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TVs have been part of our lives for decades. But now and then, they break or need an upgrade. When a TV breaks beyond repair, it is only natural to replace it as soon as possible. But what to do with the old, broken TV? Putting it in a trash bin is not an option; it is even illegal in most places. Some TVs, mainly the ones with LCD screens, are hazardous to the environment. You must dispose of the old TV properly, and there are several ways to do it.

It doesn’t matter if the TV you’re trying to get rid of has a broken screen, dead pixels, fried circuit boards, or a dead motherboard. You can always do something with it, and some people would even want to buy it. So, here’s everything you can do with a broken TV that you can’t fix.

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First Check the Warranty

Sometimes even new TV sets break down, and the manufacturers would gladly replace them when still under warranty. Just note that cracked screens or visible dents and scratches will often disqualify your device for a warranty claim.

Some TV manufacturers will offer to repair your broken TV; if this is not possible, they will give you a new one. Most companies issue a one-year warranty, so check the date you purchased your TV.

If the manufacturer accepts your warranty claim and issues a new device, you should consider buying an extended warranty for your new TV. It will last you up to three years, but it will also have a more comprehensive coverage than the initial manufacturer warranty.

Sell Your Broken TV For Cash

You can cover the costs of getting a new TV by selling your broken TV for cash. Then, think of buying a new smart TV with a Wi-Fi receiver that you can turn into an entertainment center.

But let’s be honest, selling old TVs is not as easy as it used to be. Especially the old, cathode-ray tube (CRT) ones. Even recycling these oldies is difficult as many recycling centers will not accept them. Those that would ask for a fee so they take it from your hands. But all this doesn’t mean it is impossible to sell old TVs. Many people still find a use for them. They either use them for parts or simply create something new and useful with DIY projects. You know what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. So here are some places where you can try selling your old broken device.

Don’t forget to write an informative description of the TV you are selling. Include the brand, model, type of the screen, and any possible breaks and damages it might have. This way you will be contacted only by those buyers who want your tv.

eBay has over 180 million prospective shoppers, and it is a great place where you can find someone interested in buying a broken tv. eBay operates across the country, and you should expect delivery costs that will cut your earnings. You can avoid this by opting for local pick-up only.

Unlike Amazon, it is free to sell used items on eBay, but keep in mind you will have to pay a fee once your TV gets sold. Consider adding the fee into the initial asking price. That way, you won’t lose much of your earnings.

Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s platform for selling and buying used and new stuff. You can find anything there, from pet equipment, real estate, and used electronics. It is easy to find people near you who need a broken TV for parts or their next art project.

Sell It to the TV Repair Shops for Spare Parts

Repair shops usually buy broken TVs that they can refurbish and resell. However, they also need replacement parts; for this purpose, they sometimes buy old TVs that can’t be fixed. Anything from a power board, capacitor, or t-con board, to the power supply and inverter can be reused.

Don’t know how to find a nearby TV repair shop? Just ask Google or an alternative search engine. If you type something like “TV repair shop near me” you will get some good results.

This doesn’t mean you need to look specifically for TV repair shops. General electronic stores are also interested in old TVs and so are pawn shops.

Recycle Your Old TV

If you are not looking to sell your broken TV, and want to get rid of it, consider recycling. Depending on your location, throwing an electric appliance in regular trash might be illegal, and recycling might even be your only option. If you don’t know where to look for the companies that would take your old tv, here is a short list.

1. Your Local Landfill

Various landfills around the country have set up electronic recycling centers. Search the nearest landfill. Their website should have information such as what hours they work and if the electronic waste is picked up only on certain days.

You should be aware that some landfills will ask you for a fee when you bring them your TV. Others might take it for free. If paying is a problem for you, don’t worry, there are other recycling options.

The Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company has a very insightful website that will tell you where to find the nearest pickup point. They have many such locations across the country, but they don’t always operate at the same hours. The best you can do is give a local MRM Recycling point a call and ask when is the best time to bring your old TV.

MRM has a partnership with many electronic brands such as Toshiba, Vizio, TCL, and Polaroid, and it is this partnership that allows you to recycle your old TVs. In addition, their mail-back program and collaboration with UPS help you to drop off your TV at your local UPS office for free.

Learn all about different Samsung recycling programs on their website. The website will also show you the nearest place where you can take your used TV. But be careful as their programs are reserved only for Samsung TVs.

You can also mail back your Samsung TV by using Samsung’s recycling partners that are near you. The TV needs to weigh up to 50 pounds to benefit from this program. Also, the fees will differ depending on the recycling partner near you.

DIY Project Ideas With Broken TV

This one is for all the creatives out there. The broken TVs you can’t repair are excellent material for various art projects or tech gadgets that you might find useful. But remember that some TV components are hazardous for the environment and your health, and learn how to handle them safely.

1. Make a Light Panel Out Of The Old LCD Screen

This tip is for all photographers, videographers, and artists who need a powerful light source for their studios. Use your old LCD screen to make a powerful, daylight-emitting panel! All you need for this project is LED lighting strips, gaffer tape, the LCD screen, a screwdriver, and an optional new metal frame. To make the panel, replace the old CCFL bulbs that backlight the screen with new LED lights.

2. Make an Interesting Fish Tank

Have pet fish? How about making them a new, stylish home from your old TV? This simple DIY project will let you keep your old TV in your living room, but with a new purpose. This project is perfect for older Cathode TVs as they are bulkier and can serve as a vessel.

Simply cut the power source, remove the backplate and take out all electronics. Send off the old screen, and put an aquarium inside the TV box. Decorate it with typical water plants, stones, and a fish castle, or be more creative and make a modern apartment for your pet fish.

3. Make a Coffee Table

This DIY project can be as simple as buying some IKEA furniture legs and screwing them onto your old TV, preferably flat screen, to make a new coffee table. A broken screen can even give an artistic vibe to this whole project. So be creative and use the flat screen of your old LCD or LED TV to create a futuristic table.

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What To Do With Gorm In Ac Valhalla?

If you’re reading this, then rest assured, you’re not alone with the whammy of a moral dilemma AC Valhalla has thrown at you. We’re of course talking about Birthrights – one of the main quests in the game that creeps up on you quite early on.

In Valhalla, you’ll be met with a number of instances where the choice you make, decides how the game will progress and ultimately how it will end. This is one of them.  However, we should warn you, there are some major spoilers up ahead for those who’ve not yet reached this part of the game.

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AC Valhalla Birthrights: What to do with Gorm

After you have finished playing through the quest ‘A Cruel Destiny’ where you’re supposed to take Kjotve’s Fortress, you will be tasked to head towards Alrektstad. For the quest Birthrights, you’ll be going to Alrekstad for a meet with King Harald – whom you’ll get familiar with during the early sections of the game. To get started, open the map and choose the new main quest available and Birthrights will begin.

Your quest objectives should automatically have updated. The first thing you need to do is to reach Alrekstad and speak to Sigurd. Gorm will be present there too. Here, you’ll have an important conversation with Basim once both Gorm and Sigurd have left, reminiscing about your previous quest in Kjotve.

Once, you have spoken to him, you’ll be required to follow Basim. Follow him till Basim points out Gorm’s camp to you. You’ll then be prompted to enter Gorm’s cabin. Be warned, you’ll need to either sneak past the guards patrolling it or defeat them in order to clear a path to the cabin’s door.

Having dealt with the guards, approach Gorm’s cabin and head in. This will trigger a cutscene with Gorm and Eivor. After this, head out the cabin to go and meet with Sigurd, back at the Longhouse. Enter through the Longhouse doors to trigger yet another cutscene amongst Eivor, Sigurd, and the rest.

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Dealing with Gorm in AC Valhalla

It is during this cutscene, will you get the different options wherein you’ll get to decide Gorm’s fate in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’ll have to choose from the 3 options. You could either propose to have him killed, to be banished, or leave it up to King Harald to make a decision.

Whichever option you’ll pick, it’ll continue the cutscene, with the option you’ve chosen having an effect on the outcome of the discussion taking place. If you propose to have him killed, King Harald will sympathize with Eivor’s motives and tell him that Gorm shouldn’t receive a quick death, a quick release.

If you pick the second option, that is, to have him banished, King Harald will appreciate Eivor’s wisdom in saying so. He’ll know you understand that Gorm doesn’t deserve a quick death, but instead deserves to be exiled to the wilds, where he can meet hardships and a long dragged-out end.

The third option, which allows you to let the King decide, will have King Harald call you modest and honorable. The king too wanted Gorm to be exiled, and thus, will ask for him to be banished from the lands by the next full moon.

After this cutscene is over, you’ll be given the choice by King Harald to join his clan. All this makes for some excellent role-playing sequences in the quest Birthrights. We hope that this helps you make up your mind when facing this situation. Upon further playthrough, you’ll find various other choices and consequences to mull over, with some of them having a profound effect on the course the game takes and the ending you get to see.


Can’t Type In Windows 10 Search Bar? Here’s What You Can Do

Can’t Type In Windows 10 Search Bar? Here’s What You Can Do Cannot Type In Search Bar In Windows 10, Here’s What Can Be Done –

Quite possibly you are not able to type in the Windows search bar or are unable to use Cortana for searches because of corruption errors that might have crept in your computer. And, as with most of the corruption errors DISM and SFC tools can prove to be highly effective.

2. When the Administrator Command Prompt window opens type the following command and press Enter

Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

3. The process is not complete, type the below mentioned command and press Enter


4. Restart your computer

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2. Use The Task Manager To Restart Search And Cortana

If you cannot type in the search box in Windows 10, you can use the Task Manager and get the search box and Cortana back on track. This is a simple process and should not take long. We have outlined the steps to do the same.

1. Fire up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc

4. Scroll down, go to Cortana and hit the End task button at the bottom right of the window

Now, you can try typing on the search bar and you should now hopefully be able to type.

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3. Use The PowerShell Command To Re-Register All Your Apps

You must be wondering that since you cannot type in the Windows 10 search bar, how would you be able to open the Administrator PowerShell? Since you won’t be able to open the PowerShell via the normal route i.e. by type PowerShell in search bar, follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys

2. Type Powershell and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter (This combination helps open the PowerShell in Administrator mode)

3. When the Administrator PowerShell window opens, type the following command and press Enter –

4. Let the process complete and ignore any errors that may appear on the screen

5. Close the Windows PowerShell and Restart your computer

You should now be able to type in the search box

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4. Execute chúng tôi File or The ‘CTF Loader’

There is a file called ctfmon.exe in Windows 10. If you are unable to type in the search box in Windows 10 or are not able to use Cortana, executing this file may be helpful. There are ways more than one to do that.

Executing The File Using The Rn Dialog Box:

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys

2. Type the following command and press enter


3. Again open the search bar

Check, if you are now able to type in the search bar

Executing The File Using The File Explorer

You can alternatively execute the ctfmon.exe executable file using the File Explorer by following the steps mentioned below –

1. Open File Explorer

2. Search the following path in the address bar


3. In the search bar on the right-hand side type ctfmon.exe and press Enter

5.  Close the File Explorer

Wrap Up

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot just type in Windows 10 search bar needn’t panic. Instead, you can go through the steps mentioned above and solve the issue. And, if you were able to, do give this blog a thumbs up, share it with your friends and family members. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flipboard. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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That ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Might Actually Be A Planet

Artist’s concept of dust orbiting a ravenous star T.Pyle/JPL-Caltech/NASA

Tabby’s Star probably isn’t surrounded by an energy-sucking alien super-structure. But it may have eaten a nearby planet.

The star, known more formally as KIC 8462852, has baffled scientists by quickly and erratically losing brightness. In observations made over a period of just 100 days, the Kepler telescope captured the star dimming dozens of times, and once dramatically so—by 22 percent.

That’s not just mysterious—it’s nearly unexplainable.

A new study set to be published Monday in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society suggests that smart aliens aren’t responsible for KIC 8462852’s dimming. Instead, the authors suggest, a planetary collision with Tabby’s Star is to blame. This crash would explain not only why Tabby’s Star has had wild fluctuations in brightness as of late, but why the star has been dimming gradually over the course of the last century.

It seems strange that a spectacular collision between a star and planet would cause a star to become dimmer, explains Ken Shen, a UC Berkeley astronomer and author on the study. But, says Shen, “the star has to eventually go back to being dimmer—the equilibrium state—the state that it was at before the collision.”

KC 8462852’s more recent and erratic dimming episodes, however, can be explained by a mess of debris moving around the star and absorbing its light, sometimes making it appear significantly dimmer to us Earthlings.

One possibility is that a rocky, Earth-like planet was pushed into Tabby’s Star. As it got closer, explains Brian Metzger, a Columbia University astrophysicist and one of the study’s authors, the star could tear off the planet’s mantle, leaving a hot, chaotic bunch of material—perhaps the mass of the moon—off-gassing around Tabby’s Star. The ensuing clouds of gas and dust could absorb Tabby’s light. Meanwhile, the star would consume the planet’s core.

Or, says Metzger, a massive Jupiter-sized planet could have been pushed into Tabby’s Star, leaving some of its moons to be stripped apart by Tabby’s gravity and leaving a wealth of cosmic wreckage in orbit around the star.

But what might have pushed a planet so dangerously close to Tabby’s Star in the first place? A short cosmic distance away—1,000 Astronomical Units, or 1,000 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun—Tabby may have a companion star, perhaps half its size, explains Metzger. “It’s possible that outer star is giving periodic gravitational kicks to the planets around Tabby’s Star,” he says.

The Dyson Sphere still remains a hypothetical contender in the endeavor to explain Tabby’s mystery. But Metzger believes that Tabby’s Star might not be so rare. The Kepler telescope, which found Tabby’s Star, only looked at 100,000 stars in a small part of the sky, which is not too many, he says. But if all the stars in the galaxy, or beyond, were observed, millions of other planet-consuming stars might be found that also produce this curious light-dimming effect.

Otherwise, says Metzger, “You would have to believe that there are a million other alien civilizations assembling Dyson Spheres right now.”

Smartphones With Satellite Connections – What Do They Offer

A “Small Step” for Smartphone Makers

Let’s first look at what Huawei satellite connections offer. According to the company, the Huawei Mate 50 can send “short messages” (but not receive) by connecting to Beidou satellites. It will work only using the Huawei “Changlian App” and it works without a mobile network. Huawei’s technology originates from the “Mobile Beidou Short Message Communication RF Baseband Integrated Chip” released on July 30 this year. However, when a mobile phone uses this chip and directly connects to satellites, the main usage scenario is exploration and rescue positioning, not talking. After all, the main function of the Beidou system is positioning and navigation, not communication.

On Apple, the satellite connections on the iPhone 14 series focus on security. When there is no mobile signal and no high obstacles, users can select the option through Apple’s own Find App. In 15 seconds to a few minutes, it will connect directly to the satellite, and then switch back to the ground base station and relay station. This way, the ground voice call emergency centre can receive the information.

The direct satellite connection function of mass consumer smartphones is only a small step. Whether the future can take another big step depends on whether the following goals can be achieved:

Directly connect to satellites, high-speed and stable all-weather access, to achieve two-way high-throughput communication.

A stable and large-scale business model between smartphones and satellite service providers. 

Similar to terrestrial mobile communication service providers, there are different constellations of communication satellites to choose from.

But at present, there are a lot of technical problems to be solved in order to realize the above sci-fi scene.

Technical route for satellite connections 

There are some technical routes for smartphones to directly connect to the satellite. Each route has its own difficulties and four key issues:

1. Frequency band problem

Secondly, how to use it. The satellite-specific frequency bands and protocols are different from the terrestrial cellular frequency bands. It is currently difficult to use these frequency bands Ku, Ka and Q/V to directly connect mobile phones with satellites. There will also be cross-interference in mobile communication, and even the mobile 4G/5G standard needs modification.

2. Issue of balancing costs 3. Antenna problem

At present, mobile phones have built-in antennas. It is not difficult to increase the transmission power when the satellite transmits signals to the mobile phone. However, when the mobile phone transmits signals to the satellite, it is not only difficult to achieve. There are also strict restrictions on the transmission power of the mobile phone.

4. Docking of mobile phones and satellites

According to “China Electronics News”, the satellite moving too fast, Doppler effect caused by radio signal frequency and phase changes will be difficult problems. Taking the high-speed rail in an area with sparse signal towers, the mobile phone network is always intermittent. This is because people move too fast with the high-speed rail and there are too few signal towers. Similarly, the density of communication satellites should be as many as the signal towers. The mobile phone will have a good experience if it directly connects to the satellite.

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Satellite connections can not work for short videos

The bandwidth of communication transmission depends on the transmission frequency, the higher the signal frequency, the faster the data transmission rate. However, under the premise of given transmission power, the higher the signal frequency, the shorter the transmission distance. Therefore, satellites with communication functions, especially high-throughput communication functions, are mostly low-orbit satellites (orbit altitude 200km~2000km).

Low-orbit small satellite constellations are the mainstream of satellite communications due to their small power requirements. They also have simple launch methods and low investment costs. But the power of small satellites is limited, and users must rely on special ground receiving equipment to use these companies’ satellite Internet. This means that the satellite connection for smartphones is not enough for users to browse the internet.

Can satellites in higher orbits communicate?

Beidou satellite is a typical medium-orbit earth satellite (MEO), but the main function of the Beidou satellite is navigation. The communication function is much simpler. Short message is a primary satellite communication service provided by the Beidou system. Terminals have specific chips that can send and receive text, voice or small pictures in both directions through Beidou satellites. This service is mostly used in emergency disaster relief, ocean communications and other scenarios that cannot be covered by ground base stations.

Medium-orbit satellites are located at a distance of 2000km to 35,786km from sea level and are mainly used to build large-scale navigation system satellite constellations. Large-scale global navigation systems such as GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo are all located in medium orbits.

At present, only O3b is a medium-orbit communication operator, and it mainly provides broadband access services for various operators or group customers with limited access to the ground network. Thuraya, which is the same name as Iridium is located in a higher geosynchronous orbit (GEO, 35,786 km from sea level, and a radius of 42,164 km from the center of the earth). However, the medium and high orbit satellites are far from the ground, so the communication bandwidth is not high and the transmission delay is large. Thus, it is very difficult to use them for direct connection to consumer smartphones.

To break through, not to hype

“Mobile phone with satellite” is of course a sexy and eye-catching concept, but we should examine its commercial potential with a rational attitude, rather than being misled by the temporary market hype.

The current estimates of the market size of satellite Internet are quite confusing. The results given by different calibers and institutions vary greatly.

Morgan Stanley is the most optimistic, predicting that the global satellite Internet market size is expected to reach $45.426 billion in 2030. But other more conservative expectations are only $17.431 billion to $18.59 billion, the gap is quite large. For a more cautious short-term forecast, it is expected that by 2026, the size of the market will reach $6 billion to $8.1 billion US, there is a big gap between 2030 and the aforementioned forecast.

In simple terms, the use of satellite connections on smartphones is not as simple as the brands make it sound. It is also not a seamless process and it is not as easy as dialling a number on your smartphone. There are technical issues with satellite communications when turning to more conventional and broad basic application scenarios. Obviously, in the absence of sufficiently powerful satellites, “satellite Internet” can only be regarded as a supplementary route at most.

The demand for satellite Internet comes from remote areas that are difficult to reach with the traditional network coverage.  Ordinary residents who rely on satellites instead of optical fibers to access the Internet are relatively limited. This reduces the demand for satellite Internet to a certain extent. Analysis by overseas institutions.

What can satellite smartphones really do?

Another key question is what can users do with phones that can connect directly to satellites. At present, satellite communication cannot meet the basic needs of ordinary mobile Internet users. In most cases, smartphones with satellite connections can only support sending and receiving short messages. This function will only be useful in times of specific needs. Even at such situations, the reliability of the feature can not be guaranteed. For ordinary users, the satellite function may never be used. It is obviously too early to consider the satellite connection as a feature to drive the market.

We can say that “satellite Internet” is an important supplement to traditional network services. However, saying that it will form a large-scale replacement for the existing network service coverage model will undoubtedly exaggerate its actual function and commercial potential.

8 Ways To Collect Customer Feedback & What To Do With It

As a marketer, one of the biggest challenges is understanding what it is my audience wants.

What are they are looking for?

What do they need?

How can I help them?

The problem is, these questions aren’t always easy to answer.

Humans are complicated and if I’m being honest, we don’t spend enough time actually paying attention to their needs.

To cut through the noise and reach our customers, we have to pay attention to what they want – and it starts with feedback.

Customer feedback is an amazing asset to have in our toolbox. It gives us real insights into how our customers feel and what they want.

It shows us what we are doing right, how we can improve, and is integral to brand messaging and marketing.

The thing is, the idea of customer feedback can be scary.

What if they won’t help us?

What if they don’t like us?

How much time will this take?

Where do I start?

The answers:

They will.

Win them over.

As long as it needs to.

I have a few ideas!

Well, I have eight ideas to be exact.

1. Customer Check-Ins

When I worked in-house, we had a person on the marketing team whose job it was to talk to customers.

Each week he would call a small set of customers to see how they felt about the product and what we could do to help them.

The feedback was immensely useful to us and it showed the customers we cared.

Customer check-ins don’t have to be complicated.

A check-in can be as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email.

Take Amazon, for example. Some of the sellers do a great job following up, asking for feedback and requesting seller ratings:

It’s an easy thing to do and it gives you true insights into how your customers are feeling.

The key is ensuring you are actually using the feedback provided.

Make sure feedback is aggregated in one place and distributed to the right people. It doesn’t help anyone if the information isn’t shared.

2. Live Customer Q&As

A few months ago, a software suite we use was getting ready to roll out a new product. Before they did, however, they held live Q&As with power users.

This allowed the company to get real-time feedback from the people who would actually be using the product.

It also allowed them to see what features were missing, what bugs were still out there, and most importantly, how their audience would actually use it.

That last piece is key.

Most people are familiar with the Nalgene water bottle but did you know it wasn’t actually intended to be a water bottle? According to Nalgene:

Sometimes our customers can show us the best way to use our products.

Don’t be afraid to have them test things out before launch. They might give you a new idea.

3. Call on Customer Support

If you’ve gone to a marketing conference in the past 10 years there was at least one person talking about the breaking down of silos.

Marketing needs to talk to sales who needs to talk to product who needs to talk to support, etc., etc.

All of that is true but unfortunately, we still aren’t there.

Sales still isn’t using marketing content and marketing still isn’t focused on driving SQLs. There is still separation and to be honest, for most companies, that might be the case for a very long time.

If you want to create efficient marketing campaigns, you need to break down those silos – starting with support.

Your support team spends their day fielding calls from customers. They know what questions are being asked, what problems users are encountering, and what users can’t find on the website.

Pay attention to that last one.

At my last job, the marketing team held weekly meetings with the customer support team to understand customer needs but also to understand what information people were looking for.

If they couldn’t find information on the site, we added it to our content plan.

Talk to your support team. They know things.

4. Check the Chat Logs

Along with talking to your support team, take a look at chat logs.

Tools like Olark, Drift, and Livechat keep logs of the conversations happening.

If you don’t have direct access to the chat platform, ask your support team to include you on reports. Even a once-a-month review could yield valuable results.

5. Scrub Your Site Search

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, site search is one of the most underutilized functionalities in Google Analytics.

Think about it. Site search allows us to see exactly what our users are looking for. It shows us what information they want and more importantly, what information they can’t find.

Check this out:

Right before GDPR went into effect, I was analyzing a client’s site search data. The client, a marketing automation solution, had written plenty about GDPR but it wasn’t easily accessible from their home page.

What were the top search terms?

You guessed it. GDPR-related queries.

Because of the site search data we had available, we knew we needed to add something directly to the home page.

Spend time evaluating site search data. You never know what you might find in there.

6. Send Out a Survey

I love taking surveys.

They make me feel like my voice is being heard, that the company cares, and if I’m being completely honest, I’m always pretty sure they are going to reach out and give me a special thank you for filling it out (spoiler alert: that hasn’t happened).

Now, I know everyone doesn’t love them as much as me and the average response rate is ~33%, but surveys can be a great way for companies to get feedback from their customers and thanks to all the new technology, they can be done in any number of ways:

Pop-Up Surveys  

Tools like Qualaroo let you put a survey directly on your site. Even better, they let you decide when the survey should appear (e.g., when a person is about to exit).

If you are running an on-site survey, remember to keep it simple and succinct and make sure you know what you want to get out of it before you start.

Email Surveys

JetBlue does a great job with this. Post-flight, you get a simple email-based survey asking about your flight and ensuring went well.

I can also attest to the fact if you report a poor experience, they will reach out to determine what went wrong.

Post-Call Survey

If you’ve ever spent any time on the phone with a cable or credit card company, you’ve probably heard the “please stay on the line for a survey.”

Personally, these are my least favorite but they can help ensure your customer support team is doing a good job and your customers are happy.

Facebook Messenger

Not too long ago, SurveyMonkey rolled out its Facebook Messenger integration, allowing you to run surveys within Messenger.

This is actually really cool (if you aren’t spamming people) and the example of soliciting real-time feedback at events is a great use case.

There are certainly other methods of surveying but if you are looking to get started, these are solid places to start.

7. Use Abandoned Cart Emails

What. Just. Happened?

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to get people back into the buying process but they are also a great way to generate feedback.

For example, let’s say a person abandons their cart. This will usually trigger one or two follow-up emails reminding them of their purchase and perhaps offering a discount.

Why not use your final email to understand why they left?

Include a short poll or one question survey asking why they abandoned their purchase. Perhaps it had to do with shipping costs or maybe they just weren’t ready to buy.

Those two things are very different and how we respond to them should be different.

If someone simply isn’t ready to buy, they could be put into a retargeting list. If shipping was the issue, we can include them in a free shipping sale.

Getting feedback often means being creative but it also means using what you have. 

8. Track Your Brand

This last one might be the most obvious but it also can be the most difficult.

After all, the web is a pretty big place and finding every mention of your brand can feel impossible.

The thing is, you’ll never find every mention and you don’t have to.

The key is finding the ones that matter – the ones containing real feedback from real customers and potential customers.

How can we do that?

Set up Brand Alerts

There are any number of tools out there that will allow you to track your brand.

Most of us are familiar with Google Alerts and Mention, but even SEMrush allows you to track your brand. There will likely be some junk in there but take a few minutes each week to go through and see what people are saying.

Monitor Social Media

Have you ever used social media for keyword research? If not, you should.

Social is an amazing place to see real feedback from real customers and learn:

How people talk about your brand.

How they describe your products.

How they describe your competitors’ products.

Take the time to listen.

Tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social can be hugely valuable when it comes to social listening and the latter two will actually allow you to create a whole process around responding.

Aggregate Reviews

Reviews are content gold.

Whether they are good or bad, they give you actual feedback on the customer experience and they can help you figure out what to market.

For example, if you are a bed and breakfast and all of the reviews talk about how lovely the wood fire smells, consider adding that to your marketing materials. If you are a tax attorney and the reviews note how you didn’t waste people’s time, focus your marketing on efficiency and cost savings.

Regardless of what the reviews are saying, there are things you can learn.

Consider a tool like Channel Signal that can not only aggregate reviews for you but help distill them into actionable data points.

Final Thoughts

Customer feedback is essential to marketing success and finding it doesn’t have to be hard.

Just like anything in marketing, it’s all about how you use the data.

Start small, looking at the information you already have and going from there.

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