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International architecture and design firm Mask Architects have been chosen as one of the ten winning designs for the Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge competition, in envisioning palm-like futuristic structures sprouting from the ground, mimicking the shape of a mushroom. The competition is a significant step to confront climate change and engender a more green environment and incorporate sustainable solutions to retaliate against the heat island effect in warm places like Abu Dhabi.

This global challenge has received over 300 entries from 67 countries. ‘The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure System’ was the striking proposal by Mask Architects. The firm’s design philosophy and approach for creating a ‘Magnetic Field Design Strategy and Particular Distribution Curve flaunt well in their vision of these canopy structures as they bend, bevel, and bow in stark beauty. From a bird’s eye view, it resembles a triangular form with curved corners of each in multiple sizes floating amidst the greens.

The idea of fusion between nature and architecture is quite an issue that needs innovative thinking, purposeful clarity, and smart perspectives. ‘The Oasys’ as the firm calls is literally an oasis in the middle of the city, designed for the residents of Abu Dhabi to relax, refresh and relish outdoor spaces without sensing the heat. ‘The Oasys’ system is composed of a network of gridded stations and hubs performing as islands of harbor and refuge. A rectangular piece of the site is allocated to be the first location, which will serve as the central hub that can be used as a resting place, for social activities, social programs, and communal gatherings. This integration of activities promises for the collective good and community’s growth. The spaces beneath adheres to serve multiple amenities like temporary pop-ups, sitting areas, cafes, exhibitions, sports, and much more.

Each elemental palm module is designed to spray mist through nozzles that underlay beneath each flap, and the roof surface of each structure collects solar energy through inbuilt solar panels. These structures stand to define a sculptural essence while acting as a barrier from regional and environmental issues such as heat, UV rays, noise, wind, and sand storms. Overall, these elements control the atmosphere within to keep it comfortable, tranquil, and cool. The structural foundations are pinned to each plot of land marked for cooling, and they house the water storage and other vital types of equipment. Green landscaping and large trees encircle the canopies that relax and ease the sound pollution and wind entering into the spaces. This blend of technology and nature embosom an eco-friendly space, heralding an efficient green image to the city.

The future of ‘The Oasys’ by Mask Architects is visualized to connect as multiple networks strewn around the cities, weaving the canopy hubs in a perfect symbiosis. The modular design of the system enables each element to be precisely adjusted and scaled. This mechanism allows for an easy replication to inculcate grouped palm structures in any scale of space. The vein-like flutes about the structure light up at night, sparkling a playful delight into the spaces it hugs beneath its wings.

‘The Oasys’ is a soaring take on rethinking public spaces and how it affects the public bubble, how the spaces are going to be socially active, and what functions encourage a fresh ambiance, life, and mood into these zones.

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Fix: The Connection Was Terminated By The Remote Computer

Fix: The Connection was Terminated by The Remote Computer Try these fixes if connection was terminated by Remote computer




The Remote computer error terminated the connection, the issue caused mainly due to connection issues.

Windows Firewall can block the connection you’re trying to establish, resulting in error 628.

You can fix the error by troubleshooting your network settings.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Many users report running into error 628: The connection was terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed on their PC. It occurs when connecting to the Internet and there’s an issue with the connection.

Likewise, some complained about the unable to ping other computer issues on Windows 10.

What does Error 628 mean?

When trying to establish or set up a VPN connection, you may run into Error 628. It accompanies the message: The Remote computer terminated the connection before it could be completed.

The VPN Error 628 is a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) error that can appear when port 1723 is inaccessible on your PC. It means the remote computer fails to establish a connection successfully.

However, the error can occur for some reasons, some are:

Issues with the router or modem – Issues with the router can affect the connection your system is trying to establish. Also, outdated router firmware can cause problems with its network connection.

Windows Firewall interference – The connection error can occur if the Windows Firewall is blocking a port and interrupts the VPN connection. It impedes the connection if it perceives it as a threat or malicious activity.

Unstable Network connection – Network congestion and slow internet connections on your PC can cause the error 628 to occur if it can’t set up a connection. Also, issues with the network components, like network adapters, can result in an error.

Nevertheless, you can fix Error 628 by using some troubleshooting steps on your PC.

How to fix the Connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed error?

Restart your router or modem.

Temporarily disable antivirus software on your computer.

Restart Windows in Safe Mode and check if you encounter issues establishing the connection.

If the error persists, follow the steps below:

1. Uninstall and reinstall all the Miniports

Expert tip:

Routers can get outdated and suffer from bugs that can cause their network to be unstable. Hence, updating its firmware to provide the needed patches to fix these bugs is crucial.

Hence, go through the router manual and check for router firmware update procedures. Also, you can contact the manufacturer for guidance on how to update your router.

3. Use Microsoft CHAP version 2 protocols in the Network settings

Allowing the Protocol will fix the connection error disrupting the Remove connection on Windows 10.

4. Disable Proxy

Disabling the Proxy can resolve connection problems causing error 628.

5. Disable Windows Firewall

Disabling the Firewall will resolve any Windows Defender Firewall interference on the connection you want to establish.

In conclusion, our readers can check our guide on how to fix VPN Error 691 in Windows for more information on fixing error 628. Also, you can read about fixing connection failed error 800 on Windows.

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What Are The Available Job Roles Under Digital Marketing?

As the term implies, “digital marketing” enables businesses to use the Internet and other electronic channels to market their products to niche markets. A “digital marketing function” is any of a number of job titles or positions that aid an organization in establishing and promoting its brand while promoting and selling items via various digital channels. As a result, “Digital Marketing Roles” are assigned to carry out a variety of responsibilities like designing promotional campaigns, creating pertinent content for businesses, attracting clients using various social media channels, and keeping an eye on website visitor flow.

Digital Marketing is a Versatile and Rewarding Career

Anyone considering a career in digital marketing should be picky about the path they pursue, identify a niche that suits them, and become an expert in that field to be competitive in the employment market. If you possess the necessary skills, you will be capable of working almost anywhere and in almost any capacity.

In either case, it’s critical that you learn how to market yourself, become proficient with new digital tools, comprehend the fundamentals of content marketing and SEO, and consistently pursue education from recognized universities.

The Various Job Roles in Digital Marketing

A few of the following are the top Digital Marketing job roles −

Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) Content Strategist (CS)

The main job of a CS is the responsibility to provide interesting content that is pertinent to the company’s goals and target market. In order to increase brand value, the CS persuades and informs people about a brand. In order to increase website views, the CS must do proper research on the themes that customers find fascinating by using a variety of analytical techniques, as customers tend to use search engines in order to locate or find more relevant information.

As a result, the CS must possess strong writing skills as well as a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO) or a Conversion Rate Manager

One of the key responsibilities in digital marketing is CRO, which helps businesses grow by adding to and improving existing website features. It enables businesses to increase the likelihood that their “website visitors” will become “lead consumers” before customers close the tabs. As a result, CROs improve the user experience of websites by examining visitor behavior and making the necessary changes (conversions) to the website.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) or a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

The SEO/SEM specialist is crucial to the success of digital marketing. To ensure that the firm websites are successfully retrieved by the search engines, the SEM professional assesses, evaluates, and implements improvements. Increased search visibility and website traffic are made possible by this. In order to provide the desired outcomes, SEOs must assess the traffic to the website and performance utilizing Google Analytics while staying up to current with Google’s algorithm.

Email Marketing Specialist (EMS)

An EMS is indeed a virtual marketer who creates email lists to retain consumer information and launches emails to carry out marketing campaigns. An EMS makes sure the letter is delivered to the potential customers in a clear and acceptable format. Hence, in order to build brand value for the prospects, these written communications must be persuasive and informative.

Consumer Experience/User Experience (UX) Designer

The role of UX designers has a thorough knowledge of human behaviors and mindsets in addition to being technical and design professionals. Websites, goods/services, and applications are created by UX designers so that buyers can follow along during the full purchasing process. As a result, it aids businesses in increasing sales, retaining current clients, and gaining new ones.

Analytics Expert (AE)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the “Internet of Things” are examples of machine-based intelligence that have emerged as a result of technological innovation (IoT). These computing technologies enable the collection of a significant amount of data and information, which needs to be efficiently sorted, categorized, and evaluated. Businesses now have data to analyze and use in their promotional campaigns because of AEs’ rigorous sorting and evaluation of this data.

Social Media Expert (SME) Conclusion

In the modern period, when the “entire universe” has virtually become so close, “Digital Marketing” is growing in popularity. Today, even SMIs (Small-Medium Size Industries) can compete head-to-head in marketing with other major companies. There was a time when digital marketing was reserved for large corporations. Due to the increased online reach, even a “small firm” appears to be enormous. Digital marketing will undoubtedly replace traditional marketing strategies in the near future. Hence, the rising popularity of “Digital Marketing” has opened up a wide range of professional options and job opportunities.

The size and nature of the business you work for will determine your immediate chances as a graduate. The earlier you get experience, the more likely it is that you will rise to senior positions because of the continually developing and changing structure of digital marketing.

It is typical for people to go from junior roles, like assistants in digital marketing, to more senior ones, like managers, executives, and coordinators, between the ages of two and five. To land senior marketing positions, more and more credentials are needed.

Electronic Accounts Managing accounts, strategies, and digital marketing campaigns will be a component of overall management once he is promoted to Director. Additional assignments are made. Taking charge of finances while mentoring and training younger team members. And lastly, you can join CIM as a founding member.

We provide several certificates. You, therefore, have a variety of possibilities if you are sufficiently interested in digital marketing and wish to follow his path in a professional career. Get certified today to land the employment in digital marketing you want!

Covid Deaths In Pregnant People In The Us Are Flying Under The Radar

Pregnancy puts an immense medical strain on the human body—American mothers can attest to that. The US has the highest rates of maternal mortality among high-income countries, and studies show that COVID-19 made those rates worse. 

A report from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released earlier this year showed that the virus disproportionately impacted pregnant people across the country, with an 18 percent increase in maternal mortality in 2023 from 2023. The increase in overall US mortality in 2023 was 16 percent, meaning that pregnant people saw a higher increase in death rate. But a new analysis from the University of Maryland and Boston University, published in the journal JAMA Network Open on June 28, finds that the rise in the maternal death rate was actually closer to double the initial rate that NCHS shared. The analysis also showed that Black and non-white Hispanic mothers may have been more critically impacted than originally thought. 

Marie Thoma, an assistant professor in the UM School of Public Health, and Eugene Declercq, a professor in the BU School of Public Health, compared maternal mortality data from 2023 to March 2023—the pre pandemic period—against records from April and December 2023, after the pandemic began. This was a more finely partitioned analysis of maternal deaths than the NCHS report, which compared the entire year of 2023 against the entire year of 2023, despite the major shift in public health resources and risk due to COVID. 

The researchers combined the first three months of 2023 with other years to make the data more stable, and found that the rates of maternal death during those pre-pandemic months were more similar to the earlier, pre-COVID years. 

“We wanted to separate the first three months of 2023, since it wasn’t during the pandemic, because they could potentially dilute the rate for maternal mortality, which is what we showed,” Thoma says. “The increase that happened in 2023 was concentrated in those nine months after the start of the pandemic.”

[Related: What 1 million COVID deaths looks like from the frontlines]

Overall, Thoma and Declercq found a 33 percent increase in maternal deaths from the pre-pandemic period to during the pandemic, and a 41 percent increase in late maternal deaths over the same period of time. They also found that COVID-19 exacerbated existing disparities and created new disparities, too. They recorded a 40 percent increase in already high maternal mortality rates among non-Hispanic Black women, and a 74 percent increase in rates among Hispanic women. The change in rates among Hispanic women is notable, Declercq says, because this marks the first time in more than a decade that the maternal mortality rate for Hispanic women is higher than for non-Hispanic white women. Typically, it’s the other way around. 

Thoma and Declercq also analyzed the causes of maternal death, which were not included in the NCHS report. The largest increases were because of respiratory illnesses or viral infections—conditions directly related to COVID—and diabetes or cardiovascular disease—conditions made worse by COVID. Thoma is careful to note that interruptions in the healthcare system might have also played a role by delaying prenatal care or failing to detect pregnancy complications.

Racial disparities were also made evident in the data, with COVID listed as a secondary cause of death (maternal death is typically mentioned as the first) for 32 percent of Hispanic, 12.9 percent of Black, and 7 percent of non-Hispanic white women giving birth. This is compared to 15 percent of all maternal deaths that listed COVID as a contributing factor. This pattern is also reflective of COVID death rates across the US population: In 2023, Hispanic people had some of the highest mortality rates from the virus. 

Parsing through the data was difficult in certain cases, especially when trying to understand the role COVID played. For some mothers, it was listed as the contributing factor to death; for others, COVID-related symptoms, like respiratory illnesses, were listed as the cause of death. 

“Clarifying whether COVID-19 was an underlying or contributing cause in the cases could help [healthcare workers] think about the treatments they provide, and whether it should more directly address COVID or not,” Thoma says. 

Thoma notes that she and Declercq plan to do further analysis with the research, especially given that this was written as a descriptive analysis of the data and published as a research letter. While their conclusions describe the patterns in maternal deaths during the early months of the pandemic, Thoma intends to dive deeper to more clearly describe some of the connections in the underlying causes. 

“We wanted to get it out because we wanted to show how this was important,” Thoma says. “We had many questions with the NCHS report and when we did our analysis and saw this increase, we felt like it needed to be further explored.”

[Related: Black mothers face high death rates. Now they have to contend with climate change, too.]

As 2023 data on maternal death comes in, Thoma says she will be curious to see how public access to COVID vaccines may have impacted mortality rates. Though some pregnant people may have been hesitant to get vaccinated, they still likely saw an impact from increasing resiliency against the virus in the general population. What’s more, Thoma points out that the American Rescue Act in 2023 gave states the option to extend Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days after birth to one year. The additional coverage, she says, can play a crucial role in helping new mothers stay healthy. Congress is still debating over extending funding for the act through 2023.

“We can only see how [this kind of program] worked in 2023,” Thoma says. “But we would hypothesize it would lead to improvement.”

Beware Being Tricked By The Social Engineer

It is just about summer — the weather is gorgeous and everyone is in a

good mood.

A pretty — not beautiful — girl comes into the lobby of a local company

and glances around. She walks up to the receptionist and explains she has

a meeting with the Information Technology director and is running late.

She says she is very embarrassed and would the receptionist tell her the

conference room number and she’ll just sneak into the meeting. Feeling

sorry for the young lady, the receptionist tells her the main conference

room is on the third floor and lets her into that part of the building.

Once in the elevator, the woman gets off on the fourth floor — not the

third. She wanders the halls. A gentleman stops her because she doesnt’

have a badge. But she smiles sweetly, asks him about his day and pretty

soon they are chatting about this and that. He forgets why he stopped her

and goes back to his office.

She continues down the hall. This time she sees someone going into the

computer lab and he allows her to follow him through the door. She has

one of those smiles that lights up her entire face, and it doesn’t go

unnoticed. She explains that she is a student at the local university and

she’s going to be a summer intern in the IT department… part of her

internship is to see how the computer lab works.

She spends the next hour looking around, chatting with the network

administrators and lighting up a usually boring environment.

The girl leaves the building, waving good-bye to the receptionist on her

way out and thanking her again.

After all, she should thank her and all the others she spoke to during

her visit.

The woman leaves with Post-it notes that had been stuck onto monitors

with passwords and user identifications (usually ‘admin’). She has a

wealth of knowledge on how the network is set-up, what kinds of

protection mechanisms are in place and even how to get around the

protection — thanks to a young techie who was more than pleased to show

her how ‘smart’ he was.

She now owns their network, their industry secrets and their


This is a classic case of social engineering.

According to sbc.webopedia, social engineering is defined as: ”In the

realm of computers, the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain

otherwise secure data by conning an individual into revealing secure

information. Social engineering is successful because its victims

innately want to trust other people and are naturally helpful. The

victims of social engineering are tricked into releasing information that

they do not realize will be used to attack a computer network.”

that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on

human interaction and often involves tricking other people to break

normal security procedures. A social engineer runs what used to be called

a ‘con game’.”

Either definition makes it clear that social engineering involves human

interraction. That is the major factor that makes protection against

social engineering difficult. All the firewalls, and identification and

authentication mechanisms are ineffective against a seasoned social


So, how do you protect your network from these types of people?

The best protection against social engineering tactic is a well-trained

employee, who is aware of this kind of scam. The employee is the target

of social engineering. Employees need to be made aware that even though

they need to be helpful on the job, they need to be cautious and


Security training that reinforces the requirement to protect user

identifications, passwords, and other such information is a valid

protection against social engineering. Employees also need to be aware of

their surroundings to ensure that people without proper identification

are confronted and escorted to security personnel. They also need to be

aware of unauthorized people trying to follow them into secured areas.

This awareness training isn’t just for computer users and network

administrators. It’s for every employee — the receptionist, secretaries,

file clerks, etc. Training should be a yearly event.

Anything that looks suspicious should be reported. Be suspicious of that

person you have never seen before, or someone asking questions that raise

a little red flag in the back of your head. You never know when it’s a

person on a mission to obtain information that can, and will, be used

against you.

The next time a friendly individual approaches you with a request for

assistance in getting information that you know should be protected, be

prepared. Check it out before you give out any information. Beware the

social engineer!

Easy Fabric Face Mask Pattern

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This fabric face mask pattern is pretty easy to make, even for beginners! This simple mask features elastic to fit around the ears, which allows you to quickly put it on and take it off. Learn how to make a face mask at home.

Curious where to buy sewing supplies? You might also like this post on places to buy craft supplies.

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I live in Maryland and we are now required to wear masks in public. According to the CDC, fabric masks are used to slow the virus, leaving surgical masks for medical personnel.

Last week, I tried and failed miserably with a bandana, so I knew it was time to break out the sewing machine.

I must admit that my sewing skills are a bit rusty. The first mask took about an hour to figure out, but the 2nd mask was made in about 15 minutes. Lucky you, you get to learn from all my mistakes.

This mask is meant for light usage to get me through the grocery store once a week. It’s not meant for long term wearing or use.

Face Mask FAQs What type of fabric should I use?

Tightly woven cotton fabric is the best fabric to use. Quilting fabric works best. If you have doubts, hold it up to the light and see if you can see through it. If you can, it probably isn’t thick enough.

On the other hand, you don’t want too thick either. We’re approaching warmer months and we don’t want to overheat, so I would avoid fabrics like flannel.

How much fabric do you need to make a fabric mask?

I used half of a fat quarter. A full yard of fabric can make at least 8 masks.

What if I don’t have any fabric?

In a pinch, you can use old clothes or sheets. High thread count sheets work the best.

T-shirts can also be used, but it will be harder to sew because t-shirt fabric is stretchy. Either make the rectangle slightly smaller or cut your elastic pieces shorter to accommodate the stretchiness of the t-shirt fabric.

What can I use instead of elastic?

You can use hair ties or stretchy headbands for elastic.

Ties can make a mask more comfortable for longer wear.

You can use 1/2″ double fold bias tape or ribbon to make ties. If you’re not a sewist or crafter, you probably don’t own binding tape though. Get creative and use shoe strings if you need to!

Will this mask fit over a N95 mask?

Yes, this mask will fit over a N95 mask. For people who need to wear masks longer than an hour a week like me, consider changing the elastic to ties. Also, consider not adding the step to make it fit better around the nose.

Easy Fabric Face Mask Pattern Supplies Needed: Prep Work for Making Masks

Wash your fabric before you work with it. New fabric can shrink when washed, so it’s important to wash it first. If you’ve already pre-washed it, but it’s been a while, wash it again. My fabric is a few years old, so I washed it to remove any dust since I have sensitive skin.

If you dry the fabric, don’t dry it all the way. The wrinkles will be hard to deal with. Instead take it out partly damp and iron it right away.

Use a rotary cutter to cut 2 rectangles that are 9″ wide x 7″ high.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic that are at least 7″ long. If you have a small head, use a piece that is about 6″ long instead. If your head is larger than average, use a longer piece.

Sewing the Fabric Masks

It is very important that the elastic is placed at the top and bottoms of the mask. I incorrectly sewed them farther in the center of the mask and had to remove the stitching to fix them. Don’t make my mistake!

Don’t make my mistake! The elastic bands need to be placed closer to the edges.

I used a 1/2″ seam allowance, but it really isn’t crucial to a perfect mask. Use a larger seam allowance if you need.

Place fabric right sides together.

Place elastic in between fabric sandwich, placed at the top and bottom.

Pin around the edges.

Sew around the edge, leaving a gap in the bottom edge. Backstitch over the elastic as you’re sewing.

Flip the mask the right way.

Test the elastic for fit. If needed, use a seam ripper and make the elastic shorter. (You’re only testing how the elastic fits. The pleats will make the mask fit around your face better.)

Iron the fabric flat.

Fold the sides into 3 pleats and pin in place. (I tried it with 2 pleats first and then added a third to make it fit better.)

Sew around the edge, backstitching over the pleats to secure the pleats.

Make the Nose Fit Better

Optional: To make the mask fit better around the nose, you can add a dart.

Fold the mask in half.

Sew a line at an angle on the top edge of the mask.

If you’re wondering, you can’t feel that extra bit of fabric at all.

If your mask doesn’t fit tight enough, add another pleat. You can also use shorter amounts of elastic.

Sewing Tips

If your fabric has a pattern with a direction, make sure that you the pattern correctly on the fabric before cutting.

Fabric is much easier to sew if you iron the fabric a lot. I iron before I start, then sew, then flip it the right way, then iron again.

Sew in the direction of the pleats, not against them. If you do sew against them, sew slowly as you approach the pleats, then stop with the need in the fabric. Pick up the presser foot and use the hand wheel to sew a few more stitches.

Place your pins in the correct direction where they can be removed easily as you sew. (I always mess this up.)

Get cleaner corners when flipping the mask inside out by poking them gently with a crochet hook or something else that isn’t too pokey.

Grocery shopping in style!

Download a Simple Fabric Face Mask Instruction Guide

Please do not sell or distribute pattern.

This printable PDF includes a 1-page instruction guide. Subscribe to my email list to download this printable guide.

Get a Pattern for All 3 Sizes!

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