketing course with Digital Scholar is that you will gain a lot of experience and practical training. You’ll be learning from the finest in the business, and Sorav Jain will also teach you something. After each module, the trainers hold a doubt-clearing session. Students with questions can get answers during this session. The instructors are always willing to assist students. Their students will receive 100% placement help, as well as internships.

Course Syllabus Digital Marketing Blueprint- Pre-recorded Courses- 1. YouTube Mastery Course-

5+ Modules – 47 Lessons

5+ Tutorial Tools for editing videos

3+ Additional videos to edit, upload, and promote business on YouTube.

2. Instagram Reels Mastery Course

10+Content Modules

50+ High Definition Video Tutorials to curate content on Instagram

30+ different styles of reels 

3. Instagram Growth Stack

25+ Modules

Helps to build the community of audience in less than a year using effective strategies.

4. Whatsapp Marketing Course

12+ Modules and 41 Video Lessons

Customers 24 x 7 Customer Support through Whatsapp

Building a WhatsApp Chatbot to handle sales & support queries on WhatsApp

5. Facebook Ads Mastery Course

50+ Video Tutorial

8 Essential training modules

3+ Tools Tutorials to scale up your business

6. LinkedIn Mastery Course

7 Modules

7. Quora Organic Secrets

6 Modules – 19 Lessons

2+ Tools Tutorials for helping you with content research to enhance your writing skills.

Course Highlights

Study Under the Guidance of Sorav Jain

Live & Interactive Sessions

20+ Certifications

Guaranteed Paid Internship

100% Placement Assistance

Live Case Studies

Industry Connect

Access to Freelance Marketplace

14+ Advanced Modules

3 Specializations Modules

Ad Budget Allocation

Qualified Faculty Of Practitioners

Conducive Ambience

1-Year Access to Course Material

Updated Course

Feedback Session

24*7 Community Support

Specialisation Modules

International Freelancing

Affiliate Marketing

Task-Based Internship (Optional)

Pre-recorded Modules

Email Marketing

Copywriting Mastery

SMS Marketing

Course Faculty

Train under the guidance of Sorav Jain, one of India’s leading Digital Marketing experts, and his team of experienced industry practitioners.

Certifications Offered

Digital Scholar offers 20+ digital marketing certifications. These Certificates are industry recognized and have a high value in the Market.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Hubspot Certification

SEMRush Certifications (6)

Google My Business Certification

Search Ads Certification

Google Display Ads Certification

Google Mobile Certification

Shopping Ads Certification

Video Ads Certification

Module Specific Certifications (11)

Companies Where Our Students Are Placed

Digital Scholar has tipped up with the top digital marketing companies.

Digital Scholar’s Placement Partners

Success Stories of Our Students


PPC Campaign Specialist

Arpit Gupta

Cracks 12 LPA

Watch Video

Marketing Executive

Assistant Digital Marketing Manager


Cracks 7.5 LPA

Watch Video


Head of Digital Marketing

Rubia Naseem

Cracks 7.2 LPA

Watch Video

Course Duration & Fees

The online course is four months long, & all the modules are covered extensively. The course fee is ₹75,000. Call us at +91-9513632705 for the offer price. Of this, Rs. 4000/- will be spent back on you for a domain, hosting, and marketing budget for hands-on learning. Here are the upcoming batch details for the online digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Upcoming Batch Details

Course Duration

4 Months

Course Modules

14+ Modules & 3 Specialization

Course Certificates

20+ Certificates

Training Mode

Live Online Classes

Weekend Batch

Saturday & Sunday

Starts From

22nd July, 2023

Course Fee


Contact Number


Join Online Digital Marketing Course

View course

2. Digipro

Digipro recognized the need to develop strong core competencies in Digital Marketing and social media marketing. This is an institute that provides social media marketing courses, in Jaipur. 

The Digipro course covers all of the essential areas of digital marketing. It provides students with solid abilities to help them deal with the everyday challenges of working in an ever-changing digital environment.

They offer a distinct Consulting department that aids with placement and a proper internship with numerous real-time tasks.

Course Syllabus

Social Media Optimization tools 

Email Marketing 

Inbound Marketing 


Digital Marketing 

Conversion Rate Optimization & Sales

Digital Marketing Overview 

Lead Optimization 

Web development Strategy 

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Marketing 

Course Highlights

Stipend based internship

Hands-on practical learning experience

Free paid plugins

Course Duration and Fee

The Digital Marketing Certificate program lasts three months and costs Rs 17000 (incl. GST).

3. Digital Vidya

It is the leading digital marketing training institute in the world, with locations in 24 cities. They hold online sessions for anyone from all over the world to enroll and learn about marketing. Hands-on experience, engagement with industry experts, and certifications are all available through Digital Vidya.

The training is open to anyone interested in learning a social media marketing course in Jaipur.

Course Syllabus

Each module has subtopics

Why care about Social Media?

Demystifying Community Building on Facebook

Creating Facebook Marketing Strategy

Live Facebook Community Building & Facebook Advertising

 The Jewel in the Social Media Crown – Twitter 

Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation and Personal Branding

Discussion on other Social Media Channels

Measuring ROI of Social Media

Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy

Course Highlights

Internships based on research

Instructors are available for live sessions.

24×7 Trainers provide assistance.

Access to content such as videos and presentations for the rest of your life.

Hands-on experience or teaching. 

Course Duration and Fee

It’s a one-month self-study and instructor-led online training course. You can get additional information about the course duration by contacting the institute. The fee for the course is USD 219/-. 

4. Samyak Infotech

Another well-known social media marketing course Jaipur has is Samyak Infotech Solutions Private Limited. They are a worldwide known organization with several affiliations, such as Google Certifications and EC Council Certifications.

Samyak’s trainers ensure that the curriculum is tailored to the industry’s needs and trends and the necessity for businesspeople and graduates to flourish in the field of digital marketing. They have partnerships with well-known companies such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Pearson, and Microsoft.

Samyak is a well-known Digital Marketing Institute with locations throughout the country. It is an ISO-certified corporation and a Tally-approved educational school. They have more than 25 locations throughout the world and are a Google NHP Certifications partner.

In Jaipur, they have multiple branches.

Course Syllabus 

Marketing Basics



Google webmaster

Social media marketing

Google AdWords

Content-driven marketing

Email marketing

Blog marketing

Google Analytics

Content writing

Affiliate marketing

Course Highlights

International certifications

Placement assistance

Internship opportunities 

Expert-certified teachers or faculty

Course Duration and Fee

The duration of the course is for 2.5 months, including lab work. Regarding the fee structure, you can contact the institution. 

5. Jaipur School of Digital Marketing

The Jaipur School of Digital Marketing is one of the most well-known Digital Marketing Institutes in Jaipur, with a reputation for giving high-quality training in the various aspects of digital marketing. It is one of Jaipur’s best digital marketing courses.

The faculty is a young, highly qualified, and experienced set of people who have worked with reputable firms and proven their mettle in the Digital Marketing industry by developing successful campaigns for businesses over the years.

The students will work on live projects and have practical experience. 

Course Syllabus


Marketing Fundamentals

Market Research

Introduction to Social Media

Quora Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Email Marketing

Course Highlights

Experts teaching

Live projects

Hands-on experience


Course Duration and Fee

To know about the duration and fee structure of the course, contact the institute with the information given below.

6. Digi Learning

Digilearnings is a well-known and well-respected Digital Training Institute that seeks to provide people with a comprehensive understanding of the online world through one of the top social media marketing courses, Jaipur has currently.

The instructors are Google Certified, and all of the consultants and trainers have at least ten years of expertise in the Web domain.

Freshers, professionals in marketing and other sectors, business owners, and people who want to work from home and explore freelance prospects can benefit from the course.

Course Syllabus

These are the modules that will be taught in-depth.

Digital Marketing Overview

Website Planning  & Development-WordPress

Social Media Marketing

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation for Businesses

Online Display Advertisement

Ecommerce Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies

Money Making Tool

Course Highlights

24×7 online support

100% practical sessions

Advanced modules

Course Duration and Fee

The course will be for 12 weeks, with an additional live project internship. The fee for this course is 25,000. 

7. Quibus Trainings

Quibus Trainings is one of the leading providers of Digital Marketing Courses. They’ve trained over 600 people who have gone on to work as successful digital marketing strategists and planners in the business world.

The instructors are highly qualified and have years of experience in digital marketing. Quibus Trainings ensures that there are sufficient assignments and practical training sessions to change a complete newcomer into a successful Digital Marketer and trendsetter.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to social media 






Course Highlights

Practical course

Live projects

Placement assistance

Free internship

Course Duration and Fee

The duration of the course is for four months. For the fee structure, contact the institute. 

8. Tecida Institute 

Tecida Institute is one of the social media marketing courses Jaipur has had for the past decade. They have trained almost 5000 students thus far, and the mentors are world-class instructors with extensive experience.

Tecida Training is a Digital Marketing organization that offers sophisticated premium Courses to help you become a proficient marketer of today.

Course Syllabus

These are the modules, and each module has various sub-topics.

Facebook marketing

Instagram marketing

Messenger marketing

LinkedIn marketing

Youtube marketing

Advance remarketing

Course Highlights

Placement assistance 

Practical learning

Projects and assignments

Course Duration and Fee

To know about the duration and fee structure, contact the institute. 

9. EIIM (Edusolutions Institute of Internet Marketing) 

Another well-known social media marketing course Jaipur offers is through EIIM. EIIM has faculty with a lot of experience in the field. Other than SMM they offer additional digital marketing courses as well. 

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Social Media 

Social media and Businesses

Campaign Messages

Social Media Challenges

Social Media Strategy

Social Sharing – Psychology

Content Ideas

Adapting social media plans to capitalize on strengths

Importance of visuals

Process of social sharing

Understanding Consumer Stories and Their Role

Reputation Management and Response

Influencers and Evangelists

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing

Course Highlights

Live Projects 

Placement assistance


Course Duration and Fee

Contact the institute with the information below for details regarding the duration and fee of the course. 

10. Ventureheap Academy

Ventureheap offers students the best modules and projects in marketing. They offer online and offline teaching, and their faculty aims to teach and prepare students for jobs or the industry.  Anyone who is interested in learning social media marketing can enroll.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to social media

Youtube marketing

Facebook marketing

Linkedin marketing

Instagram marketing

Management tools

Course Highlights

Free internship opportunity

Case studies

Live projects

Course Duration and Fee

The course is for six weeks with a fee of 9500. 

Conclusion FAQ’s

1. Which is the best institute for social media marketing in Jaipur?

6 Social Media Trends To Guide Your 2023 Social Media Actions

In 2024 we saw social media networks introduce many new features including Facebook’s live streaming, Reactions, Instagram Stories and major updates to Snapchat.

When the first social media platforms were launched they soon became more than just a place to chat with friends. Brands jumped on them for marketing purposes, journalists spread news stories, and politicians shared their manifestos and opinions as we saw recently with the Brexit in the UK and the US presidential elections.

Now we can see the big social platform offerings overlapping. Facebook Messenger is experimenting with Snapchat’s disappearing messages. Instagram Stories has also stepped on Snapchat’s toes.

So, what social media trends do we expect to see in 2023?

Trend #1 Increasing need to tie social media marketing to tangible results

 An example of a graph showing social media metrics overlaid with business KPIs

Correlating social media mentions with lead generation statistics gives a clearer view of performance

Action: Make sure you have a clear plan for tracking social media metrics and tying these figures to business KPIs

Trend #2 Brands will need to be able to analyze and monitor visual/video content

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.

Visual content and especially video, is taking over the Internet. It’s easy to consume and entertaining, with major media brands like Buzzfeed taking the lead. Video content on Snapchat attracts over 10 billion daily views, considerably more than YouTube.

Example of one of Tasty’s top performing posts over the last 6 months

This trend, backed by influencer Neal Schaffer, will grow as companies realize the full impact video content will have on their marketing campaigns. Analysing these campaigns is important so companies understand better how to manage and measure the effectiveness of their visual/video content. From a brand protection or PR perspective, tracking when, where and how your product is being discussed with this type of content means you can protect the reputation of your brand whilst boosting brand awareness.

Action: Focus on both creating and tracking the performance of visual/video content

Trend #3 Digital marketing land-grab by social media giants

Social media giants don’t want you to leave so they’re adding more and more features, discouraging users from linking away.

Michael Stelzner describes how, “large businesses will become the equivalent of the 1990’s America Online – a type of Hotel California, where you can enter but never leave.”

Action: Start looking for ways to start converting social media users without sending them back to your website

Trend #4 Private messaging and peer to peer networks lead user going to dark social

Users, more and more, are looking for private conversations with individuals or small groups, not broadcasting across an entire social media network. Witnessing this shift, Facebook’s heavy investment into the development of Facebook Messenger and integrating AI, becomes clear. It is moving quickly towards becoming a marketing platform for winning customers, live chat, ecommerce, and customer support.

Looking to the future, brands will need to build local communities if they wish to continue targeting their audience with their marketing messages. Personalized content will entice users to opt-in to the communities and take part in activities created by the brand such as live events, or engage in one to one dialogue with the brand. Users can then receive live updates through private messaging. Airlines can send flight updates, booking confirmations, etc.

A real-life example of this new “hypertargeting” is highlighted by Dave Chaffey when Vauxhall Motors partnered with Twitter to send personalized videos to football fans via DMs.

Action: Start working out how to use chatbots and other tools to make the most of private messaging

Trend #5 Brands become human – real-time responsiveness will overtake auto-posting

Despite stating earlier that social media platforms are morphing into one, they do still have something that keeps them unique. Each attracts a different audience with its own demographic. When your brand plans a marketing campaign across social, auto-posting will kill your campaign stone dead. Each message must be purposed accordingly, personalized to the audience. Brands using social listening can drilldown and find the individual features of each audience, then tailor according to language, tone of voice, user preferences and needs, and more.

To prove your brand is human, real-time responsiveness gives you the edge. The ability to jump on a trend, reach out to users quickly and start building relationships. From a social listening perspective, this includes tracking for trending news, hashtags, keywords, and mentions of your brand online or on social networks. Keep your editorial calendar flexible and be ready to jump!

Action: Have the resources and flexibility in place to react immediately to news and trends

Trend #6 Live-streaming

Live-streaming will become mainstream and has to part of a brands social media strategy. Brands can boost engagement by streaming seminars, breaking news, music concerts, entertainment and celebrities, sporting events, vloggers, live Q&A sessions, and more. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the launches of Meerkat, Periscope, and Facebook Live. Still a bit clunky, we can expect these new platforms to release better content, improve connection speeds, and reduce lagging.

The potential for live-streaming apps is huge, with video watching already ranking as a top activity on Facebook and Twitter. During the recent US election, Twitter and Facebook live-streamed presidential debates. Twitter also live-streams NFL games. Live-streaming isn’t going away. To protect your brand and increase brand awareness, your social listening tool will have to work in real-time tracking images and UGC.

Action: Start thinking of new ways to incorporate live streaming into your marketing and develop your video skills.

We hope you find these social media trends and actions useful. To gain a different perspective based on different social media influencers, check this article on social media trends we expect to see in 2023.

Update the detailed information about Social Media Marketing Lessons From Klm on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!