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Jenna Ortega is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood. Making a name for herself in horror films, popular TV shows, and award-winning dramas after years as a child actor, her career is already a knockout and is poised to be huge for years to come. If you’re looking for where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows.

The following titles run the gamut from career-defining revelations to popular movies cementing Ortega’s stardom, from Netflix‘s smash streaming original hit Wednesday to HBO Max‘s critically-acclaimed school shooting drama The Fallout. Read on for tips on what to watch, and which streaming services to check them out on.

The best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 40-43 minutes per episode

Creator: Jennie Snyder Urman

Main cast: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas. Justin Baldoni, Ivonne Coll, Jaime Camil

Genre: Comedy/romance/telenovela

Ratings: 7.9 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes


Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

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Stuck in the Middle (2023-2023)


What you need to know:

Rating: TV-G

Runtime: 21-24 minutes per episode

Creator: Alison Brown

Main cast: Jenna Ortega, Ronni Hawk, Isaak Presley, Ariana Greenblatt, Kayla Maisonet, Nicolas Bechtel, Malachi Barton, Cerina Vincent, Joe Nieves

Genre: Family/comedy

Ratings: 6.2 – IMDB / NA – Rotten Tomatoes

Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers thousands of TV episodes and movies from across the Disney library, including its Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel shows and films, along with exclusive TV series and movies.

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You (2023-ongoing)


What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 41-60 minutes per episode

Creator: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

Main cast: Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Elizabeth Lail

Genre: Thriller

Ratings: 7.7 – IMDB / 92% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 47-59 minutes per episode

Creator: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Main cast: Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Christina Ricci

Genre: Comedy/horror

Ratings: 8.1 – IMDB / 71% – Rotten Tomatoes

Based on the classic Addams Family comics, Wednesday, directed by Time Burton, follows the Addams daughter as she settles into her new life at the Nevermore Academy, where she seeks to solve a 25-year-old mystery involving her parents.

One of Ortega’s more high-profile roles, Wednesday was a massive hit for Netflix, and impossible to imagine its success without Ortega’s deadpan delivery and infectiously dark charm.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Netflix.

The Fallout (2023)


What you need to know:

Rating: R

Runtime: 92 minutes

Director: Megan Park

Main cast: Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler, Julie Bowen, John Ortiz

Genre: Drama

Ratings: 7 – IMDB / 93% – Rotten Tomatoes


Max, formerly HBO Max, is your home for HBO titles, Warner Bros-made movies and TV shows, the DC Comics superheroes, and more. It’s also the home for new and original movies and shows available nowhere else.

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Yes Day (2023)


What you need to know:

Rating: PG

Runtime: 89 minutes

Director: Miguel Arteta

Main cast: Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramírez, Jenna Ortega

Genre: Family/comedy

Ratings: 5.7 – IMDB / 51% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: R

Runtime: 106 minutes

Director: Ti West

Main cast: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure, Scott Mescudi

Genre: Horror

Ratings: 6.6 – IMDB / 94% – Rotten Tomatoes

A producer and a group of actors head out to a secluded cabin to shoot a porn film in the 70s in this 2023 sleeper hit from Ti West. As the crew tries to get their film complete, they have increasingly disturbing run-ins with the property owners.

X is full of strong performances, and while the spotlight is mostly on Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega shows a new side of herself in this chilling, grimy horror film. Following many youthful roles, she is a standout as a young woman trying her hand at adult entertainment and learning that she likes it more than she expected.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Showtime.


Showtime offers up great movies and some of the best and most innovative original TV shows, and you can get all of that for a low monthly price.

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Scream (2023)


What you need to know:

Rating: R

Runtime: 114 minutes

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

Main cast: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Neve Campbell, Jack Quaid, Courteney Cox, David Arquette

Genre: Horror

Ratings: 6.3 – IMDB / 76% – Rotten Tomatoes

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus includes thousands of movies and TV shows from CBS, Showtime, and Paramount Pictures. It also includes new and original movies like The Good Fight, Infinite, and more.

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How To Find Where Your Favorite Movies And Shows Are Streaming

This story has been updated. It was originally published on January 12, 2023.

You know what you want to watch—but where can you watch it? In the age of streaming, we often sit down to screen a favorite film… and then waste precious relaxation time looking for it on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime before finally coughing up some money to buy it on Apple TV. With so many competing streaming services and digital-download providers, it’s not always obvious where you can find specific shows and movies.

But knowing where to look doesn’t just save you time and frustration; it will also help you decide which services to subscribe to and which streaming devices to buy.

Luckily, we have a few tips to help you track down that elusive content. Follow these steps to work out where you can access digital versions of the movies and television shows you want to watch.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming online

GoWatchIt has since become JustWatch, but it still lets you type in a show name and instantly see where you can stream it. David Nield

When you stream videos through your web browser, you can find them by visiting a different site altogether. Several online portals let you query multiple streaming services at once. Simply type in the name of the television show or movie you’re interested in watching, and you can instantly see where it’s available.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming on your phone

Google now shows streaming options in its search results. David Nield

When you’re on your phone, you don’t need to visit a separate site to find out where to stream your planned viewing. A couple of the primary video apps will dig these options up for you.

The television app built into iOS aims to sync your viewing across multiple devices. But it also has a secondary application: It can tell you if the shows and movies you look up might be available on other platforms, such as Disney Plus and Amazon. Just tap Search to look up the content in question, then tap the link you want to open the relevant app.

Likewise, when you search for a particular video, the Google TV app for Android will display your viewing options, including, Hulu, HBO Max, and Peacock. Again, you can jump into the relevant app with a tap.

At the time of writing, the same functionality hasn’t appeared in Google Play Movies & TV for iOS. Instead, if you want an alternative to Apple TV, just run a Google search, as mentioned in the previous section. You can do this through your mobile web browser or with the Google app for iOS. This works on Android as well.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming on an Apple TV

The Apple TV has a comprehensive search function. Apple

To use this feature, you have a couple options. You might head to the home screen’s Search app and type in your keywords. Or, wherever you might be in the Apple TV interface, you can hold down the remote’s Siri button and speak your search terms aloud.

As you would expect, the Apple TV defaults to showing you the options available in the Apple TV app. However, if other apps have the same content, you can find these alternatives by hitting the Open In button on the results page.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming on an Android TV

Android TV includes built-in search options. Google

If you own an Android TV or an Android TV box, you can search for content in multiple apps, as well as the default Google TV portal. Based on our testing, an Android TV device can dig up content from Apple TV Plus, YouTube, and Hulu, among other services.

From the home screen, just move up to the top of the screen and type the name of a show or movie into the search box. Once you’re there, you can also tap select and speak your keywords out loud. If your device has a remote with a microphone button, you can also hold down this key to run a voice search from anywhere in the interface.

The results appear in a pop-up pane on top of the interface. Then you can select one of the apps—Disney Plus, Google TV, or wherever the film or show is available—that has the content you want.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming on an Amazon Fire device

With any Amazon Fire TV device, you’ll see a search option in the top left-hand corner. Insignia

According to Amazon, the universal search feature on its Fire TV devices lets you hunt through the catalogs of more than 75 different apps and providers. The list includes Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, as well as Amazon Prime Video. This means it can turn up results that include both streaming and for-purchase options.

To search for your favorite film or show, navigate to the Search icon (the magnifying glass) in the top left-hand corner. As you tap out your query, you should see results start to appear on screen, allowing you to pick the right one. If your Fire TV device supports voice search, you can also hold down the microphone button on the supplied remote and state your search terms.

How to find where TV shows and movies are streaming on a Roku device

Roku devices let you search across multiple channels. Roku

If you’ve own a Roku TV stick or box, you can enjoy its own powerful search function. This feature lets you scour the available titles on many major platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Amazon, and more.

The 23 Best Apple Tv Plus Shows You Should Be Watching In 2023

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus shows started immediately with the streaming service’s launch in November 2023, joining the fray among other Netflix alternatives. Since then, we have seen a small but steady trickle of new series debut on the service, and now there’s enough content to dive deep into its selections. So, which are the best Apple TV Plus shows? Good question, and one we aim to explore here.

As you will see, the original Apple TV Plus series already have a variety of content, from children’s shows to more mature series for older members of your household.

Remember, if you buy a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV box, you get three months of the service for free. For everyone else, you can sign up now for Apple TV Plus for $6.99 a month, following a seven-day free trial, at the link below.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has quickly become a major player in the streaming game since its launch in 2023. Its slate of original programming includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind as well as movies like The Banker, Greyhound, and Palmer.

See price at Apple TV Plus

Best Apple TV Plus shows:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Apple TV Plus shows regularly as new ones hit the streaming service.

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Brett Goldstein, Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence

Main cast: Harrison Ford, Jason Segel, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie, Lukita Maxwell, Christa Miller

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Ratings: 8.1 – IMDB / 82% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Nicholas Stoller, Francesca Delbanco

Main cast: Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen, Luke Macfarlane, Tre Hale, Andrew Lopez, Carla Gallo, Alisha Wainwright

Genre: Comedy

Ratings: 6.9 – IMDB / 92% – Rotten Tomatoes

The Essex Serpent (2023)

Apple tv plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 1

Creator: Anna Symon

Main cast: Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Frank Dillane, Clémence Poésy, Hayley Squires

Genre: Historical Drama

Ratings: 6.3 – IMDB / 76% – Rotten Tomatoes

Bad Sisters (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Malin-sarah Gozin

Main cast: Sharon Horgan, Anne-Marie Duff, Claes Bang, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene

Genre: Family Drama/Mystery

Ratings: 8.3 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

Ted Lasso (2023-2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 2

Creator: Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence

Main cast: Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Juno Temple

Genre: Sports Comedy

Ratings: 8.8 – IMDB / 95% – Rotten Tomatoes

Jason Sudeikis plays the title character, a US football coach sent to coach a major professional UK football (a.k.a. soccer) team. Ted Lasso tries to make up for his lack of soccer knowledge with his confidence and spirit.

This is one of the funniest of the Apple TV Plus shows, and also one of its most heartwarming series. You cannot help but smile as Lasso does his best to uplift his players. Season 3, due sometime in 2023, cannot come soon enough.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Apple TV Plus.

The Last Thing He Told Me (2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Laura Dave, Josh Singer

Main cast: Jennifer Garner. Angourie Rice, Aisha Tyler, Augusto Aguilera, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Ratings: 6.9 – IMDB / 46% – Rotten Tomatoes

Mythic Quest (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 3

Creator: Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney

Main cast: Rob McElhenney, Charlotte Nicdao, Danny Pudi, Ashly Burch, Naomi Ekperigin

Genre:  Workplace Comedy

Ratings: 7.8 – IMDB / 96% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-G

Seasons: 1

Creator: Jim Henson

Main cast: John Tartaglia, Karen Prell, Donna Kimball, Jordan Lockhart, Dave Goelz

Genre: Fantasy/Puppets

Ratings: 8.2 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

Dickinson (2023-2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 3

Director: Alena Smith

Main cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Toby Huss, Jane Krakowski, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov

Genre: Historical Fiction/Comedy

Ratings: 7.6 – IMDB / 92% – Rotten Tomatoes

Little America (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 2

Creator: Lee Eisenberg, Emily V. Gordon,  Kumail Nanjiani

Genre: Anthology/Drama

Ratings: 7.5 – IMDB / 97% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 3

Creator: Steven Knight

Main cast: Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks, Hera Hilmar, Christian Camargo, Archie Madekwe

Genre: Post-Apocalypse/Action/Drama

Ratings: 7.6 – IMDB / 63% – Rotten Tomatoes

This series takes place hundreds of years after an unnamed global disaster blinds all humans. One of the women in one of the few remaining human tribes gives birth to twins who can see, and now a rival tribe plots to take the twins.

This is a very different look at a post-apocalypse Earth setting. The premise of sightless people struggling just to survive is well handled, and Jason Momoa’s performance as a warrior in one of these tribes is excellent.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Apple TV Plus.

Silo (2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Graham Yost

Main cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Common, Harriet Walter, Chinaza Uche, Avi Nash, Rick Gomez, Tim Robbins

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

Ratings: 8.3 – IMDB / 87% – Rotten Tomatoes

Servant (2023-2023)


What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 3

Creator: Tony Basgallop

Main cast: Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Rupert Grint, Nell Tiger Free, Sunita Mani

Genre: Horror

Ratings: 7.5 – IMDB / 88% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 2

Creator: Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul

Main cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Cecily Strong, Dove Cameron, Jaime Camil, Ariana DeBose, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Ratings: 7.3 – IMDB / 89% – Rotten Tomatoes

When a couple whose relationship is on the rocks goes for a hike, they suddenly find themselves stuck in a bizarre world that runs on the rules of classical musicals. To get back, they’ll have to find true love, but not necessarily with each other.

One of the best Apple TV Plus shows, Schmigadoon! is full of rewarding references to existing stage and screen musicals, and it features knockout performances by a gifted cast of performers.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Apple TV Plus.

Severance (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Dan Erickson

Main cast: Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette, Zach Cherry, Tramell Tillman

Genre:  Workplace Drama

Ratings: 8.7 – IMDB / 97% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 3

Creator: Annie Weisman

Main cast: Rose Byrne, Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks, Ashley Liao

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Ratings: 7.3 – IMDB / 78% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 3

Creator: Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, Ben Nedivi

Main cast: Joel Kinnaman, Shantel VanSanten, Jodi Balfour, Sonya Walger, Krys Marshall

Genre: Alternate History

Ratings: 8.0 – IMDB / 90% – Rotten Tomatoes

The Snoopy Show (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-G

Seasons: 2

Creator: Rob Boutilier, Mark Evestaff, Alex Galatis

Main cast: Tyler Nathan, Terry McGurrin, Rob Tinkler, Christian Dal Dosso, Isabella Leo

Genre: Animated comedy

Ratings: 8.0 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: David West Read

Main cast: Chris O’Dowd, Gabrielle Dennis, Ally Maki, Damon Gupton, Josh Segarra, Crystal Fox, Sammy Fourlas

Genre: Comedy/Science Fiction

Ratings: 6.4 – IMDB / 91% – Rotten Tomatoes

Shining Girls (2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Silka Luisa

Main cast: Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura, Phillipa Soo, Chris Chalk, Amy Brenneman

Genre: Crime Mystery

Ratings: 7.4 – IMDB / 84% – Rotten Tomatoes

Kirby Mazrachi works as an archivist for the Chicago Sun-Times. When a woman is killed in a manner similar to an assault she survived several years ago, she begins her own investigation.

Elisabeth Moss shines in the role of Kirby in this mystery series. Both the character and the audience are given some weird narrative twists in this tale, and it keeps us guessing what’s really going on.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Apple TV Plus.

Black Bird (2023)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-MA

Seasons: 1

Creator: Dennis Lehane

Main cast: Taron Egerton, Ray Liotta, Greg Kinnear, Sepideh Moafi, Paul Walter Hauser

Genre: Crime/Prison Drama

Ratings: 8.1 – IMDB / 97% – Rotten Tomatoes

Slow Horses (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 2

Creator: Mick Herron

Main cast: Gary Newman, Jack Lowden, Kristin Scott Thomas

Genre: Spy Drama

Ratings: 7.8 – IMDB / 98% – Rotten Tomatoes

Ghostwriter (2023-ongoing)

Apple TV Plus

What you need to know:

Rating: TV-G

Seasons: 3

Creator: Luke Matheny

Main cast: Nour Assaf, Princess K. Mapp, Daire McLeod, Isaac Arellanes, Amadi Chapata

Genre: Literary fantasy

Ratings: 5.7 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

This reboot of the classic children’s TV series focuses on four kids. They are in a magical bookshop where they solve mysteries with the help of literary characters that come to life.

If you want to introduce your children to the love of reading, this TV series could help out. The acting and stories are solid and the kids in the cast are wonderful in their roles.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Apple TV Plus.

That’s it for now! Apple TV Plus adds new content almost weekly, so be sure to check back and see how our list evolves over time.

Here Are The 20 Best Disney Plus Reality Shows You Can Watch In 2023


Disney Plus reality shows have been part of the streaming service since it launched in November 2023. Indeed, the majority of exclusive original shows on Disney Plus are documentary and unscripted programs, with new shows and movies landing on the service every week. So which ones are the best?

Let’s take a look at the best Disney Plus reality shows that are currently available. As you will see, they range from competition shows to behind-the-scenes at Disney to a unique show that brings together former high school students to recreate their school musical.

If you want to watch these shows for yourself, be sure to sign up for Disney Plus at the link below:

Disney Plus annual subscription

12 months for the price of 10

This streaming service is the home of all Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. It’s also got a bunch of exciting originals like The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and more.

See price at Disney

The best Disney Plus reality shows:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Disney Plus reality shows regularly as new ones hit the streaming service.

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 60 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Jason Cohen

Main cast: Kristen Bell

Genre: Music

Ratings: 7.6 – IMDB / 70% – Rotten Tomatoes

The World According to Jeff Goldblum (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 30 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: National Geographic

Main cast: Jeff Goldblum

Genre: Documentary/science/culture

Ratings: 7.6 – IMDB / 83% – Rotten Tomatoes

Shop Class (2023)

Rating: TV-G

Runtime: 45 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Hanger 56

Main cast: Kelly Ractham, Justin Long

Genre: Game show/family

Ratings: 6.9 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

This competition series, hosted by Justin Long, pits teams of young DIY builders against one another. They are challenged in each episode to build cool creations based on themes like minigolf courses, bridges, picnic tables, and more.

A great choice for the whole family, Shop Class is educational, collaborative, and a ton of fun. This series may inspire you to head to the garage and build something cool with your tools.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Disney Plus.

Be Our Chef (2023)

Rating: TV-G

Runtime: 25 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Eric Day, Mark Koops

Main cast: Angela Kinsey, DeMaryo Platt

Genre: Cooking/competition

Ratings: 6.5 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Marvel’s Hero Project (2023-2023)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 27 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Marvel New Media

Main cast: Various

Genre: Documentary/family

Ratings: 6.8 – IMDB / 92% – Rotten Tomatoes

Pick of the Litter (2023-2023)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 31 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Dana Nachman, Don Hardy

Main cast: Various

Genre: Animals/nature/documentary

Ratings: 8 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

If you love dogs, then this reality show on Disney Plus is for you. You can watch as six puppies are trained to become guide dogs for the blind. You see them taught how to lead their masters by their training guides, all the way to when they leave their trainers to join with their new masters.

It’s cute and heartwarming, and you may need some tissues in some places. Direcotrs Dana Nachman and Don Hardy created Pick of the Litter for Disney Plus, based on their own 2023 film of the same name. It’s a perfect choice for animal lovers everywhere.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Disney Plus.

Breaking Bobby Bones (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 22 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: BBC Studios

Main cast: Bobby Bones

Genre: Documentary

Ratings:  7.3 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Dancing with the Stars (2005-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 120 minutes per episode (2023-present)

Director/Creator: Alex Rudzinski, Phil Heyes

Main cast: Various

Genre: Competition/dance

Ratings: 4.8 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Foodtastic (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 41 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Rich Kim

Main cast: Keke Palmer, Amirah Kassem, Benny Rivera, Anthony Mendez

Genre: Food/competition

Ratings: 4.7 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 54 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel

Main cast: Chris Hemsworth

Ratings: 8.1 – IMDB / 88% – Rotten Tomatoes

Prop Culture (2023)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 36 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Jason C. Henry, Dan Lanigan

Main cast: Daniel Lanigan

Genre: Documentary/pop culture

Ratings: 8.1 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Rennervations (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 25-34 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Zach Merck

Main cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor, Sebastián Yatra

Genre: Family/travel/lifestyle

Ratings:  7.3 – IMDB / 71% – Rotten Tomatoes

Welcome to Earth (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 43 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Darren Aronofsky

Main cast: Will Smith

Genre: Documentary/nature

Ratings:  7.9 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

Two-time Academy Award nominee, and the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, takes viewers on a wild journey, exploring Earth’s greatest wonders, from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest parts of the ocean, and everywhere in between. Smith is guided by some of the world’s foremost explorers in this six-part documentary series from National Geographic and celebrated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.

If you like shows like Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, and watching your favorite stars test their personal limits, this will likely be a good choice for you. Or if you simply like to learn about nature and faraway places, it’ll have something to offer.

Ready to watch? You can find the show right here on Disney Plus.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 47 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Jon Kroll

Main cast: Gordon Ramsay

Genre: Travel/food

Ratings: 7.7 – IMDB / 75% – Rotten Tomatoes

Life Below Zero (2013-ongoing)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 45 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Joseph Litzinger, Travis Shakespeare, Kevin Tao Mohs

Main cast: Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich

Genre: Docuseries/survival/nature

Ratings:  7.9 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Rogue Trip (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 39 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Jeanmarie Condon

Main cast: Bob Woodruff, Mack Woodruff

Genre: Documentary/biography/family

Ratings:  7.1 – IMDB / 100% – Rotten Tomatoes

Inside Pixar (2023)

Rating: TV-G

Runtime: 10 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Erica Milsom, Tony Kaplan

Main cast: Various

Genre: Documentary/pop culture

Ratings: 7.3 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Becoming (2023)

Rating: TV-PG

Runtime: 24 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: LeBron James, Maverick Carter

Main cast: Various

Genre: Documentary/biography/family

Ratings: 7.1 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Running Wild with Bear Grylls (2023-ongoing)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 45 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Delbert Shoopman

Main cast: Bear Grylls

Genre: Survival

Ratings: 7.6 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

Brain Games (2011-2023)

Rating: TV-14

Runtime: 45 minutes per episode

Director/Creator: Jerry Kolber, Bill Margol

Main cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Silva, Chuck Nice

Genre: Game show/quiz/trivia

Ratings: 8.2 – IMDB / N/A – Rotten Tomatoes

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The Best Mfps You Can Buy Today

Multifunction printers (MFPs) let you handle paper and digital content with equal ease as they have a printer base and a scanner on top. These versatile machines allow you to upgrade your home office without much hassle, and they’re underrated gifts for students or loved ones.

The multifunction market is growing, so there are models available for every budget and user; the options range from budget-friendly to envy-inducing ones. Home and student users vary widely in how much they print or scan; how many users need access to the printer; and whether their output skews toward photos, other creative projects, or home-office tasks. There are a few rules of thumb depending on what the printer is being used for.

A budget model, even if it’s slow and has pricey inks, could actually be a decent deal if you don’t print or scan much. Busier households will want to buy a higher-priced model that has cheaper inks and better paper-handling features, including an automatic document feeder (ADF) for the scanner and automatic duplex (two-sided) printing. Built-in Wi-Fi is increasingly common, and it’s essential if you want to share the printer among roommates or family members. Photo enthusiasts should look for useful extras, such as dedicated photo-paper trays, six-ink systems, or the ability to print on specially coated CD and DVD media.

Best budget MFP for home (around $100)

Robert CardinThe Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One is a bargain with just a few compromises.

On the budget end (around $100), the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One is a bargain with just a few compromises. It’s compact, easy to use, and the output is quite nice. Standard connections are USB and Wi-Fi, and it’s relatively quick. The inks are expensive, but that’s acceptable for low-volume printing given the printer’s other strengths. Duplex (two-sided) printing is manual and only for PC users.

Best midpriced MFP for home ($150-$200)

Many good models crowd the midrange MFP market, but HP’s Photosmart line is particularly strong.

HPThe HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer has a touchscreen control panel and reasonably priced inks.

The $150 HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer is a top pick because it has a big touchscreen control panel and a dedicated photo tray, in addition to reasonably priced inks.

Robert CardinThe HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer is a home unit with office-friendly extras, including an automatic document feeder.

For around $200, the HP Photosmart 7520 sports a few office-friendly extras, including an automatic document feeder for the scanner.

Best high-end MFP for home (around $300)

Robert CardinThe Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Small-in-One Printer has CD/DVD printing, an automatic document feeder, and a cool blue case.

Home users with budgets up to $300 can have it all. The Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Small-in-One Printer also has CD/DVD printing, plus an automatic document feeder (ADF), fast performance, and a deep-midnight-blue case that’s a refreshing departure from basic black.

Honorable mention: The Canon Pixma MG8220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One includes integrated slide and film scanning, CD/DVD printing, and a six-tank ink cartridge system that produces excellent glossy photo prints. Unfortunately, it lacks an ADF.

Office MFPs need to be everything to all users

The ideal MFP for business has at least a little bit of everything—and a lot of flexibility. Small-office models need to be compact as well as capable. Small-workgroup models need good speed and generous paper handling. Wireless connectivity is becoming a must for accommodating visitors and traveling colleagues. My top picks are models that do everything competently, or close to it, from paper handling to photo quality. Note that high-end inkjets are overshadowing low-end color lasers, offering better speed, print quality, and consumables costs.

Best budget MFP for a small office

Robert CardinThe HP Officejet 6700 Premium e-All-in-one has a roomy 250-sheet paper tray.

For less than $200, the HP Officejet 6700 Premium e-All-in-One offers good overall performance and better-than-usual paper handling—especially its roomy 250-sheet paper tray.

Honorable mention: The Brother Business Smart MFC-J4510DW is distinctive for its 11-inch-wide paper path, all the better to admit paper sizes up to 11 inches by 17 inches.

Truly portable MFP has its own battery

Robert Cardin The HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One is truly portable, with its own battery and Bluetooth connectivity.

Even though it’s expensive ($400 as of this writing), the HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One is the only portable MFP choice. It has Bluetooth connectivity for printing from mobile phones and devices, and its battery allows for true off-the-grid operation. Its printing and scanning output are top-notch.

Best high-end inkjet MFP for office

Robert CardinThe Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4540 is a high-powered inkjet MFP with 580 sheets of input and speed to spare.

Honorable mention: The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One has a legal-size scanner plate as well as speed and cheap inks.

Best budget color-laser MFP for office

Robert CardinThe Brother MFC-9125CN is a low-end color laser MFP with reasonable speed and toner costs.

For laser lovers, there’s one bargain: the $400 Brother MFC-9125CN. Its good speed and toner costs make it a justifiable option for a small office, even though it’s otherwise unremarkable.

Best midpriced color laser MFP

Robert CardinThe HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color MFP M475dw prints nice photos and has Wi-Fi.

Even though it can be slow, the $750 HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color MFP M475dw gets the nod because it’s well rounded in terms of features and capabilities. Its connectivity includes Wi-Fi, it has good paper handling, and it produces exceptional photo prints for the price.

Notable newcomer among high-end color laser MFPs ($1000 and up)

Robert CardinThe Samsung CLX-6260FW offers good photo quality and speed.

Once you hit the $1,000 price point, color laser MFPs really ramp up in terms of speed and features. A notable newcomer to this class is the Samsung CLX-6260FW. For $1,000, it offers good photo quality and speed. However, its toner can be a little expensive.

Outsmart Your Chromecast And Stream Anything You Want

If you want to play media files saved to your device, or you’re using a streaming app with no Chromecast support, there are hacks available so you can still get your content up on your 4K TV.

Apps that don’t support Chromecast

Many smartphone apps now automatically detect your Chromecast the moment you hit the cast button—but there are plenty that don’t. If you’re dealing with one of these, you’ll need a workaround.

When using an Android phone or tablet the simplest option is to cast the entire screen. Open the Google Home app on your mobile device, tap the Chromecast you want to broadcast to, and then pick Cast my screen and Cast screen. Your Android device, and any apps running on it, will then appear on the display connected to your Chromecast.

You can do the same trick on iOS and iPadOS, but you’re going to need a third-party app called Replica. You can install and use it for free, but for the maximum quality screen mirroring and to remove the watermark from the stream, you’ll need to pay for the premium subscription at $2.50 a month. 

Load up Replica and choose your Chromecast. Once you’re connected, everything on your iPhone or iPad will be duplicated on the bigger screen.

This lets you cast anything playing in a browser window or in a third party app—from a news website to a word processor—as long as the Chrome browser is running as well. 

The only applications that don’t work with this method are the ones that apply some kind of copyright protection. For example, the macOS TV app won’t display content while you mirror the screen, though you can get around this by using the web app instead.

Local audio, video and photos

Chromecasts are designed to stream media from the web, but you can also use these dongles to cast files saved to your phone, tablet, or computer. Some of the methods we’ve mentioned above will work. For example, if you have an audio file saved to your Android phone you can mirror the device screen to your Chromecast and then play the audio.

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If you’ve got the newest Chromecast with Google TV that supports USB-C hubs, there’s also another option. 

You’ll need a USB-C hub with power delivery support, and a mains plug with at least 45W to power an extra device, as the plug and cable that comes with this model of Chromecast won’t supply enough juice. Some of these hubs also offer an Ethernet port, so you can wire up your Chromecast with Google TV directly to your router for a more stable internet connection.

The USB-C hub sits in between the mains connection and your actual Chromecast, and you can then use the USB and memory card ports on it to load up the video, audio, and photo files you want to get on the big screen. Make sure the USB drive or memory card is formatted as FAT32, and apps running on the Chromecast with Google TV—like VLC for Android, for example—will be able to see and open the files.

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Plex is also worth considering for streaming local files to a Chromecast. Use the desktop client to find the files and get them ready for streaming, and the Android or iOS apps on your phone to beam them over to your Chromecast. All of this functionality is free, but at $5 a month, a Plex Pass gets you some useful extras, including the ability to sync files from your computer to your mobile devices for watching on the go.

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