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Command & Conquer is a long-running sci-fi RTS franchise. Their multiple games, collections, and expansions (1995 – 2023) have gathered the reputation as one of the best series in the genre.

The best games like Command and Conquer might be classic masterpieces, newer titles, or less popular pieces you may want to try.

We’re looking at RTS games with modern military elements and easy mechanics. Also, some C&C titles include sci-fi elements as well.

Other ingredients are:

Great focus in vehicles;

Soviet factions vs western factions;


Special reinforcements (bombing, airstrikes, paratroopers, …);

Character-driven story;

Full-motion cut-scenes to drive the story.

The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection came out in 2023.

Starcraft is an all-time RTS best-seller.

Developer: Blizzard

Publisher: Blizzard

Release Date: 2024 (original game – 1998)

Platform: Windows, macOS

Starcraft Remastered includes the base 1998 RTS game, plus the following Brood War expansion. The narrative value, music, mechanics, and multiplayer made Starcraft one of the biggest RTS of all time. However, there is an even better and much less glitchy community made Starcraft Mass Recall MOD in Starcraft II engine that does so much more justice to the original than Blizzard.

The Zerg became the enemy of all life, so the Protoss and the Terran must make an unlikely alliance to survive.

Each race has its own campaign. The 1998 expansion, Brood War, expands the story with three additional story arcs. Overall, you’ll find Starcraft’s cinematic storytelling akin to C&C.

You have to buy the Zerg and Protoss campaign separately, though.

Developer: Blizzard

Publisher: Blizzard

Release Date: 2010 (Wings of Liberty – Terran campaign / 2013 (Heart of the Swarm – Zerg campaign) / 2024 (Legacy of the Void – Protoss campaign)

Platform: Windows, macOS

The outstanding sequel stands as one of the best RTS games of all time. It continues the Starcraft storyline while expanding the lore and introducing new mechanics.

The entire game has three campaigns (Terran, Zerg, and Protoss). Each campaign follows a particular commander and introduces new mechanics, units, and balance changes. Moreover, there’re RPG systems to improve each faction during your single-player mode.

More importantly, the campaign follows a non-linear order. Available missions vary in difficulty and level design. Each one unlocks upgrades, units, and stories for your faction.

The base game is free, and it includes the award-winning Terran campaign. It also contains full multiplayer features and some co-op features. The co-op is about special missions where you can use a commander that levels up and has special abilities.

Starcraft II campaigns are fun and offer an incredible story. However, the game mechanics and the AI are hard. Don’t be afraid to turn down the difficulty options.

You can opt for the medieval-themed AoE III: Definitive Edition instead.

Developer: Ensemble Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Release Date: 2005

Platform: Windows, macOS

Age of Empires III is not the most popular game of the AoE series (that’s AoE II), but it may be the one you’re looking for. The setting is the European Industrial Age, so the game opens up a gunpowder RTS game that includes European, Meso-American, North-American, and Asian factions.

The game sets itself apart from its competition by the sheer speed of its gameplay loop. Gathering resources, aging up, and creating an army is fast. For example, military buildings create 5 units at a time.

There’re also some light RPG mechanics allowing you to improve factions as you gain XP. Moreover, you unlock “cards,” which you can use during your matches for powerful bonuses.

The AoEIII multiplayer is still alive, albeit the single-player campaign is not quite popular. It focuses on an alternate storyline about the European conquest of America. There’s a new definitive

AoEII has one of the biggest communities in the RTS genre.

Developer: Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date: 2024

Platform: Windows

1992’s Dune II, based on the homonymous book, inspired the original Command & Conquer game. Both live as the RTS ancestors. Then, AoE II is the cool grandaddy.

Microsoft’s 1999’s masterpiece focused on historical campaigns across medieval times. There’re dozens of civilizations to play with (European, Asian, and Meso-American). These offer minor but key differences regarding special units, special techs, and bonuses.

We recommend the Definitive Edition, the hugely successful 2023 remaster. It includes all of the older expansions plus two buyable DLCs. That means dozens of campaigns, dozens of civilizations, and great developer support for all of its game modes.

Also, the game’s multiplayer scene is still very much alive. It’s not a huge community, but it’s loyal, hardcore, and highly devoted. You can play ranked or unranked matches against other players, team matches, or play the campaigns in co-op mode.

Overall, AoEII is easy to learn and understand but hard to master. That makes it appealing for all ages looking for fun, challenging, and classic RTS experiences.

The Definitive Edition includes the Soviet Attack expansion.

Developer: Massive Entertainment

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 2007

Platform: Windows

World in Conflict is a strategy game where you play the Soviet Union. It’s a military-themed experience focusing on vehicles and infantry platoons. Moreover, the campaign happens in real-life locations, towns, and cities.

Akin to Command & Conquer: Red Alert series, the story follows the Soviet Union’s military conquest in 1989. Moreover, one of its key features is similar to C&C: Generals. You can call special reinforcements as airstrikes, carpet bombing, or paratroopers. 

For innovations, you manage repairs in key locations (like bridges). This extra variety of the core mechanics create a distinct game.

There’s also a multiplayer mode. It supports up to 16 players in large team battles. However, the game’s multiplayer scene is gone, so you’d pick this one up for the single-player only.

The Master Collection includes all of the game’s available content.

Developer: Relic Entertainment

Publisher: THQ

Release Date: 2004

Platform: Windows

The Warhammer franchise includes a ton of games across various genres. Dawn of War I & II combines complex military strategy with the rich sci-fi lore Warhammer offers. We’re going for the original title plus its expansions and DLCs.

Warhammer’s setting is a fantasy land where various races are in conflict. You’ll play a story-driven campaign as the space marine commander of the Blood Ravens Faction.

There’re four available races: Space Marines, Orks, Chaos, and Eldar. These races open epic battles plus distinct abilities, tech trees, units, and weapons.

The game made a big name in the RTS scene for its innovations. Some of these included cover, squad-based combat, and a complex morale system. Another key change is resource gathering. You need to hold key locations around the map and fortify these areas to gather its available resources.

There’s a Dawn of War trilogy. Although we highly recommend the first, the sequel is worth your money. Dawn of War II increases the game’s brutality while adding a non-linear campaign design, plus the feature to play the whole campaign in co-op mode.

Rise of Nations has full multiplayer support.

Developer: SkyBox Labs, Big Huge Games

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date: 2014 (2003 for the original game)

Platform: Windows, macOS

Rise of Nations offers the strategic depth and yet easy-to-grasp systems. Alongside its modern military setup, it has the elements of an all-time classic RTS. Then, Extended Edition enhances the game with textures, visuals, effects, and sounds. Moreover, it includes the expansion campaign.

RoN uses a territory system that limits the player’s building area. Over time, you can grow it as you conquer more territory, build defensive structures, and research technologies.

Similarly, there’s a great focus on capturing cities and also on holding cities. For example, if you lose a city, you suffer economic and technological consequences.

There’re many unique features in Rise of Nations, all of which make it stand in the genre. These include automatic workers, six different resources, many civilizations, and a vast single-player campaign.

Units in Halo Wars have special abilities, orders, and formations.

Developer: Ensemble Studios, Behaviour Interactive, 343 Industries

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date: 2024 (2009 for the original title)

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series (retro-compatible)

Halo Wars is the first RTS game of the Halo franchise. It’s available for consoles, a rarity as controllers and mechanics may become less satisfying. That said, the Definitive Edition is the modern update the title deserves.

Likewise, the game offers a base-building experience, resource management, and tech trees. Gathering resources requires controlling key locations across the map, so you lose if the enemy destroys your bases.

That means Halo Wars encourages defensive play styles rather than strategic attacks. So, base management mechanics are easy and defensive. Yet, the combat gameplay is satisfying and okay for consoles.

The sequel, Halo Wars 2 is not available on Steam. If you want to play the 2023 game, you can find it on Microsoft Store. It does represent an upgrade in terms of mechanics, gameplay, and graphics.

Act of War: Direct Action has a sequel (Act of War: High Treason).

Developer: Eugen Systems

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Release Date: 2005

Platform: Windows

Act of War is a geopolitical thriller with gameplay mechanics similar to C&C: Generals and C&C: Red Alert 2. These are some of the best titles of the long-running franchise.

Either way, Act of War follows powerful agencies plotting against worldwide governments. That happens across 14 single-player missions full of twists and suspense.

The gameplay is an old-school RTS experience. That means simple resource gathering plus vehicle-centered military combat. The game also includes some innovative features, though, like using snipers to take down special units.

Rounding up the similarities, Act of War includes a rippling storyline that comes with full cinematic cuts. Bestselling author Dale Brown wrote the game.

The Total War saga (2000 – 2023) includes 14 games.

Developer: CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, Feral Interactive

Publisher: Sega, Feral Interactive

Release Date: 2024

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux/SteamOS

The Total War franchise is not exactly a C&C offspring. But because we talked about the genre’s ancestors and grandfathers, we have to talk about the modern alternatives.

If you’re unfamiliar with the saga, Total War works on two fronts. There’s a turn-based system where you develop your civilization and move your armies across the map. 

TW: Warhammer II is the best title of the franchise, or so the fans believe. It has a breath-taking campaign, a gorgeous expansion, various factions, and rich lore. 

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The Best Board Games For Nature Lovers

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A scenic nature walk and a round of board games have something in common—both tear us away from screens and help us live in the moment. Why not merge these two together? Some of the best, most popular board games are set in nature. Collect birds, build beautiful arboretums, and forage for mushrooms all from the comfort of your home—or bring a travel-friendly set with you on a road trip or camping excursion.

We’ve chosen our favorite board games, set in nature, that are sure to be a hit.

Product 1: Wingspan Board Game – A Bird-Collection, Engine-Building Stonemaier Game for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+

Caption: An ornithologist’s dream

Badge: Best overall

Product 2: Morels

Caption: Forage for mushrooms

Badge: Best two players

Markdown: Morels understands that some of our most fascinating ecosystems exist underfoot. This charming strategy game puts two players in the heart of the woods, where they must forage for the most delectable of mushrooms. Forage by day or by night, with the help of two separate decks that boast ten types of mushrooms, and additional items like baskets, pans, and butter. Gain victory points by deciding whether to cook or sell your morels. But watch out for the poisonous destroying angel—just like in real life, foraging for fungi can be high stakes.

Product 3: Renegade Game Studios Arboretum Strategy Card Game that Challenges 2-4 Players Aged 8 & Up to Create the Most Beautiful Garden

Caption: Pepper your path with maple, oak, and willow

Badge: Best for traveling

Markdown: There’s nothing more serene than ambling through a gorgeous arboretum in full bloom, trees shading your walkway. Strategy game Arboretum mirrors that experience. Up to four players compete to build the most beautiful path through a garden, choosing from a deck of 80 cards—ten tree varieties each marked from one to eight. Paths must begin and end with the same type of tree, and trees along the path must have numerical values in ascending value. This pocket-sized game requires a surprising amount of strategy, and is perfect for traveling.

Product 4: Starling Games: Everdell Board Game

Caption: Embrace your inner Snow White

Badge: Best world-building

Markdown: For nature-loving players who like a little more whimsy in their games, Everdell is the perfect choice. This worker placement game takes place in an animal-run woodland city, where critters like squirrels and hedgehogs run farms, general stores, universities, and chapels. Spend twigs, resin, pebbles, and berries on various amenities and victory points. The game boasts beautiful artwork and a 3d tree that sits at the heart of the board. Expansions introduce river communities, annual fairs, and even a mountaintop.

Product 5: Trekking The National Parks: The Award-Winning Family Board Game (Second Edition)

Caption: Visit them all

Badge: Best for kids

Markdown: Trekking The National Parks is perfect for the entire family—from the indoorsy game lovers to the REI aficionados. Two to six players race to visit the U.S. National Parks, trekking the trails that connect them. Each turn is a trade-off between making moves—like occupying a park or moving to another park—or drawing a card. Because cards are required to make moves, each turn becomes an assessment of tradeoffs. With an ages ten and above rating, this Mensa Select Award-winning game is perfect for the whole family.

Top 10 Windows Command Prompt Commands – Webnots

Microsoft developed Windows interface from the command line based disk operating system (DOS). But still you can use the command prompt as a command line utility in Windows. These commands are really helpful to perform daily operations. In this article, let us show you top 10 command prompt commands which can make your Windows experience much better. In Windows 10, Microsoft will show you Windows PowerShell option instead of Command Prompt and you will have Windows Terminal app in Windows 11. You can perform all the below commands both from Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt.

Top 10 Windows Command Prompt Commands

Given below is the list of 10 popular command prompt commands. They are not case sensitive, so you can use capital or small letters when typing them.

1. ipconfig

One of the popular commands in CMD (Command prompt) in your PC. Ipconfig allows you to check the IP address configuration of your PC. You can also modify the computer’s IP address with this command.

Go to the ‘Start’ and type ‘CMD’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard.

To view the full IP configuration of your system, use ‘ipconfig /all’ command.

IPconfig Command

If the system has its IP address from a DHCP server then to release the IP address, use ‘ipconfig /release’ command.

Similarly, use the ‘ipconfig /renew’ command to renew the IP address.

To flush the DNS server, use the ‘ipconfig /flushdns’. it is very useful when a system has incorrect DNS addresses.

2. System File Checker

This command is sometimes a lifesaver. Sometimes, a malicious software replaces or damage the core files of the system. This command helps to make sure that everything is fine on your system. If you feel system files are corrupted on your PC then run this command from the command prompt.

System Scan

3. Driver Query

To know more about your drivers installed in the system, there is a specific driver query for it. You can actually get a list of all the drivers currently running on your PC. To do this:

In the ‘Command Prompt‘, type ‘driverquery’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

You’ll be able to see the name of the module, its driver type, the date and time.

Driver Query

4. Ping and Pathping

This command is one of the simplest command ever. It is used to check the connectivity of the host with our PC. This command uses an IP address of the host to get in action.

In your Command Prompt, type ‘ping’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

IP address here should be of the PC to which you want to check the connectivity.

After completion, it will show you the stats for that IP address like packets sent and received.

In case, if the ping command fails, there is always a second option with ‘pathping’. If the PCs are connected with more than one routers then use this command. It will send packets to each router that is in the way of the IP address you are pinging and compute the stats. To use this command:

Type ‘pathping’ in your CMD and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

It will take some time to compute the stats and show the name of the host.

Ping and Pathping

5. Tasklist and Taskkill

This command tells you the tasks which are currently running on your system. It provides you with a list of tasks by typing the following command:

Type ‘tasklist’ in your CMD and press the ‘Enter’ key.

To display all the DLL modules regarding the task running, use the ‘tasklist -m’ command.


To view the services that support the running task, type ‘tasklist -svc’ command.

If you want to terminate the currently running task then use the ‘taskkill’ command to end it. The name of the command says all of it. To end a specific task, you have to enter its PID (Process ID) or IM (Image name).

In your CMD, type ‘taskkill -pid 1808’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

Similarly, use the image name, ‘taskkill – im svchost.exe’ to end that task.

6. nslookup

This command is used to check the nameserver of the given host. All you need is the hostname, which is referred as website name or domain name.


7. Signature Verification

Most of the software is digitally signed for the Windows 10. But still many out there are not. File signature verification is a tool which can be launch via command line interface but it will use to GUI interface.

Type ‘sigverif’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.

A prompt will open up and you can ‘Start’ it to check the verification of the system files.

Signature Verification

8. Command History

To track the command history in your command prompt, use this command. This command basically shows you the complete history of the commands used in CMD in the current session.

Simply, type the ‘doskey /history’ and press the ‘Enter’.

It brings you a list of all the commands right there.

Command History

9. netstat

This command is useful when you want to know the active connections and their ports with your PC.

Type ‘netstat’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

A list of active connections with a local address and their ports will appear right there.


10. cipher

To permanently delete/overwrite a directory, use the cipher command in command prompt. This is mostly used for the encryption purposes but it can be used to free up space on the hard drive. Please note that if you use this command, no data from the drive can be recovered again. To use this command:

Type ‘cipher /w:D:’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

There is no space between the drive (/w:) and (D:) and be careful while using this command.

Cipher Command

10 Best Animal Games For Android

The best animal games for Android

Price: Free to play

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nintendo’s official Animal Crossing game on mobile. It has a lot of elements of the classic Animal Crossing games long with some mobile game stuff too. You create a campsite for animals, find ones that need help, and even craft stuff. There is a social element where friends can share gifts. It’s otherwise a fairly straightforward game experience. If we had any critiques, it’s that the game is a little slow. There isn’t a ton of stuff to do. Those who want something a little more exciting may need to keep looking. That said, it’s a relaxing game, at least.

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Crossy Road

Price: Free to play

Farming Simulator 20

Price: $5.99 with in-app purchases

Farming Simulator 20 is one of the best farming simulators on mobile. It has many farming activities such as growing and harvesting crops and raising, breeding, and caring for various farm animals. The game focuses on realism and contains over 100 vehicles and above-average graphics. The animals are a smaller mechanic within the bigger game, but there are enough elements to justify a spot on the list. This is a premium game at $5.99, and you can buy some upgrades in-game if you want. The in-app purchases are entirely optional.

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Hay Day

Price: Free to play

Hay Day is a game by Supercell, the same developers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. This is a farming game similar in style to games like FarmVille. You plant crops, tend to animals, and make products from the fruits of your labor. The major difference is the idle tap game mechanics. You tap the screen to generate revenue to help you do all of those things. Those who want something more complicated can try out something like Farming Simulator 18 or other similar games. It’s another easy recommendation for us with many animals and some other farming simulator stuff.

Ice Age Village

Price: Free to play

Ice Age Village is one of the oldest animal games on the list. It’s a Disney game, and it has a bunch of characters from the Ice Age franchise. It’s a city-building sim. You bring a bunch of animals in, and they build families. You make sure everyone has a place to stay, play some extra mini-games, and collect rewards as you play. This is one of several above-average sims with a bunch of animals in them. ZooCraft is another decent one, as is Dog Town, among others. They are all freemium games, but they’re otherwise quite fun and even family-friendly for older kids. The only real problem is the endgame starts peer pressuring players to make purchases, but you can still unlock most things without money.

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My Tamagotchi Forever

Price: Free to play

My Tamagotchi Forever is a mobile remake of the popular toy from the 1990s. You take care of an animal by raising it, feeding it, playing with it, and cleaning it. It features a bunch of mini-games and other stuff to do. This one also includes an AR mode as well to explore the Tamagotchi world. There are several good games like this, such as Pou. In addition, Google Play developer Mawges has really old-school virtual pet apps. They all have slightly different elements, but the basic ideas are the same.

Rodeo Stampede

Price: Free to play

Rodeo Stampede is a runner-style game from the venerable Yodo1 Games. You play to collect various animals in the game. The animals are added to your zoo after each stampede. The goal is to collect them all. You ride an animal during the stampede and avoid obstacles. Players also lasso animals to keep for themselves. It’s a neat little runner experience because it has that extra collection element, so there is a reason to keep playing over and over again. Plus, it’s full of animals!

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Super Phantom Cat

Price: Free to play

Super Phantom Cat is another platformer with a cat. This one is a fairly traditional 2D, side-scrolling platform. You avoid obstacles, jump on bad guys, and complete levels. It has many elements that you’ve seen in previous platformers, like changing the way blocks look to get around them and stuff like that. Even the micro-transactions are minimal and unnecessary to enjoy the game. There was actually a sequel to this one, but it seems the developers took it down.

Talking Tom games


10 Best Hidden Object Games For Android

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Hidden object games are a subgenre of puzzle games. They are also pretty popular. In most hidden object games, you hunt around an area for items that help you proceed through the game. Most games in the genre also have an element of mystery to them since you don’t know why you’re solving all of these puzzles. The games are easier to make than most and have seen great success as web-based games. Still, there are some great options for mobile. Here are the best hidden object games for Android.

The best hidden object games for Android

Price: Free to play / Varies

Artifex Mundi is a developer on Google Play with several good hidden object games. Some good options include the Enigmatis series, the Unsolved series, The Dreamatorium series, the Grim Legends series, the Lost Grimoire series, and several others. Most of this studio’s games play similarly. Each series has something that sets it apart from the rest, but they are otherwise fairly typical hidden object titles. In addition, most of their premium games are available on Google Play Pass for free if you use it. The studio basically only does these types of games and most of them are pretty good.

G5 Entertainment games

Price: Free to play

G5 Entertainment is another developer on Google Play with several very respectable hidden object games. This studio likes to blend the hidden object genre with others. For instance, several of the studio’s games have both match-3 and hidden object elements. The games to check out from G5 include Sherlock: Mystery, Homicide Squad: New York Cases, Crime Mystery, and a few others. The only major complaint is how grindy the games get after a period of time. The repetition has chased away players before.

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Hidden Folks

Price: $4.99

Haiku Games

Price: Free to play

Pearl’s Peril

Price: Free to play

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Pearl’s Peril is a classic hidden object game. The game takes place in the 1930s with Pearl. The player takes Pearl through hundreds of scenes to find the hidden objects. This one is a great example of a typical hidden object game. The whole point is to find all of the objects in the scene. There is an underlying story to play through as well and it’s pretty decent. You also get a private estate to decorate with items you pick up through the course of the game. It’s free to play, but not annoying with microtransactions. The energy system is a bit restricting, but otherwise everything works nicely.

Mad Head Games

Price: Free / Varies

Mad Head Games is another developer on Google Play with several good hidden object games. You’ll want to check out the Adam Wolfe series along with the Wanderlust series. The developer has several other games in the franchise as well. The games all have similar bones. Each one has a few dozen levels, good hidden object mechanics, a story, and some other mechanics to spice things up a bit. The games are a bit short, but you can buy them outright with microtransactions. So far, the only complaints we’ve seen include some bugs that occasionally prevent folks from finishing the games.

Midva Games

Price: Free / Varies

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Mystery of Coastal Hill City

Price: Free to play

The Room series (four games)

Price: $0.99-$4.99 each

The Room is one of the best puzzle games in the history of mobile. They all blend together the escape room with the hidden object genres with some excellent results. Players start in a room and solve clever little puzzles to eventually leave the room. You also search for objects to use to solve other puzzles. Each game has excellent graphics (for its time), very clever puzzles, and more. The later games also includes cloud saving and achievements. You can get the whole series for about $10 these days and it’s honestly $10 well spent. The only thing is that they aren’t pure hidden object games, so people who like that may be disappointed with the escape room portion of the mechanics.

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Seekers Notes

Price: Free to play

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Seekers Notes is a pretty good hidden object game. And it’s a rather typical one. Players move from level to level finding all of the hidden objects. This game has been around for years and includes 9,500 total quests, 1130 collections, the ability to craft items, guilds so you can play with friends, and more. It’s one of the bigger hidden object games on mobile. For the most part, this is right up there with Pearl’s Peril as one of the pinnacle hidden object games. However, some long-time players are disappointed with newer updates in the game.

12 Best Multiplayer Horror Games Like Dead By Daylight

Horror survival, multiplayer, mind games, and savage action should be at the core of games like Dead by Daylight.

The team-based survival horror offers a unique 4v1 formula. One player is a bloody Killer, whereas the others are the Survivors. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly effective. Enough to have over 30K daily concurrent players on Steam. 

If you’re one of these players, you may be looking for similar experiences. Games like Dead by Daylight should revolve around violent mechanics as the hunter or the prey. 

Selecting Games Like Dead by Daylight

We believe Dead by Daylight fans would like games featuring a mix or a twist of the cat & mouse title:

Genre: This is a multiplayer 4v1 survival horror action game. Four players work together to outmatch a serial killer.

Perspective: Survivors play in third-person, as it gives more situational awareness. The Killer plays in first-person, focused on the prey. 

Goal: Survivors must escape the Killing Zone through specific areas. The Killer must capture the others to kill, torture, or sacrifice. 

Setting: The game offers about 16 procedurally generated maps. These are mostly ruined, dreadful, and abandoned places like factories and parking lots. 

Randomization: Maps will look different every time you play. Moreover, every player will spawn on random points. 

Team-work: Survivors can work together to set traps and distract the Killer. Going alone decreases the chances of survival. 

Inspiration: The Killer draws inspiration from horror slasher movies. The character plays and behaves like Jason Voorhes. 

Progression system: The Killer and the Survivors have a progression system that carries over to your account.

Items: Survivors can find things like med-kits, keys, maps, and toolboxes. These items can enable traps, use machines, or escape.

Immersiveness: The ambiance, scenarios, music, chilling environments, real human actions, and slasher actions deliver a comprehensive horror sim.

Psychological horror: As in thriller movies and shows, the game’s experience revolves around mind games, psychological horror, and strategy.

Gameplay: The survivors and the Killer have different mechanics. The Killer is a hulking menace, constantly revealing his position. On the contrary, survivors are agile and capable of vaulting, crouching, and jumping. 

Popularity: Lastly, Dead by Daylight is a highly popular game. It’s a key element, as it’s a multiplayer-only game. Therefore, we can’t recommend multiplayer games without a healthy player base. 

Dead by Daylight offers a horror survival simulation where players must rely on witts rather than skill. Like many horror movies, it’s a mind-game where losing means rising heartbeats until a gruesome death.

Games Like Dead by Daylight Friday the 13th: The Game

Developer: Black Tower Studios, IIIFonic

Publisher: Gun Media

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

The original Jason Voorhees becomes a playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game. It’s a third-person horror survivor title where you play as the prey (a group of teens) or Jason himself. 

As the survivors, you’re a group of six unlucky teens doing everything possible to outwit, escape, and survive the slashy monster. The man can’t die, though, so you must use the tools you find to set traps, distractions, and open pathways. 

The seventh player is Jason Vorhees, a hulking, immortal enemy with multiple abilities to hunt, kill, and track. You can stalk from the shadows, perform brutal melee attacks, and terrify anyone crossing your paths. 

You can play on seven maps, each featuring locations from the movies. Regardless, you’ll play under cover of the night, and, sadly, Jason becomes stronger ¿the darker the night becomes. 

Lastly, the game encourages survivors to play together to survive. You can escape the areas in stealth or work together to fight and halt Jason’s progress. There’re many ways and conditions to win a match as the survivors. Yet, you can do any of these alone and leave the others to their fate. 


Developer: World Makers, Automaton Games

Publisher: World Makers, Automaton Games

Release Date: March 2023

Platform: Windows

Deceit is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. There’re six players per map, and two of them play as The Infected, human-looking monsters hunting the others. However, players don’t know who the Infected are. 

Instead, the Infected can reveal itself in various ways. For example, the Infected needs to collect blood vials around the map so you can keep tabs on these items. The innocents can also catch the infected committing murder. 

The survivors must escape the map, but the journey takes all players through 6 eerie areas. In each place, survivors have to complete a goal to go through the other. The Infected can transform into a monster at the end of each area during a blackout covering their identity. 

Overall, Deceit offers fast-paced first-person shooting combat, with mind games, horror, and survival. It’s a social deduction title where mutants must murder the uninfected in secret, thus relying on their abilities to lie, manipulate, and dodge suspicion bullets.

Identity V

Developer: NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Release Date: July 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. It’s also a free game for mobile devices for those looking for a smaller experience. That said, it’s only available through the web page for PC.

You play as a group of detectives trapped in a dangerous house, initially uncovering a series of murders in a manor. However, the new goal is finding the Exit Gates by deciphering five puzzles.

Moreover, Survivors have 4 different categories: Assist, Decode, Contain, and Rescue. They must utilize their perks together to find clues, solve puzzles, halt the Hunter, and escape the area.

Meanwhile, the Hunter can win the match by eliminating at least three Survivors. He can use a series of melee weapons to trap and murder the enemies.

Lastly, the title uses Victorian settings, cartoon graphics, eerie music, and a minimal interface for an immersive experience. For example, audio cues heighten when you’re about to find a clue, but you won’t see clues as “markers” on any map. 


Developer: Kinetic Games

Publisher: Kinetic Games

Release Date: September 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows 

Phasmophobia is a co-op psychological horror game. You’re part of a four-player team searching for paranormal activities in different scenarios. The main campaign is not over as the game is on Early Access.

You have ghost hunting gear, plus your wit to find clues of the supernatural. Your job is to see as much evidence on each map and then submit the proof back on your mobile base.

There’s no action, so it’s Game Over if the ghosts find you. So, from a first-person perspective, you’re to study each area to solve the larger puzzle carefully. The idea is to answer who and what is haunting each area.

As paranormal investigators, you can monitor the location with CCTV cameras, motion sensors, radios, and similar gadgets. Then, the mobile base is inside of a truck, where you store all of your tools and where you can send the info you gather.

The experience is highly immersive. It uses realistic graphics, atmospheric music, and minimal user interfaces. At the same time, the ghost becomes more hostile as time goes on, so aside from being immersive, it’s scary.


Developer: Straight Back Games

Publisher: Straight Back Games

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS 

You control one of these cult members. You’re to stop undead cultists alongside other players before they drag you to hell. Your tools are limited, though. In fact, you start empty-handed.

See, gameplay happens from a first-person perspective. You’ll explore a labyrinthic house to find the items you need to solve puzzles, access new areas, and fend off the undead. It’s similar to the latest Resident Evil games, like Biohazard and Village. 

The game’s system procedurally generates each map, so no playthrough is the same. That said, matches end when you stop all evil by exercising the goat demon Azazel. The task can take up to one hour to finish the task. 

So, the idea is to work together to find the items and ingredients you need to perform ancient rituals. Aside from rituals, you can defend yourself with a UV light and level up to unlock perks and passives. 


Developer: 10 Chambers

Publisher: 10 Chambers

Release Date: December 2023

Platform: Windows

GTFO is a co-op horror shooter offering gripping suspense and savage action. The experience relies on strategy, teamwork, stealth, and survival. And like other games on the list, it’s a multiplayer-only title.

You play a part of a team of 4 prisoners in an underground jail. The prison’s Warden orders you to a Rundown, an expedition taking you deep into the “Complex” research facility.

Together, you go down level by level. Gameplay is about finding the tools and resources you need to survive the tunnels. You’ll meet shadowy creatures in its dark corridors ready to eat you. 

Winning the game means completing all of the expeditions. You’ll use a series of weapons and limited ammo to fight your way through the compound. Resources are scarce, missions are randomized, and combat is challenging.

Lastly, you will always play as part of a 4-men team, but you can’t play offline. Bots will fill the spots if you’re short on two or one player. These NPCs will follow you as you sneak, scavenge, and fight. 

Hunt: Showdown

Developer: Crytek

Publisher: Crytek, Koch Media

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4  

Hunt: Showdown is a punishing first-person shooter featuring a PvPvE design. You play as a bounty hunter, and your job is to kill a monster, collect the bounty, and escape the map.

You can play it solo or as part of a 2-player team. Regardless, maps support up to 12 players, and everyone is trying to do the same. There’re monstrous creatures like zombies, giant spiders, mutants, and more. 

The game has an 1895 setting. It means you’ll use clunky and unreliable firearms. Aside from that, everything you do makes noise, and 3D audio plays a big part in each match. It allows you to find your opponents and vice-versa. 

So, you enter a map, find clues, track a specific monster, kill it, and get the Bounty. Every other player will know about your location if you kill the bounty. And if you escape, your reward is weapons and gear you can use on another match.

But as in games like Escape from Tarkov, you’ll lose everything you carry if you die. Other players can loot your body and kill you in the most treacherous ways. For example, they could wait for their human prey nearby the bounty.

Left 4 Dead 2

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Release Date: November 2009

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 is a popular co-op horror zombie shooter, but it won’t have a sequel. The closest we got is Back 4 Blood, a newer game by L4D2’s former developer team. Still, the old Valve IP enjoys over 10K daily players on Steam, plus a dedicated modding community.

You play as part of a 4-player team against hordes of zombies. The experience comes through five episodic campaigns across swamps, cities, and cemeteries of the USA’s southern regions. On top of the campaign, there’re Survival and Versus modes. 

You can choose among four survivors, each carrying particular perks and weapons. Then, you’ll fight with various firearms, grenades, and insane melee weapons for an all-out carnage.

Then, the Infected feature erratic behaviors, smart AIs, and various rarity levels and powers. Then, the gameplay happens in third-person perspective as you shoot, run, loot, and dodge. 

Lastly, there’s a special AI system, the AI Director 2.0. It can procedurally change monster spawn and behavior, level and item layout, and other aspects to match your performance. As a result, the game will always give you a consistent challenge. 


Developer: SKH Apps

Publisher: SKH Apps, Hitchcock Games

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS

Pacify is a horror multiplayer co-op. You’re a team of PAH Inc. paranormal investigators going through three supernatural missions. The goal is to capture unique monsters.

The team includes four players, and you can work together to solve the mysteries. Sadly, it’s often not what happens, as the researchers don’t have the proper tools, weapons, and gadgets to defend themselves. Running, hiding, and solving puzzles are the way to go. 

However, each area packs particular enemies, gameplay mechanics, and environments. There’s one thing that remains consistent at all levels, though. The goal is to “Pacify” evil via various rituals. Still, evil becomes more violent, faster, and smarter as the story progresses.

In multiplayer, you can play with or against others. If you choose to become a selfish investigator, you can use the tools, keys, and clues for yourself and leave the others to their fate. 

You can also play alone in the single-player mode, but the gameplay would be the same. That’s a first-person horror game revolving around exploration, puzzles, and challenging settings.  

We Were Here Together

Developer: TMG Studios B.V.

Publisher: TMG Studios B.V.

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems

We Were Here Together is a multiplayer horror game with escape room puzzles and gameplay. You, alongside a partner, rely on in-game radio communication to escape the dreadful Castle Rock.

The story starts with a distress flare coming from a far-away castle. The 2-player team travels together while leaving the camp behind. You’re, however, in Antarctica, a place full of cold, dangers, secrets, and puzzles. 

The title remains consistently scary. It uses an eerie scenario, ambient sounds, atmospheric music, and a looming mystery to engage the players. For example, as the story goes on, you’ll get to know “The Jester,” a malevolent entity looming over the castle. 

Lastly, the game conveys its story through the environment, clues, and settings. The setting is immersive, and the theme is grim. Over time, the goal shifts from discovering a mystery to simply escaping alive. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

Developer: Adam Spragg

Publisher: Adam Spragg

Release Date: July 2014

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, Nintendo Switch

Hidden In Plain Sight is a multiplayer-only game, and every player requires a controller. The title delivers violent challenges that support up to four players. 

You control a character in top-down, 2D, and 16-bit sea if identical characters. Your goal is blending with the NPCs to accomplish a goal: taking out the other living players before they get you. So, everyone is both the hunter and the prey. 

There’re additional game modes, though. For example, “Death Race” is a player and NPC race to the finish line. However, each player has a gun with a single bullet. It forces you to balance the risk of sprinting ahead vs. the reward of shooting at someone. 

Other game modes create similar tense situations. In essence, the game continuously pushes you into conflictive positions. Often, you have to blend with other NPCs to complete the mode’s goal.

Lastly, every match works in rounds, making rounds quick, humorous, and easy to play. These elements turn it into a fun title we recommend for all kinds of players and the multiplayer experience you’d want to share with close friends.  

Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

Developer: Eerie Guest Studios

Publisher: tinyBuild

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer stealth survival horror game. It’s also a social deception game and a multiplayer version of the older Hello Neighbor game.

You play as a group of intruders trying to rescue a friend from the Neighbor’s basement. In disguise, one of the intruders is the Neighbor, trying to trap the others in his torture chamber. Naturally, as the match goes on, players will disappear. 

There’re six players per match, and one of the players is the traitor. The neighbor blends with the team as everyone works through 3D cartoon environments. Each player can interact with the environment to pick up items, open doors, hide, and solve puzzles across a labyrinthic house. 

The gameplay mechanics are easy. You play in first-person perspective as you pick or break things, use items, open doors, and hide. Meanwhile, the neighbor must grab the intruders and take them to secret rooms. 

You could also play the offline version, Hello Neighbor. Here, you play as Nicky Roth, a kid, investigating Peterson’s house. He believes the person across the street kidnapped his friend. The task is solving a series of puzzles to unlock access to the basement. 

Dread Hunger

Developer: Dread Hunger Team

Publisher: Digital Confectioners

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows

Dread Hunger is an FPS about survival, betrayal, and an unforgiving Arctic setting. Matches include eight players who are survivor crew members. There will be two hidden traitors, ready to take selfish actions no matter the consequences. 

The gameplay is about the crew surviving the tundra together. That means gathering resources like food and coal to keep the camp running. You build fires, fight off predators, hunt, and even fight against humanoid monsters. 

The traitors can feed poisoned food, lure predators, set traps, use blood magic, shoot the others in the back, etc. They can even butcher their bodies and eat each piece to stay alive. 

The setting takes you to the 19th Century. You’re the crew of a warship, traveling on a deserted Canadian tundra. Together, you plan around a day and night cycle, where blizzards, wolves, and more.

Even though the mechanics are top-notch and the community is hefty, we left the game for last for a reason. Its community constantly complains about the state of the servers: it’s full of hackers and griefers on top of bugs, glitches, and performance issues. 

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