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TikTok is a worldwide phenomenon, a social media platform that gives creators the opportunity to make a living off their videos. If you have a creative mind, it seems like a dream come true. However, if you’re new to TikTok, figuring out the best times to post can be a little tricky.

If you want to get more likes and views on TikTok and grow your following quickly, make sure to follow our guidelines on the best times to post on TikTok. 

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When To Post on TikTok: Things You Need to Keep in Mind

When you create a video that you think will “blow up,” your first instinct may be to post it immediately. If you’re looking for more engagement, you should fight that instinct and create a posting strategy for your content on TikTok. 

TikTok’s algorithm decides which videos will appear on the For You page based on repeat views and engagement. That means that to expand your audience, you need to make sure you’re posting your content when people are watching. You have to consider some factors when choosing the best time to post your videos on TikTok.

Where Is Your Audience Located?

One of the most essential facts that you have to consider is the time zone that your audience lives in. If you’re targeting users in your own region, that’s one thing. But if you want people from other parts of the world to see your videos, you need to plan the posting time accordingly. Of course, you can’t choose the perfect time for everyone worldwide, but you can find a compromise.

When Is Your Audience Awake?

The second important factor you need to keep in mind, or rather a question that you need to answer, is “what time is my audience awake?”. If your targeted audience is located in different time zones, you have to think about what time the users are awake in each place and plan your posting schedule accordingly. 

TikTok doesn’t have an option to schedule your videos, and there aren’t any third-party tools you could use for scheduling and posting on TikTok. That means you have to build your own posting schedule and stick to it if you want to grow your engagement on TikTok. 

What Are the Best Times to Post on TikTok?

The Influencer Marketing Hub conducted a study on over 100,000 posts and their engagement rates to find the best times to post on TikTok. 

In short, the best time to post on TikTok seems to be between 6am and 10am and 7pm and 10pm, and the best days to post are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. All times in EST. 

If you’re wondering how many times you need to post on TikTok, it’s recommended to keep up the pace of 1-4 videos a day for best growth. However, it’s better to set realistic goals in the start: make a rule of posting 1 video per day but make sure to never miss it. 

It’s also not recommended to overdo it and post too many videos on your TikTok account at the same time. In that case, you risk splitting your audience and dividing their views instead of multiplying them. 

How To Check Your TikTok Account Analytics

Don’t know who your audience is? That’s easy to check. You can use the Analytics feature on TikTok to figure out your audience, where they’re from, and how your videos perform in different parts of the world. 

    Choose a category and select Next to proceed. 

    You’ll see a message confirming your switch to a business account. Now you can access more features on TikTok and connect with your viewers better. 

    You can use the Followers section to learn more about your audience. The two parameters to note are Top territories and Follower activity. Top territories is the section where you can learn about the distribution of your followers by territory. Once you know where your followers live, it’ll be easier to choose the best time for posting your content. This section is handy if you’re catering to a global audience from different time zones.

    The Follower activity metric gives you the days of the week when your followers are most active on TikTok. It further breaks this info into specific hours when your audience is most active on the app. Remember that this data is presented in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). 

    Finally, you can use your account analytics to track your content’s performance. Pay close attention to the videos that performed best and worst, and see if you can find patterns there. All of these metrics should help you figure out the best times to post on TikTok. 

    How To Find the Best Times to Post on TikTok for You

    Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok is highly personalized. It means that if you want to really grow on TikTok, you’re going to have to figure out your own posting strategy and schedule your posts following your own personal stats. 

    The best way to learn what works best is to experiment with different times of day and see which posting times drive your engagement rates most. 

    You're reading What Are The Best Times To Post On Tiktok?

    What Are The Best Steps To Effective Data Classification?

    Data protection is not only a legal necessity. It is essential for an organization’s survival and profitability. Nowadays, storage has become cheap, and organizations have become data hoarders. And even one day will come when they’ll get around mining all of those data and look for something useful. But, again, data hoarding causes serious issues. And most of what is collected may become redundant, old, or when it is not touched for years. Moreover, storage might be cheap, but it is not free. And storing a huge amount of data might cost you and, more importantly, increases your risk. So, suppose your sensitive data is stored digitally, which includes intellectual property, personally identifiable data on the customers or employees, protected health information or financial account information, and credit card details. In that case, these needs are to be properly secured.  

    So how to protect your data?

    Protecting data and comply with data protection and privacy needs like European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you need a way with your data that you’re collecting and storing. You should be able to determine the importance of those data and see which are useful sensitive data, set policies for handling it, and implement appropriate technical controls or educate users about the ongoing threats to the data that they work and the best practices. But, again, this is not an easy task, and every organization is different. Therefore you need to know about the role of Data Classification.  

    What is data classification?

    Data classification is one of the crucial steps which allows brands to identify the business value of the unstructured data at the time of creation and separating precious information. It will allow you to make informed decisions about the resource allocation to tackle data from unauthorized access. Data is divided into multiple groups that share common risks, corresponding security controls required to secure types of groups. Classification tools can be used for improving and promoting sensitive data, which would increase the sensitivity & security of data.  

    Here are the seven effective steps to Data Classification 1. Run a risk assessment of sensitive data

    To ensure a clear understanding of the organization’s regulatory and contractual privacy and confidentiality requirements. Also predefine your data classification objectives through an interview-based approach which involves the key stakeholder, which includes compliance, legal and business unit leaders.  

    2. Categorize the kinds of data

    Resist the urge of granular classification schemes as it tends to cause confusion and more unmanageable. There are three to four reasonable classification categories. Also, make employee roles and responsibilities rock solid. But, make sure the policies and procedures are well defined, easily interpreted by employees, and aligned with the sensitivity of particular. There are multiple data classification schemes such as – Public : Data which are freely available to the public. – Internal : Data which are not meant for public disclosure. – Confidential : Data which are sensitive and could not be compromised. – Restricted : Data which are highly sensitive, if compromised, could put the brand at legal or financial risk. These categories include several

    3. Determine the categories of data

    There are multiple kinds of sensitive data that exist in an organization and offer several challenges too. This effort should be organized in the business processes that are driven by process owners. Hence, consider each business process and track it with the flow of data offers insight into what type of data needs to be secured and how it should be protected. The following questions are – What kind of customer & partner data do your brands collect? – What data you create about them? – What kind of proprietary data do you deal with? – And what are the collected and created data, and what is confidential?  

    4. Discover the location of your data

    So, after establishing kinds of data in your business, it’s important to catalog all of the places where the data is stored digitally. The flow of the data into & out of an organization is the primary point. So, how do your organization store and share data internally or externally? Do you utilize cloud-based services like Dropbox or OneDrive, etc.? Data discovery tools allow you to generate an inventory of structured data and aid you in understanding where your company’s data are stored regardless of any format or location. Also, these tools help you discover the difficulties around identifying data owners by providing insights about your user who are handling the data.

    5. Identify and classify data

    So after you know where your data is stored, let’s get your data identified first and classified later. So, consider your penalties, which are associated with a loss or breach. Commercial classification tools supports data classification initiatives by facilitating the determination of appropriate classifications and then applying those to classification labels either as a watermark and metadata of an item.  

    6. Enable the controls

    Classification metadata could be used by data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and other security solutions to determine what data is sensitive and how it should be protected.  

    7. Maintain and monitor your data

    How To Get Unbanned On Tiktok

    Are you recently banned on TikTok?

    Here’s the message that you’ll get, “Your account was permanently banned”.

    If you’re banned, you’ve most likely violated one or more of TikTok’s community guidelines.

    TikTok uses technology and human moderation to monitor content.

    They’ll then remove any content that violates their community guidelines.

    If you have severe or multiple violations, your account may be banned,

    In some cases, TikTok might falsely ban your account.

    If that’s the case, you need to send an appeal to TikTok if you think that you’re banned by mistake.

    However, if one or more of your videos happen to violate the community guidelines, there is a low chance to get unbanned.

    That said, you still can send an appeal.

    In this guide, you’ll learn how to get unbanned on TikTok.

    How to get unbanned on TikTok

    To get unbanned on TikTok, you need to navigate to the “Share your feedback” form.

    Then, complete the form, submit it, and wait for a few days for TikTok’s response.

    TikTok will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided.

    Hence, make sure to check your inbox for TikTok’s email.

    The “Share your feedback” form allows you to share your feedback about your experience with TikTok.

    Additionally, you can use the form to report a problem.

    The form includes multiple topics that you can choose from including account ban/suspension.

    You can then choose a sub-topic that is related to your problem.

    Hence, submitting the “Share your feedback” form is the best way to get unbanned on Tiktok.

    Here’s how to get unbanned on TikTok:

    1. Navigate to the “Share your feedback” form

    The first step is to navigate to the “Share your feedback” form.

    The “Share your feedback” form is for sharing your feedback about your experience with TikTok.

    It can be also used to report a problem that you’re facing on the app such as an account suspension.

    Once you’re on the form, you need to first provide your contact information.

    There is a couple of contact information that you need to provide.

    This includes your email address and your Tiktok username (optional).

    Firstly, enter your email address in the “Email address” field.

    Try using the same email address that you’ve used to create your TikTok account.

    Secondly, enter your TikTok username in the “Username” field.

    For example, if your TikTok username is “followchain”, enter “followchain”.

    Entering your TikTok username is optional.

    However, it’s best that include it especially since you’re sending an appeal.

    2. Fill in your contact information

    After you’ve provided your contact information, scroll down the form.

    In the middle of the form, you’re required to provide 3 things.

    This includes the topic, sub-topic, and a description of your appeal.

    Firstly, tap on the “Topic” dropdown box.

    After you’ve tapped on the “Topic” dropdown box, you’ll see multiple options.

    This includes “General account inquiry”, “Account ban/suspension”, “Report a bug/Feature request”, and more.

    Since you’re looking to get unbanned, select the “Account ban/suspension” option.

    Secondly, tap on the “Tell us more” dropdown box.

    You need to select the sub-topic that is related to your problem in the “Tell us more” dropdown box.

    The “Tell us more” dropdown box contains 3 options including “Livestream”, “Banned account (age-related)”, and “Banned account (not age-related)”.

    Select the option that is most suitable for your case.

    Lastly, you need to describe your problem in the “How can we help?” field.

    Here’s an example of a description, “Hi, my TikTok account has been banned by accident. I did not violate any of the community guidelines. Please re-look into this”.

    Move on to the final step to learn how to submit the form.

    3. Select a topic & describe what happened

    Once you’ve provided a description of your problem, scroll down the form.

    At the bottom of the form, you’ll see an “Attachments” header.

    Under the “Attachments” header, you’ll be able to upload up to 10 screenshots.

    This step is optional if you’ve selected the “Banned account (not age-related)” option in the “Tell us more” dropdown box.

    However, if you’ve selected either the “Livestream” or the “Banned account (age-related)” option, you need to attach a photo of yourself holding your ID.

    This will prove that you’re above the age of 16.

    Otherwise, TikTok won’t be able to verify your identity and your account will remain banned.

    Lastly, tap on “Submit” to submit the form!

    After you’ve submitted the form, you need to wait for a few days for TikTok’s response.

    TikTok will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided.

    If successful, TikTok will send you an email stating that your account has been unbanned!

    Why is my TikTok account banned?

    Your TikTok account is banned because you’ve most likely violated one or more of TikTok’s community guidelines.

    Another common reason why your account is banned is that you’re below the age of 16.

    If you go live on TikTok under the age of 16, TikTok may ban you from live streaming.

    You can recover a banned or suspended TikTok account by filling up the “Share your feedback” form.

    How long does a TikTok appeal take?

    A TikTok appeal typically takes 1 to 3 business days.

    If you’ve submitted the “Share your feedback” form, TikTok will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided.

    In the email, TikTok will update you on the status of your appeal.

    In some cases, it can take more than 3 days to hear back from TikTok depending on the complexity of the issue.


    To prevent your TikTok account from getting banned, you need to follow TikTok’s community guidelines.

    Do not post anything that violates TikTok’s community guidelines or your account will be at risk of suspension.

    TikTok will then review the video and take the appropriate action.

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    30 Best Trendy Tiktok Mashups On Youtube To Keep Yourself Occupied

    There has been no global unifier that’s been as effective as the TikTok app. More or less away from the kind of vitriol that is spewed on Facebook, Twitter, and now even Instagram, TikTok is where we go looking for those chill 15-second videos. While it’s certainly a process that makes our eyes glaze over sometimes from the vast array of content that bombards our screen, it’s not restricted to the TikTok app alone, cue the conception of TikTok mashups.

    As is to be expected, good content trickles everywhere and begins to gain traction in a way that is native to that app. This is probably why TikTok mashups have become a major thing on YouTube.

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    The beauty of TikTok lies in its variety of genres and the limitless scope for execution with the only restriction of keeping things under fifteen seconds. So when you venture on TikTok, you get to see just about anything you’re to find with videos ranging from funny pet ones to quick Tabitha Brown recipes. Some of the major sellers on TikTok are those dance challenges that tend to go crazy viral, many of which you might even be familiar with which include crazy popular Doja Cat “So So” dance, the “Blinding Lights” challenge, “The Renegade” challenge, and more.

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    What is a TikTok mashup?

    While not all of the music or content that’s on TikTok becomes a challenge, there are tons that gain enough traction to become popular or recognizable. TikTok mashups are basically five to ten-minute videos of this kind of viral music and occasionally pranks or other types of content collected in a single YouTube video. The entire time of the video is split into 15-second short music clips that are used as part of TikTok for dance challenges or are simply become popular.

    If you’re thinking that a clean video has anything to do with the editing then you’ve guessed incorrectly. A clean TikTok mashup actually has more to do with the nature of the content that’s present in the mashup. So whenever you see *Clean* in the video title, the video is basically approved as being safe for viewing by children and young teens.

    Even on TikTok, there’s content that’s not exactly kid-friendly and potentially NSFW. From songs filled with swears to pranks that are super nasty, there is content that a parent will not approve or content for which the viewer is simply too young. Mashup videos that have content like this come with the *Not Clean* disclaimer to ensure that you are given a fair warning to steer clear of it if you’re not ready.

    10 Best Clean TikTok Mashups

    Whether TikTok is banned or not, at least you will be able to find engaging videos on YouTube as compilations and mashups because we can be sure that at least YouTube is not going anywhere for now. Here are the 10 best Clean TikTok Mashups:

    Something that will make you laugh.

    Or maybe some vicarious TikTok living through YouTube with songs from much older TikTok trends

    How about one with all your favorite songs from the recent past?

    Or these funny ex-vines that went on to become viral TikToks

    In case you want to relive the Renegade dance challenge again.

    Some really good Blinding Lights one as well…

    Or something mouth-watering and delicious.

    Maybe check out these super funny ones from the UK.

    Old is forever gold.

    And as the name suggests, iconic TikToks for viners.

    10 Best Not Clean TikTok mashups

    This popular trend that’s worth reminiscing.

    Or some good viral music from the year that’s not ending.

    Or this one that will tickle your funny bone.

    This brilliant masterstroke that’s another level of artistry.

    How about a try not to laugh challenge?

    Or something to cure your boredom.

    Or this interesting challenge or maybe..a social experiment?

    Maybe this one that captures an empowering movement.

    Or this one to fill the empty void within.

    And finally, thirty minutes of pure Tik-Tok

    10 Best TikTok mashups for August 2023

    Generally great TikTok videos that you missed.

    Music that’s made August lit.

    And of course, Cardi’s WAP has turned into a challenge.

    Of course, this list would be incomplete without some dance mashups.

    And some funny ones.

    We all love a good Glow Up Transformation mashup too!

    Some body-positivity because we all need a reminder of being happy as we are.

    This EDM one is pretty rad too.

    And make-up ones that are really brilliant and we can’t get over them.

    Finally, this interesting one….

    There is a lot of looming worry regarding the TikTok ban and how it’s going to affect TikTokers who are dependent on the app to make a decent living. While we certainly hope that the ban is not implemented, it’s still a major reassurance for someone who purely enjoys TikTok for viewing purposes to know that access to great content is still possible on platforms like YouTube.

    We hope you liked these mashups! Take care and stay safe.


    How To See Follow Requests On Tiktok

    If you switched to a private account on TikTok, people will have to send you a follow request to follow you.

    For them to see your videos, you need to accept their follow requests.

    Otherwise, they won’t be able to see your feed.

    If your account is set to public, you don’t have to worry about accepting follow requests.

    This is because anyone will be able to follow you on TikTok.

    On the other hand, if you have a private account and you’re not sure whether your follow requests are, this guide is for you.

    In this guide, you’ll learn how to see follow requests on TikTok.

    You’ll also learn how to send follow requests on TikTok if you want to follow a private account.

    How to see follow requests on TikTok

    To see follow requests on TikTok, you first need to switch to a private account.

    After you’ve switched to a private account, navigate to your inbox and tap on “Follow requests”.

    Switching to a private account means that people will have to send you a follow request before they can follow you on TikTok.

    These follow requests will be sent to your inbox.

    If you don’t want random people to see your TikTok videos, switching to a private account is a good idea.

    Otherwise, anyone will be able to see your TikTok videos on your profile.

    However, do keep in mind that your videos will not be shown on anyone’s “For You” page if your account is set to private.

    In addition, hashtags will not work as your videos will not be shown on the hashtag search results.

    So, before switching to a private account, do note that your views and engagement will drop severely.

    Below is a 3-step guide on how you can see your follow requests on TikTok (with screenshots).

    1. Switch to a private account

    Skip this step if you’ve already set your TikTok account to private.

    The first step to seeing follow requests on TikTok is to switch to a private account.

    If you have a public account, you won’t be able to see follow requests.

    This is because anyone who follows you will automatically be your follower.

    In other words, people do not need your approval to follow you.

    To switch to a private account on TikTok, tap on the “Me” icon on the bottom navigation bar.

    After you’ve tapped on the “Me” icon, you’ll land on your TikTok profile.

    On the right corner of your TikTok profile, you’ll see three dots.

    Tap on the three dots to open a menu.

    On the menu, tap on “Privacy” under the “Account” header.

    Under the “Discoverability” header, you’ll see a “Private account” option.

    Turn the “Private account” option on to switch to a private account on TikTok.

    If you currently have a business account, TikTok will warn you that you will lose access to business features like analytics.

    If they do, tap on “Switch to Personal Account” to confirm the switch.

    Proceed to the next step to learn how to find your follow requests.

    2. Go to your inbox and tap on “Follow requests”

    If you’ve set your TikTok account to private, people that follow you will be marked as follow requests.

    For people to follow you, you need to accept their follow requests.

    To see your follow requests, tap on the “Inbox” icon on the bottom navigation bar.

    Once you’ve tapped on your inbox, you’ll land on the activity page.

    You’ll also be able to see your follow requests.

    Your follow requests can be seen at the top of the activity page.

    For example, if you have 10 follow requests, you’ll see the number “10” next to a red dot.

    Tap on “Follow requests” to see your follow requests.

    3. Accept or delete your follow requests

    Accept or delete follow requests.

    Once you’ve tapped on “Follow requests”, you’ll see a list of people who’ve sent you a follow request on TikTok.

    You can either accept or delete a follow request.

    Accepting a follow request will make the person follow you.

    On the other hand, deleting a follow request will prevent them from following you.

    You’ve successfully learned how to see your follow requests on TikTok!

    How to send follow requests on TikTok

    To send follow requests on TikTok, navigate to a private TikTok account.

    Then, tap on the “Follow” button to send them a follow request.

    After you’ve tapped the “Follow” button, your follow request will be sent to the person’s inbox.

    The “Follow” button will then change to a “Requested” button.

    If you tap on the “Requested” button, you can cancel your request.

    But if you didn’t cancel it, the person can choose to accept or delete your follow request.

    If they’ve accepted your follow request, you will be able to see their videos.

    On the other hand, if the person deleted your follow request, the “Requested” button will change to a “Follow” button.

    When that happens, you can tap on the “Follow” button to send a follow request to them again.


    Follow requests on TikTok can be only seen if you’ve set your TikTok account to private.

    If your account is set to public, anyone will be able to follow you on TikTok without your approval.

    Hence, you won’t be able to see follow requests in your inbox.

    But if you don’t want random people viewing your TikTok videos, then switching is a good idea as it allows you to control who can follow you on TikTok.

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    Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

    A Step By Step Guide To Creating The Best Instagram Post In 2023

    An Instagram post’s success is due to more than just the image you use, you need to consider a range of other factors to get your posts performing well

    As a social media manager or digital marketing specialist, you want to be able to create the best Instagram post possible in order to entice your audience to buy from you and choose your brand over the competition.

    You need to look at all the elements and Instagram features that an audience responds best to.

    That’s exactly what a new study about Instagram content engagement set up to do. During this extensive study, over 7.4 million posts on Instagram were stripped apart and analyzed element by element, with the sole goal being to find the recipe for creating successful and engaging posts on this platform.


    Access the

    Let’s discover what makes the audience tick and how to create engaging Instagram content that truly converts.

    1. Leverage the power of carousels

    In the case of large Instagram accounts, the median number of likes per post exceeded 5,670 for carousels and only 5,022 for videos and a low 4,172 for images. Thus, we recommend you leverage the power of carousels and use more of them in your posts.

    2. Choose the right Instagram filters

    In order to create a cohesive aspect of your Instagram page, it is imperative to use the right filters or themes. While you should use carousels in your posts, it is a must to ensure that your page uses the correct theme, so that people who land on your page will be enticed to find out more about you and connect with your company.

    An Instagram theme is like a portfolio of images, videos and carousels, where your prospects can discover more about you. Having a correct theme in place and choosing the right filters can allow you to promote a unitary brand image to your prospects and increase the chances of conversion.

    3. Choose the type of message most suited for Instagram

    When creating Instagram posts, it is imperative to ensure that you are using the right type of message for your campaign. For example, if you want to organize an event, you need to create a message that spikes people’s interest. You might also want to drive people to your Facebook event page, which is much better than what Instagram has to offer in terms of event creation.

    If you want to break new ground in your niche, you’ll want to capitalize on the benefits offered by giveaways. As a matter of fact, the above-mentioned study shows that events, giveaways, contests, and DIYs work much better than regular messages. Out of all of these, customers appreciate giveaways the most, because they represent signs of appreciation from the brand.

    The best engagement rates are for giveaways since these work extremely well for most people. However, we recommend that you to combine the types of messages you can use in posts in order to ensure that you stay relevant to what your target audience wants.

    For example, if you have a lot of techies’ clients, offering them weekly DIY posts or tutorials is a great way to make them fall in love with your brand. On the other side, if you have a lot of avid shoppers, offering them giveaways, promotions or contests with real prizes can help you stay ahead of the competition and become the prime choice of your clients.

    4. Set limits to your caption length

    Again, the study revealed that the perfect captions are those of under ten words. More than that and you’re ruining your engagement rate, despite the temptation of writing something more elaborate. Of course, these ten words do not include hashtags.

    Moreover, even if most brands include questions in the caption, that does not automatically translate into a higher engagement rate, as this doesn’t seem to entice your audience into interacting more with your posts.

    In order to maximize your engagement rate, which can rise up to 3.13% if you use less than ten words, be extremely careful at the words you choose. It’s not imperative to use questions in the captions, but it’s important to be smart and entice your viewers into reading the post and acting on it.

    5. Include emojis in your posts

    Another excellent way to boost your Instagram engagement rate is to make sure you include emojis in your Instagram posts. The data clearly shows that emojis by themselves increase the engagement rate by up to 1.31%.

    For example, if you add emojis in the caption of an image post, you get to enjoy an increase in engagement from 2.15% to 2.72%. In the case of videos, it goes up wildly from 1.88% to 3.20%. For carousels, the engagement grows by a slim margin of 0.54%, from 2.52% to 3.06%.

    So how many emojis should you include in your post? The more the merrier! The best performing posts have proven to be the ones with between 20 and 25 emojis in total. You should use around 20 emojis in total, including a few in the caption. Using them allows you to showcase your personality and make your posts more human.

    The heart-eyes emojis is by far the most popular on Instagram, followed by the heart, sparkles, and camera with flash. In case you need some inspiration in choosing the right type of emoji for your post, here are the top 10 best emojis to use in 2023:

    6. Capitalize on the power of hashtags

    As opposed to emojis, when it comes to hashtags, it’s best to keep it simple and use a few relevant hashtags for your brand and your audience.

    7. Asking questions is not relevant anymore

    You may be inclined to think that asking questions in your posts encourages the audience to answer, but that is not the case.

    Another interesting aspect of Instagram content is that asking questions does not necessarily increase the engagement rate. On the contrary, the engagement rates are somewhat lower in the posts that include questions than the rest: 0.19% lower for carousel posts that include questions in the caption and 0.25% lower for video posts.

    8. Consulting analytics to get inspired from old posts

    Ultimately, in order to write the best and most engaging Instagram post, you need to look in the past. Study your analytics and try to determine which of your posts outperformed the others. This way, you’ll be able to better understand what your audience is expected from you.

    Instagram analytics is key to your success. Inside the old analytics on Instagram, you can gain access to information like follower count, profile views, and website CTR. You can also determine the results of your stories by looking at reach, impressions, replies, next story, and live viewers.

    Let’s sum up

    Writing the best Instagram post is not as complicated as some marketers try to make us believe. All you need to do is to ensure that you follow the guidelines in the Socialinsider study and create high-quality, enticing content that captures the interest of your prospects and makes them stay engaged with you.

    Start using more carousels, have a consistent theme for your page, use the right hashtags, leverage the power of emojis, choose the right type of message you want to share with your audience, do a lot of split testing and capitalize on the benefits offered by Instagram Analytics.

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