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v7ndotcom elursrebmem in Wall Street Journal

Obviously Lee Gomes of the Wall Street Journal is in need of about $4,000 because he’s joined the largest SEO ranking contest in history; just kidding. V7n’s v7ndotcom elursrebmem Google ranking competition just received the coverage it needs to bring the world of Search Engine Optimization to the next level as WSJ featured the competition with insight from John Scott and Jim Westengren (who is currently in first place).

Gomes writes that Westengren is keeping within ethical SEO limits : “Mr. Westergren says he will go only as far as using “gray hat” methods, including purchasing links. But he says that being a front-runner makes you a target for the black hatters. They might, for instance, “promote” your site via the sort of spam that Google is known to frown upon. The end result of that, says Mr. Westergren, is that your site could be demoted.”

However, it should be noted that not all sites within the top results are using such safe & cuddly forms of ranking techniques. For example, v7n member Nin10do (aka. King of Da Wackos) has used the questionable technique of spammy cloaking which got BMW booted from Google results the other week. On v7n Forums Nin10do adds “Out of 5,070,000 results, the 7th listing is my hard-core cloaking/spam/keyword stuffing site!!!”

One nice statistic on the competition is that Gomes writes that v7ndotcom elursrebmem has already reached a link “figure exceeded three million links, more than the ones for Junichiro Koizumi, the prime minister of Japan.”

Regardless, what chúng tôi has put together is the largest and possibly last major SEO contest, as once the winner is announced will come the contest copycats (this is already happening). The WSJ article has done more than legitimize the contest, as it has already led to Matt Cutts from Google blogging about it, something Mr. Cutts has stayed away from for the past month (and notice that Matt did not mention the keyword).

Come to think of it, on his Internet Marketing Blog John mentioned that Buzz for the contest was dying down a bit and published this Technorati chart on contest mentions:

Looks like today’s WSJ story may pick up that buzz just enough to give V7ndotcom another peak in the buzz box. I talked to John today about the contest and how it has been going to date. “The contest has had its ups and downs. I think we’ve seen some ugliness here and there, but we’ve moved past that and I think that it has brought the SEO community closer than any time in the past.”

John added “The main purpose of the contest was to bring fun-ness to the SEO community and I think it has accomplished that. I hop in moving forward we can do so as a community. Many thanks to Lee Gomes of the WSJ for his interest in the contest and his fair coverage of it.”

Expect more on v7n’s SEO contest this week.

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Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings Season Could Be Stormy

Get ready for a perfect storm of earnings news. With tech bellwethers including IBM, Microsoft, Intel and Google set to issue financial reports next week, earnings season will pick up in earnest and judging from recent forecasts and profit warnings, it could be a bumpy ride.

“While economic uncertainty in Western Europe had an effect on consumer PC shipments, expectations of a healthier economic outlook in North America could not stimulate consumer PC demand in that region,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner , in the company’s report on quarterly PC sales Thursday. “The healthy professional PC market as well as growth in emerging markets could not compensate for the weaknesses in mature markets, with overall growth still negative.”

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 92.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011, a 1.4 percent decline from the fourth quarter of 2010, according to Gartner.

On its part, IDC Wednesday also said that sales of personal computers slowed in the last three months of 2011, due to a weak economy, scarce hard drives as a results of flooding in Thailand and the competition from tablets. According to IDC’s calculations, global PC shipments totaled 92.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, down 0.1 percent compared with the same quarter in 2010.

Intel in part blamed supply disruptions from the flooding in Thailand when it issued an earnings warning last month. The company forecast fourth-quarter sales of US$13.7 billion, plus or minus $300 million. Its previous estimate was for $14.7 billion, within a range of $500 million.

But earnings warnings have not been the sole province of hardware and components makers lately. Juniper Networks, for example, said Monday that its fourth quarter 2011 results will be softer than expected due to a weakening in demand for carrier routers. Juniper said revenue for the quarter is now expected to be in the range of $1.11 billion to $1.12 billion, compared to the company’s previous forecast of $1.16 billion to $1.22 billion.

“Our expected fourth-quarter financial results have been affected by the weakness in Europe, which has impacted our healthcare business, as well as pricing in our consumer lighting business,” said CEO Frans van Houten.

While economic indicators in the U.S. appear to be looking up, the outlook for Europe, plagued by a sovereign debt crisis, is still dim, said Ashok Vemuri, member of the board and head of Americas at Infosys.

On Friday, for example, SAP issued preliminary fourth-quarter results, reporting revenue would rise 11 percent to €4.5 billion. Results will be aided by a cut in money set aside to deal with a lawsuit Oracle filed against SAP and its former subsidiary TomorrowNow. The judge in the case overturned the $1.3 billion jury award to Oracle, giving Oracle the choice of accepting $272 million or undergoing a new trial.

But growth is mainly coming from SAP’s core applications business and momentum for analytics and mobile applications, the company said.

Software is likely to be the engine of growth for the global IT industry this year. Software, accounting for about 25 percent of total IT spending, is the largest category of spending, according to Forrester.

Still, that’s likely to be more than twice the U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) growth this year. So while IT spending slows, the tech sector is still likely to be a beacon of light in a troubled world economy.

Market news Friday morning appeared to be a sort of microcosm of what economy watchers might expect over the next month or so. All major indexes were down after earnings fell at JPMorgan Chase, the U.S.’s largest bank. In addition, reports swirled that Standard & Poor’s would downgrade ratings on several governments in the Euro zone because of problems created by high borrowing costs.

Through Thursday, the Nasdaq computer index was up 4.43 percent since the first trading day of the year. But the gloomy sentiment on the markets did not spare the tech sector Frdiay morning. The Nasdaq computer companies were down by 0.88 percent as of late morning trading.

The Best Wall Chargers: A Buyer’S Guide

Manufacturers ditching wall chargers seems to be all the rage these days whenever you pick up a new phone. The problem is that the older options you have lying around your house may not be up to snuff with today’s fast-charging technology. Of course, OEMs will tell you to grab a first-party wall charger, but is that really your best option? In some cases, yes, but there are so many more third-party options to choose from.

We’re here to highlight some of the best wall chargers you can buy, including both first- and third-party options. Some offer multiple ports, while others offer impressive fast charging options, and some pack the best of both worlds. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your battery back to a full charge.

Anker Nano II 65W: The best wall charger for most people

Anker 713

Anker 713

45W output • Portable • Samsung Super Fast Charging

A compact, 45W USB power brick

The Anker 713 is a single-port USB Type-C charger. The GaN II tech outputs up to 45W of power.

See price at Amazon


Excellent charging standard support

Compact GaN design

Multiple charging speed models to choose from


A bit expensive

The charger runs warm while plugged in

Check out our full review to learn more about the Anker Nano II 65W.

Looking for other recommendations? While the Anker Nano II 65W is our top recommendation, keep reading for other choices worth considering.

Other products worth considering

Supports USB PD PPS in two ports

Interchangeable plugs

Compact GaN design


Dust magnet

Runs very warm

Only fast charges from two ports at once

Check out our full review to learn more about the ElecJet X21 GaN Pro.

Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W): A two-port beast of a wall charger

You might be sick of seeing Anker on the list at this point, but the company knows how to build a great wall charger. The Anker 747 Charger is for those who need to juice up many devices simultaneously, and quickly. It comes with four ports, of which three are USB-C connections. The fourth one is a standard USB-A port.

It’s smaller than most chargers that can handle these speeds, thanks to GaN technology. The unit also offers Power IQ 4.0 and Active Shield 2.0 for protection. It’s also pricey, but it may be the only wall charger you’ll need. By the way, it can charge even faster at up to 150W!

There’s a one-port version, too. It’s the Anker 717 Charger, and it can charge at 140W. It costs $94.99. That said, we feel like if you’re already spending nearly $100 on a charger, you might as well pay $15 more for the Anker 747 and get multiple ports and a bit more speed.


It has four charging ports!

Super fast 150W max charging speeds

Compact design


Tops out at 100W per port


Spigen offers much more than cases, and the ArcStation Pro is ready for life on the go.

While you’re probably not going to rush out for the ArcStation Pro to charge all your devices simultaneously, the tiny footprint is the key selling point. It’s easy to cram into a pocket, and the prongs fold for easier storage. Spigen’s GaN construction also helps to keep the ArcStation Pro running cool while you get back to full strength. We managed just about full charging speeds from the Google Pixel 5, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, and Nintendo Switch, though 20W rates won’t be enough for your trusty laptop.

20W speeds are enough for most devices

Good power efficiency

Extremely compact


It doesn’t support some older phones


No cable in the box

Check out our full review to learn more about the Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro.

RavPower PD Pioneer 65W: The best for the desk

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

RavPower is also hoping to charge all of your devices at once. This is one of our favorite four-port wall chargers, and it comes with a pair of USB-A and USB-C options, as seen above. It’s also cheaper than the Anker option above. The GaN construction keeps RavPower’s PD Pioneer running cool with up to 65W of output. It doesn’t actually plug directly into the wall, but rather it serves as a hub on your desk to keep devices charging close by.

RavPower’s USB-C ports both support USB PD, which is good enough to charge most laptops nowadays. The USB-A ports top out at 18W, with support for a host of older charging protocols like Quick Charge and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge. Unfortunately, it can be tough to tell how much power each device gets if you use multiple ports, and it dramatically limits the charging efficiency.


Supports numerous charging standards

Compact design

Four total ports



Confusing speeds when using multiple ports

Check out our full review to learn more about the RavPower PD Pioneer 65W.

ElecJet’s 45W Super Fast charger keeps up with Samsung’s top speeds at a price that’s tough to beat.

You shouldn’t have much trouble reaching peak 45W speeds, as ElecJet’s wall charger supports both USB PD and USB PD PPS standards. At just about $30, this charger is on par with Samsung’s 25W option, yet it achieves much greater speeds. This might be your best bet if you want an affordable wall charger that doesn’t skimp on top speeds.

Interchangeable plugs

Supports USB PD PPS



Plastic isn’t the most durable

Only one USB-C port

Check out our full review to learn more about the ElecJet 45W Super Fast Charger.

Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger

Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger

Fast charges the Samsung Galaxy S21 series • USB PD PPS support • Up to 85% energy efficiency

MSRP: $49.99

With 45W of power and support for the latest USB PD standards, Samsung’s plug can fast charge more.

Samsung’s fastest charging accessory supports more than just smartphones. 45W with USB Power Delivery PPS support is futureproofed and suitable for tablets and even reasonable laptop charging speeds too.

See price at Amazon


Fast charges the Galaxy S21 series

USB PD PPS support

Great energy efficiency


Only one USB-C port

More expensive than others

Check out our full review to learn more about the Samsung 45W Travel Adapter.

Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W): A wall charger that doubles as a portable battery

The Anker 733 Power Bank is a true gem. Its main lure is that it can operate as a wall charger and a portable power bank, as it has a 10,000mAh integrated battery. There are two USB-C ports on board, as well as a single USB-A port.

When plugged in, the Anker 733 can charge at up to 65W. This number goes down to 30W when using the unit as a portable battery. Like any other modern Anker charger, it is spec’d with PowerIQ 3.0 and ActiveShield 2.0.

Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)

Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)

Wall charger or power bank • 65W fast charging

MSRP: $86.46

Three ports and up to 65W charging

Plug it into the wall, or take it on the go, the Anker 733 power bank packs 10,000mAh of juice, or pumps out up to 65W of charging straight from the wall as a plugin charger.

See price at Amazon


It doubles as a wall charger and portable battery

65W charging when plugged in

Very small for what it offers

Three ports




It doubles as a wall charger and portable battery

45W charging

Very small and portable

Two USB-C ports



The 5,000mAh battery may be a bit small to some


You have to look at how many watts a charger outputs. The more watts, the faster it charges. Ideally, you should look at your phone’s max wattage support, and get a charger with at least that much. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra charges at 45W. If you want to charge at top speeds, you should look for a charger that can charge at least that fast.

It depends. Some of the best chargers can handle speeds fast enough to power up a laptop or tablet. Which laptop you want to charge also matters. For example, a MacBook Air needs at least 67W to fast-charge. And it can go up to 140W. There are plenty of chargers on this list that can handle such speeds.

How much a good charger costs depends on its features and design. On the lower end, a charger we can recommend should cost around $20-$40. These prices can go up to $100 or more as you start adding more capabilities.

While many manufacturers still give you a charger in the box, when you buy a smartphone, not including one is becoming a trend. Apple, Samsung, and Google are no longer giving you smartphone chargers.

Are you looking to ditch traditional chargers? If you have a phone with wireless charging, we also have a list of the best wireless chargers around.

Google Business View: Street View Moves Inside

Google recently launched a new program that will allow popular businesses to add interior imagery to their Google Place page. The Business Photos program, which will provide Google users with 360 degree views of business interiors, will allow potential customers to “virtually visit” the interior of participating businesses.

A Google spokesperson told BBC the following of the new program:

“Building on the Google Art Project, which took Street View technology inside 17 acclaimed museums, this project is another creative implementation of Street View technology, to help businesses as they build their online presence. We hope to enable businesses to highlight the qualities that make their locations stand out through professional, high-quality imagery.”

The interior Business Photo feature will use the same cameras and photographic method that the Street View project has utilized and will allow Google users to pan 360 degrees around the finished image. Although there is speculation that the 360 degree imagery may make a business vulnerable to criminal activity, Google has stated that the images will not capture anything different than a customer would see in real life.

Since Google will not take or post pictures without a business first filling out an application and consenting, it is difficult to make the argument that these interior business shots are a privacy risk. In addition to only adding businesses that have requested inclusion, Google is blurring out the faces of people who appear in the images.

However, once Google photographs a business, Google owns the images and can use the images however they choose. Although a business owner can request that Google remove the images at a later date, the contract does not require that Google comply with this request.

At this time, the Business Photos program is only available to small businesses and is unavailable to big-brand chains, hospitals, and lawyers. The program, which will initially focus on popular restaurants, shops, and gyms, is being rolled out in London, Paris, and select cities within the US, Australia and Japan.

[Sources Include: Google Lat Long Blog, Google Places, & BBC]

How I Use My Bullet Journal And Planner

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I’ve been using my bullet journal for a few months and I still love it. A bullet journal really helps me organize my thoughts. I’ve changed the way that I use my journal since I first started. I found that I’m too lazy to draw out templates for weeks and months, so I use a planner for that part. I use the bullet journal to keep track of lists since I’m a habitual list maker. Grocery lists, books I want to read, projects I want to do, room ideas, and blog post ideas are a few. I use a planner to visually see when things need to happen. I really find that using a bullet journal and planner together help keep my thoughts organized.

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

His list doesn’t let me check stuff up and isn’t that the whole point of a list? To get the satisfaction of checking it off? It is also limited in how many notes I can add. Plus, I don’t understand his weird abbreviations. But with our powers combined, and I now feel ready to tackle my giant to-do list.

How I Use a Bullet Journal and Planner (to get more done!)

I started with a fresh journal since my old one has about 3 empty pages in it. This 3 pack of notebooks was inexpensive and I know that I’ll eventually use them all. I prefer my journal to be either gridded in lines or dots because I often have to draw floor plans and such. Drawing things out is sometimes the only way that I can figure out stuff like tile placement.

As with all bullet journals, I added an index. I’m not super artsy with mine, but it tells me where I can find each subject that I need.

Then I have a monthly log. On this page, I can clearly see what needs to be done each week of each month. The numbers stand for weekends. So 1 = the first weekend of the month and so forth.

Then I drew out a house so that I could visualize what needs to be done each month on each floor. I didn’t include every room, just the larger projects. Now I can clearly see that January is a very full month of work. Yikes! That means that I should probably hit some of those projects a bit earlier on my own. This is helpful to know. Now January won’t completely overwhelm me.

Then each area or room gets a page. The time frame is listed, with a to-do list and the supplies needed. There’s also room to make notes. If I run across a paint color to check out, I can make a note of it. If I come up with any other ideas, there’s also room. (Inspired by Molly Eleen on Instagram for this layout.)

All of this wasn’t quite enough for me. Remember when I said that I need to view everything on a real calendar? That’s when a planner comes in handy. I am currently using a Passion Planner which  I love. In my Passion Planner, all of the little boxes become places to write notes. I really love the box on the weekly view that reminds me to record something good that happened that week. I’m not a journaler per se, but writing a few quick sentences each week helps me remain positive.

On the planner, I listed out the focus for each week. Then I can see it in relation to birthdays, holidays and days out from school. I can then add my blog post ideas and appointments on top of that information. This helps me utilize my time more efficiently. Our family has an insane number of birthdays and events in the next few months, so this helps me see them all in relation to each other, plus what needs to be done. It also clearly shows me flaws in our planning, that I might not have noticed before. For instance, working on our basement bathroom is going to be really hard to do on the same weekend that my little one turns 9!

I get that this level of organization isn’t fun or necessary for everyone. However, it might help someone else who is feeling overwhelmed with tasks and timelines. Using a bullet journal and planner combination helps me sleep at night during this very stressful time. Do you use a bullet journal and planner together?

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Talking To Google About Street Art Project’S Second Wave

Talking to Google about Street Art Project’s second wave

Today Google expands on their “Google Street Art” project, bringing their collection started in 2014 to new, more massive heights. This expansion of works for the archive is being presented with several new “more immersive experiences,” according to Google, “bringing street art to people’s daily lives.” a sort of a soft-launch of one outlet for this expansion appeared on Android Wear earlier this month.

Google Street Art’s expansion is as much an announcement about new platforms for sharing as it is about growth in the archive. We had a chat with Lucy Schwartz, Program Manager of the Google Cultural Institute this week about the expansion.

“For this second installment of the collection (it first launched in June 2014), we developed more immersive experiences,” said Schwartz.

“Bringing street art to people’s daily lives: artworks on your TV with Chromecast, on your desktop with Chrome tab extension, on your watch with Android faces and on mobile with partner apps.”

See the collection through these interactive media sources:

• Google Street Art webpage (mirrored on Chromecast to your TV)

• Google Art Project Chrome Tab

• Street Art watch faces for Android Wear

• Audio Tours through the StreetArt.WithGoogle webpage

• Mini-documentaries through Google Art Project – like you see below:

Google worked with partners (art organizations and museums) from several key locations in many different countries for this expansion – and they plan to continue to do so well into the future.

This is an organized, closely watched collection – carefully selected!

“We worked with partners (arts organizations and museums) from around the globe to create this collection,” said Schwartz, “All of our partners selected their images and curated their exhibitions.”

This being the second wave, so to speak, of street art added to the collection, Google made a big effort to expand worldwide efforts to see all perspectives.

Google’s celebration of this second big push for the Google Art Project is set to take place in Los Angeles with local artist duo Cyrcle creating artwork live while Google does demos of their Street View trekker gear.

As you’ll see above and below, this collection also includes “GIF-iti”, images created with several frames, all painted, to create moving images.

Will this program capture street art for the foreseeable future?

“Yes!” Schwartz continued, “this is the second major addition to the collection and we have made great progress since the initial launch.”

“With 55 new partners, 19 additional countries reached, and a collection comprised of more than 10,000 images, we have a wide ranging collection that we aim to continue building.”

You can contribute to this collection by tweeting or sharing on Google+ with hashtag #StreetArtProject. You can also connect with one of several of Google’s partners in this effort directly.

“The Cultural Institute is based on partnerships with expert partners,” said Schwarts, “who themselves sometimes work with photographers and are responsible for ensuring they have the permissions and provide information to document the murals.”

See the full collection of artworks – ever expanding – at chúng tôi and let us know what you find!

Above: a tiny GIF-iti gallery. Below: the process with Checko.

BONUS: For those of you wondering Google’s stance on the sometimes-illegal nature of street art and graffiti, Schwartz has the following to offer.

“Newer forms of art often spark controversy in their early days but Street Art has been a widely recognized field of art for many years and differs from illegal graffiti, even if it may share common roots.”

“We do not condone vandalism of any kind but it’s also important that the Internet reflect current discourse and street art is a very current form of expression.”

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