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Why I dropped My Best Friend on Facebook

I dropped my best friend from my Facebook friends list. When I say best friend, I really mean it. I’ve known him longer than anyone I still see regularly, since middle school. I have other friends who I see more, and with whom I’m just as close, but my friend Dave has been my best friend since High School. We live a couple thousand miles apart, so Facebook was a great way for us to stay in touch. Still, I had to cut him.

He was the best man at my wedding. He gave a classic best man speech, the awful kind. He told my entire family that I had gotten a speeding ticket on the way to my bachelor party two nights earlier. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I have a history with speeding tickets. I mean, there have been warrants. I’ve been arrested. Now that I’m an adult, and I pay for my own car and my own car insurance, I feel the right to not tell my parents about my speeding tickets. But Dave called me out.

I was the best man at his wedding, too. For weeks before hand, I taunted him with hints about what my speech would be like. I’m not going to repeat what I told him I’d say, but the word “tiny” figured prominently. I shouldn’t have taunted him. His wife works for a congressman, and I was excited to be giving a speech in front of a Representative that I respected and admired. They waited until the congressman was gone before they handed me a microphone. My speech was actually heartwarming, pleasant and a little funny. It was about fishing. I made it up on the spot.

That’s not why I dropped him; I just wanted to offer some background. We didn’t get into a fight, either. We’ve only been in one real fight. It was a day off from camp. You only get one or two days off per month-long session. He wanted to do laundry. I wanted to hang out with my girlfriend. We started yelling at each other in the middle of the mall in Columbia, Md. It’s a nice suburb, and they weren’t ready for the kind of language we used. We were kicked out of the food court. The whole thing was funny enough that we just laughed, and the fight was over.

You’d think I’d be able to laugh it off, but I couldn’t stand being his Facebook friend any more. Right now, you might be thinking about someone on Facebook who annoys you. Someone who you want to drop, but don’t for some reason or another. Someone who posts too many announcements about her Café World progress. Not even Farmville. Café World. My kindergarten teacher is way too into Café World, but I don’t have the heart to cut her. She’s a really nice person.

I’ve cut people on Facebook for plenty of reasons. I’ve cut former students for using horrible grammar. I was an English teacher, what can I say? I’ve cut people for getting too religious on me. I have nothing against religion, but some people get excessive with the bible quoting, at least for my spiritual needs.

I’ve cut people when I realized, after a few months, that I don’t really know who they are, even though their name sounds familiar. So, I no longer want to hear about their horse training sessions or read their quotes from “Psych.” That show is lame. Also, if you quote Craig Ferguson, you’re out. I know, he has his moments, but none of them are worth repeating.

I cut people who promote themselves on Facebook, and that’s all they do. Mostly friends who are aspiring actors, musicians or comedians. Comedians are the worst. I can’t count how many times I’ve been invited to comedy shows at little basement clubs in the East Village. I live in Dallas. Stop inviting me. I didn’t come to your show when I lived in New York City. I won’t add comedians any more. Not unless they get really famous, and people will think I’m cool if I know them. That ain’t happening.

That’s not why I cut Dave. It was politics. I don’t mean I made a political decision, I mean national politics. Republicans versus Democrats. I don’t mind getting a little political on Facebook. If you have a problem with my way of thinking, politically, I don’t need to be your Facebook friend. I have friends who take many different sides: left, right, center and libertarian, whatever those people are. I like a good argument. Dave and I agree when it comes to politics.

Dave’s friends, however, are a different story. One in particular. He is one of those morons who argues incessantly without considering any logical or moral opposition to what he says. He quotes the cable news pundits word for word, and can cite many sources for his argument, usually from blogs I’ve never heard of.

Sure, I could just ignore him, but that would defeat the purpose of Facebook. I didn’t add friends just to ignore them. I want the conversation. I want the back-and-forth.

I asked Dave how he knew this troll.

“He’s a dude who lived on my hall freshman year of college. He got kicked out when they found drugs in his room. I haven’t talked to him since then.”

A dude he hasn’t talked to in 17 years. A guy who got kicked out of college for drugs. Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of college for drugs? It’s very, very hard.

I asked Dave to drop him. It was a very weird conversation. I was basically asking my best friend to stop talking to someone else because I didn’t like him. But here’s my logic: If Dave threw a party every weekend, and this guy was always there, spouting his nonsense and offending other people, eventually I would stop going to those parties. Eventually, everyone would stop going. I was basically saying that I didn’t like hanging around with Dave on Facebook because of the people he associates with. I thought that was legitimate.

Dave wouldn’t drop him. He cited the First Amendment. The dude can say what he wants, and Dave would feel weird dropping someone because of what he says. I punched plenty of holes in that argument, then I gave Dave an ultimatum. Him or me. Dave wouldn’t drop him, and I don’t make a threat if I’m not going to carry through.

I dropped Dave.

I’d like to say this has the sort of happy ending you’re expecting. I’d like to say that dropping Dave actually brought us closer together. That I stopped lumping him in with all the other people whose updates I read daily on Facebook, and started treating him more like the best friend that he is. That we got closer because of this. But that didn’t happen.

I’m friends with Dave’s parents on Facebook. I’m friends with his sister, who is years older than us and was never really my friend. I have 350+ friends on Facebook, and Dave and I share 72 friends in common. 20% of my friends are his friends. Dave is also friends with an obnoxious troll, so on Facebook, at least, Dave is not my friend any more.

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I Installed Windows On My Ipad So You Don’T Have To

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

A Mac-running iPad has been a pipedream for Apple enthusiasts like me ever since the first iPad was announced. Why? It’s all about productivity — that often unquantifiable metric that can lead to a dog-headed pursuit of shoehorning software solutions as a bandage. But I digress. When I pitched this article to my editor a few months ago, I was excited at the possibility of running Windows on my M1-powered iPad Air. Finally, my reasonably productive machine would become a lot more productive. As the resident tinkerer, getting Windows virtualized on my iPad thrilled me. Moreover, the few videos floating around forums like Reddit showed me that like-minded enthusiasts had been successful at achieving it. It made it look worth the time and effort.

Running Windows on an iPad is a cautionary tale of trying to sidestep Apple’s carefully arranged garden.

Fast forward to today. After more than a dozen attempts at getting Windows running on my M1-powered iPad Air, I finally managed it. It’s taken way longer than it should have taken me to pen down this article. (Sorry, Rita.) But, what follows is a cautionary tale of what happens when you try to step out of Apple’s beautifully manicured walled garden. Follow at your own peril.

Why would I run Windows on an iPad?

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

As an inquisitive engineer-turned-writer, my primary reason for getting Windows on an iPad was the sheer ability to. It’s why I ran Doom on a Ti calculator in college, and full-blown Linux on an iPod. That said, I did have a use case or two that I could think up for trying to get the Microsoft Surface experience on an iPad.

My reasons to run Windows on an iPad mostly revolved around one thing — just because I can.

I use a few applications that don’t have a Mac equivalent. For the last few years, I’ve had my Windows server running headless in a storage closet in the basement. I often run a Remote Desktop app on my iPad to check into my Windows machine. It does the job, but it’s far from infallible. Being able to run Windows on my iPad would let me access those apps for any one-off situations when I need Windows access and internet access is less than reliable. Of course, even a cheap Windows laptop would probably solve that problem, but that would mean carrying another machine with me. Plus, it just wouldn’t be as cool. Would it?

So, what can you do with Windows on an iPad?

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority


I could just leave it at that and end this feature, but it wouldn’t be much of a story if I did. So here’s the real deal. If, like me, you’re on the latest software version of the iPad, the performance just isn’t there to get much of anything done. I managed to get the browser working. File system access and installing apps works too. But accomplishing any task takes minutes, and several minutes at that. So, yeah, it works but is so slow that you can’t do much of anything on it.

Windows on an updated iPad works, but is too slow to be of any use.

Sure, you can downgrade your iPad to iOS 15 and regain access to the hypervisor. That would allow for near-native performance of Windows on your iPad. However, how many would want to downgrade their iPad experience to shoehorn Windows onto it? You might as well pick up a dedicated Windows machine at that point.

Can I Close My Laptop While Updating?

Can I Close my Laptop While Updating? [Answered]






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

A lot of users have been complaining about how slow Windows updates are. Thus, a common practice for many is to just go on with their day when an update comes and leave it to download and install overnight.

However, laptop users don’t have it so easily, since they will usually be connected via Wi-Fi, so the download speed will be even slower, and they can’t close the screen without closing the laptop’s lid.

The problem is that, as you may have noticed, laptops have a tendency to shut down when you close their lid.

In most cases, closing the lid of your laptop is not recommended. This is because it will most likely make the laptop shut down, and shutting down the laptop during a Windows update can lead to critical errors.

In fact, these could be so severe that you might not be able to perform the update again or even launch Windows appropriately for that matter.

However, if you manage to change certain energy settings in your laptop, then there shouldn’t be a problem. This involves changing the programmed action of what happens when you close the lid.

Your laptop can be programmed to do one of 5 things when closing the lid:

Do nothing – Updates will continue without any issues

Turn off display – Updates will continue without any issues

Sleep – Will not cause problems most of the times, but will suspend the update process

Hibernate – Will not cause problems most of the times, but will suspend the update process

Shut down – Will interrupt the update process, so do not close the lid in this situation

Thus, if your laptop is set to do nothing or just turn off the display when you close the lid, then you can go ahead without worrying. In all other cases, you should refrain from doing so.

Looking for a good Windows laptop? Check out our top picks!

What can I do to close the laptop lid when updating?

As mentioned above, you will need to access the Change what closing the lid does menu.

Press Windows + R

Type in chúng tôi

This will open the Control Panel

By following these steps, you should be able to close the lid of your laptop at any time without hindering the Windows update process in any way.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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How I Use My Bullet Journal And Planner

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I’ve been using my bullet journal for a few months and I still love it. A bullet journal really helps me organize my thoughts. I’ve changed the way that I use my journal since I first started. I found that I’m too lazy to draw out templates for weeks and months, so I use a planner for that part. I use the bullet journal to keep track of lists since I’m a habitual list maker. Grocery lists, books I want to read, projects I want to do, room ideas, and blog post ideas are a few. I use a planner to visually see when things need to happen. I really find that using a bullet journal and planner together help keep my thoughts organized.

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His list doesn’t let me check stuff up and isn’t that the whole point of a list? To get the satisfaction of checking it off? It is also limited in how many notes I can add. Plus, I don’t understand his weird abbreviations. But with our powers combined, and I now feel ready to tackle my giant to-do list.

How I Use a Bullet Journal and Planner (to get more done!)

I started with a fresh journal since my old one has about 3 empty pages in it. This 3 pack of notebooks was inexpensive and I know that I’ll eventually use them all. I prefer my journal to be either gridded in lines or dots because I often have to draw floor plans and such. Drawing things out is sometimes the only way that I can figure out stuff like tile placement.

As with all bullet journals, I added an index. I’m not super artsy with mine, but it tells me where I can find each subject that I need.

Then I have a monthly log. On this page, I can clearly see what needs to be done each week of each month. The numbers stand for weekends. So 1 = the first weekend of the month and so forth.

Then I drew out a house so that I could visualize what needs to be done each month on each floor. I didn’t include every room, just the larger projects. Now I can clearly see that January is a very full month of work. Yikes! That means that I should probably hit some of those projects a bit earlier on my own. This is helpful to know. Now January won’t completely overwhelm me.

Then each area or room gets a page. The time frame is listed, with a to-do list and the supplies needed. There’s also room to make notes. If I run across a paint color to check out, I can make a note of it. If I come up with any other ideas, there’s also room. (Inspired by Molly Eleen on Instagram for this layout.)

All of this wasn’t quite enough for me. Remember when I said that I need to view everything on a real calendar? That’s when a planner comes in handy. I am currently using a Passion Planner which  I love. In my Passion Planner, all of the little boxes become places to write notes. I really love the box on the weekly view that reminds me to record something good that happened that week. I’m not a journaler per se, but writing a few quick sentences each week helps me remain positive.

On the planner, I listed out the focus for each week. Then I can see it in relation to birthdays, holidays and days out from school. I can then add my blog post ideas and appointments on top of that information. This helps me utilize my time more efficiently. Our family has an insane number of birthdays and events in the next few months, so this helps me see them all in relation to each other, plus what needs to be done. It also clearly shows me flaws in our planning, that I might not have noticed before. For instance, working on our basement bathroom is going to be really hard to do on the same weekend that my little one turns 9!

I get that this level of organization isn’t fun or necessary for everyone. However, it might help someone else who is feeling overwhelmed with tasks and timelines. Using a bullet journal and planner combination helps me sleep at night during this very stressful time. Do you use a bullet journal and planner together?

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Why More Businesses Are Unfriending Facebook

In space, they say, no one can hear you scream. Some marketers feel the same way about Facebook.

The social network has come to play a vital role for many of the million-plus businesses that promote their brands and connect with customers on its site. But it’s clear that some marketers no longer see Facebook as their friend.

Eat24’s recent post was the latest sign that some companies are frustrated by Facebooks’s algorithm.

A recent post on the site by Eat24, a food delivery service, was the latest sign of marketers’ discontent. The problem, Eat24 and others say, is that Facebook’s algorithms that determine which posts appear in users’ News Feed are unpredictable, and they’re increasingly weighted towards those who pay to promote their posts.

“We give you text posts, delicious food photos, coupons, restaurant recommendations … and what do you do in return? You take them and you hide them from all our friends,” Eat24 said in a “breakup letter” to Facebook.

“It makes us think all you care about is money,” Eat24 wrote, and promptly deleted its account from Facebook.

Pay to connect?

But it has to do so in a way that won’t alienate people by making them feel bombarded by marketing. And it needs to strike the right balance with what most people join the site for in the first place—to connect with their family and friends.

One of the main vehicles for companies to promote their products and services is Facebook Pages. For free, they can set up a page and try to get people to visit it, often by generating likes.

Some see it as a bait-and-switch tactic. It’s like selling a billboard under the premise that a certain number of people will see it, and then parking a bus in front of it, said Jessica Canty, owner of Jake’s Coffee and Espresso in Staunton, Illinois.

Just not getting results

“Facebook is not nearly as useful as it used to be,” she said.

“That’s asinine,” she said. If Mamabargains already has 145,000 followers, she wants to know, why should it pay all that money for its posts to be seen by potentially less people? Despite the strong following, she said, an average post today is seen by only 3,000 people.

Kurtz said she fields a constant stream of complaints from followers who don’t understand why they no longer see Mamabargains’ posts in their News Feeds. “I could hire someone just to handle our customer service complaints related to Facebook,” she said.

Changing algorithms aren’t helping either

Trying to adapt her posts to Facebook’s constantly changing algorithms is also frustrating, Kurtz said. Sometimes adding a link provides more visibility, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes posts with photos work better, but sometimes not.

The company’s sales have fallen by half in the past year, Kurtz said, and she holds the changes to Facebook’s algorithms largely responsible.

Even if paying to promote a post generates more likes for a page, that might not help in the long run, said Josh Reiss, a photographer based in Los Angeles who uses Facebook to promote his work.

With so much content jostling to appear in people’s News Feeds, having a lot of followers doesn’t assure posts will be seen, he said. “So what if it gives you a few more fans? You still have to pay to promote future posts. You still fall back into obscurity.”

Figures support the idea that the “organic reach” of marketers’ posts—the visibility they achieve without paying for it—is falling. Social@Ogilvy, a marketing consultancy, analyzed more than 100 brand pages and found that organic reach hovered at 6 percent in February, down from nearly 50 percent in October. For large brands with more than 500,000 likes on their pages, organic reach in February was just 2 percent.

“Organic reach of the content brands publish in Facebook is destined to hit zero,” the group predicted. “It’s only a matter of time.”

This leaves Facebook in a quandary. There’s only so many posts it can show to users in a day, and it can’t bombard them with marketing messages or they’ll feel they’re getting spammed. At the same time, it needs to show people the content they want to see, and in many cases that’s not posts by marketers.

Brandon McCormick, director of communications at Facebook, said as much in a response to the post from Eat24.

“There is some serious stuff happening in the world and one of my best friends just had a baby and another one just took the best photo of his homemade cupcakes and what we have come to realize is people care about those things more than sushi porn,” he wrote, referring to Eat24’s food pictures.

Facebook: Yes, business posts are declining

But he acknowledged that the reach of posts by businesses, unless they’re paying to promote them, is declining. Marketers on the site can try to increase their visibility by creating more engaging content that will generate activity, like posts from people’s friends do, he said.

Some of those tools appear more suited to larger businesses, however, and it’s not clear they’ll help to ease the frustration some marketers are feeling.

Some are already spending some of their marketing dollars elsewhere. Jake’s Coffee and Espresso has started paying $35 a month to use Perka, a mobile loyalty platform, which sends messages to customers each morning.

Photographer Josh Reiss is looking at alternative ways to reach people. “I’m exploring more ways to connect with customers directly,” he said.

“Brands are not going to abandon Facebook, but they will focus a larger portion of their marketing efforts elsewhere, for both organic and paid content,” said Nate Elliott, a Forrester analyst who helps companies develop digital marketing strategies.

Part of the issue is that, much like Google with its search engine, marketers can’t see inside Facebook’s algorithms. They can adapt their content to try to get greater visibility, but ultimately they’re subject to the whims of what Facebook decides. And when those decisions result in poor visibility for their brands, they’re likely to feel they’ve been cheated.

“Marketers feel tricked,” Elliott said.

Updated on April 11 with a video report IDG News Service.

What To Do If I Forgot My Computer Password?

When you purchase a Windows computer, you have to create a user account in order to use it. Microsoft gives you a facility to create multiple user accounts, including work or school accounts and accounts for your family members and other users. All these options are available in the User Accounts settings. In order to make a user account secure, Microsoft offers different sign-in options which include Windows Hello Facial Recognition, Windows Hello Fingerprint, Recognition, Windows Hello PIN, a Password, a Picture Password, and a Security key. You can also set up more than one sign-in option for a particular user account. After setting up a sign-in option, say a password, Windows will ask you to enter your password every time you turn on your computer. What if you forgot your password? Is there any way to sign in to your computer if you forgot your password? In this article, we will talk about what to do if you forgot your computer password.

What to do if I forgot my computer password?

Due to this issue, users are locked out of their Windows computers and are not able to sign in to their computers. The only solution to fix this problem is to bypass the login screen or reset the password. In this article, we will see how you can bypass this screen so that you could log in to your computer.

According to the users who experienced this issue, this screen appears after entering the password for a particular user account. This screen prevents them from signing into their system. If you see Forgot your password or don’t see your account when you try to sign in to your Windows PC, here are suggestions to help you recover or reset the password.

Forgot your passport or don’t see your account

Try the following methods to log in to your computer after forgetting your password.

Change your account password

Reset your Local account password by using the Installation Media

Create a new user account

Reset your PC

Let’s see all these methods in detail.

1] Change your account password

Try to change your account password. Because you are locked out of your computer, you have to do this by entering into the Windows Recovery Environment. To start your computer in Windows Recovery Environment, press and hold the Shift key and then restart your system. If this does not work, press and hold the power button until your system shuts down completely. Now, turn on your computer and press and hold the power button before the login screen appears. This will turn off your computer again. Repeat this process at least three times or until you see the “Preparing Automatic Repair” message.

Type the following command and press Enter.

net user

The above command will list all the existing user accounts on your system. Now, the next step is to select a user account and change the password for the same. To do so, type the following command and hit Enter.

net user "username" *

Do note that in the above command, you have to replace the word username under quotations with the user name of which you want to change the password. For example, if you want to change the password for the Test User 3, then the command will be:

net user "Test User 3" *

Now, you will be asked to enter the new password for the selected account. Type the new password. The Command Prompt will not show you the entered password because of security reasons. After typing the new password, hit Enter. Now, Windows will ask you to retype your password. Type the same password again and press Enter. If you see the message, “The command completed successfully,” your password will be changed.

Now, restart your computer. You should be able to log in to your account by entering the new password. If this does not help, try the next method.

2] Reset your Local account password by using the Installation Media

Windows 11/10 also allows users to reset their local account password by using Installation Media. If you have created an Installation Media, you can use it to reset your local account password. If not, first, you have to create it. Because you are locked out of your computer, you have to enter Windows Recovery Environment to create an Installation Media. After creating the Installation Media, you can easily reset your local account password.

3] Create a new user account

If the above method did not help you, you have to create a new user account by enabling the hidden administrator account. To do so, type the following command and hit Enter.

Net user administrator /active:yes

The above command will enable the hidden administrator account. Now, restart your computer and select the Administrator account to log in. This new administrator account does not require any password. Therefore, you will be able to log in to your computer easily. After signing in to the hidden administrator account, you can create a new user account. Open your Windows 11/10 Settings and open the Accounts page to create a new user account. Now, you should be able to log in to your new user account.

Now, add your Microsoft account to the new Local Administrator account. This will restore all your settings and preferences to the new user account. Do note that, you have to use the same Microsoft account which you had added to your old user account.

After creating the new Local Administrator account, you can disable the hidden administrator account. To do this, open Command Prompt as an administrator and type the following command.

Net user administrator /active:no 4] Reset your PC

Keep my files

Remove everything

Select the “Keep my files” option if you do not want your data to be deleted. Select the “Remove everything” option if you want to delete all your data while resetting the PC.

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How do I reset my Windows password without logging in?

If you have a Local Administrator account and you want to reset its password without logging into Windows, you can do so by starting your computer in the Recovery Environment. After that, launch the Command Prompt and change your user profile password. We have already talked about this method above in this article.

Read: Use Password Hint and Password Reset Disk to recover from forgotten Windows password.

How do I log into Windows if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you can log into Windows by any of the following methods:

Using the Forgot Password link

Using other sign-in options

Resetting your password by entering Windows RE

By enabling the hidden administrator account

Reset your PC

Let’s see all these methods in detail.

1] Log into your computer by using the Forgot Password link

If you are having trouble with the above method, you can try one thing. Reset your Microsoft account password on another device. You can use your smartphone or your friend’s computer for this purpose. Once you reset your Microsoft account password, you can use that password to sign in to your computer.

If you have not added your Microsoft Account to your Windows 11/10 profile, your account will be a Local Administrator account. When you create an administrator account without using your Microsoft account, Windows asks you to enter some security questions. These security questions and answers will be used to reset your Windows password from the login screen for the Local Administrator account. If you do not remember your Local Administrator account password, you can reset it by following the steps written below:

Enter a wrong password on the login screen and press Enter.

On the next screen, Windows will ask you to enter the answers to your security questions.

If all the answers entered by you are correct, Windows will allow you to reset your password directly from the login screen.

Now, you can log into your system by using the new password.

2] Log into your computer by using other sign-in options 3] Log into your system by resetting your password by entering Windows RE

If the above methods do not work, you can reset your computer password by using the Command Prompt. For this, you have to enter Windows Recovery Environment and launch the Command Prompt from there. We have already talked about this earlier in the article.

4] Log into your system by enabling the hidden administrator account

All Windows computers have an administrator account which is disabled by default. It is commonly known as the hidden administrator account. By enabling this account, you can manage all the user accounts on your device. If you are still locked out of your Windows computer, you can enable the hidden administrator account from the Command Prompt by entering the Windows Recovery Environment.

By default, the hidden administrator account does not require any password to sign in. You can assign a password to the same but we do not suggest you do so because you can use this account in case you forgot the password of other user accounts. After enabling the hidden administrator account, you can easily log into your computer. Now, you can manage other accounts or create a new one.

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5] Reset your PC

If nothing helps you, resetting your PC is the last option. You can reset your PC from the Windows Recovery Environment. If you do not want to lose your data, select the “Keep my Files” option, otherwise, select the “Remove Everything” option.

Hope this helps.

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