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Zoom has emerged as one of the most widely used video conferencing applications over the last few weeks. Thanks to its enormous repertoire of productivity features, organizations have turned to the popular platform to restore a sense of normalcy amidst the ongoing global crisis. For many users, Zoom for free is good enough, while its paid plans are not too costly either.

The US-based company has been doing its best to roll out more convenient features while also keeping the platform as secure as possible. However, despite Zoom’s best efforts, users are likely to run into trouble every now and again. Today, we are going to discuss one such annoying inconvenience users have been facing on Zoom, and tell you if and how you could bury the issue for good. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

What does timing out mean?

Any meeting hosted on the Zoom platform is called a Zoom Meeting. Depending on the type of your account, a Zoom Meeting can last anywhere between 40 minutes and 24 hours. When a Zoom Meeting is reaching the duration threshold, users will see the dreaded “meeting timing out” prompt. After the timer runs out, all users will be escorted out of the said meeting.

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Zoom’s meeting timeout guidelines

As mentioned in the previous section, the length of your meeting is dependent on the type of license you have — free or paid.

Free — Basic users

If you have a free license, you can host an unlimited number of Zoom Meetings, but the length of the said meetings cannot exceed 40 minutes — when three or more participants are involved. One-on-one meetings, meetings with no hosts and only two attendees, and host-only meetings can last as long as 24 hours.

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Paid users

Paid users, on the other hand, do not experience any such constraints. Meetings with three or more participants — between 100 and 10000, depending on the type of paid license — can last up to 24 hours. The same 24-hour rule applies to meetings with no host and any number of participants and meetings with only the host and no attendees.

However, if a meeting starts with one host and n number of participants, but only one participant remains, the meeting would end after 40 minutes.

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Why is your meeting timing out?

Having gone through the section above, it becomes pretty evident that you need a paid license to push your meetings past the 40-minute constraint. So, if you’re trying to host a meeting for your organization, make sure you’re logged in with the credentials associated with your paid Zoom account. Additionally, you could also ask your administrator to grant you the required permissions.

If you are a paid user but have joined a meeting hosted by a basic user, the meeting would timeout after 40 minutes, as usual. The basic user could bypass the 40-minute timeout if he joins from a paid Zoom Room.

Finally, if you are a basic user and are on a paid account, you’d still have to adhere to the 40-minute cutoff.

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How to fix the 40-min Meeting Timeout problem

Make sure you are on a paid plan

Make sure you are signed in with

Log out and log in with your Pro account

Make sure the meeting isn’t hosted by someone with free/basic plan

Still facing the issue? Contact your Admin.

How to hack the 40-min limit for free users

Zoom Free plan is great, but you are limited by 40 minutes of duration. Luckily, here is a little trick to continue the meeting even after the time limit of 40 minutes.

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Having fun with Zoom? Well, notch it up by playing games for added fun. And we have also got a ton of free Zoom backgrounds to impress your friends.

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How To Record A Zoom Meeting

Zoom is becoming one of the most popular tools to host video conferences and webinars. As a meeting host, you can easily record Zoom sessions, either on your PC or in the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for Android or iOS.

Invite Your Participants

As soon as you start a scheduled meeting on Zoom, the participants will be able to join on their devices using a Meeting ID and password. They will also receive a security warning about the call being recorded to which they must agree.

Record the Meeting on Zoom

Once the session starts, Zoom lets you record the meeting in different layouts: as an “active speaker,” in “gallery view,” and via a “shared screen.” If hosting on a laptop or desktop PC, you can easily find a prominently displayed “Record on this Computer” button to locally store the meeting files.

For Android and iPhone users, Zoom offers various tiered plans for cloud storage offering 1 GB/pro user. Presently, it is not possible to record locally on your phone.

There are many activities you can record in a Zoom meeting. These include audio/video discussions over a whiteboard, live minutes of a shared screen, contents from a second camera, and files transferred using Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox.

Zoom also allows you to record your iPhone/iPad screen shared using a plugin.

If you don’t want some portions of the meeting in the final recording file, Zoom allows you to selectively pause and resume the activity.

All the recorded files will be converted to .mp4 format after you end the meeting.

Saving the Meeting Recordings

After the host ends the meeting on their PC, the Zoom session will be converted for viewing later.

As a host, you can always access the recorded files of past sessions on the Zoom dashboard.

The recorded Zoom files are saved locally on your PC in a relevant folder.

It’s quite easy and hassle-free to video conference with Zoom and save your meeting recordings for future reference. Have you recently used Zoom to collaborate remotely with other coworkers? Don’t forget to check out some of the best Zoom features you should be using.

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Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Charging?

Is your Nintendo Switch not charging? This is one of the most irritating situations for avid gamers to find their Switch not charging, and hence you cannot turn it on to play!

But fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to get hold of the situation.

Follow this guide to know how you can fix the issue quickly and easily.

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Loose Connection – If there is any loose connection between the adapter and the Switch or the main power outlet, then the Switch won’t get charged.

Faulty AC Adapter – If your C adapter is damaged, then you cannot charge the Nintendo Switch with it.

Old Batteries – Old or swelled-up batteries are another reason why the Nintendo Switch is not charging.

Faulty PowerPoint – Make sure that the main power point where you are connecting the AC adapter is working; otherwise, the Switch will not get charged.

Follow this step-by-step guide and fix the issue when your Nintendo Switch is not charging.

When Nintendo Switch not charging, make sure you are using the official Nintendo Switch AC adapter HAC-002 and not HAC-010 that is supplied with the controller.

It is recommended not to use any other AC adapter for your Nintendo Switch; else, you can have issues like this.

Ensure that the AC adapter s properly connected to the dock.

Check that the plug is properly inserted and there is no loose connection; otherwise, the Switch will not be charged.

You should insert it into the dedicated port and not n the USB or HDMI ports.

You should connect your Switch directly to the main wall outlet rather than connecting via extension cords or power strips.

This will help you avoid any loose connection, and the console will get properly charged. If the Switch is still not charging, follow the other solutions.

If you cannot see the charging icon when you have the AC adapter connected, follow these steps:

Unplug the AC adapter from both the main socket and the console or dock.

Wait for a minute. Then connect the adapter to the main socket and the dock or the console.

If the console does not turn on after long hours of charging, possibilities are there that the console is frozen.

 To fix it, perform a hard reset.

A hard reset will erase all the data from your console and refresh it.

If, due to any corrupted data, the console is having issues and not charging properly, a hard reset can fix it.

To perform a hard reset, here are the steps:

Press & hold the Power button of the console for about 20 seconds to turn the console completely off.

Next, press the Power button once again to turn the console on. Now you can charge your console and see if it is charging. If not, reset the AC adapter.

Resetting the AC adapter can fix the issue when Nintendo Switch is not charging.

To reset the AC adapter, follow these steps:

Unplug it from both ends. Wait for a minute.

While waiting, check for any sign of physical damage.

If you see the adapter is damaged, replace it.

Then connect one end of the new adapter to the console and the other end directly to the wall outlet.

Now let it get fully charged. After that, see if t is working. If not, check the batteries.

The Nintendo Switch won’t charge if the battery is old and damaged.

Faulty batteries make the switch totally unresponsive.

So, replace the old batteries and now try to charge the Swatch and see if it is charging now.

Sometimes due to a faulty USB-C port, the Nintendo Switch does not get charged.

Here is how to check the port:

Use a flashlight to check if the port is clogged with dust. The clogged port can be the reason why it is not working.

To clean it up, you can use compressed air or cotton buds, or even a toothpick.

But make sure that you are not damaging the port while cleaning.

You should not use any metal to clean the port as that can cause unrepairable damage to the port.

You can also open the Switch and check for any liquid damage. The indicator near the port on the motherboard shall turn red if there is any damage.

You can take the help of an expert to repair the port and replace the motherboard.

If no other methods could fix the problem, you can contact Nintendo’s support unit for help. Nintendo provides fast and easy online repair.

Just visit Nintendo’s repair site and describe your problem. Follow the onscreen instructions provided by the experts to fix the problem.

1. Is my dead switch charging?

If you see a green light on the lower bottom side of the dock, then it means that your Switch is charging.

2. How long is the Switch battery life?

The approximate Switch battery life is 4 to 9 hours.

3. Can I charge my Nintendo Switch without the dock?

You can use a Nintendo USB AC adapter to charge your Nintendo Switch instead of the dock.

So that is all you need to do when the Nintendo Switch is not charging.

Why Is My Chromebook So Slow? 6 Fixes To Try!

Chromebooks rarely slow down over time, but if your Chrome OS device is not performing well, don’t worry. There are several ways you can try to improve a Chromebook’s performance and fix the issue. One option is to revert to an earlier build or update to the latest build, as this can resolve issues caused by a recent update. You can also identify any apps that may be causing the slow-down and close or uninstall them on your Chromebook. If you’re not sure which apps may be causing the issue, use the built-in task manager to help identify them. With that said, let’s look at the steps to troubleshoot and fix a Chromebook that’s running slow.

Is Your Chromebook Running Slow? Try These Fixes (2023)

If your Chromebook has gotten slower over time, don’t fret, as we have added six different ways to fix the slow-down issue. You can expand the table below and move to the method you wish to test out first.

Open the Task Manager on Your Chromebook

To find out why your Chromebook is running slow, open the Task Manager on your Chromebook and check the apps or extensions hogging crucial resources. This will help you notice the problem behind the slow performance. So here is how this method works:

1. First, press the “Search + Esc” keyboard shortcut on your Chromebook to open the Task Manager.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps and Extensions on Chromebook

If you want to permanently uninstall apps that are causing CPU and memory spikes on your Chromebook, this guide will help you out with that. Apart from that, you should also remove unnecessary apps and extensions from your Chromebook to speed up things. Generally, these apps stay active in the background and actively run a few services, which slow down the Chromebook. So it’s best to delete apps/extensions on your Chromebook that you rarely use. Here’s how:

1. Go ahead and open the Chromebook App Launcher from the bottom-left corner.

Free Up Storage If Your Chromebook is Running Slow

We already know that budget Chromebooks come with little storage, and it fills up quickly. If you have less space on your Chromebook, the system does not function properly, thus, slowing down your machine. So to free up storage on a Chromebook, follow the steps below.

4. Next, delete the files you no longer need. If you want to keep some of the files, move them to Google Drive or a microSD card.

Reduce Disk Space For Linux on Your Chromebook

3. After that, reduce the storage assigned to Linux using the slider. If you don’t use Linux frequently, you can reduce the storage space it takes up to 8GB without any issues.

3. Your Chromebook will now look for new updates, and it will download and apply the update automatically if there is a pending one. You only need to restart the Chromebook to reflect the changes.

Powerwash Your Laggy Chromebook

Sometimes, no matter what fix you follow, it simply does not work in fixing a slow Chromebook. In such cases, you have the option to hard reset your Chromebook (also called powerwash). This process reinstalls the latest build of Chrome OS and removes all the apps, extensions, local files, and folders from your Chromebook. So make sure to sync your crucial files with Google Drive before powerwashing your Chromebook.

Is Your Chromebook Slow and Freezing? Resolve Now!

Volvo Is Breaking My Heart

Volvo is breaking my heart

The secret, super-rare star of Volvo’s range, beloved by enthusiasts and more scarce on the streets than a supercar, is coming to an end. The Volvo V90 won’t be making it to 2023, at least not in the US, and for wagon fans it’s a reminder that tastes change and it can take more than just Swedish style to address that.

The V90 is, as I’ve written before, a gem even among Volvo’s generally refined range. Latest in the automaker’s long line of big wagons, its graceful design and quietly distinctive cabin do double-duty as a practical family hauler and legitimate luxury option.

Wagons may be what Volvo has historically been legendary for, but they’re not what comprise the bulk of its sales now. At least, not in America anyway. That, sadly, has finally caught up with the V90; according to MotorTrend, it won’t be offered in the US for the 2023 model year.

You could well argue that the fate of the V90 was sealed even as Volvo launched the wagon in the US. Even as a new release in 2023, the automaker decided that demand would be low. As such, it made it a special order car: any dealer could request one from the factory, but the V90 wouldn’t be stocked as a matter of course.

Instead it was the V90 Cross Country which was kept on-hand, and you couldn’t really argue with Volvo’s justification there. Much akin to the V90, only with a slightly raised ride height and SUV-esque body trim, the burlier wagon was more in keeping with American truck tastes.

All the same, it was a niche sell. In 2023, Volvo sold 1,019 of its V90 Cross Country in the US, compared to 279 of the V90. During the same period, it sold over 34,000 of the XC90 SUVs, making it Volvo’s most popular model in America, and over 32,000 of the XC60.

Sales of the XC90 and XC60 are up so far this year, quite considerably in fact, despite Volvo publicly discussing the fact that its biggest SUV is being replaced in 2023. Unexpectedly, demand for the V90 is actually up in 2023 compared to its trajectory the year before. Volvo has sold 153 of the wagons through the end of June, versus just 77 in the same period in 2023.

Nonetheless it’s a bonafide drop in the ocean, particularly given Volvo does have a few wagon or wagon-adjacent body styles it’ll be keeping in the US for now. Alongside the V90 Cross Country, there’ll be the V60 and V60 Cross Country. The latter two are a little smaller than the V90, certainly, but similarly powered and equipped.

The bigger question is just how enthusiastic Volvo intends to be in the future, when it comes to its vocal plans for electrification. So far we’ve seen EV crossovers from the company – the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Recharge, with the XC90 replacement next year expected to be all-electric too – but by 2025 half of its sales should be of BEVs and half of hybrids. By 2030, meanwhile, the automaker wants every car in its line-up to be pure electric.

The 2023 V90 was only offered with two engines in the US, and they weren’t even the company’s current plug-in hybrids. The 2.0-liter turbocharged T5, and 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged T6, are each showing their age at this point, but Volvo has no intention of updating them. Indeed, the combustion engine business has been hewn off, and now runs separately so that the company can focus solely on its electric years ahead.

Demand for wagons elsewhere in the world is still healthier than interest in the US; it seems likely Volvo will eventually get around to making an electric version. Whether it’ll have quite so many of the body style in its all-electric line-up, though, seems less certain. For now, then, your options for a pure Volvo wagon in America are getting slimmer, and while that may make solid business sense it also seems a damnable Swedish shame.

Why I Dropped My Best Friend On Facebook

Why I dropped My Best Friend on Facebook

I dropped my best friend from my Facebook friends list. When I say best friend, I really mean it. I’ve known him longer than anyone I still see regularly, since middle school. I have other friends who I see more, and with whom I’m just as close, but my friend Dave has been my best friend since High School. We live a couple thousand miles apart, so Facebook was a great way for us to stay in touch. Still, I had to cut him.

He was the best man at my wedding. He gave a classic best man speech, the awful kind. He told my entire family that I had gotten a speeding ticket on the way to my bachelor party two nights earlier. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I have a history with speeding tickets. I mean, there have been warrants. I’ve been arrested. Now that I’m an adult, and I pay for my own car and my own car insurance, I feel the right to not tell my parents about my speeding tickets. But Dave called me out.

I was the best man at his wedding, too. For weeks before hand, I taunted him with hints about what my speech would be like. I’m not going to repeat what I told him I’d say, but the word “tiny” figured prominently. I shouldn’t have taunted him. His wife works for a congressman, and I was excited to be giving a speech in front of a Representative that I respected and admired. They waited until the congressman was gone before they handed me a microphone. My speech was actually heartwarming, pleasant and a little funny. It was about fishing. I made it up on the spot.

That’s not why I dropped him; I just wanted to offer some background. We didn’t get into a fight, either. We’ve only been in one real fight. It was a day off from camp. You only get one or two days off per month-long session. He wanted to do laundry. I wanted to hang out with my girlfriend. We started yelling at each other in the middle of the mall in Columbia, Md. It’s a nice suburb, and they weren’t ready for the kind of language we used. We were kicked out of the food court. The whole thing was funny enough that we just laughed, and the fight was over.

You’d think I’d be able to laugh it off, but I couldn’t stand being his Facebook friend any more. Right now, you might be thinking about someone on Facebook who annoys you. Someone who you want to drop, but don’t for some reason or another. Someone who posts too many announcements about her Café World progress. Not even Farmville. Café World. My kindergarten teacher is way too into Café World, but I don’t have the heart to cut her. She’s a really nice person.

I’ve cut people on Facebook for plenty of reasons. I’ve cut former students for using horrible grammar. I was an English teacher, what can I say? I’ve cut people for getting too religious on me. I have nothing against religion, but some people get excessive with the bible quoting, at least for my spiritual needs.

I’ve cut people when I realized, after a few months, that I don’t really know who they are, even though their name sounds familiar. So, I no longer want to hear about their horse training sessions or read their quotes from “Psych.” That show is lame. Also, if you quote Craig Ferguson, you’re out. I know, he has his moments, but none of them are worth repeating.

I cut people who promote themselves on Facebook, and that’s all they do. Mostly friends who are aspiring actors, musicians or comedians. Comedians are the worst. I can’t count how many times I’ve been invited to comedy shows at little basement clubs in the East Village. I live in Dallas. Stop inviting me. I didn’t come to your show when I lived in New York City. I won’t add comedians any more. Not unless they get really famous, and people will think I’m cool if I know them. That ain’t happening.

That’s not why I cut Dave. It was politics. I don’t mean I made a political decision, I mean national politics. Republicans versus Democrats. I don’t mind getting a little political on Facebook. If you have a problem with my way of thinking, politically, I don’t need to be your Facebook friend. I have friends who take many different sides: left, right, center and libertarian, whatever those people are. I like a good argument. Dave and I agree when it comes to politics.

Dave’s friends, however, are a different story. One in particular. He is one of those morons who argues incessantly without considering any logical or moral opposition to what he says. He quotes the cable news pundits word for word, and can cite many sources for his argument, usually from blogs I’ve never heard of.

Sure, I could just ignore him, but that would defeat the purpose of Facebook. I didn’t add friends just to ignore them. I want the conversation. I want the back-and-forth.

I asked Dave how he knew this troll.

“He’s a dude who lived on my hall freshman year of college. He got kicked out when they found drugs in his room. I haven’t talked to him since then.”

A dude he hasn’t talked to in 17 years. A guy who got kicked out of college for drugs. Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of college for drugs? It’s very, very hard.

I asked Dave to drop him. It was a very weird conversation. I was basically asking my best friend to stop talking to someone else because I didn’t like him. But here’s my logic: If Dave threw a party every weekend, and this guy was always there, spouting his nonsense and offending other people, eventually I would stop going to those parties. Eventually, everyone would stop going. I was basically saying that I didn’t like hanging around with Dave on Facebook because of the people he associates with. I thought that was legitimate.

Dave wouldn’t drop him. He cited the First Amendment. The dude can say what he wants, and Dave would feel weird dropping someone because of what he says. I punched plenty of holes in that argument, then I gave Dave an ultimatum. Him or me. Dave wouldn’t drop him, and I don’t make a threat if I’m not going to carry through.

I dropped Dave.

I’d like to say this has the sort of happy ending you’re expecting. I’d like to say that dropping Dave actually brought us closer together. That I stopped lumping him in with all the other people whose updates I read daily on Facebook, and started treating him more like the best friend that he is. That we got closer because of this. But that didn’t happen.

I’m friends with Dave’s parents on Facebook. I’m friends with his sister, who is years older than us and was never really my friend. I have 350+ friends on Facebook, and Dave and I share 72 friends in common. 20% of my friends are his friends. Dave is also friends with an obnoxious troll, so on Facebook, at least, Dave is not my friend any more.

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