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Yahoo, the old superpower of the search engine world is now going to go head to head with the current superpower of the search engines, Google. Uh-Oh, look out, MSN is starting to play the game too! Ok, let me put it simpler, Google is the super search engine, Yahoo is the super directory and MSN, well, MSN is not much currently. Stay tuned though, Bill Gates is stirring the pot.

With that in mind, Yahoo over the past year has been conducting its own little monopoly with the purchase of Overture and Inktomi. As Yahoo currently enhance their directory results from Google, it is speculated that once Google go public, as Yahoo already is, then Yahoo are going to drop Google like a hot rock and take up results from their own company assets almost immediately. As Yahoo owns All The Web (ATW), and ATW has the largest web search database, it is unknown whether Yahoo will utilise its own ATW or Inktomi database to provide results to Yahoo search results.

All you had to do was rank well in Google and that transferred to Yahoo with little difference. Ranking well in Google will not have any impact on Yahoo in the near future. If your website is not optimized to perform across this wide range of engines, and included within their results, then your in trouble. Yahoo will utilise Inktomi results as it wishes and sell the results to other engines as currently occurs. The good news is, my customers don’t have to worry as my work is never specific to one search engine. I guess that Yahoo paid submissions will once again increase to be listed within their directory. Once officially announced, if Yahoo go with Inktomi, then their price may go up and let the wars begin at Inktomi for rankings.

If Yahoo kicks Google into touch, then guess what? Surprise, surprise, it will also kick Looksmart Australia over the fence from supplying paid sponsored results to them. Yahoo, owning Overture, will utilise Overture results in Australia very soon as they already do in most other countries. Yes, Overture has plans to open in Australia very soon. Hopefully the picture is starting to come together for you.

Here’s the left field player, MSN. MSN are starting to play the game with Internet search and pay a little more attention to their search features and services. MSN have been supplied by Inktomi, but wait, MSN now have “MSNBOT” crawling around the web building a substantial database for themselves. Now with MSN releasing some impressive features lately, targeting broadband users, it is anyone’s guess what is to come next. I believe that Bill Gates has not bothered before because he’s been too busy monopolising world IT and Internet browsing.

Searching the internet is about to get a whole lot more funkier. Good old Bill Gates and his little family, Microsoft, are paying some attention to their own Internet features. Lets see now, Google – “x” Billion dollar company, Yahoo – “xx” Billion dollar company and whoo….. Microsoft, I mean MSN – “x” Trillions of dollars. With Google and Yahoo possibly splitting and Microsoft coming up behind real quick, I somehow think MSN may end up the superpower of search engines in the coming years. Money wins, lets face it. Google can have all the PageRank they want, and Yahoo all the other engines they want, but lets face it, Bills money will buy technology and supremacy if need be.

In conclusion, all those listed with Google will now have to concentrate on Yahoo submissions and ranking to remain listed within Yahoo. You will also need to keep abreast of whatever Microsoft comes up with. No longer will there be one clear winner, but possibly three (3) search engines going head to head to win users. Some SEO’s are about to get a real wakeup call.

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Yahoo Cedes Victory To Google?

Has Yahoo ceded victory to Google? Yahoo! is saying that search is history and is planning to fight other battles. Yahoo! believes personalization is the future of the web and is more important than search. In the meantime, they’ve opened up their Panama ad platform by launching a commercial Search Marketing API program, which might be a little late.

Yahoo giving up is a huge disappointment – to me anyway. Is this utter nonsense? Search will always be important on the web. How we do it, however, will have to improve. Twelve years after being a search engine webmaster, I find search still lacking. To me, relevance will be most important, but since that changes by user, maybe Yahoo’s focus on personalization is a smart move. So if that’s true, why have at least three Yahoo executives left the company?

But I’m always against (virtual) monopolies, so my fingers are crossed that Google will have a competitor soon – or we’ll have to live with the FOG (fear of Google). On that note, Microsoft is reputedly building a new top-secret horizontal stealth search engine using a Silicon Valley team of at least twenty developers.

My question is why? Is their existing engine beyond repair? More importantly, will they come up with something worthwhile?

UPDATE [Tue Jun 05/07]: Kathryn Kelly of Yahoo! sent Loren Baker an email msg, and he passed it on to me. I’m happy to say that Yahoo! has not given up on search. Here’s what Kathryn had to say:

…we are absolutely not ceding victory to Google and we are 100% committed to search. The UK reporter was overzealous in his story and we have created a statement we’re sharing with media to clarify:

“Web Search is a top priority for Yahoo! and we are committed to developing and investing in new technologies that will shape the future of search. We believe personalization tools complement our efforts in search and will play an important role in delivering the most relevant information to help consumers get a more complete answer and connect them to their passions, their communities and the world’s knowledge.”

Best, Kathryn

Google And Yahoo Mobile On Motorola & Blackberry

Google and Yahoo Mobile On Motorola & Blackberry

Given the demand of both loyal Yahoo and Google users, Motorola is also working with Yahoo to wet the appetites of its user market. Motorola and Yahoo announced that the two companies are working on bringing Yahoo Go Mobile to phones this year. Yahoo Go is an effort by Yahoo to offer the company’s services beyond the browser and synching the mobile, desktop, and TV experience:

Example, using Yahoo Go, someone can take a photo with their camera phone and instantly view it on their computer, television or mobile phone via Yahoo Photos, with no downloading, file transfers, or emails between the three mediums.

Both the Google and Yahoo Motorola deals should help fortify Motorola’s brand and products with fans of both search & content services.

* Y! & Google, Messaging, and BlackBerry : Beyond Motorola, RIM’s Blackberry announced this week that they are also adding Google friendly services, including the support of Google Talk and Google Local Maps. Google Talk will join BlackBerry Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as preferred BlackBerry messaging services.

* Local On The Berry : Additionally, the BlackBerry friendly Google Local service will let users do everything they are used to doing when looking for local businesses and locations, including viewing maps & satellite images along with accessing driving directions on their BlackBerry’s.

* Personalized Google Mobile : Google is also taking its personalized home page to a pocket near you with a new service that reformats chúng tôi for phones with XHTML browsers. Google IG Mobile has the same offerings as their normal version, with previews of GMail, News, Weather, Stocks, and RSS & Atom Feeds.

Yahoo Offers Personalized Search – My Yahoo Search

Yahoo Offers Personalized Search – My Yahoo Search

Google has been testing its lab version of personalied search. Eurekester and AskJeeves have brought personalized search out into the open by getting the jump on the other large search engines. And now Yahoo is in the game with the release of My Yahoo! Search Beta. On the Yahoo Search blog, Yahoo discussed the transition between static and personalized search.

The shift from analog to digital technology is reshaping much of the world around us, perhaps most noticeably in the realm of media. It seems like some of the most profound and transformative product introductions over the last few years are technologies that empower users to consume media how and when they want to, e.g., Tivo (tv), Netflix (home video), ipod (music) and of course blogs (news and information). In the world of search, this means that you should be able to define your own search experience. Today, the Web is a read-only source of information for most users; our vision is of a very individual Web — a “My Web”, if you will — which each user creates by searching, browsing, navigating, and generally doing the things they always do. My Yahoo! Search is our first step in that direction.

But getting back to the here and now… vision aside, our user research has shown that My Yahoo! Search addresses a whole host of everyday search problems. If you’ve ever experienced the tedium of searching again for something you found before but can’t quite remember, if you’ve ever been annoyed by search results you don’t like but show up again and again, if you ever wanted to share something you found in search but were forced to cut-and-paste… give My Yahoo! Search a shot.

My Yahoo Search features the ability to Save, Block, Share, and Find personalized search results.

Save – CYou can cick on the “Save” link next to any search result to save it in your My Yahoo Search memory. The My Web feature page keeps all your saved results, so you can access them easily whenever you want. Yahoo’s “Search My Web” helps you can find anything you’ve saved even faster.

Find – Once you’ve saved something to My Web, you can easily it at any time by using the Search My Web button. You can also view your saved pages on the My Web page. Your saved pages can be sorted by date, search keywords, or URL, so it’s easy to find them again.

Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

Both Google Wifi and Nest Wifi are great options for those who want to boost the strength and reach of their home network without having to install a separate router.

Both offer similar features such as security, parental controls, and speed – but which is best? We put them to the test in order to determine a winner; read on to discover our results.

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What Is Google WiFi?

Google WiFi is a mesh network system that is designed to boost the wireless coverage in an area such as your home.

It works by connecting multiple devices together using Wi-Fi technology, with one device connected to the main router, and other devices placed in a variety of locations – these all connect wirelessly to the central unit.

This means you can use any device with a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet, as well as enjoy a boosted signal.

What Is Nest WiFi?

Like Google WiFi, Nest WiFi is a mesh network that connects to existing routers or modem/routers, allowing users to easily expand the range of their wireless network.

The Nest WiFi system uses a series of small nodes that work together to create a larger network.

Nest WIFI VS Google WiFi: Features

Both Google WiFi and Nest WiFi offer similar features, including:

Parental Controls – You can set up different levels of access depending on what age group you would like to restrict certain content from being accessed by. For example, you could make sure kids only get access to educational websites, while adults can browse the web freely.

Security – If you need to keep your home safe from hackers, you can do so by setting up a password for each device. Also, you can choose to turn off guest networks, which allows guests to join your network but not access sensitive information.

Nest Wifi VS Google WiFi: Price

The price of Google WiFi and Nest Wifi are very similar, though Next just sneaks in at a slightly lower price, offering one WiFi point for $149.

Google WiFi, on the other hand, comes in at around $99 for one, and a set of three for $199.

Winner: Draw, depending on the number of devices you need.

Nest Wifi VS Google WiFi: Setup

Setting up either Google WiFi or Nest WiFi is easy, though it does take some time if you’re installing both.

To begin, you will have to purchase the hardware needed for each system. Then, you will need to download the software onto your computer and run it through setup.

Once this is done, you can start adding devices to the system.

Winner: Draw – the process is simple for both.

Nest Wifi VS Google WiFi: Speed

When it comes to speed, Google Nest reigns supreme; a single Nest WiFi point, you can expect to receive speeds of up to 2200 Mbps, while a single Google WiFi point offers speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

Winner: Nest WiFi

Nest WiFi VS Google WiFi: Range

With regards to range, Nest WiFi has the edge. A single Google WiFi point covers approximately 1500 square feet, whereas a single Nest WIFIPoint provides about 2200 square feet.

Winner: Nest WiFi

Final Thoughts

Both Google WiFi and Nest WiFi are great options if you’re looking to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi signal, and both offer similar features and easy setups.

The Nest WiFi, however, tends to inch ahead in the major categories of comparison, including speed, range, and, depending on your bundle, price.

Ultimately, the decision is yours and will depend on factors including your budget, preferences, and the needs of your household.

Google Pixel 4A Vs Pixel 4 Camera Shootout: Budget Vs Flagship

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 4a has some big boots to fill. Its predecessor, the Pixel 3a, boasted the best camera on a mid-range smartphone by some margin, so much so that it could go toe-to-toe with Google’s flagship phones. Can the Pixel 4a do the same against the aging Pixel 4 series? That’s what we’re about to find out in this Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4 camera shootout!

Be sure to cast your vote on the winner in the poll at the end of the comparison.

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Google Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4: Camera specs

On the surface, the camera specs are fairly similar between the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4. Both have 12.2MP main cameras and 8MP selfie cameras, but the Pixel 4 also packs a 16MP telephoto camera. This should aid in snapping sharper zoomed-in photos. The Pixel 4 comes with a flagship SoC which results in faster image processing, as well as the Pixel Visual Core which further helps in speeding up processes such as HDR+, portrait mode, and Night Sight. The Pixel 4a doesn’t have either of these and so its processing is slower, resulting in a less seamless user experience.

In these indoor images, the Pixel 4 manages to capture more detail in the canvases. However, a byproduct of this is a lot of noise in the surround of the image. As for the shot of the Gran Turismo collection, both images look so similar that it’s too close to call.

I also tested the portrait mode with both the front and rear cameras in this first set of images. Testing these cameras indoors should provide insight into the noise performance of both devices. In the selfies, the single source of light was a window to my right.

The Pixel 4a’s outdoor sample has a tighter field of view despite both photos being taken at the same distance from the subject. Because of this, there’s more background compression in the 4a’s image. There’s more detail in the Pixel 4a’s shadows, too. However, the Pixel 4’s white balance is more true to life in these images than the Pixel 4a’s.

We’re outside again for these next photo samples. The shot of the danger sign shows the Pixel 4’s stronger natural bokeh coming out as a result of the larger sensor. In the images where I shot up at the tree, it was hard to pick out discrepancies. The Pixel 4 manages to capture just a bit more detail in the shadows, and it also manages to capture a more accurate white balance.

In the dark, the Pixel 4 steams ahead with much better shots using Google’s Night Sight mode. In these images of the side of my house, the Pixel 4a turns the pebble dashing into noise with a pink haze over the top. The Pixel 4 remains shaper even towards the darker bottom half of the wall. The Pixel 4a’s images appear softer in low light, perhaps due to the lack of Pixel Visual Core, which the Pixel 4 is using to help sharpen its images.

Since the Pixel 4 has a 2x telephoto zoom, we decided to compare the zoom capabilities of both. At 2x, the Pixel 4a keeps up with the Pixel 4. However, at 5x the Pixel 4 looks a lot clearer and sharper. This is the Pixel 4’s Super Res Zoom coming into play, which digitally enhances photos taken with the telephoto camera. However, you can see the shift in the Pixel 4’s color temperature when switching from the main camera to the telephoto camera. Since the Pixel 4a relies on a single camera — again boosted by the Super Res Zoom tech — its color temperature doesn’t change throughout the zoom range.

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Google Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4 camera shootout: The verdict

Which phone takes better photos: the Google Pixel 4a or the Google Pixel 4?

1711 votes

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