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Windows 11 gaming performance came into question as soon as Microsoft released it. Now that it has been out for a while, it’s time to compare Windows 11 Home and Professional editions/versions to see which is best for PC gaming.

Why You Should Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11

The main reason why gamers prefer Windows OS over macOS is that Microsoft has always developed its products with gaming in mind. It’s no different with Windows 11, but is Windows 11 that different from Windows 10?

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The answer is yes, but check our Windows 11 vs. Windows 10 article to get the complete picture. Windows 11 will improve your gaming experience. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 supports the newest gaming technologies, some previously available only for Xbox users.

The Game Mode that helped Windows 10 run newer games on older setups is available on Windows 11 too, but it’s improved. Aside from freeing up the CPU, Windows 11 limits the background activity and allocates more resources so you can play your game undisturbed.

Windows 11 also brings new gaming features such as Auto-HDR, DirectStorage, and a built-in Xbox app. Let’s see what these new features are all about and how they can improve your gaming experience.


In 2023, game developers announced the HDR feature for the last generation consoles. That meant that only a handful of games were to support HDR. Microsoft developed Auto-HDR, which can turn any game into an HDR experience as long as the display supports this feature.

That means if you have an HDR monitor, Windows 11 will detect it and automatically turn on auto-HDR so you can experience your games on a whole new level. The colors will be vibrant and realistic, boosting your visual gaming experience.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary between two applications and makes them work better. Direct Storage is one such API, and its task is to intermediate between the GPU and SSD. That means that the GPU can process and decompress the game data without the involvement of the CPU. This makes game load times much shorter.

Before DirectStorage, the API would send the game data from the RAM to the CPU for decompression and processing, and only then would it return it to the RAM and finally to the GPU to render and project the data. But DirectStorage skips this entire step and sends the compressed data directly to the GPU, so it’s up to the GPU to quickly decompress, process, and project it.

When DIrectStorage is combined with an NVMe SSD, the whole process is lightning fast, and the GPU won’t feel any additional stress. Moreover, the CPU will be free to deal with other tasks. DirectStorage is exclusive to Windows 11 and won’t become part of any future Windows 10 updates.

Built-in Xbox App

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 has the Xbox App and the Xbox Game Pass as built-in features. It connects the whole Windows ecosystem into one machine. Previously, you had to download the Xbox Companion app separately from PlayStore to connect your PC with the Xbox system. The Game Pass gives the subscribers access to Xbox cloud gaming instantly.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is still in the Beta development phase, but you can already log in and play some of the most wanted game titles. You need a good internet connection, and a desktop or a laptop.

Optimized Start Menu

This feature is not related to games, and it might be of no concern for people who use their PCs strictly for gaming. But it’s a neat feature, especially if you use your PC for professional or other entertainment purposes besides gaming.

The Start Menu of Windows 11 is optimized and versatile. It is easy to access different programs and navigate between apps. The Start menu can also be resized to fit your needs. This is more important for tablet users who don’t like the oversized Start menu that takes up a large portion of the lower screen, but it can also be helpful for gamers and gameplay streamers.

Windows 11 Home vs. Windows 11 Pro

Now that it’s clear that Windows 11 is a better option for gamers, the question is which version/edition to choose? Let’s look at the main differences between the two editions of this operating system and how they influence the gaming experience.


The real difference Between Windows 11 Home and Pro is in the CPU. While the Home edition supports only one CPU with 64 cores, the Pro edition supports two, with up to 128 cores.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pro edition is better for gaming. The resource management is typically streamlined while gaming, so the two CPUs are unnecessary. Thanks to the new DirectStorage, one CPU is more than capable of running your game smoothly.


Windows 11 can support much larger RAM sizes. The Home edition supports up to 128GB of RAM, while the Pro up to 2TB.

Note that 128GB is already way over the top for gaming. The Home edition should be sufficient if you won’t use your PC for any purpose other than entertainment.

Security Features

Windows 11 Pro wins the race when it comes to security. It comes with a BitLocker, a feature that you can turn on and encrypt your hard disk. That way, your data will be protected, and no prying eyes will be able to see its content or steal it.

Once BitLocker encrypts your hard drive, no one will have access to it unless they have a password or a recovery key. That means that even if your PC is stolen, you don’t need to worry about the content you have on it.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Windows 11 Home. But as a gamer, do you need this extra layer of protection? It may be helpful for professionals who are trying to safeguard their work. But for anyone else, a good antivirus and a VPN are enough.


If you rely on regular updates for optimal gaming performance, you should know how Windows updates work. No matter what edition of Windows you have, they all receive updates as needed. Both Home and Pro receive regular updates.

The Cost

If you upgrade from Windows 10, Windows 11 Home is free. The Pro edition always costs $200, whether updating or buying a new license.

If you’re using your computer for professional purposes next to gaming, you might want to make the investment. All the additional features are worth the price. But if you use your PC only for gaming, browsing, and everyday work, there is no need to pay for a new OS.

Windows 11 Home comes with all the new gaming features at no cost. That would mean that Home is the best edition for gamers when choosing between the two.

What about Windows 11 Enterprise?

Microsoft developed Windows 11 Enterprise strictly for business. It requires a volume license agreement, and you cannot buy an OEM key for it. Windows Enterprise is not designed for consumers but companies.

Windows 11 Enterprise has all the same features as the Home and Pro editions and some additional apps specifically designed for business. This means that if you have the Enterprise edition, you can play games just as well as on any other edition.

Keep in mind that Enterprise is the most expensive option, but if you need it for the PC you use both for entertainment and work, you can’t go wrong. However, you will have to give this new OS some extra permissions to run games.

Which Edition is the Best for Gaming?

When it comes to gaming, the OS capabilities are the same whether you choose the Home, Pro, or Enterprise edition. No additional features they might have will bring a different gaming experience. Windows 11 Home is all you need as a gamer.

Windows 11 Home is an excellent choice for everyone. It brings all the new gaming features in the other two editions and costs nothing if you’re updating from Windows 10. It’s designed for consumer use and is the best option for most people.

That doesn’t mean that the Pro and Enterprise editions are any worse. They just come with additional features that aren’t that useful for average gamers and cost more. If you’re a professional and use your PC for work and entertainment, feel free to go with either Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise.

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9 Ways To Optimize Windows 11 Pc For Best Gaming Experience – Webnots

In Windows PC, you can play browser games in Edge or play high-definition games with game apps. While playing games, you may frequently face problems like draining battery, game stuck up due to high CPU/memory usage or crashing due to incompatibility. Fortunately, Windows 11 comes with plenty of optimization features for making your PC as a play station. If you are stuck with not able to play games properly, here are some of the optimization features you should tweak in Windows 11.

Gaming Features in Windows 11

Game optimization features are available in Windows Settings and Edge settings page. In addition, you can also update the graphics card to latest driver so that it supports the games you are playing.

1. Enable Game Mode

Windows 11 offers an in-built feature called game mode. This will help to stabilize high-definition games by stopping background Windows Update and notifications.

Enable Game Mode in Windows Settings

2. Set High Performance Graphics for Game Apps

Net, you can set high performance for game apps that you

Select High Performance Graphics for Games in Windows 11

3. Use Efficiency Mode in Edge

Efficiency mode in Edge browser allows you to reduce the CPU/RAM consumption of Edge while playing games.

Improve Gaming Efficiency in Edge Browser

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration helps to improve the CPU usage by distributing tasks when you play high-definition games on the browsers. Though this should help to improve the performance, most of the times it will slow down the system due to incompatible hardware. So, you can disable hardware acceleration in Edge and check if that helps you to play the browser games efficiently. When you are in the Edge system settings page, simply turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Edge

5. Close Apps Running in Background

Next solution is to find high resource consuming apps and close them while playing games. Since games also consume higher memory and CPU, it makes sense to close all other resource consuming apps. It is easy to close the apps running in the frontend. However, there are also apps always running in the background and you should disable them for allocating that resources for your game.

6. Turn Off Visual Effects

Visual effects like animation and transparency will use the graphics card and can affect the performance of your games.

Turn Off Visual Effects in Windows 11

7. Set Power Plan for Performance

By default, Windows will use the the balanced power mode for battery. This will help to use the battery power for longer time while reducing the performance of apps like games. However, you can change the power mode for performance thus allowing the game apps to play efficiently. Remember, this will drain your battery faster though it allows best performance for your games.

Set Performance Power Mode in Windows 11

8. Setup HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) games offer optimized colors and brightness compared to other content which uses Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). However, you need the supported monitor for playing HDR games. You can check the compatibility and enable HDR in the Windows Settings app.

Select High Performance Graphics for Games in Windows 11

9. Update Graphics Driver

The last option is to update the graphics card driver to the latest version. This will help to avoid the graphics on the screen moving slowly while playing your games.

Update Graphics Card Driver in Windows 11

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of settings in Windows 11 to optimize the PC for better gaming experience. You can make use of these settings to play high-definition games without stuck or slowness in-between. However, remember some of the settings like power mode will have negative impact on the battery usage. If none of these settings help to improve the gaming performance, then you may need to consider upgrading graphics card and RAM. Otherwise, you can consider purchasing dedicated gaming PCs available in the market.

Windows 11 Build 22000.1163 (Kb5018483) Outs As Preview For Version 21H2

Windows 11 21H2 update KB5018483 rolls out in the Release Preview Channel.

Microsoft begins testing the Taskbar context menu with the Task Manager option.

The update brings a bunch of fixes and several improvements.

Microsoft has made available the Windows 11 build 22000.1163 as the update KB5018483 for devices running version 21H2 (original release) as an optional update through the Release Preview Channel. This update brings a slew of fixes and updates for existing features.

According to the official changes, the update KB5018483 adds the option to open the “Task Manager” from the Taskbar right-context menu, brings improvements to the Windows Search feature, and this update includes a number of fixes.

These are the fixes and new features available with the latest update of Windows 11:

Added improvements to Windows search results and performance.

Fixed an issue that affects Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) authentication hardening. We will automatically raise the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY. This occurs if the authentication level is below Packet Integrity.

Fixed a DCOM issue that affects the Remote Procedure Call Service (rpcss.exe). We raise the authentication level to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY instead of RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_CONNECT if RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_NONE is specified.

Fixed an issue that affects the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) Application Proxy connector. It cannot retrieve a Kerberos ticket on behalf of the user. The error message is, “The handle specified is invalid (0x80090301).”

Fixed an issue that affects scheduled Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe) tasks on devices that have certain processors.

Fixed an issue that affects certificate mapping. When it fails, chúng tôi might stop working in schannel.dll.

Fixed an issue that causes an OS upgrade to stop responding, and then it fails.

Fixed an issue that affects a task you schedule to run every two weeks. It runs every week.

Fixed an issue that affects Microsoft Direct3D 9 games. The graphics hardware stops working if the hardware does not have a native Direct3D 9 driver.

Fixed an issue that affects the font of three Chinese characters. When you format these characters as bold, the width size is wrong.

Fixed graphical issues in games that use Microsoft D3D9 on some platforms.

Fixed an issue that affects Microsoft Edge when it is in IE Mode. The titles of pop-up windows and tabs are wrong.

Fixed an issue that affects Microsoft Edge IE mode. It stops you from opening webpages. This occurs when you enable Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) and you do not configure Network Isolation policies.

Fixed an issue that affects input method editors (IME) from Microsoft and third parties. They stop working when you close the IME window. This occurs if the IME uses Windows Text Services Framework (TSF) 1.0.

Fixed an issue that affects the lasso tool in a graphics editing program.

Fixed an issue that affects a universal printer. You cannot reinstall it after you remove it.

Fixed an issue that creates a duplicate print queue. Because of this, the original print queue stops working.

Fixed an issue that affects some drivers. They use more power when you play hardware-protected digital rights management (DRM) content.

Fixed an issue that affects driver installation on certain hardware. You cannot see the display of the progress of the installation.

Fixed an issue that affects the Clipchamp application that is in the Windows 11 SE edition. Clipchamp will not run.

Fixed an issue that affects .msi files. Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) will ignore them when you disable script enforcement.

Fixed an issue that affects a remote desktop virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenario. The session might use the wrong time zone.

Fixed an issue that affects File Explorer on a remote desktop (RD) session host. File Explorer stops working. This occurs when a non-Windows client connects to a Windows 11 RD session host, and you enable the Time Zone Redirection policy.

Fixed an issue that affects the button style BS_PUSHLIKE. Buttons that have this style are difficult to identify against a dark background.

Fixed an issue in that stops the credentials UI from displaying in IE mode when you use Microsoft Edge.

Fixed an issue that affects Server Manager. It might reset the wrong disk when several disks have the same UniqueId.

If you want to download and install the Windows 11 build 22000.1163, enroll your device in the Release Channel using the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Update & Security” section.

Best Memorial Day Gaming Pc Deals In 2023

Best Memorial Day gaming PC deals in 2023

Don’t miss out on these hot gaming PC deals!

Update: Memorial day is a great time for discounts and we’re already seeing some of the best gaming PC deals of the year so far. Make sure to check back in for all the latest discounts.

If you’re in search of the best gaming PC deals right now then you’re in luck! On this page, we’ll take you through the latest and greatest gaming PC sales from across the internet.

The best prebuilt gaming PCs are the best of the best when it comes to handling demanding games with unburdened ease. They boast incredible graphics, rocket-fast processing speeds, and gameplay that makes you forget that lagging even exists. They’ll be packing some of the best graphics cards, and some of the best CPUs for gaming on the market.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current gaming PC setup then you might want to check out our pages for the best graphics card deals, the best CPU deals, and the best curved gaming monitor deals.

On this page, we’ve made a specially curated list of the best gaming PC deals on the internet. Also, we’ll explore what makes them so great, and where you can find great gaming PC deals by yourself. So, let’s get going!

Today’s best gaming PC deals

Where to find the best Memorial Day gaming PC deals

The first thing on your to-find-a-gaming-pc list should be checking Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy. These retailers really love to put gaming PCs on sale. You can also have a look through online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist for gaming PCs at a lower price point. Just be sure to only buy from reputable sellers. If you’re spending a lot of money, you don’t want to receive a 2012 setup at its dying breath. 

For a more personalized approach, you could contact custom PC builders like CyberPowerPC, iBUYPOWER, or Maingear. These companies’ business is to help you design a gaming PC tailored to your specific needs and budget. Plus, they have plenty of great deals for their pre-built models themselves. Most importantly, don’t forget to compare the prices if you find something you fancy. With gaming PCs, costs differ much higher than with individual components.

Best gaming PC deals retailer shortlist

Amazon – Amazon is almost always our first port of call when it comes to looking for gaming PC deals. They basically always have a deal on something!

Best Buy – Best Buy is another excellent place to search for prebuilt gaming PC deals as they often have a lot of great options.

Newegg – Newegg is another fantastic place for gaming PC deals so be sure to give their website a look.

Best gaming PC deals: FAQs

What components do I need in a gaming PC?

To build a gaming PC, you’ll need these crucial pieces: a CPU, a GPU, RAM, a motherboard, a power supply, and storage (either an SSD or HDD). It might seem overwhelming at first but with websites like PCPartPicker and PCBuilder, solving the gaming PC building puzzle is easier than ever. Set out a budget first, and get to the case!

Can a gaming PC be upgraded in the future?

Sure thing! That’s one of the great things about gaming PCs – you can upgrade individual components as needed. For example, if you want better graphics, you can swap out your GPU for a newer, more powerful one. If you need more storage space, add an additional hard drive. Just make sure that your new components are compatible with your existing ones and that your power supply is able to manage the extra load.

Best Pc Optimization Apps For Windows Available On The Microsoft Store.

A computer’s performance doesn’t depend on its configuration only. It depends a lot on how you maintain it after purchase. Downloading malware, junk files, not cleaning temporary files on time, etc., impact the system’s performance.

PC optimization apps for Windows 11/10

PC optimization apps help monitor the system’s condition and improve upon what is bad in the computer. While Windows provides a built-in Disk Cleanup tool for this purpose, it offers limited options. Thankfully, a lot of third-party software products are available for this purpose.

Total PC Cleaner

Speed O Meter

360 Total Security

Duplicate Cleaner Master

Comet Disk Cleanup

Smart Disk Cleanup

Trend Cleaner.

Here is a list of the best PC optimization apps for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store:

1] Total PC Cleaner

Total PC Cleaner is the most downloaded free PC cleanup tool on the Microsoft Store. It helps users free up Disk Space, Optimize Memory & the Windows System. You can select types of temporary files and delete them. You can choose which file to delete and which not to. It could also be used to delete larger files. If your default Disk Cleanup application does not function properly, this would be the best alternative. You can download it from the Microsoft Store here.

2] Speed O Meter

Suppose you are a technical person who understands the more technical functions of a computer, like the speed of a processor, etc. Speed O Meter would be a perfect app to download for you. This freeware calculates the arithmetic performance of your Windows 10 device. Check out more about it on the Microsoft Store.

3] 360 Total Security

4] Duplicate Cleaner Master

The Duplicate Cleaner Master app works like the general Disk Cleanup application, except it is more versatile. You can add a folder and exclude files or subfolders from selected folders. The files could be arranged using filters. Another feature is that you can delete duplicate files while keeping the original ones. Also, if you are doubtful about any file, you could use the eye button to preview its content. This app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

5] Comet Disk Cleanup

Comet Disk Cleanup is a disk cleanup app similar to the original Windows Disk Cleanup app. It is anticipated that the default Disk Cleanup tool will be replaced in future builds of Windows 11/10. Comet Disk Cleanup would be the app to download if you want to use something like the original tool. It is available on the Microsoft Store here.

6] Smart Disk Cleanup

The Smart Disk Cleanup software is an excellent application for managing and clean up unnecessary files on your system. The app arranges the files under tabs. You can select the files you wish to keep and the files you need to delete. Unlike the regular Disk Cleanup application, Smart Disk Cleanup offers many more options to optimize your PC. You can download it from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Trend Cleaner

Trend Cleaner is an excellent app for cleaning unnecessary files from your system. You could consider downloading this app from the Microsoft Store if your system runs slow or freezes frequently. Trend Cleaners can clear the system cache, application cache, email cache, office cache, browser cache, download cache, duplicate files, big files, etc.

Do you use any of these?

Why is my PC so slow?

There can be hundreds of reasons why the PC can be slow, but to start, you need to check the availability of RAM, the number of open applications, storage space on the primary driver, and applications that load with the system. On top of this, if you run Windows on hardware that matches the minimum requirement, you will eventually slow down. The hardware requirement is only for Windows and doesn’t include the impact of the applications you will install and use on the PC.

What makes a PC run faster?

How To Improve Windows 11 Gaming Performance

The latter adds a couple of extra features you won’t find on Windows 10, but there are some extra steps you can take to get the most out of your games on Windows 11. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Enable Auto HDR

Auto HDR is a feature that’s only available on Windows 11 (and Xbox consoles), adding high dynamic range (HDR) to all games – including those which don’t support it. 

Essentially, this means you get a brighter image and more vibrant colours than standard dynamic range (SDR), which should make for a more immersive gaming experience. The only catch is that you’ll need an HDR-capable monitor – it’s worth checking if you’re not sure. 

Enable default graphics settings

The first is when playing windowed games (as opposed to full screen), which would usually see increased latency and some restricted features. Turning on ‘optimizations for windowed games’ should improve that.

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

Whether you see more options will depend on the specs of your device.  

On displays which can dynamically adjust refresh rate (usually between 60-120Hz or higher), there will be a toggle for ‘Variable refresh rate’. For devices with discrete GPUs from the likes of AMD or Nvidia, you’ll see ‘Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling’. It’s worth turning on both. 

Turn on Game Mode

Did you know all Windows 11 devices have a ‘Game Mode’? Each time you launch a game, this will stop Windows Update from running in the background and help to achieve a more stable frame rate. 

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

Use the Xbox Game Bar

Once you’ve launched a title, the pre-installed Xbox Game Bar is a useful tool. It provides quick access to screen capture and sharing tools, plus Spotify integration and messaging with Xbox friends.

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

You can open it like any other app, but the Windows Key + G shortcut is worth knowing for when you’re in a game. 

All the major chip manufacturers regularly update the drivers for their CPUs and GPUs to keep everything running smoothly. Out-of-date drivers usually don’t present a big security risk, but they do mean some newer games won’t be fully supported. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or it’s proving to be a lot of hassle, third-party software such as IObit’s free Driver Booster can check and perform any updates for you. 

Manage Windows paging file

But if you regularly have RAM to spare (even while gaming), disabling or reducing the size of the paging file can improve performance and slow the wear of your SSD. To find out, check the ‘Memory’ section of the Task Manager app while running your most demanding app or game.

After this change, monitor games for any issues and adjust the paging file settings if you encounter any issues. 

Upgrade internals

The final two steps are totally optional, and involve making changes to the hardware rather than Windows 11 itself. 

Upgrading your CPU, GPU, RAM and/or SSD can all have a significant effect on gaming performance, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with the process – provided you have a desktop PC. 

The situation is much more complicated on a gaming laptop, where upgrading components isn’t recommended (even if it is possible). In most cases, opening up a laptop will void the warranty, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get it working again unless you know what you’re doing.

Try overclocking

Overclocking is also worth considering. It can boost the clock speed of the CPU and GPU above what they’re normally capable of, increasing the overall performance. The likes of MSI and Gigabyte provide their own overclocking tools, which work for both laptops and desktop PCs.

However, a word of warning: overclocking can often lead to reduced stability, so proceed with caution.

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