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Top 4 Web Browsers for an Exceptional Twitter Experience You’re about to enjoy fast web page loading speeds and quick access




Twitter has a lot going out and with plenty of interesting topics and people to follow, it’s easy to see why it is so popular.

If the Twitter app does not make the cut for you, but you still want to enjoy your daily tweets, check out these best browsers for a perfect Twitter experience right on your desktop.

Also, find out what to do if you come across the This browser is no longer supported error on Twitter.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and at times can be really addictive. And the experience is largely enhanced if you use the best browser for Twitter.

Different users use it for different purposes. Some use it for work and business while others use it to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the world (also, politics).

Twitter has a well-built smartphone app. However, the app is not feasible for Windows users whose work requires them to be on the computer all day.  This leaves the user with the Twitter web client.

The Twitter web client works flawlessly. However, depending on the browser, the user experience can be different. A good web browser with fast loading speeds and a solid UI can really make a difference.

With so many good browser options around, it can get confusing as to which web browser you should choose. To make it a bit easier for you, we have put together a list of top browsers for Twitter to improve your overall experience.

Does Twitter have a web version?

Yes, there’s an official web version of Twitter that you can try, in case you are using a PC or simply prefer viewing content on a relatively bigger screen (compared to a mobile phone).

Also, you can download the official Twitter app from the Microsoft Store to easily access it without the need for a web browser. It has the same interface as the web version but is more accessible.

How do I use Twitter on an old browser?

Though Twitter should work just as fine on an old browser, in case you encounter a problem, simply install the latest browser version. But we recommend using an effective browser from the ones listed here.

Also, in case you are wondering how to get the old look back, there are several Twitter browser extensions to have the classic Twitter website show up every time. GoodTwitter is one such extension available on all major browsers.

Let’s now find out which is the best browser for Twitter.

Opera One is a must-have Twitter-supported browser if you’re looking for fast web page loading speeds and quick access. Actually, the latest design brings Twitter directly into Opera One , as a built-in tool integrated right in the sidebar.

You get a better view on the desktop to easily tweet, explore, chat, and easily follow the topics of your choice without switching tabs or devices.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Support for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp allows you to keep the chat head in the toolbar for easier access

Snapshot feature to capture a quick screenshot

VR player support for virtual reality on the web

Battery saver mode, and newsreader mode to avoid distraction

Currency and time zone converts, and tons of customization options

Opera One

Twitter integration and ease of access is the missing piece for efficient browsing.

Free Visit website

UR Browser is said to be one of the best browsers for Twitter and comes with some unique features on the security and privacy front apart from offering a clean user interface, while using, comparatively, fewer resources than Chrome.

Expert tip:

On the security front, UR Browser offers a built-in virus scanner that scans the downloaded files for malware and adware infection and alerts the user if found any.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

UR browser also alerts the user when you visit a website suspected of phishing or malware attack

Redirects the websites to the secure HTTPS version automatically and uses 2048-bit RSA encryption

Built-in VPN with a variety of privacy-oriented modules that completely eliminate the necessity of extensions to block content you don’t want to see

Well-rounded browser with unique features and an intuitive interface

UR Browser

Enjoy fast, private, and secure tweeting with a top-range browsing solution.

Free Vsiit website

A while ago, Mozilla released a major update for its Firefox browser with a complete overhaul. The latest browser comes with new tricks up its sleeves, and better performance while remaining as stable as before.

The extension support in Firefox has always given the browser an edge. Now the developers have given it the modern touch with features like password-free login as well as automatic blocking of ad trackers improving user privacy.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

⇒ Get Mozilla Firefox

What do I do if the Twitter browser is no longer supported?

The This browser is no longer supported error message on Twitter is encountered when the platform detects, generally mistakenly, that you are using an outdated version of the browser. It could be an extension or corrupt browser cache behind the issue.

It’s really simple to fix the Twitter browser is no longer supported error, and you should have it up and running in no time.

These are some of the best web browsers you can use to tweet and retweet, add media files, or just like your favorite Twitter content in a seamless manner.

Still experiencing issues?

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The Top 4 Enterprise Seo Platform Tools: An In

With millions of pages and keywords to manage and report on, enterprise SEO is increasingly more complicated and time-consuming.

Using an enterprise SEO platform tool can increase efficiency and productivity for organic search marketing teams in a large organization that are managing organic search initiatives.

These SEO tools can help you with:

Identifying opportunities.

Tracking performance.

Optimizing content.

Backlink reporting and management.

Cross-organization communication.

Competitive analysis.

Integrating analytics tools.

Technical analysis from crawling to conversions.

Local, national, and global.

While there are many free SEO tools available, none are able to manage the large scale and complexity that comes with an enterprise site.

For the past 20 years, I have seen enterprise SEO platform tools come into the space with the promise of providing the ability to increase efficiency in reporting on the aforementioned.

However, few tools have managed to truly capture all that an enterprise SEO needs.

I gathered a shortlist of a select few including:





The tools I chose to review are all companies I have encountered throughout my years managing teams at enterprise-level organizations.

I asked the sales reps to run me through a review process complete with filling out an extensive questionnaire (similar to what would be in an RFP) and lengthy demos focusing on what ecommerce and B2B enterprise-level companies would need for their SEO reporting tool.

Here is a comprehensive look into each tool by an unbiased reviewer.

This review should help you begin your evaluation process while you decide which enterprise SEO tool best fits your needs.

Founded in 2009, seoClarity is an enterprise SEO and content optimization platform powered by Clarity Grid infrastructure.

It’s the combination of petabytes of data (keywords, daily crawls of the web, and years of historical data), machine-learning algorithms, and patented analyses.

The tool enables real-time, interactive analysis and insights to improve search visibility and deliver the best customer search experience.

Executives, SEO practitioners, content marketers, data analysts, IT, product and merchandising teams will all find seoClarity useful.

The company works with over 3,500+ brands across top industries with a heavy footprint that includes travel and hospitality, ecommerce, automotive, higher education, and technology.

Ecommerce & B2B Features

seoClarity has a proven track record of aiding in growth from SEO for B2B companies.

In this case study, the company was able to identify and resolve problematic technical elements, then push out the data delivered by real-time reporting to gain a holistic view of the entire search landscape.

The result was a 30% year-over-year growth in organic search traffic.

seoClarity can be a powerful tool for ecommerce focused businesses as well as users gaining insight into category-focused optimization, identify duplicate content, and continue to improve pages for SEO.

Key Features

The basic idea of the Actionable Insight portion of the tool is that while the tool offers up suggestions, those can be manually overridden based on impact and effort that might be unique to the company.

Content Fusion has a powerful ability to scale content writing and optimization. It analyzes top ranking content and provides insights to help clients write the most authoritative content faster than ever before.

seoClarity’s additional features that set the tool apart from the competition include:

Unlimited daily rank tracking from every country, on every search engine, both desktop and mobile. It includes all instances of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Naver and more.

Research Grid provides interactive and dynamic keyword research and discovery to analyze the performance of content and provides access to the entire search landscape.

Clarity Audits is a site audit technology that includes 40-plus technical health checks and includes a built-in HTML and JavaScript crawler, that crawled up to 48 million pages.

Includes an unlimited number of crawl projects or number of pages crawled, internal link audit, and analysis.

Content marketing suite includes the full lifecycle of Content Optimization management features and services and also applies User Search Intent throughout for content research, content ideas, and an AI-driven content writer, Content FusionTM.

Actionable Insights algorithm designed to learn from hundreds of data points and automatically generate insights to scale SEO practices across the enterprise.

Built-in workflow management system for customizable team collaboration.

Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence

seoClarity acts like a personal data scientist to constantly analyze all SEO data, metrics, and actions to provide live insights based on the ever-changing search landscape.

seoClarity clients love the instant insights with Content Fusion by helping writers understand how to cover a topic with authority in just a few seconds.

Their proprietary machine learning applied to ranking data provides fast, relevant answers to every level of an organization by helping:

Recognize trends as they happen.

Increase team efficiency.

Show clear, measurable results.

Capture new revenue opportunities.

Competitive Reporting & Analysis

Users can access rankings for any domain, subdomain, URL, and their backlink index.

seoClarity claims to be the only SEO platform to offer unlimited competitive comparisons, on the fly, against existing keyword rankings or within the entire search landscape.

Users can quickly filter for their keyword research and identify content gaps, in addition to comparing their keyword portfolio ranking data against any competitor, on-the-fly.

seoClarity will also surface opportunities for content that competitors are ranking for, but the client’s website isn’t.

Analytics Integration

seoClarity provides analytics integration in the form of an open data platform, importing data from virtually any analytics source, including Adobe, IBM, Google Analytics, and internal data warehouses.

Link Evaluation: Internal and/or External

With seoClarity clients can fully understand their current link structure and gain insights into the impact and opportunities for new links in order to boost their search visibility as well as overall user experience.

External Link Analysis

While the internal link analysis is valuable, the seoClarity platform also combines multiple backlink data sources through consolidated link profile data with integrations for Ahrefs, BuzzStream, Majestic, Moz, and Google Search Console providing clients with a holistic view into their backlink portfolio.

User Level Settings

User accounts for the seoClarity system can be set-up and customized for each user.

Each user’s access can be set by role-based or user-based giving them access to only the areas that are needed.

Access to Tool, Reports & Data

Users can access seoClarity’s robust API, various exports and transform and load virtually any data point.

Reports or analyses are collected by seoClarity into a data storage system for long-term storage, or integration into an internal data warehouse, through Adobe Marketing Cloud, Amazon Web Services, chúng tôi FTP data exchange, or custom data warehouses.

Platform Updates & Technology Trends

seoClarity has a two-week development release cycle.

Their roadmap is built 100% based on client feedback to solve real challenges in enterprise SEO and content marketing.


seoClarity’s client success support includes:

24/7 phone and email critical support.

Live chat.

Online knowledge base of articles, training videos, and use case studies.

Active online user community.

Pricing Structure

Pricing packages are based on the combination of domain profiles and number of keyword search queries tracked.

What You Should Know Before Getting Started

seoClarity has tried and tested SEO workflows for getting onboarded and set up in the platform quickly.

Each client’s dedicated Client Success Team has defined workflows to help seamlessly get them onboarded and trained in the platform to start showing value quickly.


seoClarity clients spend a lot of time leveraging their dashboards for reporting.

Dashboards are 100% customizable and help streamline reporting to easily communicate updates of performance with many levels within an organization.

Rank Intelligence is another capability that clients tend to rave about making it different than your typical rank tracking tool offering on-the-fly analysis to gain clear insights from ranking data.

Clients love the ability to compare against any competitor depending on the segment of the business they are analyzing.

What Sets seoClarity Apart From the Competition?

seoClarity is the only enterprise SEO platform to provide all SEO data, metrics, and capabilities under one integrated platform without artificial limitations.

Some of the key functionality that set seoClarity from the competition are:

No artificial limitations including:

Unlimited competitor comparisons (on-the-fly analysis).

Site audit technology allows for unlimited crawl pages and projects.

Extract and download data right within the platform.

Unlimited users.

Unlimited dashboards for reporting.

Built and support of infrastructure on daily ranking updates where all SEO data and metrics are updated continually (as often as every 24 hours) and stored indefinitely.

Constantly building solutions that help solve their clients’ most complex SEO challenges. Their dev roadmap is built 100% on client feedback. seoClarity’s approach is, if two clients request it, they will put it into the dev roadmap, updating and upgrading existing features in 2-week development cycles.

You can learn about seoClarity and read through their customer case studies here.

I was first introduced to Conductor by a friend, an executive at a company listed in the mid-200 range of the Fortune 500.

This friend very enthusiastically recommended the SEO enterprise platform and connected me to the company’s CEO. I was immediately impressed with the break into the SEO world of Conductor Searchlight SaaS in 2010.

Conductor’s Searchlight is an enterprise SEO and content technology that encourages and enhances collaboration for customer-driven teams.

The platform:

Provides insights around what customers are searching for.

Delivers recommended actions so users can drive visibility and revenue.

Measures the impact made through SEO efforts.

Conductor provides results through a combination of organic marketing technologies and strategic digital services.

It offers technology-first insights around how a company’s audience is searching organically while surfacing recommendations and opportunities to better optimize content improving visibility and overall technical health of large scale websites.

The platform measures how a site’s content is performing online and the positive or negative impact of technical optimizations the team has implemented for SEO by:

Understanding the audience.

Investigating competition.

Tracking visibility.

Analyzing content performance.

Optimizing content reporting and sharing​.

In addition, Conductor’s digital services team provides resources and strategies outside of their technology offering giving customers the added resources they may need to drive SEO success.

Key Features

The beauty of Conductor’s enterprise SEO platform is that it is created around three principles: simplicity, consistency, and providing insights over data.

One of the top two reasons customers consistently give Conductor a 9 or 10 NPS, contributing to the company’s NPS of over 50, is usability.

At the heart of the platform is Insight Stream, which provides an activity news feed for customers (traffic changes, new content ideas, competitive alerts, etc.).

Users scroll through insights gathered from a variety of tools, and can chat with team members directly in “stories.”

The interface is clean and focused, presenting detailed information progressively as users scan and scroll through.

It’s easy for users to manipulate data through filtering, sorting, and customization so they can see the information that’s most relevant for them and their particular role within the organization.

The reporting suite is uniquely flexible, enabling users to pull third-party media and data into custom dashboards.

All of Conductor’s reports are interactive and designed to allow the user to head down through the rabbit hole of data in a seamless workflow.

Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence

Conductor’s Insight Stream analyzes the client’s search data to highlight content performance, keyword alerts, competitive insights, and optimization opportunities across multiple domains and countries.

Stories within the Insight Stream can be shared with various stakeholders to ensure insights are effectively communicated across teams and have actionable items associated to grow their SEO.

Additionally, Insight Stream becomes more powerful as different data sources are brought into Conductor including web analytics, Google Search Console, DeepCrawl, Keyword Objects, and more.

Competitive Reporting & Analysis

Conductor identifies the competition that appears on the first page with the addition of Conductor’s Market Share views identifying domains owning universal results within search (i.e., answer boxes, video images, etc.).

These insights aid in identifying which competitors have built out targeted content for any specific featured snippets within search.

Rank Comparison enables users to cross-compare their positions with up to four different domains within a single view. Making it easy for users to easily identify key competitive areas that may need to focus their efforts on.

Allowing for the ability to narrow competitive insights down to specific categories, the local and device type level, and across various types of search results (images, videos, and answer boxes).

This data can be quickly filtered to derive insights:

Where the content is exclusively ranking.

Where competitors are appearing.

Where there is opportunity to capture an untapped market.

Where the content is placed among the competition in the SERPs.

For on-demand research, Conductor’s Explorer helps with competitive research outside of managed keywords.

This view is a direct representation of Conductor’s partnership with best-of-breed keyword index, SEMrush, and identifies the number of keywords driving traffic to competitor domains as a whole.

Domain Explorer is fully global and does not restrict users to only reporting on countries within their account configuration. Additionally, competitive research can be tailored to focus on any targeted subdomain or subfolder.

Customers use these tools for benchmarking market share against tracked and non-traditional competitors.

The need to identify new competitors in the market and having a better understanding of the competition’s search strategy are areas of opportunity to gain visibility against competitors.

Analytics Integration

Conductor provides a secure API based integration with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. No custom tagging required.

Conductor integrates both domestic and international page-level analytics reporting on keywords tracked in Conductor that are ranking on all URLs.

Highlighting which keywords are ranking well and driving traffic to individual pages allow users to gain a deeper insight into their SEO.

Current Conductor customers leverage this data to measure performance and demonstrate ROI around their organic search efforts.

Link Evaluation: Internal and/or External

Conductor’s integration with DeepCrawl helps clients perform internal link audits in order to:

Remove duplicate and out of date content: Consider whether to delete, deindex, or canonicalize out of date content.

Conduct technical checks: Broken Links, any links to internal pages returning a 404, unlinked pages, pages in sitemaps which aren’t linked. All should contain a link from at least one other area on the site.

Check for pages with too many links: Pages with more than 100 links (including those in headers and footers) look spammy to search engines.

External Link Analysis

DeepCrawl integrates with Majestic to provide additional value to site audit reports with external link reporting. Majestic metrics automatically pull and feed into reports such as:

Redirecting URLs with Backlinks

Broken Pages with Backlinks

Disallowed URLs with Backlinks

Pages with Backlinks but No Links Out

Non-Indexable Pages with Backlinks

User Level Settings

Conductor offers unlimited seats within the platform and can be leveraged by many different stakeholders across the organization.

Account and access management is primarily based on user roles. Users in certain roles are granted access to specified data.

Access to Tool, Reports & Data

One of the appealing features of Conductor is the ability to export reports into excel or CSV for those data geeks like me.

Users simply add a report to the Workspace (or dashboard) which easily reports on and automates sharing key organic search insights across the organization.

Workspaces can be automatically shared/emailed to both Conductor users and non-Conductor users on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence.

Nearly every view within the platform can be added to a Workspace making it easy to cross-reference traditionally silo-ed data-sets within a single report.

Additionally, Workspaces will automatically update regularly making it easy to automate and save time on reporting.

For custom reporting, the Conductor enterprise SEO platform has an easy to use API which can be imported into various business intelligence tools. Various API endpoints are available in relation to keyword level and competitive information.

For less self-sufficient users, Conductor’s Business Intelligence team offers customizations through their FlexHub offering.

FlexHub is a custom reporting overlay where Conductor data analysts can leverage the API endpoints of Conductor and its partners to provide insights into specific business needs.

Pre-configured template reports require slight modifications and can be delivered within two weeks.

Larger and more specific custom reports are scoped on an ad-hoc basis and will be delivered based on the number of hours required to complete.

Platform Updates & Technology Trends

What is most impressive about Conductor is their ability to constantly roll out new features.

All feature teams have full visibility into their customer’s needs and demands thanks to their Customer Advisory Board, surveys, bug reports, sales escalations, etc.

The design of the platform allows for experimenting with new features from the ground up and for innovations to happen with little overhead in terms of delivery to customers.

Feature teams have the flexibility to build new offerings in an agile way and offer them to a limited set of customers to iterate rapidly.


Offering 24 hours of tech support 5 days a week through in-platform chat, email and phone is a huge win with customers.

The chat feature is a huge win with clients with a support satisfaction score of 99%+ and response times on chat under 45 seconds (email just under 4 hours).

The company provides on-demand online training courses to help facilitate their client’s understanding of the platform.

There is an in-depth Knowledge Base that is filled with product documentation, workflow examples, and FAQs for all of their features.

They also offer webinars that go through a variety of topics related to the platform, SEO, and content.

Users can schedule on-demand sessions with a variety of experts (technical, product, SEO) anytime, in addition to the regularly scheduled sessions with their customer success team.

A unique feature, Conductor offers a wide range of deliverables that can be requested on-demand through their Orchestra Menu offering.

Pricing Structure

Priced competitively, Conductor has multiple factors that influence pricing including the number of tracked keywords.

Talk to a Conductor rep to schedule a demo and discuss pricing for your needs.

What You Should Know Before Getting Started

Conductor’s onboarding experience focuses on platform training and account configuration.

Conductor’s unique Training Camp is a comprehensive program designed to get team members trained, certified, and executing on initiatives within Conductor in as little as two weeks.

Each training is customized to meet defined business goals set at the beginning of the partnership. In addition to Training Camp, Conductor’s Audience Research team will work on account configuration. Audience research services include:

Keyword Discovery: In-depth keyword identification and selection reflecting business setup and the search landscape.

Categorization (Keyword Categories): Dynamic category creation to reflect site structure and potential content opportunities at a keyword level.

Content Segmentation (Page Groups): Dynamic content segmentation to reflect site structure and potential content opportunities at a URL level.

Identification and optimization for relevant seasonal keywords begin at the onset of every partnership with the Conductor team.

Through thorough audience research and in-depth conversations on seasonal company strategies and objectives with every client, the Conductor Audience Research team focuses its efforts on finding relevant, high impact keywords based on the inventory calendar released by the client.

Conductor primarily targets optimizations for category pages, as inventory turns quickly. Category pages are optimized to reflect applicable, seasonal keywords, based on objectives discussed and agreed upon with the client.

As the primary focus is usually increasing qualified traffic, the seasonal keywords agreed upon can range from high monthly search volume head term keywords, to lower monthly search volume keywords targeting a more niche audience.

Incorporating a seasonal strategy into organic search approach, with guidance from Conductor’s Professional Services team, ultimately allows retailers to capture more qualified traffic and drive higher conversions.

What Sets Conductor Apart From the Competition?

Ease of Use

Ease-of-use and proper navigation is a cornerstone to the Conductor design philosophy.

While part of that is achieved through simple navigation, a robust Knowledge Base and support model are essential to this experience.

Conductor’s Knowledge Base offers users overviews of any page/feature within the platform. Users will also have access to:

Guided workflows.

Getting started guides.


Product releases.

Industry news.

And more.

In addition to a dedicated Account Manager, email, phone and in-app chat are available for the team to use at their discretion, as well as ad-hoc deliverables through Conductor’s Orchestra Menu.

Global Reporting

Global marketing organizations rely on Conductor to be able to scale their SEO efforts across multiple domains, in dozens of markets, across tens of thousands of keywords, and in hundreds of locations.

Most enterprise customers require reporting that rolls all of this information in one central location in order to effectively use this information to drive marketing decisions.

Conductor is uniquely positioned to help teams both in the platform’s ability to scale and roll up this information in a digestible format.

An example of this is seen in Conductor’s Global Market Share FlexHub report, which can be configured to roll all of a company’s web properties and markets into one single global competitive report.

Partnership Ecosystem

Beyond its own data collection processes, Conductor Searchlight draws from diverse sources of technologies to offer truly best-in-class solutions to its clients.

Conductor has established long term partnerships with some of the most trusted names and best-in-class applications in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Its development philosophy is to build best-in-class solutions where they don’t exist and, if they do already exist, Conductor partners with that technology and synthesizes the data in meaningful ways throughout its platform.

Forrester released a review on SEO platforms which identified Conductor as a “Leader” in the space.

In addition regarding customer reviews from Trust Radius and G2Crowd, Conductor is seen as a top performer in comparison to others in the space.

You can learn more about Conductor and read through their customer stories here.

A few years ago, I was attending a conference in New York and was able to get away for a quick demo for the Botify platform.

Just 5 minutes in and I knew we needed Botify for Nordstrom, and have repeatedly asked for demos for other companies since.

Botify solves a huge problem for large, enterprise websites: with such a large complex site, over half of the content typically won’t be crawled by search engines.

Whatever isn’t crawled, won’t be indexed, which means it won’t show up in results, won’t generate traffic, and definitely won’t make money from SEO for the business.

The Botify enterprise SEO platform comprises three suites: Botify Analytics, Botify Intelligence, and Botify Activation.

Botify Analytics includes a log file analyzer, a crawler, keyword tracker, and analytics integration, allowing you to see your website at every phase of the search process over time.

Botify Intelligence uses machine learning to automatically prioritize your highest-impact opportunities and alert you to critical SEO issues.

Botify Activation tools give SEOs the autonomy to execute optimizations quickly and without resource constraints.

Botify users are SEO practitioners who work on some of the largest sites on the web. It covers the full spectrum of search and is built for technical SEOs responsible for identifying indexing issues all the way to marketers who need to analyze content for quality.

The platform works with enterprise organizations that have large complex websites (i.e., millions of URLs) and count on their website(s) for a substantial portion of their revenue.

The platform works well for organizations that have large and/or complex websites, are looking to increase ROI through organic search, and also a natural fit for enterprise organizations that have requirements such as SSO, SLA, and adhering to search engine TOS

Botify Analytics


The crawler component (and really the foundation) of the Botify platform allowing customers to evaluate the structure and content of every page of every version (AMP, mobile, desktop, etc.) of their site just like a search engine would, and keep track of changes over time.


This allows customers to feed their server log files into a dashboard built specifically for SEO pros.

The log file analyzer provides insight into how search engine bots are crawling a site, paired with crawl data, customers gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on.


The keyword and position tracking component of Botify, which comes from their integration with the Google Search Console API. The GSC API provides users with more data than the GSC performance dashboard allows.


Botify has integrated with major website analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and AT Internet to pull in engagement metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and conversion data so that SEO teams can ensure their efforts are accomplishing what they’re supposed to – getting more traffic and revenue.

Botify Studio

It allows users the ability to custom build dashboards based on Botify data collected in the crawl and schedule them to send to SEO stakeholders.

Botify Data Station

This incorporates the ability to export data via pre-set exports or custom scenarios depending on the user’s needs.

Botify API

It can be used to pull information from Botify’s database to use in other tools, or even on a client’s own website! The Botify Chrome extension is a great working example of this.

Botify Intelligence

Botify Intelligence uses machine learning on top of the data from Botify Analytics to guide SEO teams’ workflows by pointing them to the highest-impact actions & alerting them when things go wrong so they can take quick action.

Botify Activation

Botify Activation gives SEO teams more autonomy to execute their optimizations (from submitting content to the index to speed optimizations and A/B testing) without being constrained by a lack of time and resources.

Key Features

There are a few key features within the Botify core platform worth calling out.

JavaScript Crawl

Users can render pages of a website the way a search engine might.

Track which resources are executed, and collect valuable user-centric performance metrics (time to first paint, time to interactive, and other performance metrics) to ensure their JS content is rendered and seen by search engines.

Data Layering

Users can layer any other data point onto their URLs to get insight into the “why” behind what they are seeing.

For example, is a URL not ranking?

Layer on log file analysis data and a user could find that Googlebot hasn’t been crawling that URL – no wonder it’s not ranking!

Page not getting crawled by Googlebot?

Users can layer data from their Botify crawl and find a possible correlation between low crawl rate and low content uniqueness. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Users can look at specific sections of their site in isolation (e.g., evaluate blog content separately from ecommerce content). Learn more from Botify’s knowledge base.

Content Quality Analysis

This gives the user the ability to evaluate content like a search engine would, including the ability to eliminate template content from their analysis.

Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence

Data science is a part of Botify’s DNA and every new project includes some component of this.

Botify Intelligence is the machine learning component of the Botify platform.

It ingests data from Botify Analytics (crawl, logs, and visits data) in order to intelligently prioritize and suggest the most important actions a website could take to increase its organic traffic.

It also recommends opportunities for protecting traffic through proactive alerts and monitoring for website issues.

Competitive Reporting & Analysis

While the focus of the Botify suite is to provide users more insights and information on their website, they can also use Botify Analytics to crawl a competitor’s site.

The technical issues they’re experiencing may or may not be valuable for them to know, but they’ll be able to get a good grasp of on-page optimization and content.

Understanding a competitor’s content makes it easier to perform a content gap analysis on a site to see where they may be missing out on opportunities. Just as an agency or consultant would spend hours and charge large fees for.

Analytics Integration

Botify works seamlessly with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and also AT Internet. They can connect with a site’s analytics account to bring in valuable visits data to overlay with their Botify Analytics crawl data.

Users can see real-time trends and report on how technical issues are impacting site traffic and ultimately revenue.

Botify also connects via API with Google Search Console through Botify Keywords – showcasing an entire keyword profile, and uncovering hard to find trends.

Link Evaluation: Internal and/or External

Most enterprise-level websites have no shortage of backlinks, but where the real wins come from are often found in internal links and distribution of PageRank throughout the site.

Botify can evaluate an internal linking structure and showcase how well a site is connected.

From the distribution of internal links (follow/nofollow), compliant URLs with low counts of internal links, non-compliant URLs that are being linked to, links going to non-200 URLs, to page depth metrics.

User Level Settings

Users are allowed Guest(Read-only) and Admin level access. All owners share a library of dashboards and features. There is no limit to the number of dashboards or filters an account has.

One of the nicest features of Botify is that it doesn’t limit the number of logins. Larger teams are also allowed to group users into what they call “Organizations”.

Organizations have teams, which can essentially determine access to projects and reports that only they are allowed to see and use.

Access to Tool, Reports & Data

Any report in Botify can be exported to their Data Station where users can download the report.

Additionally, Botify has a range of APIs that tie into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or most CMSs. The Botify API Developer site is a great resource with more information.

Platform Updates & Technology Trends

Botify, as a company, works in an agile technical environment so they are always releasing new updates – from backend improvements like crawl speed or JavaScript rendering capabilities to UI/UX improvements.

New functionalities are typically released every 3-4 weeks, but sometimes even more frequently.


They also offer professional services, which blends SEO expertise and platform expertise to answer some of the more difficult and technical questions a client has.

Pricing Structure

There are a few different variables that go into Botify’s pricing structure, but they don’t share these publicly.

Suffice it to say, their pricing is built to ensure customers are getting the most value out of the platform.

What You Should Know Before Getting Started

The Botify enterprise SEO platform team has never seen any websites with zero potential. Using Botify will help identify where that potential is.

If there are ever any questions, their SEO support team is available to help.


The ease of uncovering insights that a client may miss with other tools is where Botify shines the most.

Clients respond well to how Botify can combine data from the Botify Suite to see how content quality, technical issues, and internal page rank impact the crawl rate and keyword rankings.

Botify also provides various reports within the platform – and a powerful API that can be used with any BI platform to create dashboards that can leverage data to influence organic search and development projects.

Having daily log analysis to see how Google is crawling a site and the types of errors in real-time is something that clients also love.

Seeing how a code push or content update last night is impacting their site this morning is what sets Botify from the competition.

Overall, because Botify really aims to be the best solution for enterprise SEO teams, their customers can really tell that they are designing everything for their needs: scale, speed, granularity of data, security, API features, and more.

What Sets Botify Apart From the Competition?

One of the key differentiators is that Botify takes a URL-first approach to SEO data, rather than a keyword-first approach.

They start by providing a complete picture of every URL on a website (not just desktop, but AMP versions, alternate language versions, mobile versions, etc.) and then layer onto everything needed to understand each individual URL.

Botify does this in a way that’s compliant with Google’s terms of service integrating with Google Search Console for keyword data rather than scraping the SERPs.

A few specific differentiators include:

JavaScript rendering at scale: Get the results of JS crawls quickly and accurately.

Speed and scalability: Botify can crawl through up to 50 million URLs at speeds around 250 URLs per second.

Structured data: Automatically extracting 15+ different types of structured data without needing to set up custom extracts to pull information.

Daily log file analysis: See search engines crawling a website in near real-time.

Google Search Console integration: Keyword and URL organic search performance and rankings trended daily, monthly or even year over year.

They also have a pretty incredible engineering and SEO support team.

You don’t have to just take my word for it, Botify has provided a lot of great testimonials on their G2 profile.

You can learn about Botify and read through their customer success stories here.

Founded in 2007, BrightEdge is a global search and content marketing platform driven by massive data collection, artificial intelligence, and real-time insights with a robust customer success model.

BrightEdge stayed in my head as I continued on with my career and I was able to use it with various clients and other companies.

BrightEdge is a great resource for digital marketers, content marketers, and SEO managers alike.

You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to be able to use the tool, gain benefits from it, or understand the data.

Companies that would benefit from BrightEdge are those with a strong presence in:




B2B and B2C tech.


Universities/educational institutions.

Real estate.


Healthcare agencies.


BrightEdge’s focus is on developing an all-encompassing search and content marketing strategy by bringing all aspects of a strategy into one platform.

This includes keyword research, competitive analysis, technical SEO, content optimizations and creation, backlink research, keyword tracking, and reporting.

What sets BrightEdge from the competition is the DataCube tool which brings its proprietary keyword index of over 3.5 billion topics (and growing) enabling users to perform on-demand research and hone on the specific area of focus or site section that matters most.

Key Features

There are four big key selling points to BrightEdge that sets them apart from the competition.

BrightEdge Instant

Search is becoming a real-time industry with how fast things are changing on Google.

BrightEdge Instant is the industry’s first solution to the need for having real-time insights into:


Search volume.


Page speed performance.


Voice search opportunities.

It covers tens of thousands of locations and languages across the globe, including non-Google engines like Amazon and YouTube – and without having to add keywords (which won’t affect pricing).

As search moves into non-traditional search engines, BrightEdge enables users the ability to identify how they stack up against competitors’ content.

More specifically, it looks into how users are performing on sites like YouTube and Amazon to ensure clients are developing content strategies for all areas where their customers are looking.

BrightEdge Data Cube

One of their “greatest hits,” the proprietary keyword index of over 3.5 billion topics and growing, empowers BrightEdge clients to perform on-demand research – quickly identifying search terms with how any website ranks in comparison while easily honing-in on the specific area of focus or site section that matters most.

Using their simple, flexible, dynamic filters such as keyword, URL, search volume, rank, universal listing type, and more make this tool a favorite among users.

The index can not only be used for head-to-head site benchmarking but also spans back over 5 years, providing clients with a tremendous wealth of insight into consumer behavior/demand for any site of focus.

BrightEdge Recommendations

This takes the guesswork out of search by providing a simple, actionable to-do list to improve clients’ organic performance, leveraging the ability to analyze the top-performing pages for every keyword of focus.

For more experienced SEO pros, this analysis is displayed in one convenient view, saving the time of manually checking the source code/HTML for each competing page individually.


BrightEdge’s technical site audit solution is built directly into the platform allowing users to gain a deeper insight into how their SEO is performing.

Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence

Because BrightEdge collects and stores all of their own information, they are in a unique position in the market to be able to analyze the data on behalf of their customers using artificial intelligence.

BrightEdge Insights digs deep into thousands of data points on behalf of their customers to save hours of time on analysis and enabling their customers to spend more time on making changes that can drive performance.

For example, Insights will analyze a client’s keyword footprint and automatically identify the best pages that should be optimized for Quick Answers based on where the keyword is in the current top 5 positions, but not yet owning Quick Answer for that particular keyword.

Additionally, BrightEdge’s platform analyzes the top 10 ranking pages for all tracked keywords and identifies trends/themes that are causing the other pages to outperform the website and provides prescriptive steps/changes to make in order to improve performance.

Competitive Reporting & Analysis

BrightEdge enterprise SEO platform looks at competitors in two different buckets, natural competitors and named competitors.

Natural competitors are any websites that are currently outperforming a site for any keywords/topics the user wants to perform well for.

Named competitors are the websites a client will identify as directly competing with from an overall business perspective.

Natural Competitors

For natural competitors, BrightEdge identifies the top-performing websites for all of a client’s most important topics, analyzes content and provides recommended changes to make in order to improve performance.

BrightEdge also regularly tracks performance and market share over time to account for the constant changing of the search landscape and identification of emerging sites/competitors.

Named Competitors

For named competitors, BrightEdge tracks keyword movement and performance week over week for in-depth reporting. They also use this rank data to drive reporting of other metrics such as market share against top competitors.

Brighedge’s Data Cube also enables customers to perform unlimited research against any website they want to identify keywords and competitors where they are lacking.

By understanding the competition users can ensure they are benchmarking themselves against who Google is rewarding today, not who they think Google is rewarding.

Additionally, this analysis saves hours of time of looking at competitors’ content in an attempt to understand what they are doing differently.

Analytics Integration

BrightEdge integrates with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Coremetrics through multiple options including API, SFTP, and hybrid options.

It also supports custom analytics integrations, so be sure to ask a BrightEdge representative during a demo.

Link Evaluation: Internal and/or External

Providing analysis on both internal and external links, BrightEdge partners with Majestic for their backlink information and connects the data directly into the platform on a weekly basis.

Customers use this to:

Monitor trends in their overall backlink performance compared to their competitors.

Correlate this to rankings or other metrics.

More importantly, identify where their competitors are getting links that are helping to drive their performance on Google.

BrightEdge looks at Trust Flow, Domain and Page Authority, anchor text, etc. to help their customers know where to get not only a high quantity of links, but high-quality links.

BrightEdge analyzes internal links in a similar way. They strive to help customers understand where they have internal linking opportunities ensuring that they have strong anchor text (mapped to consumer demand) and are linking from high authority pages to low authority pages to improve on their SEO.

User Level Settings

The enterprise SEO platform has multiple levels of access that can be assigned to individual users.

There is typically an organization admin user that has full access to the platform and the ability to assign permissions of other users.

Standard users have the ability to use the full platform including tracking keywords, creating dashboards, and access to all aspects of the platform. There are read-only users as well.

Access to Tool, Reports & Data

All reports and dashboards within the platform are exportable on an unlimited basis in PDF or CSV format.

BrightEdge also has an open API to pull information out of the platform and into data warehouses or reporting tools like Domo, PowerBI, and Tableau.

Platform Updates & Technology Trends

The BrightEdge platform rolls out with updates every 5-6 weeks with new features as well as system improvements.


100% of BrightEdge customers are assigned at least two dedicated resources in the form of a Customer Success Manager and a Strategic Account Manager.

These resources are simply not there to “teach you how to login or XYZ” (as they put it) but are there as extensions of a client’s team to ensure that they are seeing success in the channel and hitting goals.

Pricing Structure

There are a couple of different factors that can influence pricing including the number of keywords tracked, domains tracked, competitors tracked, and the number of pages crawled for technical audit.

What You Should Know Before Getting Started

BrightEdge works with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from some of the biggest to some of the smallest companies in the world.

They have experience working with every industry out there and are well-positioned to leverage both their experience and the expertise to help any organization regardless of size or experience.

Their passion is to help clients exceed their goals by capitalizing on the largest and most proactive channel on the planet.

BrightEdge has built a platform that is easy to learn for newcomers to search, but also flexible enough to grow and scale within large, experienced teams.

In addition, their award-winning customer success model is designed to align with clients’ level of experience, introducing many to the channel for the first time, while also enabling sophisticated SEO professionals to hit the ground running.


BrightEdge’s Data Cube and Customer Success Team are what their customers respond to most. BrightEdge customers love the support they get with the BrightEdge team.

BrightEdge likes to see themselves as not just a simple vendor that provides training and usage of the platform but integrated into a client’s business goals and metrics and an extension of the team.

The company reports that customers who have moved from other solutions to BrightEdge continuously boast about the move to everything being housed in one platform, that they save hours of time a month on historically manual, non-revenue driving, tasks.

By automating those tasks and analysis for them, their customers are able to spend more time on creating and optimizing their content, which helps to move the needle.

Flexibility and customization of the platform allow customers to essentially create an unlimited number of reports/dashboards within the technology. This helps them tell a much more clear story of the value of their work within the channel.

Additionally, within the Data Cube, BrightEdge customers love how they are able to narrow down on their sites to find the best opportunities.

What Sets BrightEdge Apart From the Competition?

Ease of Use

Everything needed to effectively optimize a site is accessible in one place, utilizing a unified methodology, where each “system” is able to speak to each other.

This allows their clients to track something in one place, the platform to produce an associated action in other, and quickly generate a corresponding report to capture everything.

Artificial Intelligence

With an endless amount of data available on the web, it is almost impossible for even the most sophisticated SEO professionals to make sense of it all.

Their artificial intelligence engine, Data Mind, takes much of this effort off of our clients’ plate, by analyzing tremendous amounts of data to:

Identify trends at scale and stay ahead of market/industry changes.

Capitalize on the best opportunities to drive growth.

Make data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Insights

BrightEdge Instant is the industry’s first solution to the need for having real-time insights into rank, search volume, recommendations, page speed performance, competition, and voice search opportunities

Pace of Innovation

BrightEdge develops its technology internally. They are not reliant on other data providers where they have no control over the product roadmap or SLAs.

This allows them to take feedback directly from their customers and build technology suited directly to their needs.

BrightEdge releases updates to the platform every 6 weeks based on this feedback to constantly keep their customers ahead of Google.

You can also learn about BrightEdge and read through their over 50 customer stories and case studies.

Wrapping Up

While there are many SEO tools for agencies available, the tools reviewed here are focused on users that work within large corporations that need a quick and easy resource to:

Report on ROI.

Track keywords.

Work across the organization to successfully drive SEO to success.

In my years, I have used many free tools as well as the reasonably priced monthly fee SaaS tools like Moz, SEMrush, and even Keylime both for my own websites and some SMB clients during my consulting and agency days.

That said, enterprise-level companies need more robust platforms that can provide a one-stop-shop for the most experienced SEO all the way down to the marketers, product managers, and executives.

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7 Highly Secure Browsers For Government Websites

7 Highly Secure Browsers For Government Websites You’ll need a fast & secure browser for GOV websites




Government websites are often the target of hackers. As such, there’s a need to be sure that their websites are as secure as possible.

These websites often contain sensitive information that needs to be protected from hackers and cybercriminals who could potentially steal personal information. 

Outdated browsers are vulnerable hence the need for a browser that is highly secure to prevent cyberattacks.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

The use of secure browsers by government websites is essential to protect citizens and their data from cyberattacks. Secure browsers are used to encrypt information sent between a visitor and the website. 

This means that if someone tries to intercept the data in transit, it will be unreadable. Government websites can use this to protect sensitive information like people’s tax returns or medical records from being hacked or stolen.

It is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens’ information and data. The use of the Internet by federal, state, and local governments is increasing exponentially, hence the need to look for the best browser for government sites.

If you use a browser that is not secure, you may get a warning such as there is a problem connecting securely to this website.

Which browser has the highest security? 

The browser is one of the most important software applications on your computer. It’s a gateway to the Internet, and it exposes you to all kinds of dangers.

Fortunately, most browsers are pretty good at keeping you safe from malicious websites and other threats. But which one has the highest security?

Chrome has an excellent track record when it comes to security. It automatically updates itself so that you’re running the latest version with all the latest security fixes.

Firefox also has built-in protection against malicious websites and other threats, as well as automatic updates that keep your browser secure without requiring any action on your part. It also allows you to install extensions that improve its functionality or add new features. 

All in all, it depends on what you are looking for as each browser has its pros and cons so you need to prioritize your needs first and then select a browser fit for your activities.

What are the best browsers for GOV sites?

Opera One is the most suited browser for government web pages because it guarantees the highest privacy and speedy navigation.

You can also guard official websites with different customization tools for better performance, such as multiple workspaces or pinboards, unit time converter, file sharing utility, and many more.

Additional features:

Customizable newsfeed section

Data synchronization for all devices

Great performance on mobile devices

Cryptocurrency secure payments

VPN Pro benefits

Opera One

Create the most secure web environment with high-level privacy and skilled browsing tools.

Free Visit Website

If you’re using government websites regularly and need more security, this encrypted browser is all you can ask for.

AVG is famous for effective antivirus protection, so the browser also has privacy benefits like included ad-blocker, a private cleaner to erase browsing data, plus easy integration with the AVG AntiVirus.

For that reason, you are completely covered against phishing attacks or any attempts of stealing your confidential data.

In addition, the AVG browser assures anti-tracking technology and digital fingerprint protection for 100% private navigation.

Additional features:

Deficient extensions

Malicious websites shield

Integrated VPN connection

Adware security

Faster navigation

AVG Secure Browser

Navigate securely on any government websites out there with this high-secured browser.

Free Visit website

Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world and for good reason. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use. The auto-updates help keep your version up-to-date with the latest security fixes as they become available.

Additional features:

Built-in encryption that protects all communications 

Sandboxed tabs that prevent one tab from affecting another tab or even accessing data

Built-in antivirus to scan websites for malware and phishing attacks

Expert tip:

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser with a strong focus on security, privacy, and user control. The browser has a very strong privacy policy and doesn’t track you for marketing purposes, which is great for government websites that want to protect their citizens’ privacy. 

It also has a number of security features that help protect users from malware and phishing attacks.

Additional features

Has a private browsing mode that keeps your activities private

Firefox’s Tracking Protection feature allows you to block sites that track your online activity 

Supports plugins and extensions that allow you to customize your browsing experience

⇒ Get Mozilla Firefox

The Brave browser is based on Chromium and also has some security features that make it ideal for government websites.

Additional features:

Blocks trackers automatically

Browse faster since it blocks most tracking scripts and popups

The browser doesn’t store your browsing history or any other private information on its servers 

⇒ Get Brave

The Tor Browser is a free, open-source browser that provides anonymous web browsing and a high level of privacy. 

It uses the Tor network to protect your identity and keep you safe from websites that might try to track you.

Additional features:

Tor Browser has several built-in security features such as NoScript

Uses encryption to protect your data

Routes your traffic through multiple servers to confuse trackers

⇒ Get Tor

Read more about this topic

HTTP ERROR 431: What Is It & How to Fix It

Fix: Internet Explorer is Not Downloading Chrome

Microsoft Edge has some nice security features that make it ideal for government websites. The browser helps protect you from phishing scams and other threats thanks to SmartScreen Filter. 

The filter uses community intelligence and machine learning to identify unsafe links and pages before they can cause damage to your device or personal information. 

If you’re using Office 365 services, Microsoft Edge helps keep your data safe by automatically saving passwords and form entries so they’re not stored on your device in plain text.

Additional features:

Supports custom extensions from the Microsoft Store for added security

Has built-in support for technologies like fingerprint authentication

InPrivate Browsing lets you browse without saving any of your data on Microsoft servers

⇒ Get Microsoft Edge

If you have been looking for a browser to securely access your personal details without worrying about cyberattacks, we hope our list has been able to meet your needs.

While you are still here, feel free to check out the best browsers for army websites for your protection.

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How To Create An App With Zero Coding Experience For Your Business

Apps have become a major force in commerce. The 2023 total app spending was $170 million, an increase of 19% over the previous year. 8 7 percent of time spent by users on mobile devices. Many apps require purchase, unlike websites that can be used for free.

Faster load times are especially significant, considering that 4040.4 % of users spend more on a company’s website after downloading the e-commerce app.

Apps can also reach an untapped market. Websites reach many people beyond the curious. Apps are more useful for customers who want richer and more interactive content. Apps are more popular with younger users twice as often than those older than 45. This is a significant market share that you cannot afford to ignore.

Small businesses often find it difficult to hire someone to develop mobile apps. There’s an alternative solution in these cases.

Get The Progressive Web App

PWAs may not be the best choice for every small business. It all depends on whether an app will use the native functionality of the device. PWAs cannot access the device’s Bluetooth connection and camera. Native apps, however, can. A native app might be better if you require extra security or very fast speed.

It seems obvious that small- and medium-sized business leaders would be eager to create their own software, given the benefits of apps and the introduction of PWAs. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to find a good developer. Even if you do manage to find one, the fees might be too steep for your budget.

Business owners have the option of a no-code solution that will get the job done quickly and without spending a fortune.

Three Tips to Get Started with No-Code Applications

These are the steps to follow before you dive into creating a no-code application.

1. Make Sure You Know Exactly What Features Your App Needs

Every project is worth planning carefully, even development without code. You should consider the features that you will need to build your apps. These include a drag-and-drop design interface, database integration and reporting, analytics and reporting, scheduling capabilities, and e-commerce functions. Templates are the best way to quickly build apps visually and intuitively.

2. Select The Best No-Code App Creator

For price transparency, make sure you check the website of a platform. Do you think the platform can scale with your business? Are the updates regular? Which companies have successfully used the platform? These questions will help you assess the platform’s suitability over time.

Look for no-code platforms that provide the features you have identified in the previous steps when choosing an app builder. This will help you decide if you require a native app, such as when you have to access certain device functionality that a PWA cannot.

Also read:

Top 10 Job Search Websites of 2023

3. Your Fusion Team is Ready to Go

App development shouldn’t be done in isolation. Therefore, it is important to involve a broad range of stakeholders in order to obtain their input. A “fusion team” is a group of people from different departments that collaborate on the development of an app for a particular function. ByteDance is the company behind TikTok as well as other highly-acclaimed apps. has made this possible through effective teamwork and shared-service platforms (SSPs).

Get Involved in The Future Without A Code

Apps are essential to any business strategy. With the availability of no-code options, it’s easy to get one up and running. You can easily create an app without coding by doing some research, finding the right platform for your company, and assembling a team.

Don’t wait, the same options are available to your competition. It’s easy to get started with mobile app development. You’ll soon be enjoying increased brand recognition and customer loyalty from an app, without having to spend a lot of money on a native version.

Customer Experience Statistics For 2023

Increasing competition across all industries means that customer experience is more important than ever if you want to stand out for the right reasons

Customer experience (CX) is more important than ever. With competition increasing, the digital world making it easier to make purchases and consumers less likely to be swayed by brand loyalty, CX can make all the difference between a conversion and a lost customer.

To better help you understand what CX in 2023 looks like, we’ve gathered some recent statistics from customer experience research. These stats should help you benchmark your performance, better understand current consumer expectations, bear in mind where CX is going in the future and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

87% of CX, marketing and analytics professionals say CX is important

With customer experience being a key part of converting customers and bringing them back, it’s probably no surprise that 87% of marketing, CX and analytics professionals say that customer experience is very or extremely important to their business.

However, despite the benefits good customer experience provides, there is still 11% who say it is only somewhat important and 2% who say it is not important to their organization at all.

What makes it even more surprising that it is not important to some recipients is the fact that 61.5% understand that poor CX can lose customers, 52.5% say a big risk is a damaged brand reputation, and 43.3% are aware that it can mean they lose repeat business. Essentially, businesses need to be prioritizing customer experience in order to mitigate any potential risks to their business and their average customer lifetime value.

79% of marketers say the aim of a CX strategy is to improve retention

As with any aspect of marketing, you’ll get the best results from the work you do on customer experience if you have a strategy in place.

Of those marketing professionals who have developed a strategy, 79% say that their primary objective for it is to improve customer retention/satisfaction. This means that the vast majority understand the benefits that CX can have on their bottom line.

However, CX strategies are about more than just ROI, as 58% also say they want to increase value/reliability to users while 30% want to increase data-driven personalization with their strategies. While these aspects can improve conversion, they are ultimately customer-focused, which is what your CX strategy needs to be in order to be successful.

33% of consumers tell people about a bad experience with a brand

While the fact that consumers are so connected can be positive for companies, as you are able to market to them across different platforms, it also comes with its downsides. This connectivity means that customers are now more likely to share the experiences they have had with brands – both good and bad.

Just over a third (33.7%) of consumers tell friends and family about the experience afterward either in person, via email o on the phone. While more people (36.7%) share their good experiences in this way, it is arguably the negative experiences that people keep talking about.

Consumer trust is declining across industries

One thing that is making customer experience more important than ever is the fact that consumer trust is declining across all industries. With growing distrust around issues like data, brands need to do what they can to ensure that CX at every touchpoint is delivering in order to build trust with their customers.

All industries that are analyzed for the Elderman Trust Barometer show a decline in consumer trust in 2023 compared to 2023. Although the technology sector is still the most trusted at 75%, this is a decline from 2023’s 79%. The entertainment sector has also seen a noticeable decline in trust levels, falling by 4% in 2023 compared to 2023.

With this trend affecting all sectors and industries, CX is more important than ever, meaning brands need to address their strategies in 2023 to avoid the loss of consumer trust affecting them.

Customer experience and marketing are becoming more aligned

When looking at priorities for organizations in the year ahead, a clear alignment between marketing and customer experience is apparent. Strategy, processes, and technology are working together across marketing and CX in order to deliver greater personalization and improved journey management.

Download our Free Resource – 10 common website customer experience mistakes

This guide reveals examples of poor website design from different sectors which are commonly seen, but best avoided.

Access the

This is shown by the act that 32% of mainstream organizations are prioritizing social media engagement and analytics, suggesting that they are doing more to talk to consumers on the platforms they use. On top of this, a further 28% said that targeting and personalization are priorities for the year, as well as customer journey management (27%).

However, less than a quarter (24%) are prioritizing customer data management, which is key to delivering great CX and accurate personalization.

Making customers feel valued is important to CX

So, what do customers want from brands? According to an Ometria report, 59% of consumers want brands to offer them promotions and perks that they don’t offer everyone else. While general offers can help encourage engagement and further conversion, personalization delivers a better experience and will keep consumers engaged for longer.

Other ways to make consumers feel valued include only contacting them about promotions or products that are relevant (49%), sending relevant content after a purchase (49%), asking for customer feedback (49%) and sending relevant product recommendations (46%). This shows that personalization is a huge part of good CX in 2023.

Customer feedback collection is the most effective tactic for improving CX

Bearing all of the above customer experience statistics in mind, exactly how can you go about improving the CX your organization offers. Realistically, there is no template for the perfect CX strategy as every business is different. This is why you need to go right to the source.

Some 57% of marketing professionals say that the best tactic for improving customer experience is collecting customer feedback. Asking customers to complete surveys and rate their experience provides you with valuable insights that are based entirely on your brand and the current experience you offer.

This information can be used to benchmark your performance, highlight what you do well and show you what areas need to be improved. On top of this, you can use the data to better personalize the experiences you provide, which is helpful as 45% say that content personalization is also an effective tactic.

Putting the customer first in this way ensures you are taking the right steps and can ultimately ensure you deliver stronger ROI.

5 Best Gaming Browsers For Pro Gamers In 2023

In today’s world, where gaming has evolved completely, there is no shortage of gaming web browsers. Here, we have added the finest browsers we have personally used and have the features that a gamer requires.

The built-in Twitch integration is another notable feature of Opera GX. Twitch is a popular gaming streaming network, and Opera GX allows you to follow your favorite streamers and receive notifications when they go live. This guarantees you will never miss out on fascinating gaming while browsing the web.

The browser also has a built-in instant messenger that enables seamless communication while gaming.

Opera GX is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind layout and design, which put gamers’ convenience first. The browser interface’s logical layout makes it simple to navigate and provides rapid access to key gaming-related features. This allows you to move between web browsing and engaging in in-game activities easily.

Opera GX undoubtedly stands out as one of the greatest web browsers available for gamers because of its vast range of features designed exclusively for gamers.


GX Control.

Twitch integration.

Built-in messenger in the sidebar.

Video pop-out window.

Built-in adblocker.

Network Limiter.

Free VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

Advanced customization.


Gamer-centric design.

Resource management.

Built-in adblocker.

Twitch integration.

Video pop-out.


Requires time to familiarize yourself with the browser’s settings.

Limited extensions are available.

The built-in free VPN has limitations.

Edge has seen substantial changes in recent years, and Microsoft recently gave the browser a fresh makeover. The revamped browser features a modern user interface and is powered by the Chromium engine. As a result, Edge now supports Chrome’s extensions and follows the same web standards as Chrome.

The support for profiles is one noteworthy improvement in the new Edge version. If you use your computer with others, this feature can be really helpful because it enables each user to have a unique surfing experience and set of preferences.

Even though Microsoft Edge isn’t promoted as a browser for gamers, it still has many amazing features that make it worthwhile to consider. The switch to the Chromium engine improves compatibility and performance, while other browser improvements make browsing easier and more fun overall.


Sidebar apps for gamers.

Xbox Game Pass integration.

Built-in file transfer across devices.

Startup boost and efficiency mode boost performance.

Tab groups to organize your gaming tabs.


Improved compatibility:

Extension support for enhancing the gaming experience.

Immersive Reader for reading game guides.

Integration with Microsoft services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live.


Limited gaming-dedicated features.

Potential performance variations

Mozilla Firefox can be another good option for gamers. It has features for multimedia and games in addition to its primary focus on user privacy and transparency.

Firefox offers a practical pop-out video function for multimedia. This creates a multitasking-friendly environment by letting you watch your preferred streams or films in a separate small window while focusing on other things.

Additionally, Firefox has a fully editable user interface that eliminates any toolbars or buttons you don’t need. You can streamline the browser using this customization option to suit your unique preferences and requirements.


Anti-tracking and privacy protection.

Resource Management.

Customizable gaming settings.

Cross-platform Support.

Various gaming extensions are available.


Has enhanced tracking protection.

Customizable UI and themes.

Multi-platform availability.

A lot of extensions are available.


Lacks gaming-specific features.

Consumes higher resources.

Vivaldi browser focuses on privacy but offers a smooth multimedia and gaming experience. The creator emphasizes that Vivaldi does not monitor or keep your data, so your personal information will not be sold or compromised.

The browser features split-screen functionality, allowing two websites on a single page for individuals who prefer multitasking. This is especially beneficial for gamers who wish to keep track of game guidelines or watch gaming streams while playing.

Vivaldi’s tab tree feature, available via the sidebar, simplifies managing tabs. This feature helps you to manage and organize your tabs, improving your surfing experience and making it easier to switch between online pages.

Vivaldi has various outstanding features, including an emphasis on privacy, smart tab management, split-screen compatibility, and a tab tree function, making it a browser worth considering for gaming and general browsing. While it isn’t primarily marketed as a gaming browser, its emphasis on privacy and broad feature set can contribute to a great gaming experience.


Save memory by hibernating tabs.

Tab Stacking.

Play a built-in arcade game.

Add sites to the sidebar.

Integrated Note-Taking.

Game Controller Support.



Advanced tab management.

Split-screen support.

End-to-end encryption for syncing

Tab tree feature.

Customizable user interface.


Limited gaming-specific optimizations.

Smaller user base.

Compatibility with gaming platforms.

Performance considerations.

Brave is an appealing choice for gamers looking for a secure and efficient browsing experience, thanks to its emphasis on privacy, cryptocurrency rewards, and outstanding speed.


Ad and tracker blocking.

Enforces HTTPS whenever possible.

Twitch Integration.

WebTorrent Integration.

Customizable Shields.

Brave Rewards.


Enhanced privacy.

Fast browsing speed.

Brave Rewards program.

Integration with crypto-trading sites.


Limited customization options.

Compatibility with certain websites.

These were the five best gaming web browsers for pro gamers in 2023. You can choose the one that suits your needs. Although Opera GX stands out as a dedicated gaming browser, there are alternative options available that you can choose from. Stay tuned to BrowserToUse for more such tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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