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Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 11: Download & Install You can download Synaptics touchpad driver from official sources








In order to download the S

ynaptics precision touchpad filter driver on Windows 11

on your laptop, you need to check your device’s model.

This guide will show you

how to install the touchpad driver in Windows 11.

Your manufacturer’s support page will provide all the drivers that you need and alternatively, you can use third-party software to manage them.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

Users of laptop computers may come across the Synaptic touchpad driver while browsing through Device Manager, or they may see the Synaptic name on the Windows system tray. It is a driver responsible for the operation of your laptop’s touchpad.

Do I need the Synaptics touchpad driver?

Microsoft has created this driver specifically to address the difficulties that have plagued other touchpad drivers in the past. The Synaptic driver has been noted to have various difficulties, which have been said to be resolved once users switched to the Windows Precision driver.

How do I install Synaptics touchpad driver on Windows 11? 1. Try a third-party software

This tool is intended to be as light on your computer as possible, and the only components that you will actually download and install on your computer are the driver scanner and downloader.

Updated drivers will be downloaded by the software as soon as they are made available by their respective manufacturers, thus saving you time and possible driver-related bugs that can pop up due to outdated versions.

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Use Device Manager


This solution will work only if you already have the driver installed but you want to update it.

Expert tip:

The fact is that, regardless of whether you’re trying to update device drivers, alter system resources, diagnose Device Manager error codes, or even just check on the health of a particular device, you’ll need to become familiar with this app.

3. Use your laptop manufacturer’s website

We will be using Lenovo as an example, but you will have to navigate to your own specific device manufacturer in order to download the Synaptics touchpad driver. This being said, here’s the Lenovo support page from where you can choose a PC in order to start.

Next, enter your product model and go to Drivers & software.

Type Synaptics touchpad driver in the search bar. The available drivers will be shown to you as a result.

Note that on the manufacturer’s website, you may also find it as the Synaptics pointing device driver for Windows 11.

If you encounter errors after installing the Synaptics driver and you don’t use Outbyte Driver Updater, take a look at our post on what to do if the Synaptics touchpad is disabled at startup.

However, we recommend that you check out the third-party software as it will solve the error automatically for you.

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Download Maxthon Browser For Windows 10 & 11

Download Maxthon Browser for Windows 10 & 11 [32/64 bit] One option involves using the main installer




The Maxthon browser is available for different operating systems and devices.

Maxthon has a portable version that can serve as a lightweight browser. It doesn’t occupy more space.

Users can download the Maxthon browsers and use them freely on their devices.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

We all use the internet daily for professional, domestic, and recreational purposes. However, there are several browsers that you can download on your device.

Likewise, browsers can differ based on operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Hence, we’ll discuss how to go about Maxthon download for Windows 10 and 11.

It depends on the Chromium code. Likewise, there is a version of the browser for mobile devices. Maxthon is not a widely known browser, but it offers the best features compared to many other browsers.

Furthermore, the Maxthon browser has many features that are not available on other browsers. Apart from being a browser that supports blockchain apps, the Maxthon browser provides technical support for web apps.

Also, it is one of the browsers with the strongest security and privacy system. This feature is essential for users’ data protection because internet fraud is a common issue.

Moreover, the Maxthon browser is best for online anonymity. It allows you to browse the internet without being noticed or detected. Hence, it allows you to access army websites that aren’t available on some other browsers.

What is the latest version of the Maxthon browser?

The latest version of the Maxthon browser is Maxthon This new version is embedded with sophisticated features like HTML 5 support which is unique to only a few browsers.

Also, it comes with an inbuilt Offline installer for Pc that allows you to send files among different devices. Unlike the previous versions of the Maxthon browser, it is faster and more efficient.

Expert tip:

Nevertheless, the Maxthon browser has a portable version that requires less space than the full version. It is considerable for those who need a short time browser with a small size.

Is the Maxthon browser free? Quick Tip:

If you want a reliable browser that is secure and offers dedicated support for all popular operating systems, we recommend trying Opera.

Just like Maxthon, it’s very customizable, with a wide range of installable extensions, tons of integrations, and useful tools to create your own workspace.


Enjoy fast browsing and create your own workspace with Opera!

Free Visit website

How do I download & install Maxthon on Windows 10 & 11? 1. Use the main installer

After the installation is complete, you can set up your browser and sign in with the necessary data. However, the free download for Windows 10/11 64-bit / 32-bit is available on the official website.

2. Use the Portable version

It will automatically check for updates and install them if any are available. After the update is complete, restart your browser and enjoy the new features.

Conclusively, users can refer to our article about how to install the Maxthon browser on Windows 10 for more guidelines.

Also, we recommend you read about how to activate the dark mode inside the Maxthon browser. It will help you protect your eyes from the stress of staring at the screen for a long.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver In Windows 11

If a Bluetooth device suddenly stops working or your computer stops detecting new Bluetooth devices, this guide will show you how to reinstall Bluetooth driver in Windows 11 in an attempt to resolve your current issue.

Bluetooth is today an essential technology used to connect many different types of devices to your computer, such as headphones, speakers, wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless controller, smartphones, etc.

While it’s fairly simple to pair a Bluetooth device and start using it, there are times when the Bluetooth connection just doesn’t work. When a Bluetooth-related problem occurs, reinstalling the Bluetooth driver is one of the common solutions to fix the issue.

Which Bluetooth driver to reinstall?

In Windows 11, Bluetooth issues can often be due to either the Bluetooth adapter (or often known as receiver) or the Bluetooth device (the wireless device). They work on separate drivers. In other words, you may need to reinstall the driver for the Bluetooth adapter, the Bluetooth device, or both, depending on the situation.

Also see: Bluetooth Not Detecting Devices in Windows 11

The Bluetooth adapter in your computer is the receiver responsible for detecting and receiving signal from Bluetooth devices. If the driver for the Bluetooth adapter is incorrect, corrupted or missing, it may cause the entire chain of Bluetooth connection to fail.

If your computer couldn’t detect any new or existing (paired) Bluetooth device at all, it is likely caused by the Bluetooth adapter. Reinstalling the driver for the Bluetooth adapter may often resolve such issues.

Before proceeding, if you are using an external USB Bluetooth adapter, try to unplug and replug the adapter to see if that solves your problem. If it doesn’t, you can then try to reinstall the Bluetooth adapter driver.

Note: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Bluetooth adapter driver will unpair all your existing paired Bluetooth devices. You will need to pair all your Bluetooth devices again after reinstalling the driver for the adapter. If the problem occurs with only one Bluetooth device, you should first try to reinstall the driver for that device (see the next section of this guide).

To reinstall Bluetooth adapter driver in Windows 11, follow the steps below.

Search for “Device Manager” via Start and open it.

Restart your computer to allow Windows 11 to automatically detect and reinstall the missing Bluetooth driver on next startup.

Windows 11 is usually able to detect most, if not all, Bluetooth adapter drivers and automatically install the correct drivers for them. You just need to restart your computer or run Windows Update to trigger automatic driver updates.

If Windows fails to reinstall the driver for your Bluetooth adapter, it likely indicates that your adapter has failed. If you have an exotic Bluetooth adapter that Windows couldn’t detect, you may need to manually download the driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it. For example, if the Bluetooth adapter is built into your laptop, visit your laptop’s manufacturer’s website to find the relevant drivers. If the adapter comes with an installation disc, use the disc to install the driver for it.

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If the Bluetooth category doesn’t appear in the Device Manager, it means that Windows couldn’t detect any Bluetooth adapter or receiver in your computer. It could indicate a hardware failure or driver issue. Here’s what you can try to do.

Try to manually find and download the driver from the adapter’s manufacturer website or install the driver using the installation CD that came with the adapter (or laptop if you have a built-in Bluetooth receiver).

Unplug and reconnect the Bluetooth adapter.

Plug the adapter to a different USB port.

Update the driver for the USB ports (if the port you are using couldn’t detect any device you connect to it).

If you only want to reinstall the driver for a specific Bluetooth device, you should first try removing that device from Windows 11 and then try pairing it again to see if that resolves any issues you are having with that device.

Press Win + i to open Settings.

Select Bluetooth & devices from the left pane, and then select Devices on the right.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue and you would like to uninstall and reinstall the driver for that specific Bluetooth device in Windows 11, follow the steps below.

Search for and open “Device Manager” via the Start menu.

Select Bluetooth to expand it.

Restart your PC to allow Windows to automatically detect and reinstall the right driver for the device.

You may need to pair your device again after restart.

While Windows is normally able to find the right driver for most Bluetooth devices, if your device requires a manual driver installation, you may need to manually download the driver from the device’s manufacturer website. If the device comes with a driver installation disc, use the disc to install the driver for it.

If the Bluetooth device in question does not appear in Settings or Device Manager, it means that Windows does not know about the existence of the device. This may be because you have never paired the device with your computer. Try pairing your Bluetooth device with your PC again (make sure the device is in pairing mode before pairing).

Hid Compliant Pen Driver Is Missing On Windows 11/10

If for some reason, you find that your digital pen is not working on Windows 11/10 computer, the problem may be associated with the HID-Compliant Pen driver. In most cases, the driver gets corrupted and the Device Manager shows a yellow warning icon on the driver. But sometimes, the driver becomes missing from the Device Manager. In this article, we will see what you should do if HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on your Windows 11/10 computer.

HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on Windows 11/10

When you connect a hardware device to your Windows 11/10 computer, Windows first installs its driver. After the successful installation of the driver, you will be able to use that device. You can view the drivers for all the devices in the Device Manager. The HID device drivers are available under the Human Interface Devices branch. If you notice that the HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on your Windows 11/10 PC, the solutions provided below will help you resolve the issue.

Install the latest Windows Update

Uninstall the Intel(R) Precise Touch Device driver

Check hidden devices

Install the driver from the manufacturer’s website

Restore your System

HID or Human Interface Devices are the devices that allow users to interact directly with a computer. When you expand the Human Interface Devices branch in the Device Manager on a Windows computer, you will find different drivers for different HIDs. For example, for Windows touchscreen PCs, the HID-compliant touchscreen driver is required. Both HID-compliant pen and HID-compliant touchscreen drivers are different as the former is required to operate a digital pen and the latter is required for the proper functioning of the touchscreen.

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Install the latest Windows Update

Microsoft recommends users keep their systems up to date because it provides them with the latest features and installs the latest security patches on their systems. Windows Update also fixes outdated and corrupted device drivers. Your digital pen is not working because the HID Compliant Pen driver is missing from the Device Manager. Therefore, we suggest you check for Windows Update and install the same if it is available.

2] Uninstall the Intel(R) Precise Touch Device driver 3] Check hidden devices

Sometimes, multiple instances of the driver for the same device get installed on Windows 11/10. This may create a conflict and the respective device stops working. It is possible that multiple instances of HID-Compliant Pen driver have been installed on your system. In some cases, multiple instances can be viewed easily in the Device manager, whereas in some cases, multiple instances become visible after enabling the hidden devices.

Follow the steps written below:

Open the Device Manager.

If you see the HID-Compliant Pen drivers, uninstall them.

Restart your computer and connect your digital pen again. Windows will install the driver for your digital pen and it will start working again.

4] Install the driver from the manufacturer’s website

If the above fixes did not help, you have to download the driver from the manufacturer’s official website and then install it manually. Visit the manufacturer’s website, enter the model number of your product, and download the driver. If the installer is in Zip format, extract it, then open the respective folder. Now, run the installer file to install the driver manually.

You can follow this method to download the driver of any device. For example, if you want to reinstall the HID-Compliant touch screen on Windows 11, download its driver from the manufacturer’s website and then install it manually. But first, uninstall the currently installed driver.

If the driver is downloaded in INF format, you can install it by using the Device Manager.

5] Restore your System

System Restore is a tool that helps you fix the issues on your Windows computer by taking it back to its previous working state. By default, it is turned on on every Windows device. When it is turned on, it creates restore points automatically. These restore points are used to restore the system to the previous working state.

If the problem has started recently and the system restore point is created on your system, you can easily fix the issue. Before performing the system restore, you can view all the restore points created on your system and select any of them according to the date on which they were created. Restore your system by selecting the restore point that was created before the problem started occurring on your computer.

This should help.

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How To Download And Update Xbox One Controller Driver On Windows 10/8/7

How To Download and Update Xbox One Controller Driver on Windows 10/8/7 Ways To Download and Update Xbox One Controller on Windows PC

Many Windows 8 and Windows 7 users have reported that they could not enjoy Xbox One Controller on their Windows PC since they were unable to fetch the driver updates for the same. Apart from using the below-mentioned methods to download and update Xbox One driver on your Windows, you should also pay heed to whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7 or 8.

Use Device Manager to Update Xbox One Controller Windows 10 Driver

Updating a driver for a peripheral via Windows’ Device Manager is always recommended. So, in case you are using Windows 10, here is how you can update your Xbox One Controller driver –

2. Type chúng tôi and press Enter

6. Your computer will now search for the most appropriate version of the Xbox One Controller driver for your Windows 10 system and install it

Update Xbox One Driver Via Windows 10 Update

This is the step that Microsoft itself recommends – You can update and download the Xbox One Controller driver by running a Windows update. Post the update, the latest drivers will be automatically picked up. Here are the steps to do the same –

1. Press Windows + I and open the Settings

3. Head to Windows Update

After the update is finished, your computer will check if there is an update available for your Xbox One Controller and if it is available, it will download it.

Use A Driver Updater Software

Manual steps of updating drivers can at times be cumbersome. So, one of the wisest choices you can make to download and update the Xbox one controller driver is to use a third-party driver updater software.

Smart Driver Care, for instance, is one of the best driver updater tools. It scans your computer for outdated, incompatible, and missing drivers, and updates them.

How To Use Smart Driver Care To Update Xbox One Controller Driver

1. Download, install and run Smart Driver Care

3. From the list of drivers locate Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows 10

Read In Depth Review on Smart Driver Care

Other Features To Look Out For –

Schedule driver scans at your desired date, day, and time

Backup drives before updating them

Restore blacked up drivers in case something goes wrong

Exclude selected drivers from scan

Update Xbox One Controller Using Xbox Accessories App

One of the easiest ways to update your Xbox One Controller with the latest software is to update it via the Xbox Accessories app. You can get it from here. Here are few things to keep in mind before you update your Xbox One Controller on Windows PC and follow the steps mentioned below –

The app is available for Windows 10 only

If your controller doesn’t have an inbuilt 3.5 mm audio port, you need to update it using a USB connection and your controller must have the Windows 10 TH2 Update

You won’t be able to update the controller over Bluetooth

Now let’s get down to the steps on how you can update your Xbox controller –

1. Download and install the Xbox accessories app from the link mentioned above

2. Connect Xbox Wireless Controller with the help of USB cable or Xbox Wireless adaptor for Windows (If you haven’t updated to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, you’ll be prompted to do so)

3. Once connected, you’ll get the message Update Required

Wrapping Up

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Sarang Bhargava

Download Star Chart App For Windows 10/11 To Gaze At The Sky

Download Star Chart app for Windows 10/11 to gaze at the sky






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

In love with the stars or an aspiring astronomer and owner of a Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet? The you should be downloading the Star Chart app from the Windows Store as soon as possible if you want to explore this infinite Universe!

Ever since the dawn of mankind we have looked at the stars and wondered what they are and how they got there. And if in ancient times humans considered them gods or the souls of their ancestors, today we know what they are and how they were formed. We have comes to learn much about the celestial bodies and the mysteries and wonders of the Universe, and with Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8, you can see them for yourself.

Those of you who are passionate about the mysteries of the Universe and like astronomy will find this next app very helpful. Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a marvelous app that allows users to search our Solar System and find information on each and every planet and moon that are found within it.

Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8 Brings the Universe Closer

Before we delve in the in the wonders of the Solar System, I must say that this app is a paid app which supports a 24-hour trial for those who want to get a taste of what it can bring them. Users who like astronomy will gladly spend the $1.49 for a chance to take this app for a spin and they would be right to do so. For the purpose of this review, I used the free demo, but I might just go the extra mile and buy it.

One option that I would have loved to see is the ability to manually add a time and date so you can see the Solar System as it was/will be then. However, if you want to see what the sky was like on the day you were born, then you will have to reverse it and wait for it get to that date. Luckily there are more speeds for both backwards and forwards travel, so you don’t have to wait too long.

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The information contained on each object is the name, what constellation it is from, the scientific name, a picture (the pictures are mostly generic for start), and other characteristics, such as distance from Earth or the orbital period and so on.

Also on the bottom options bar, you can see the “Explore” button, which opens a menu with all the planets in the Solar System (including the Sun and Pluto, even if they are not planets). All the planets are animates, showing them rotate around the Sun and the day/night cycles moving by.

Expert tip:

The Sky View option allows you to see how the sky looks from a specific point. You can see the constellations, along with images of them and their latin names. The last option is the Night Mode, which turns the entire view red.

From the Settings charm, users can turn on or off different features, such as names, objects of interest or orbital lines. For a cleaner look, you can set all of these options off, but if you are interested in having a complete picture of the sky, filled with information, then you might find it best to keep these active.

RELATED: Astroneer game comes to Windows 10 and Xbox One

When you move from one object to the another, instead of just jumping to it, it moves like a short cinematic towards it, almost like a spacecraft flying from one planet to another. The planets also have a short video of each of them. This is like an overview of the orbit, the way the sky looks from there and their position relative to the Sun.

Also in the Settings charm, users can set up their location manually by imputing the coordinates, to compare the sky from the app with the real one and seek information about what they can see. Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8 can be used as a guide if you plan to take your telescope out for a viewing and you want to know exactly what you are looking at.

The Search charm is also a very powerful feature, allowing users to search for any celestial body and pick from the results an object which the app will bring onto the screen. This is the perfect tool if you want to see nebulae in closeup. This option also works for stars and other objects.

Overall, I think that the Star Chart app for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a must have app for anyone who likes astronomy and wants to find out more about the Universe and its mysteries. The quality of the pictures and 3D animations is not notch and the information is decent (however, it would be nice if it it were more). The features that the app has are awesome and the attention to detail paid off. I can’t say how much I enjoyed Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8, but in a short time, it has become one of my favorite apps.

Download Star Chart for Windows 10, Windows 8

Star Chart is one of the first apps available in the Microsoft Store. Meanwhile, its developer added a bevy of new features and improvements to the table, such as:

Point and view support: Your Windows 10, 8 AR enabled device will open up a window into the visible universe.

The app shifts forwards and backwards in time by up to 10,000 years so that you can witness the past.

Control Star Chart with your voice.

You can track satellites including Hubble and the ISS.

You can explorer all 88 constellations.

In-app purchases allow users to explorer 120K stars up to magnitude +10, and unlock 18M stars.

The zoom function lets you view the sky in extra detail.

Fully configurable — The app focuses only on the sky objects that you are interested in.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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